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GDK 908: Skynet

If Han Shuo did not have absolute confidence, he wouldn’t have taken the demonic infant out of the safety of his physical body and used it to withstand Yarus’ black hole. After all, the demonic infant and consciousness were the basis of his existence. If anything bad happened to those two things, Han Shuo would be in deep trouble.

His consciousness and demon generals that had scattered all around suddenly converged and reassembled. He then grabbed Wallace before he could destroy his physical body and squeezed him to death.

Han Shuo then quickly inhaled with his mouth, sucking Wallace’s divine soul into his stomach. He intended to store Wallace in there until he was done wreaking havoc and let the Cauldron of Myriad Demon turn his soul into one of his demon generals.

All that happened in just seconds. Before Yarus, Darkwater, Darkstone, and the others could react, Han Shuo had taken Wallace’s life. 

“How is this possible?!” Yarus had never shown any expression of panic, until now. From his understanding of the divine soul, a person would be absolutely dead once their soul was shredded. It should have been impossible for any soul to recover from that. 

But Yarus did not know that Han Shuo cultivated demonic arts that originated from another universe which made Han Shuo’s soul anything but ordinary. Han Shuo’s consciousness could split into hundreds upon thousands of strands and still be just fine. It was to be expected that the gods of Elysium wouldn’t understand the miraculousness of Han Shuo’s otherworldly consciousness.

“Haha! All of your barriers are gone. How are you gonna stop me now?” Han Shuo howled with laughter before kicking on the ground with his massive foot to launch himself up. The Broadhurst Residence trembled again.

At the thought, the seventeen flying swords flew out from his physical body and went after Hofs, Ralph, and Larikson. Meanwhile, the massive Han Shuo made of the demonic infant and demon generals let out deafening roars as he ran ferociously at Yarus.

His tremendous footsteps had shaken many of the buildings in and around the Broadhurst Residence into collapsing. Even more gods spat blood and died to the destructive roar he made.

Yarus was greatly alarmed. Seeing that the massive Han Shuo was coming for him, he hastily assembled the energy of darkness. The clear sky above the Broadhurst Residence was quickly shrouded by intense darkness aura before it came crashing down on Han Shuo.

“Oh c'mon, the same trick again? Is that all that you’ve got?” Han Shuo raised his head and bellowed at the sky. His deafening voice that carried a strange power spread out as pulses. The soundwaves stopped the gathering of darkness energy and forcibly dispelled the darkness aura, allowing the sunlight to pierce through the sky and fall on the Broadhurst Residence.

“Aarrgghh…” a miserable shriek suddenly sounded. Three flying swords had pierced through Ralph’s torso. 

Ralph was just a mid-stage highgod. He was no match against Han Shuo before Han Shuo left the Darkness Dominion. And now, after Han Shuo had advanced to Skybreak Realm, he stood even less of a chance. As one of the weakest of the party, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that he would be the first to perish.

After Ralph was killed, the seventeen flying swords interwove and formed a massive, deadly net. Hofs, Larikson, Darkwater, and Darkstone were trapped inside the net where the frigid aura and corrosive power were activated to the fullest. They exerted all their strength and yet, they could not break free from it.

When ‘Skynet’, a form of the Avici Godslaying Sword Formation, was deployed, it immediately sent Hofs and the others down a hole of despair. The ‘Skynet’ slowly shrank and those trapped in it found their movable space becoming ever smaller and smaller.

The interweaving seventeen flying swords flew faster and faster as those trapped were forced into a smaller and smaller space. When the channeling was complete, the flying swords converged into a point and all those trapped in the Skynet had their bodies and souls destroyed.

“Aarrgghh… Aarrgghh…” Two shrieks came in quick successions. They originated from Hofs and Larikson’s mouths.

“Darkwater, Darkstone, how could you!” cried the pale-looking Hofs as he defended himself from Darkwater and Darkstone. They were squeezed into the space of an average room.

“Sorry guys, but there just won't be enough space for all four of us,” replied Darkwater and Darkstone chillingly in unison while attacking Hofs and Larikson.

