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GDK 906: Do your worst!

Han Shuo began to admire Yarus even more after receiving the invitation. However, Han Shuo shook his head resolutely. He replied with a smile, “Thank you, I appreciate the kind offer, but my House of Han will not live under the shadows of anyone, not anymore.”

Back when Han Shuo left the City of Shadows, he was determined to never again survive at someone else’s mercy. Although Yarus was nothing like Wallace, Han Shuo still would not place the safety of his House of Han on the City of Gorging Clouds.

Besides, Han Shuo wasn’t all that impressed by Yarus’ strength. How would Han Shuo be willing to serve Yarus?

After Han Shuo rejected the offer, Yarus sighed, and lowered his head in disappointment. Meanwhile, Larikson, Hofs, and Wallace, heaved a sigh of relief. 

“This fool clearly doesn’t know how to appreciate kindness. Brother, let’s not waste words with him. Fools like him deserve death!” said Larikson.

Yarus looked at Han Shuo in a sorry manner. He said, “I was sincere in my invitation. You should know that I will have to end your life here if you decline the offer.”

“I understand. Go ahead and do your worst,” said Han Shuo with great heroic spirit. He wasn’t taking the danger around him seriously.

The layers upon layers of barriers trapping him had isolated every elemental energy and made the spacetime inaccessible. Even an expert of the edict of space could not escape by tearing through spacetime. Yarus and others had made certain that Han Shuo could not escape from their trap.

“There is no way that you are getting out of this, Bryan! Unless you can somehow break through the one hundred twenty layers of barriers between us, you will just have to wait and suffer until you die!” said Wallace as he looked at Han Shuo with chilling eyes.

“I suppose you haven’t told Andre and Carmelita that you and Ralph are in the City of Gorging Clouds? Hehe, I wonder how they would feel if they knew what you are doing to me now,” smirked Han Shuo. He seemed very relaxed.

Wallace’s expression changed when Han Shuo mentioned Andre and Carmelita. It seemed as though someone had pinched him where it hurt.

“The matter of our House of Sainte is none of your business! Hmph, Carmelita and Andre are short-sighted and had been led astray by your trickery. But it will only be a matter of time before they come to their senses and understand that I’m doing all this for the good of our family clan!” replied Wallace. He seemed to be soothing himself with those words rather than arguing with Han Shuo.

Han Shuo nodded and did not reply. He did not mention Carmelita and Andre with the hope that Wallace might let him off, but to find out from Wallace if the two were aware of their patriarch’s actions at all.

Back then, he had learned from Emily and Phoebe that Andre, Carmelita, Aobashi, and Erebus had not responded to the House of Han’s requests for assistance. There was verified news that Aobashi and Erebus had been sent away from the city before Fort Lasberg came under attack. After hearing these words of Wallace, Han Shuo was certain that Wallace must have somehow prevented them from receiving those messages. Han Shuo was glad to find out that his friends had not betrayed him.

Seeing that Han Shuo was determined, Yarus understood that no amount of words could change Han Shuo’s mind. He turned to his assistance and instructed, “Get Darkwater and Darkstone over.”

Soon, two trails of shadows moved towards Yarus from two directions before appearing beside him. The two wore full-dark clothes and dark faces. Not only did they both possess late-stage highgod strength, but they both looked the same.

Darkwater and Darkstone were identical twins and they were the City Lords of Darkwater City and Darkstone City respectively. In the Darkness Dominion, only Yarus had a greater reputation than the twins. Legend had it that the Darkness Overgod had left a pair of identical Divine Brands on the identical twins which would grant them special abilities. 

When Darkwater and Darkstone appeared, Han Shuo creased his brows slightly and his expression turned graver.

Han Shuo had been aware of the presence of the twins standing in the dark and far apart from each other. Han Shuo thought that they were just any other highgods and did not consider them a serious threat.

But after they moved from their hiding spots, as they got closer to each other, Han Shuo was shocked to discover that the divine energy in their bodies was exponentially growing in power and the darkness aura rapidly assembled around them. By the time they were standing together beside Yarus, Han Shuo discovered that the power of their divine energy and darkness aura had far surpassed that of Hofs, Wallace, and other highgods. Although their auras weren't as intense as that of Yarus, its power was obviously beyond that of a highgod.

The identical twins whose spirits were connected in mysterious ways were both cultivators of the darkness energy in the late-stage highgod realm. After the Overgod of Darkness bestowed them with an identical Divine Brand, their joint power became orders of magnitude greater than their individual strengths.

