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GDK 902: Who else?

Inside the Kiaran Residence of Witherbone City, Sha-t’o, one of the top characters in the city in terms of strength and influence, was being skinned alive by the callous Bollands. After a long long while, Sha-t’o stopped his miserable shrieks. His body spasmed for some time before it turned motionless.

No one in the crowd dared step forward to stop Han Shuo after sensing the terrifying aura he was emanating. Those who had participated in attacking the House of Han were palpitating and dread could be seen in their eyes.

The House of Han, having been oppressed for a long time, became visibly excited after Sha-t’o was dead. Despite having complete trust in Han Shuo’s strength, they did not expect that Han Shuo would have made such giant leaps. Even the top-notch experts of Witherbone City and the City Lord dared not mess with Han Shuo.

“Who else?” Han Shuo asked Emily.

Emily scanned the surrounding crowd with murderous eyes before it stopped on Hill the City Lord. She pointed at him and said, “This guy! He is the City Lord of Witherbone City. Without his backing, Sha-t’o wouldn’t have the courage to do something so brazen and outrageous!” Emily had heard a thing or two from Dagassi and knew that Hill played an important role in their persecution.

In fact, back when the House of Han’s appeal for help reached Witherbone City, it wasn’t Sha-t’o who came up with the sinister plan to trap and force the House of Han to give up their secrets - it was the ambitious and greedy Hill. He was the real mastermind.

“What? I've got nothing to do with this!” When Hill saw that the members of the Han Family seemed to be pacified after Sha-t’o was dead, he thought that the matter was over and he wouldn't be implicated. But who knew that Emily would point him out out of the blue.

As the City Lord, Hill was not supposed to be so flustered. However, as he had sensed the unstoppable power of Han Shuo and having witnessed Sha-t’o being flayed alive right in front of him, he lost his usual bearing. Sha-to’s inhuman, miserable shrieks still echoed in his ears.

Han Shuo cracked a chilling grin as he sized up Hill. He said, “Do you think I would trust your words against the words of my people?”

A shiver traveled down Hill’s spine. He knew that by now, no amount of excuses would save him from the monster. From how Han Shuo had exacted vengeance on Sha-t'o, Hill knew that Han Shuo was anything but kind. With that, Hill immediately abandoned his unrealistic thoughts and started rethinking his approach.

“Bryan, this is Witherbone City and I’m the City Lord. You dare kill me?” Hill kept silent for a moment before he suddenly transformed into a lofty man with a tough, unshakable demeanor. It was as though he had swept every trace of fear from his mind and turned into another person.

Hill was indeed worthy of being the Lord of a city. Facing an unbeatable opponent, Hill was able to quickly readjust his mind and strategy to find a way out. With all his focus and energy, he first purged his fear of Han Shuo off his mind.

Han Shuo was startled for a fraction of a second. He did not expect that Hill would dare give him that attitude given the situation he was in. It appeared that although Hill was just slightly stronger than Sha-t’o in terms of strength, he was much tougher than Sha-t’o by virtue of being a City Lord.

However, even though Hill was the City Lord of Witherbone City and his divine guards had completely surrounded them, Han Shuo could still kill Hill and his gang with a lift of his finger. Han Shuo could not understand where Hill’s confidence came from.

“Oh?” Han Shuo raised an eyebrow and disdainfully asked, “And what about that? You think those divine guards around you can protect your ass?”

Hill inwardly heaved a slight breath of relief after hearing Han Shuo’s reply. He was afraid that Han Shuo would kill him right away without giving him a chance to speak. Otherwise, he would be dead no matter how good his reasoning would be.

“Sha-t’o was just a family clan patriarch. He was not qualified to meet the Overgod. His Lordship wouldn’t care if he was alive or dead. But I’m very different. I’m the City Lord of Witherbone City and the most humble servant of the Overgod of Death. His Lordship has implanted a Divine Brand in my soul. If I’m killed, His Lordship will avenge me!” explained Hill hastily.

Upon hearing those words, the faces of those House of Han members jolted while those trembling Witherbone divine guards seemed to be injected with a shot of courage. They thought that their City Lord’s words made sense. The City Lord was personally appointed by the Overgod of Death. If the outsider was to kill the City Lord, he would surely suffer the wrath of the Overgod.

And absolutely no one on Elysium would want to get an Overgod angry!

“Bryan, I think… we should let it go…” the apprehensive looking Emily advised Han Shuo in a low voice.

It was Emily who pointed out Hill to Han Shuo but she was also the first to advise Han Shuo against killing Hill. She knew that the might of an Overgod was frightening beyond her imagination. She would rather swallow the humiliation than to have Han Shuo risk his life against an Overgod.

