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GDK 907: Myriad Demon Transformation

Han Shuo’s consciousness and all of his energy were transferred into the demonic infant. His physical body that was sitting cross-legged on the ground seemed to have aged decades in just a few seconds. It turned limp and lost its color.

Injecting the demonic infant with the demon general energy was similar to boosting the strength of his demonic body using the energy. But as the demonic infant and demon generals were rather similar lifeforms, the demonic infant could utilize and unleash the demon general’s energy much better than his demonic body could.

The ‘Myriad Demon Transformation’ that Han Shuo deployed was a very risky demonic technique. Before reaching the Skybreak Realm, the demonic infant will be injured if it was forced to absorb demonic general energy. And even if one has reached the Skybreak Realm but does not possess a stable realm state, there is a chance that one could fail to purge the demon generals from the demonic infant which would lead to severe damages to the demonic infant.

Additionally, when the technique was deployed, the consciousness, vitality, and every last bit of his energy would be separated from his physical body, leaving it completely vulnerable.

If Han Shuo wasn’t trapped under the more than a hundred layers of barriers and with a terrifying dark vortex being dropped onto him, Han Shuo wouldn’t have deployed this powerful but risky demonic technique.

“ROAR!!!” Han Shuo’s deafening roar pulsed through the entire City of Gorging Clouds. Many of the gods living in the Broadhurst Residence with below-average strengths were instantly killed. Even those living nearby the residence suffered ruptured ear-drums, internal bleeding, or soul injuries.

Yarus, Wallace, and the others who were just outside the barriers were the first to be hit. But as most of them were of highgod strengths, Han Shuo’s destructive roar did not harm them. However, it did greatly jolt their souls.

“What the hell was that?” cried Hofs. His attention was drawn away.

Ralph, Wallace, Darkwater, Darkstone, and the others were also taken by surprise. They felt the terrifying aura of the hovering immaterial demon under the barriers.

Of the party, only Yarus had remained calm. He remarked, “Whatever it is, we need not care. Just focus on injecting your energy into the black hole and that thing will be destroyed.”

Yarus’ calmness seemed to be infectious. After hearing his words, the party stopped their futile discussion in panic and continued to inject their darkness energy into the vortex of darkness.

As the party injected the black hole with their darkness divine energy, the accretion disk around the black hole grew even more massive and they spun faster and faster. The black hole also started to slowly descend.

After letting out the long and destructive roar, the massive, hovering Han Shuo that was somewhere between material and immaterial state, landed on the ground behind where his physical body sat. It made a rumble and shuddered the entire Broadhurst Residence.

Yarus thought that the massive Han Shuo was just a hallucination that Han Shuo produced and it would pose no threat. However, when he sensed the tremor, he realized that the colossal Han Shuo was very real and he grew a little worried.

After landing on the ground, Han Shuo crouched slightly before he forcefully leaped towards the sky with a fist stretched upwards. 

An aura of pure berserk power erupted. The punch was so powerful that Yarus and the party felt frightened despite being separated by more than a hundred boundaries from Han Shuo.


Of the hundred and twenty boundaries and seals jointly deployed by Yarus, Darkwater, Darkstone, and the others, more than several dozens were destroyed by that punch containing power that could topple the mountains. 

More than a third of the boundaries trapping Han Shuo were undone in just one punch. Han Shuo, who had landed on the ground again, smiled nastily before he threw another punch.


More barriers were destroyed!

“This is bad! Inject all the energy you can. I must bring the black hole down immediately!” said Yarus whose face was still frozen in shock. He knew that if Han Shuo was given the chance to throw another punch, all of the remaining barriers trapping him would crumble. If Han Shuo did not stay trapped in the region, the black hole might not land precisely on him to inflict the maximum damage.

Darkwater, Darkstone, Wallace, and the others were shocked. After hearing Yarus’ cry, they immediately went all-out and sent all the darkness energy they could towards the black hole. Then, suddenly, the black hole that was slowly descending came crashing down on Han Shuo as though the sky was collapsing.

Han Shuo then was more than several dozen meters tall, but the black hole jointly powered by Yarus and the others were even more massive. Its size was greater than the inside of the boundaries and there was no way for Han Shuo to evade it.