Having Yarus as an opponent was already rather challenging. And now, with the equivalent of another overgod opponent appearing, Han Shuo immediately realized that freeing himself from the hundred and twenty layers of barriers was about to be substantially more difficult.

“Bryan, I will give you one last chance. Do you insist on opposing?” asked Yarus gravely. He had revealed his trump card with the hope that Han Shuo would reconsider his decision.

Han Shuo smirked and replied, “You think you can keep me trapped here just because you have the two of them?”

“No, we are not going to hold you, we are going to kill you,” replied Yarus.

“Hahaha!” Han Shuo raised his head and took a look at the tremendous aura of darkness high over his head before he boldly challenged, “You think that my strength would be substantially reduced if you isolate me from the elemental energies? Haha, go ahead and kill me. I’d love to see you try!”

The region around Han Shuo had been completely isolated from the outside world and other than the darkness element, no elemental energy could flow through the barriers. Had it been any other god who cultivated elemental energies in Han Shuo’s place, their strength would be substantially affected and they would be forced to consume the divine energy in their bodies to fight or resist.

Without access to elemental energies, they could not replenish their divine energy. Any expert, no matter how powerful, would be as feeble as a mortal once their divine energy had been exhausted.

“What a dauntless man you are, and what a shame you have to die here!” praised Yarus before he turned to Darkwater, Darkstone, Hofs, Wallace, and other experts who cultivated the energy of darkness. “I will deploy a spinning black hole. You just have to pour your darkness divine energy into it to amplify its power. When the black hole lands on him, he will be shredded into millions of pieces.”

All the darkness energy experts nodded their heads. They were very aware of Yarus’ might and just how deadly his trademark technique was.

Yarus wasted no time and immediately sat cross-legged on the ground and closed his eyes. Strands of darkness auras emerged from his body and connected with the boundless darkness above the Broadhurst Residence. The massive amount of darkness aura seemed to be propelled by countless invisible forces and started revolving.

Darkwater, Darkstone, Wallace, Hofs, started sending out streams of darkness energy from their bodies and towards the vortex forming above Han Shuo’s head.

The strands of darkness energy that flew out from Darkwater and Darkstone resonated and intertwined in a miraculous manner to form new strands that were significantly more powerful. Their recombined power was tens greater than that of Hofs and Wallace.

As the streams of darkness energy were injected, the slowly revolving vortex high over Han Shuo’s head spun faster and faster. It was as though a black hole had appeared in the sky and was growing in power and would not stop until the world was engulfed.

Yarus was an overgod expert. Darkwater and Darkstone had combined strength equivalent to an overgod. In addition, there were mighty highgods of darkness such as Hofs, Wallace, and others. The joint power of all those experts had surpassed Han Shuo’s expectations. The threat was much graver than Wasir or Salas.

They were gathering all their energy and planning on crushing Han Shuo in one powerful hit. The energy accumulated in the black hole grew more and more terrifying and Han Shuo’s heart grew heavier. 

For a moment, Han Shuo was rather clueless. He did not know what he could do against such tremendous power. His seventeen flying swords had left his body long ago and started bombarding what was more than a hundred layers of barriers. Although the flying swords were making progress, they simply weren’t fast enough.

“It’s do or die!” Han Shuo made up his mind in a split second and decided to perform a risky maneuver.

The seventeen flying swords had stopped bombarding the barriers and returned into Han Shuo. He sat cross-legged on the ground and closed his eyes. His consciousness transformed into dark radiances and flew into his demonic infant. Following that, the demonic infant slowly floated out from the top of Han Shuo’s head and grew bigger and bigger. It was like a ghostly copy of Han Shuo.

Simultaneously, the hundreds of thousands of demon generals whooshed out from the Cauldron of Myriad Demon and vanished into the demonic infant. The demonic infant that was originally the size of a human infant rapidly inflated as it was being filled with demon general energy. In just moments, the demonic infant had transformed into a demonic giant more than a few dozen meters tall that hovered in mid-air.

A chilling, sinister, ruthless, bloodthirsty energy suddenly flooded the City of Gorging Clouds. It was as though the hundred layers of barriers could not obstruct the apocalyptic energy of the demonic infant.

“ROAR!!!” Once all of the demon general energy had entered the demonic infant, it suddenly bellowed.

The tremendously powerful soul-attacking sonic wave penetrated the layers of barriers. Many of the gods inside the Broadhurst Residence suddenly bled from every orifice and died on the spot!

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