“Bryan, don’t do anything impulsive. In any case, Sha-t’o is already dead… Perhaps it’s time to let it slide…” advised Stratholme. He too knew that an Overgod was extraordinarily powerful. It wasn’t easy for the House of Han to be finally out of danger and he did not want Han Shuo to be killed by an Overgod.

On the entire Elysium, if not the entire universe, no being would ever risk offending an Overgod who possessed a Quintessence and ruled a Divine Dominion. Every member of the House of Han understood that and they advised Han Shuo to let Hill off.

“It seems that your family clan members are sensible people. Bryan, I admit that you are extremely strong and we of Witherbone City are no match against you. However, you should still think before you act. If you kill me, not a single person in your House of Han will live to step out of the Death Dominion,” said Hill after the House of Han members conceded to his reasoning, hoping that Han Shuo would give up on killing him.

Han Shuo wore a dark face as he gave the complacent looking Hill a death stare. He knew that Hill wasn’t bluffing. If Hill was killed, the Overgod of Death would instantly know about it and would most likely seek revenge.

A quick series of thoughts flashed across Han Shuo’s mind as he reasoned with himself. After weighing the costs and benefits, Han Shuo took a deep breath and coldly nodded. He then turned to his House of Han and said, “Come, let’s leave the city.”

Everyone heaved a sigh of relief. The House of Han, the Witherbone divine guards, and Hill felt that they were just inches away from Hell. They understood that if Han Shuo were to be so reckless as to kill Hill, the Divine Brand in Hill’s soul would be destroyed and the Overgod of Death might show up. If that happened, the consequences would be unimaginable.

“I’m really sorry about what happened to the House of Han in Witherbone City. It really wasn’t my intention,” said Hill courteously. He felt relaxed when he saw that Han Shuo was leaving. He dared not provoke Han Shuo lest he change his mind.

Hill gestured, ordering those divine guards who had jam packed the place to immediately make way for the House of Han, allowing them to leave unimpededly.

Han Shuo wore a dark face as he silently led his family clan to the nearest city gate. Wherever he went, the divine guard would automatically retreat a few steps backward. It was obvious that they were very afraid of Han Shuo.

Every member of the House of Han followed closely behind Han Shuo. They spoke not a word as they marched through the streets. By the morning of the second day, they arrived at the nearest city gate.

It seemed as though those Witherbone divine guards had been notified in advance. Long before the House of Han was near the city gate, they had swung those gates wide open for the House of Han to exit the city.

Without meeting the slightest impedance, the House of Han led by Han Shuo finally stepped out of the Witherbone City.

After traveling for another half-a-day, when the House of Han had made quite some distance from Witherbone City, Sanguis finally couldn’t hold his curiosity. He hesitated for a moment before he asked Han Shuo, “Sifu, are you really going to let Hill off the hook?” 

“I will escort you all away from the Death Dominion. You all will be safe once you are outside the Dominion,” Han Shuo took a deep breath before he turned to Emily and Stratholme and instructed, “After leaving the Death Dominion, head to the Ethereal City of the Space Dominion. Look for McKinley the City Lord. He will get you all settled.”

“Bryan, don’t do it, please!” Emily was worried about Han Shuo’s safety. She begged, “Please just let it pass. After all, it was Sha-t’o who had done those things to us and he is dead. I don’t want to take any more revenge…”

“Bryan, if you kill Hill, you could anger the Overgod!” Stratholme was astonished after realizing Han Shuo’s plan.

“Yes, I know I might offend the Overgod, that is why I’m bringing you all out of the Death Dominion now. If I had killed him just then and the Overgod appears, I might be able to escape but your bunch might be exterminated by the divine guards. As long as your safeties are assured, I don’t mind fucking up Witherbone City. Hmph, to think that I’m afraid of the Overgod of Death, how foolish of Hill!” muttered Han Shuo.

When Han Shuo saw that his family clan members were still going to persuade him against doing it, he raised one palm and said, “That’s enough, I have made my decision.”

“Senior brother, do you have the confidence?” asked Bollands calmly.

“I have the confidence of not losing my life, not even to an Overgod with the Quintessence,” replied Han Shuo after he put on a faint smile.

Bollands nodded and said nothing more. Under Han Shuo’s escort, the House of Han made detours around various major cities of the Death Dominion as they traveled in the direction of the Space Dominion.

Lest they invite even more trouble, the House of Han hastened on with their journey. After two months, they officially stepped out of the territories of the Death Dominion. They continued traveling towards the Space Dominion.

Meanwhile, Han Shuo quietly left the group and returned to the Death Dominion all alone.

He was planning to murder not just City Lord Hill of Witherbone City, but even City Lord Wallace of the City of Shadows. He was planning to offend not just one of the Overgods but two in one go.

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