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GDK 893: Buy time

***Witherbone City, the City Lord’s Mansion. 

Hill, the City Lord, Sha-t'o, the patriarch of the House of Kiaran, and the patriarchs of all major family clans in the city gathered in the Mansion.

Hill sat on his throne made of white bones positioned higher than every other seat in the chamber. His brows were bunched in annoyance as he asked, “Haven’t you made any progress?” 

As the City Lord of Witherbone City, Hill cultivated in the energy of death and possessed late-stage highgod strength. A few hundred years earlier, the Death Overgod bestowed upon him a Divine Brand. Thanks to the brand left in his soul, Hill was likely going to make a breakthrough in a short time and reach the realm of overgod.

Although he would never have the Quintessence that the Death Overgod possessed, reaching the overgod realm was still an incredible feat. There were no more than tens of overgod beings in all of Elysium. Hill had been assiduously cultivating and worked very hard to manage the Witherbone City for the Death Overgod just for a chance to earn the Divine Brand which would increase his chances of advancing to the realm of overgod.

Hill was ambitious and greedy. The moment he heard about the miracles of the House of Han’s medicines and the amazing team-coordination of their divine guards from Sha-t'o, he was tempted. Just like Hill, Sha-t'o was no benevolent character. The two came to an agreement in no time and their scheme was set in motion the moment the House of Han stepped into the Death Dominion.

Sha-t'o and Hill’s divine guards were incredibly courteous and cordial when they escorted the House of Han to Witherbone City. But as soon as they stepped into the Kiaran Residence, Sha-t'o started trying to get those secrets from the House of Han. And when he discovered that the Han Family wouldn’t divulge a word, he immediately instructed divine guards to be stationed all around the Kiaran Residence, preventing them from leaving the city.

Sha-t'o shook his head as though he was out of moves. He replied, “It doesn’t matter what I offer. They are unwilling to sell that information. No matter the medicine formulas or their training method, they won’t divulge a thing.”

“The House of Han no longer has any footing in the City of Shadows. Although their Celestial Pearl Pharmacy has branches in many cities, they do not possess the power to protect their assets. And that Bryan, nobody knows if he is even still alive. The fuck are they being so stubborn for? They think that they still have a way out of this?” said Banfather disdainfully. He was a patriarch of one of the major family clans in Witherbone City.

“I have no idea what the hell they are clinging onto!” Sha-t'o put on a sorrowful face and said, “We haven’t been subtle in our actions and it should be obvious to them what we are after. They should also know that we will not let them off if we don’t get what we want. Why wouldn’t they just yield?”

“Those family clans that have business relations with the House of Han keep sending representatives over, claiming that they wish to talk business with the House of Han. But the real reason they are here should be the same as ours.” Hill bunched his brows and instructed Sha-t'o, “Speed up the process. We won't be able to hide the fact for much longer. Those family clans won’t be easy to deal with. They might come to visit Witherbone City in person. It will be troublesome if they find out what we are doing.”

“Give me another month. If the House of Han remains so stubborn after one month, then I'll stop being so polite with them.” Sha-t'o also knew that he could not drag the matter for too long. He had to extract the information he wanted as soon as possible lest all the thoughts and efforts they had put in be for naught.

“Yes, get it out of them as soon as possible.” Hill wore a cold smile as he said, “If they still don’t comply with our demands by then, we will kill them all! We are cultivators of the energy of death. We have a greater understanding of the soul than the average person. If we can’t get it from their mouths, we will extract those secrets from their souls!”

“That should only be done as the last resort. If we do that and it is leaked to the public, those family clans might form an alliance to crusade against us. And needless to say, our reputations and interests will be greatly affected. If it is still possible, we should make the House of Han voluntarily share those secrets with us,” said Banfather.

Sha-t'o nodded and replied, “I will try all the softer measures first. But if those don’t work, then I will use the hard one!” Sha-t'o wore a chilling face as he said, “Those two great secrets of the House of Han are worth the risk!”

“Alright, then it is decided. You will have another month. After that, if you don’t kill them, I will send my men to finish them. By hook or by crook, those two secrets will belong to our Witherbone City!” Hill then gestured and said, “That’s all for today. You are all dismissed. Sha-t'o, pump up the pressure.” 

Sha-t'o got up from his seat, bowed at the City Lord, and returned to his Kiaran Residence.

*** Dagassi walked to the structure beside the stinking bone refinery. The Ancient Lizard King wore a helpless, miserable face and sighed as he walked. When he reached the structure, he did not know how to begin a conversation with those inside.

