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GDK 891: Beware

The relationship between Han Shuo and Han Hao was more profound than any person could understand. They had lived far apart for decades. After enduring those years and finally being able to live in the same region, Han Shuo would not allow Han Hao to leave him.

However, the issue raised by Tyre was a serious one. The Godhunter Alliance was notorious in all Twelve Dominions for their misdeeds. Countless family clans dedicated their lives to eradicating the Alliance. If they knew that the Godhunter Alliance had moved their headquarters to the Fringe, Han Shuo could not be more certain that the top experts from all Twelve Dominions would join forces to flatten the Land.

“Bryan, this is a very real issue. For all these years, there have been countless criminals who have migrated into the Fringe and submitted to our Sovereignties. They had and are causing a lot of chaos, but it is always limited to the Fringe. Under our Sovereignty, they would never return to the Dominions and cause havoc.” Ossora bunched his brows gravely and explained, “The Twelve Overgods have allowed the Fringe to exist because all the outrageous things that happen here don't spread to their Dominions. In fact, they could not be happier to see us kill each other in this Land. The Godhunter Alliance, however, is different. They do not limit themselves to the Fringe. I hope you will take this seriously.”

Han Shuo knew the seriousness of this problem. After hearing the Sovereigns’ words, Han Shuo nodded and responded, “I will take care of it.”

“Alright. As long as you can settle this issue, you can have a piece of the Omphalos!” said Tyre with a big smile. “The Godhunter Alliance has always wanted to make the Fringe their territory. The only reason they haven’t made any real attempt is that they are afraid of the five of us. We may compete and fight against each other in the Fringe, but we will and we must always stand united against the Godhunter Alliance!”

“That’s right. The Godhunter Alliance is the public enemy of the entire Elysium. We Fringedwellers need to be united against them for the survival of our Land,” said Logue gravely. It appeared that the Sovereigns had consensus on this issue.

“That’s enough. I’ve said that I’ll take care of it,” Han Shuo bunched his brows and said in a rather annoyed manner.

“Alright, then the meeting is adjourned. We will let you have the Sovereign Shops previously owned by Salas. Just send your people to take over those shops.” Tyre nodded, transformed into a dark trail, and vanished.

“Haha, welcome aboard!” Logue congratulated Han Shuo smilingly before leaving the extinct volcano.

Then it was Wasir’s turn. He cast a few cold glances at Han Shuo, lightly groaned, and said, “I only helped you because Tyre and Logue set me up earlier. Don’t get any ideas.”

Han Shuo nodded smilingly and replied, “Regardless of that, I owe you a thank you.”

“I don’t need your thanks.” Wasir departed coldly.

Han Shuo gazed at the rapidly diminishing Wasir as he left. He found Wasir to be rather decent in character, or at least he wasn’t as scheming as the other Sovereigns. Han Shuo took a quick glance at Ossora who was standing beside him and his thought turned to the Sovereign. Although Ossora had been very generous to him since he stepped into the Fringe, Han Shuo was still constantly on the guard against Ossora.

Han Shuo felt that Ossora was perhaps even more cunning than Tyre. He knew how to subtly manipulate a person into fighting his enemy and had the boldness to gamble with one of his Sovereign Shops, a sizable chunk of his assets. This Sovereign had been using him from the start. He would even increase his investment as Han Shuo’s strength grew so that Han Shuo would unwittingly accept him as an ally.

Han Shuo dared not place his trust in such a person. He had been on guard against Ossora since day one.

If Han Shuo had to select one of the Sovereigns as an ally, he would most likely choose Wasir. Wasir wasn’t a scheming character. And when he was given respect and favor, he would return them to the person appropriately. Han Shuo thought that such a person would be relatively reliable.

After the other three Sovereigns left, Ossora smiled at Han Shuo and asked, “Have you figured out a solution to the issue?”

Han Shuo was jolted from the deep contemplation. He put on a faint smile and replied, “No, I have not. But don’t worry about it, I will settle it well.”

“Of course you will. I have faith in you.” Ossora said cordially, “I shall return to my underground palace. You may now return to the Omphalos and take over those Sovereign Shops. I think that after this day, those three wouldn’t try anything so brazen again, at least temporarily.”

“Thank you for your assistance,” said Han Shuo courteously.

Ossora nodded and left, leaving Han Shuo alone on the extinct volcano.

Han Shuo did not immediately return to the Omphalos. He stood on the volcano and muttered to himself for a while. When he was thinking about leaving, his consciousness sensed something. He turned and stared in a direction puzzlingly. A faint silhouette appeared from the horizon and slowly approached Han Shuo. When the figure got close to the extinct volcano, the puzzled Han Shuo asked, “Why have you returned?”

