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GDK 895: Leaving the City of Wraiths

“Hahaha…” Portlem was obviously not taking Han Shuo’s threat seriously. “You seem to have forgotten that you are in the City of Wraiths, my territory. No one is going to step up for you!” said Portlem arrogantly.

The House of Batchelder was very influential in the City of Wraiths and Portlem was the favored young master in the House. Given that the House of Han had recently lost its footing in the City of Shadows, Portlem thought that he was invincible. He knew that no one would make a sound if he murdered Han Shuo right there.

“Young Master, let us handle this brassy guy!” said one of the highgods standing beside Portlem after he took a step forward. He cultivated the energy of earth and possessed early-stage highgod strength. He had a Herculean physique and appeared strong.

“Young Master, we can take care of him for you. He won’t be able to escape!” said another highgod who cultivated the energy of wind. The two highgods stood readily on both sides of Portlem. They were ready to charge at Han Shuo at Portlem’s command.

As the most promising young blood of the House of Batchelder, Portlem had a bright future ahead of him. Some of those House of Batchelder highgods had long treated Portlem as their future patriarch. They seized every opportunity to win Portlem’s favor.

Han Shuo was between laughter and tears when he saw there were just two early-stage highgods approaching him.

At the time Han Shuo dealt a blow on Portlem, they indeed possessed similar strengths. But now, after so many years had passed, Han Shuo’s strength had soared to the point that he could defeat even overgods without too much trouble. Two early-stage highgods were no threat at all.

“Portlem, Portlem… It seems that you have stayed inside the Death Dominion for too long… So much that you have lost touch with reality…” ridiculed Han Shuo. Han Shuo had fought Ralph and Aobashi in the City of Shadows and defeated them. Han Shuo thought that Portlem probably had not been paying too much attention to news about him. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have brought just two highgods.

But Han Shuo was wrong. Portlem had heard the news from the City of Shadows, he just didn’t believe them.

“Hehe, you are talking about defeating Aobashi, aren’t you? Bryan, only those who have never fought you would believe that you could defeat Aobashi! I have left the City of Shadows for just a few decades. Your strength couldn’t have grown so rapidly. Haha, I know that you and Wallace have been putting on an act so that you can take the position as the Chief of Fifth Corps. You think I couldn’t figure out something as plain as that?” Obviously, Portlem did not believe the so-called ‘news’ originating in the City of Shadows.

It wasn’t completely unreasonable for Portlem to think so. On Elysium, even the most talented expert would need a few hundred years to reach mid-stage highgodhood from early-stage highgodhood. He thought that Wallace and Han Shuo had conspired and faked that news.

Han Shuo couldn’t help but laugh as he shook his head. Then, without saying another word, he started walking towards the city gate calmly. Han Shuo had not batted the two threatening highgods an eye. He acted as though they weren’t even there. 

The arrogant and cocky attitude of Han Shuo had infuriated the two early-stage highgods. They did not wait for Portlem to give the command but simultaneously charged at Han Shuo with great rapport. It took them just an instant to deploy their domains of divinity, gather the elements of earth and wind, and launch their attacks.

They thrust an earth spear and a wind scimitar filled with the divine energies of earth and wind towards Han Shuo’s chest.


When the earth spear and wind scimitar made contact with Han Shuo’s chest, they did not melt through his flesh and bones like the two expected. Instead, it seemed as though their divine weapons had struck on extremely hard rock. Loud metallic clangs were heard and they were stopped.

In the next instance, two bursts of violent power flowed through the divine weapons, shattering it before entering the two highgods. The violent counter-active power had caught them off guard. They were stunned and sent flying backward.

Then, with a quick gesture, an invisible energy was injected into the shattered pieces of earth spear and wind scimitar. The broken pieces of weapons seemed as though they had come to life. They shot towards the two highgods at an even greater speed.


All of the shards entered the bodies of the two highgods. However, they did not immediately die and not a drop of blood had left their body.

Those shards, maneuvered by an incorporeal energy, were akin to hundreds of small scissors, making crunching noises from within their bodies, churning up the two highgods from the inside. They shrieked and cried with absolute horror and misery.


Finally, they exploded. Their minced internal organs splattered all around and loud, wild shrieks suddenly turned into silence.

Then, Han Shuo exhaled a puff of grey air. The greyish ball of air hovered to their skulls and gently brought their divine souls to Han Shuo.

After advancing to the Skybreak Realm, Han Shuo had become profoundly masterful in the manipulation of energy, so much so that he could even perform surgical operations on the cellular level using demonic yuan. Manipulating soul energy could not be easier for Han Shuo.

In just moments, two highgods filled with energy were transformed into puddles of blood in the most horrifying and agonizing way possible. Their shrieks of helplessness and misery continued to echo in the ears of the remaining House of Batchelder divine guards.

Suddenly, a divine guard on the city gate took a step backward and announced, “This is a quarrel between the two of you. We have nothing to do with it!” Then, he immediately turned to his subordinates and instructed, “Open the gates!”

The divine guard worked for Talbot the City Lord. As he was not aware of Han Shuo’s strength, he accepted Portlem’s request to seal the city gate to prevent Han Shuo from escaping. But after seeing just how easily Han Shuo slaughtered two highgods, he immediately realized just how foolish he had been. He immediately switched sides to avoid conflict with Han Shuo.

But Han Shuo did not even pay any attention to the divine guard. He was just too insignificant to him.

Han Shuo put on a faintly mocking smile as he looked at the flabbergasted Portlem. He shook his head and sighed, “Oh, how pitiful of you, Portlem. You’d rather believe in a conspiracy and make such a feeble attempt to kill me. Pathetic.”

Portlem had been totally stupefied. He saw two mighty highgod experts slaughtered by Han Shuo just like that. They couldn't even put up a fight. From start to finish, Han Shuo seemed as though he had barely exerted any strength, as though killing two highgods was as easy as killing two ants. It was evident to Portlem that Han Shuo’s strength was more than a level greater than those highgods. Perhaps only a late-stage highgod expert like his father could do so without breaking a sweat.

“So.. it wasn’t a hoax…” muttered the ashen Portlem. This so-called ‘prodigy’ of the House of Batchelder suddenly realized just how insignificant he was compared to Han Shuo.

“You know, sometimes in life, you just gotta accept your fate!” The smiling Han Shuo walked to Portlem relaxedly and whacked him with his bare palm.

A mountainous force with the potency of a neutron star crashed on Portlem. His neck, spine, and legs bent to unnatural forms before his body exploded with a bang.

Han Shuo had never been merciful to his enemies. Portlem had sealed his destiny ever since he tried to lay his finger on Phoebe, Emily, and the others. Even if Portlem had not shown up on that day, Han Shuo would have sent someone to get rid of him when Portlem came back to his mind.

Han Shuo understood that if a character like Portlem was to be spared his life, it would only be a matter of time before they tried to lay harm on the House of Han. Although Han Shuo was not afraid of being attacked himself, he did not want any possibility of his family clan members coming under threat.

After collecting Portlem’s divine soul, Han Shuo scanned those House of Batchelder divine guards with his eyes and calmly said, “You should all know who I am. Hehe, tell your patriarch that I’m going to Witherbone City. He can find me there if he wants revenge!”

Those House of Batchelder divine guards immediately pulled a distance from Han Shuo, as though afraid that Han Shuo might kill them.

The city gate ahead of Han Shuo was being hastily opened by the divine guards in charge. They tactfully cleared the path and watched as Han Shuo walked out of the city swaggeringly.

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