Just like the members of the House of Han, Dagassi originated from Profound Continent. Needless to say, he was disturbed and saddened by how the Han Family was treated by the House of Kiaran. However, as Dagassi was just a tiny little divine guard, he had no influence on any matter at all. Sha-t'o made Daggasi the mediator because he knew many members of the Han Family.

Stratholme and Ayermike were acquainted with Dagassi back when they were still on Profound Continent. During their time in the Kiaran Residence, they had heard bad news innumerable from Dagassi. Although the two were angry at the House of Kiaran, they held no grudges against Dagassi.

Stratholme forced a smile when he saw the despondent Dagassi. He faked a laugh and asked snidely, “I suppose you have more news for us today?” Stratholme understood that Dagassi must be bringing bad news once more. He behaved that way so that Dagassi wouldn’t be so miserable.

“Sigh… I really do not wish to see you here… at least not this way…” Dagassi lamented, “Back in the City of Shadows, you guys and Bryan had treated me very well in the Han Residence. But now that you guys are in the Kiaran Residence, not only have I been unable to give you the same treatment, but I have to let you suffer such humiliation… Sigh… If I were stronger, perhaps they would listen to me…”

“It has nothing to do with you. Li Wei can be considered a little princess in the House of Kiaran. And yet, her words are ignored just the same. Sha-t'o has been blinded by greed and he will not listen to anyone’s advice. You have nothing to blame yourself for.” After taking a short pause, Ayermike asked, “So, what is it that you want to tell us?”

“Certain people deliberately allow me to overhear their conversation… Hill and my patriarch had a meeting today and he is giving my patriarch a deadline. If he still cannot get the information from you after a month, Hill will kill you and extract the information from your soul,” revealed Dagassi.

“We will fight them!” Gilbert angrily shouted, “What a bunch of despicable twats! I have never met anyone more shameless than them! When we cooperated before to build a Celestial Pearl branch in Witherbone City, they treated us so cordially. And after making a shit ton of crystal coins from our Celestial Pearl, this is how they are treating us! They are even more disgusting than Wallace!"

“If they won’t let us live, then we will attack them!” said Sanguis with his eyes glowing red. During those months of staying in the Kiaran Residence, Sanguis had been bottling his anger and hatred. He was getting the impulse to recklessly destroy everything.

Sanguis was also aware that once they struck, the House of Han would be dead. Although the House of Han guards were powerful, they were heavily outnumbered by the divine guards of Witherbone City. 

The House of Han was facing an even greater threat here in Witherbone City than before. In the City of Shadows, Wallace would only get someone else to do his dirty work but not openly attack the House of Han himself because he was somewhat scared of Han Shuo, or more specifically, his connection with the Goddess of Destiny.

But here in Witherbone City, Hill and Sha-t'o did not consider the young Han Shuo as any threat. In their minds, Han Shuo was nothing more than a genius pharmacist. They were clueless about Han Shuo’s association with the Goddess of Destiny's daughter. Therefore, they had no qualms about exterminating the House of Han.

“If we sneak up on them, we can kill at least a few hundred of the House of Kiaran’s divine guards. But, of course, we will end up dead. We should start discussing how to kill as many of the Kiaran Family as possible. Even if we are to die, we shall make our death worthwhile,” said Bollands calmly. 

Bollands knew the situation they were in and that there was no hope of escaping from the Kiaran Residence. The way he saw it, causing the greatest damage to the House of Kiaran was the only thing they could do.

“No!” cried Emily. She explained, “Bryan will definitely not want anything to happen to us. We cannot be so rash!”

“Then what should we do?” Gilbert grumbled, “We have no way out and we are dead no matter what we do. The least we could do is make them suffer some losses!”

“Bollands, Sanguis, Gilbert, you three know Bryan’s demonic combat formation the best. Produce a set of instructions of one of the formations,” instructed Emily reluctantly.

“Why? What’s the point?!” Sanguis shouted, “They will never let us off! Even if we give them everything, they will still lock us up here!”

“Dagassi, did you help us deliver the information?” Emily asked Dagassi without replying to Sanguis’ complaint.

“I have used up all of the one million black crystal coins you handed me. If he is still alive, he will receive the information sooner or later.” Dagassi forced a smile and said, “Hill and Sha-t'o did not consider Bryan as a threat. They did not limit my activity at all.”

Emily nodded and let out a short sigh of relief. She proposed to the party, “Let’s try to buy as much time as we can. I only hope that Bryan will find us before it’s too late.”

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