Sovereign Wasir looked around. After making sure that Tyre, Logue, and Ossora were not there, he stepped out from the shadow, came to Han Shuo, and coldly said, “Tyre and Logue have relayed your relationship with Han Hao to the Godhunter Alliance through some secret channels. The Leadership in the Godhunter Alliance might try to get Han Hao. Tell him to be wary.”

Wasir paused and hesitated for a moment before he looked intensely at Han Shuo and said, “And beware of Ossora.”

Upon finishing those words, Wasir turned on his heels and started leaving. It was obvious why Wasir chose to return after Ossora left to tell Han Shuo those words rather than before Ossora left.

“Wait!” Han Shuo immediately let out a soft cry when he saw that Wasir was going to leave right away.

Wasir stopped. Without turning around, he said indifferently, “I tell you this because you spared me just then. But that doesn’t mean I want to be associated with you. The Godhunter Alliance is a formidable enemy and you better pray you don’t get killed.”

Han Shuo put on a smile and said, “Thank you for the warning. I will remember this favor. If there comes a day that I have to fight Tyre and Logue, I will appreciate it if you would just stand aside and watch.”

“If I were you, I’d put off that thought until I’ve figured out this problem,” Wasir muttered coldly before leaving in an instant.

<i>A worthy friend, indeed!</i> thought Han Shuo after Wasir left.

<i>Beware of Ossora… Hmm… </i> The corner of Han Shuo’s lips curved into a scheming smirk.

***Three days later, above a cliff in the northwest of the Fringe.

Han Hao dismissed his godhunters and waited for Han Shuo’s arrival alone. Ten minutes later, an otherworldly radiance streaked through the sky and appeared before Han Hao.

“Congratulations, Father! You have made yet another breakthrough!” said Han Hao with a faint smile. It was vastly different from his usual callous and emotionless demeanor, as though there was a shred of humanity in him.

Han Shuo smiled. He sat across Han Hao on a large rock and said, “It’s settled. The ten Omphalos Sovereign Shops are ours!”

“I knew that Father must have handled it like a walk in the park!” Han Hao put on an expression as though he knew it all along. After taking a short pause, he asked, “Oh, do we have to return the supplies we looted to those merchants?”

“Nope, they did not even mention it. They don’t give a damn about those merchants.” After staring at the ground silently for a moment, Han Shuo said, “Do not leave the Fringe temporarily. I have just received intel that Tyre and Logue have revealed our relationship to the Godhunter Alliance though a certain channel. They might try to do something to you.”

Upon hearing those words, Han Hao’s purple demon eye glistened. He exclaimed, “No wonder!”

Under Han Shuo’s puzzled gaze, Han Hao explained, “A few days ago, I received a message from the Godhunter Alliance, asking me to visit the Death Dominion to talk about the Fringe. I find it peculiar that they would suddenly be interested in the Fringe. Turns out they have other ideas!”

“How exactly is the Alliance organized? Who is above you?” asked Han Shuo immediately. His curiosity was aroused.

“Above the Chiefs are Hegemons. Each of the Twelve Dominions has a Hegemon. They are the true commanders of the Godhunter Alliance. Every one of them is in the realm of overgod, just like Salas. I only know the Hegemon who manages the Alliances’ operation in the Death Dominion. The rest of them, I have no clue,” Han Hao explained everything he knew about the structure of command and strength of the Godhunter Alliance.

Back then, when Han Shuo lived in the Darkness Dominion, he had personally met one of the overgods who led the Alliance. From the fact that they had committed countless atrocities in every Dominion but had yet to be exterminated, Han Shuo expected the Alliance to have a number of overgods. 

But when Han Hao revealed that there were twelve such existences in the Godhunter Alliance, Han Shuo was astounded!

Han Shuo thought it was no wonder Tyre, Logue, Wasir, and Ossora were so wary of the Godhunter Alliance. When Salas was still around, there were just the five overgods in the Fringe. They were outnumbered by the Godhunter Alliance who had twelve overgods.

“So it was that overgod from the Death Dominion who has asked you to travel there?” asked Han Shuo after thinking for a moment.

“Yes, only he has the qualifications to mobilize me,” replied Han Hao as he nodded.

“Don’t go. Leave the Godhunter Alliance as soon as possible. They must be planning to do something to you,” advised Han Shuo, fearing that something bad might happen to Little Skeleton.

“Well, I’m not planning on going back.” Han Hao wore a calm face as he said, “The Godhunter Alliance has no strings on me. I have no intention of following their commands after coming to the Fringe. To me, only Father and my brothers are important. I answer to no one but Father!”

“Then I’m at ease,” said Han Shuo in a gentle laugh. He thought, <i>Indeed, Han Hao is not bound by anyone and would only listen to my command. It turns out that this seemingly challenging problem has never been a problem!</i>


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