The hundred and twenty layers of boundaries were made using the darkness divine energy of Yarus, Darkwater, Darkstone, and the others - the same type of energy that formed the black hole. Therefore, when the black hole made contact with the boundaries, not only did they not impede on the black hole, but the darkness energy on the boundaries flowed into the black hole and boosted its power, making it even more destructive.

Before Han Shuo could throw his third punch, the gargantuan black hole came crashing down on him and enveloped Han Shuo who was in his demonic infant form. The revolving vortex containing Yarus and the others’ darkness divine energy immediately started grinding Han Shuo.

The massive amount of darkness energy swarmed into Han Shuo’s immaterial demonic infant and filled every demon general in his colossal body. In just an instant, Han Shuo’s massive body had been shredded into a million pieces and became part of the accretion disk of the black hole. 

Under tremendous force, even the space-time collapsed. Strange iridescent radiances started shooting around the region. One could even see the cold infinity of stars.

The black hole that was deployed by Yarus could damage not just physical objects but also incorporeal things like souls. Han Shuo’s consciousness and demonic infant had been shredded into pieces before being torn again into even smaller pieces.

The black hole went away just as quickly as it came. An instant after the immaterial Han Shuo was shattered and his consciousness pulverized, the black hole gave off a flash and disappeared in the iridescent space-time fissure. 

All the barriers disappeared and the colorful radiances faded. There was no longer anything left in the region.

All that remained was Han Shuo’s physical body, sitting on the ground motionlessly. Without the demonic infant, consciousness, and energy, the lifeless body was pale and wrinkled. 

All of the black hole’s energy had been used on pulverizing Han Shuo’s immaterial demonic infant and therefore his physical body was unharmed. 

Yarus heaved a sigh of relief. He put on a relaxed smile and said, “That was close. This guy is truly formidable. Had he broken through the barriers, our black hole attack would be ineffective. And had he managed to escape, he would cause no end of troubles for us.”

“Brother, what about his body? It is still intact,” asked Larikson as he pointed at Han Shuo’s physical body.

“It is devoid of energy and soulless. It is as good as destroyed,” replied Yarus before he shook his head regretfully and lamented, “What a shame. If this powerful youngster would serve me, our Darkness Dominion would take a great leap in strength. Sigh…”

“I will destroy his body for good measure,” said Wallace after wiping the cold sweat off his forehead with his sleeves. He then started approaching Han Shuo’s physical body cautiously. It appeared that of everyone in the party, Wallace wanted Han Shuo dead the most. He wouldn’t even leave his dead body unharmed.

“Don’t worry about it, that guy is completely destroyed. The black hole shreds everything, both material and immaterial. His divine soul has been turned into a million bits,” said Yarus after laughing at Wallace. He found Wallace’s precautions against a soulless dead body to be rather absurd.

Wallace forced an embarrassed smile and replied, “It’s always better to be cautious when dealing with this youngster.”

With the party watching, Wallace walked towards Han Shuo’s body step by step. When he was less than a hundred meters away and considering if he should launch ranged attacks, a wild, chilling wind blew out of nowhere.

All of a sudden, hundreds of thousands of grey, ghostly strands rapidly regathered. The demon general energy that had scattered everywhere gushed back to where it was in an instant. The immaterial Han Shuo that had vanished without a trace reappeared in just a moment. 

“Surprise, motherfucker!” the incorporeal Han Shuo cackled. His massive hand that was as fast as lightning shot out and grabbed the startled Wallace. <i>Squish!</i> Han Shuo clenched his hand, crushing every bone and organ in Wallace’s body and squeezed his blood out. 

Against Yarus’ black hole attack, even Salas and Wasir who possessed overgod divine souls would stand no chance and they would be shredded into pieces. Han Shuo’s miraculous consciousness, however, could be split into hundreds of thousands of strands. Even if it was shredded into a million pieces, it could still reassemble and come out unharmed.

Not just Han Shuo’s consciousness, but even the thousands of demon generals were unharmed. The instant that he was enveloped by the black hole, Han Shuo split his consciousness into thousands of strands and mixed them into the souls of the demon generals before immediately scattering them, thus escaping the black hole’s attack.

The Myriad Demon Transformation was basically formed by hundreds upon thousands of strands of the consciousness and a great number of demon generals. Therefore, using the black hole to shred his soul was like punching at water. It was a completely ineffective and futile effort.

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