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GDK 900: Overwhelming power

When the members of the House of Han heard the thunderous roar, cheerfulness suddenly blossomed on their despaired faces as though they saw the light at the end of the tunnel.

“It’s Master! It’s our Master!” exclaimed Gilbert emotionally. Every member of the House of Han was hoping that Han Shuo would find them and save them from the peril although they knew that it was very improbable. But perhaps the Creator had heard their prayers, Han Shuo came to their rescue at the last possible moment.

Not just Gilbert, but every member of the House of Han could immediately tell that it was Han Shuo. They could recognize Han Shuo’s voice and his ruthless aura that had now shrouded the entire Witherbone City.

“Master has become even stronger!” exclaimed Sanguis excitedly after he closed his eyes and carefully sensed the apocalyptic aura rapidly moving towards them.

“Defend! We just need to hold on until Bryan arrives and we will have nothing to worry about!” shouted Emily. Her cheeks and neck were flushed out of excitement.

To every member of the House of Han, Han Shuo, their patriarch, was an invincible existence. The House of Han guards who had been trained in the Eight Desolation and Torment Formation were also familiar with Han Shuo’s voice and aura.

Every member of the House of Han who was prepared to fight to their death became very emotional. Some even couldn’t help themselves but cheer out of excitement.

Every expert in Witherbone City felt a sense of danger from the tremendous aura. Hill and Sha-t’o, the two mightiest beings in Witherbone City, were dumbstruck as they stared at the direction that the aura originated.

Not just Hill and Sha-t’o, but even the divine guards of Hill and the House of Kiaran were so startled by the terrifying aura that they temporarily stopped attacking the House of Han. All of them turned to gaze at the menacing dark cloud rapidly approaching them. 

With that, the two sides temporarily ceased their battle and silently waited for the demon to arrive.

Ferocious roars continued to sound from the distance, resonating and shaking the entire Witherbone City. Every god, no matter sleeping or cultivating, was roused by it. They put on appalled faces and looked towards the source of the ruckus.

Through the violent roars and aura, every person could deeply feel the wrath of the unparalleled existence. Most citizens of Witherbone City were unaware of what the House of Han had suffered in the past few months. Following the source of the sound, they curiously went in the direction of the Kiaran Residence, wanting to see what was happening in their city.

“Who? Who in the world is he?” Hill, the City Lord of Witherbone City, felt frightened when he discovered that even with all the divine guards around him, he would still be easily crushed by the approaching demon.

“No… No idea…” murmured Sha-t’o who was also feeling flustered. Just like Hill, his attention was also fully taken by that frightening powerful aura and therefore did not notice the expressions on the faces of the Han Family.

The environment was filled with a ruthless, savage energy that thirsted for blood. The frightening aura containing seemingly infinite power broadcasted omnidirectionally to cover the entire Witherbone City. It struck fear into the heart of every expert in the city.

Although the city was flooded with an intense killing intent, the density differed at different spots. Hill and Sha-t’o sensed that the pressure was focused on them, as though the approaching expert was targeting them!

When Hill and Sha-t’o realized the fact, a shiver traveled down their spines. Somehow, they saw the scene of themselves murdered. They also understood from the terrifying pressure that they stood no chance against the powerful existence.

As the person got closer, the ferocious roar gradually faded. However, Hill and Sha-t’o did not feel more at ease as they continued to get the unsettling feeling that a monster had its eyes on them and they could be devoured at any moment. The two strongest experts in Witherbone City were panicking.

Finally, a majestic figure materialized in the dark sky. Han Shuo wore a chilling face and his eyes glowing with sinister lights were sweeping across the Witherbone divine guards surrounding the House of Han.

Given Han Shuo’s outstanding strength, he was able to remotely sense the House of Han when within a certain range. He recognized the auras of those House of Han guards whom he had put through the Eight Desolation and Torment Formation. He realized that the House of Han guards were being slaughtered when he noticed that those auras were disappearing.

This was definitely not something Han Shuo wanted.

With the intention of stopping his House of Han guards from getting killed before he reached the Kiaran Residence, he unleashed his aura to the fullest and even boosted it with all his rage. He wanted to intimidate the Witherbone divine guards and make them cease fire temporarily.

Releasing his aura without restraint had indeed worked as he anticipated. Intimidated by his terrifying energy, Hill and Sha-t’o turned all their attention to Han Shuo and temporarily forgot about the House of Han. The Witherbone divine guards were also thrown into a daze and stopped attacking.

“Master!” “Shifu!” “Bryan!” “Patriarch!” “My Lord!”

Han Shuo was greeted by his family members. When he arrived, Gilbert, Sanguis, and others cheered excitedly. Emily, Fanny, Lisa, and many others cried tears of joy.

Moments ago, all of them had lost all hope. Every member of the House of Han knew that they stood no chance of survival against the entire Witherbone City.

But moments later, when Han Shuo suddenly showed up, their hopes were rekindled. They realized that not only could they survive the calamity, but they could also have their revenge.

Upon hearing the cheering from the Han Family, those Witherbone divine guards immediately realized who the comer was.

Hill and Sha-to’s hearts sank. They suddenly found the weather to be exceptionally chilling and they were getting cold feet and goosebumps all over. Their terrified gazes gathered on Han Shuo and they simultaneously opened their mouths. However, as though something was stuck in their throats, not a sound came out.

Hill and Sha-t’o, as the strongest highgods present, could tell better than everyone else just how formidable Han Shuo’s strength was. They were terrified because they knew they stood absolutely no chance against Han Shuo. 

“There… there’s been a misunderstanding…” stuttered Sha-t’o with a forced smile. His body was slightly bowing. He seemed even more humble to Han Shuo than to Hill.

Han Shuo swept his deadly eyes across Sha-t’o before he turned to Emily, Stratholme, and the others and asked, “What happened?” 

“There are some who are out for the medicine formulas of Celestial Pearl Pharmacy and the secrets to training our guards. They have given us three days to hand over everything, failing which, we would all be killed. But I doubt that they would let us live even if we surrender those secrets,” answered Stratholme loudly in a smirk as he looked at Hill and Sha-t’o. 

“They have also abducted one of our House of Han guards and extracted his memories using the energy of death! And that Sha-t’o had once insulted Bollands…” Emily stepped forward and loudly reported the suffering they received.

“Master, that is not all. They forced us to live in that shitty building, right behind that stinking Bone Refinery. Our matriarchs had often been puking because of it! Fucking hell, they made so many black crystal coins with our Celestial Pearl’s name but as soon as we entered their city, they put us under house arrest and demanded all our secrets! Outrageous!” cursed Gilbert. 

As Han Shuo listened to Stratholme, Emily, Gilbert, and others’ recounts, his face turned darker and darker. Han Shuo had learned from the Information Broker that the House of Han was in a bad situation, but reality turned out far worse than he had imagined. If he had not been rushing to Witherbone City at his top speed, he would have been too late and his family clan would have been annihilated.

“Mis… Misunderstanding… It’s a misunderstanding…” Sha-t’o keep on repeating the word. He felt the stifling air around him becoming colder and colder.

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