With each cycle that the seventeen flying swords completed, the Skynet shrank a little more. Eventually, the Skynet would shrink to the point where there wouldn’t be enough space to fit four people.

To allow themselves to survive slightly longer, Darkwater and Darkstone launched sneak attacks at Larikson and Hofs. Hofs and Larikson were on the back end as they had suffered the twins’ sneak attacks, and they were weaker than the twins to begin with. It appeared that they would soon be defeated.

“Hahaha, interesting, interesting!” Han Shuo who was beating Yarus back laughed out loud. He did not expect that they would kill each other in such a situation

“Darkwater, Darkstone, don’t you dare! Or I will kill you!” shouted Yarus when he saw that Larikson was severely injured and close to death.

“Don’t even get me started, Yarus. If it wasn’t for you, we wouldn’t be in this situation!” scoffed Darkwater coldly. He then mercilessly impaled Larikson’s head with a dark pick.

Meanwhile, his twin, Darkstone, threw a punch at the badly injured Hofs and sent him into Han Shuo’s Skynet. As soon as Hofs made contact with the net, his body immediately started melting and gave off thick smoke. 

“Brother!!!” Yarus was furious. An intense darkness energy overflowed from his body and shrouded him. He unfurled his domain of divinity and every darkness element in the Broadhurst Residence flowed into him.

It appeared that Yarus had lost his rationality after his brother’s death. He no longer concealed his overgod aura, unleashed all his energy, and charged towards Han Shuo.

Han Shuo was surprised that Yarus would be going all-in. He did not expect Yarus to be so close to Larikson. While watching Yarus ferociously charging at him, a thought struck Han Shuo and he suddenly moved aside.

As Han Shuo suspected, Yarus did not pursue him but shot past him and continued on his path towards Darkwater and Darkstone who were still trapped inside the Skynet. 

Han Shuo smirked mischievously. With one thought, the Skynet was dissolved and the seventeen flying swords returned into his physical body. Han Shuo planned on grabbing his popcorn, watching Yarus fight Darkwater and Darkstone, then killing them all with a sneak attack when he saw the opportunity.

But all of a sudden, the element of darkness in the environment started behaving abnormally.

In an instant, the element of darkness inside the Broadhurst Residence that had just been sucked dry by Yarus was replenished by more than a hundred, if not a thousand times. The darkness elements were rapidly converging in the empty sky and an awareness that enveloped the entire City of Gorging Clouds was gradually forming.

Han Shuo’s face jolted and he immediately gave up on attacking Yarus, Darkwater, and Darkstone. The immaterial Han Shuo transformed into a twisted, ghostly shadow and immediately slithered into his main body that was sitting cross-legged motionlessly. 

Simultaneously, the darkness elements abruptly vanished from Yarus, Darkwater, and Darkstone. Even their divine energies were completely restrained. Their world-shaking battle suddenly turned into a laughable scuffle.

Without the darkness element and divine energy, the three City Lords were no stronger than a puny basegod. Their comical kicks and punches landed on their opponents but would do no damages.

The three soon realized what was happening and their faces jolted. They simultaneously stopped fighting and looked towards the sky.

Boundless darkness had enveloped the entire city as though light had forever vanished. There was an immensely heavy, stifling pressure in the atmosphere. Every citizen of the City of Gorging Clouds could not help themselves but automatically kowtowed, including Yarus, Darkwater, and Darkstone.

After the consciousness and demonic infant returned to his physical body, Han Shuo immediately stood up. Upon sensing the darkness that had suddenly shrouded the City of Gorging Clouds, Han Shuo’s face jolted. He realized that this being that caused the environmental change was at least a hundred times stronger than overgods like Wasir or Salas. Han Shuo knew he stood absolutely no chance against an existence of this level.

Without thinking, Han Shuo activated the Demonic Blood Disassembly. A bloody radiance flashed and Han Shuo was gone from the city.

Hofs and Wallace, two of the City Lords of the Darkness Dominion, must have had the Divine Brands of the Overgod of Darkness in their divine souls. The Darkness Overgod must have been alerted by their deaths through those Divine Brands and therefore descended upon the City of Gorging Clouds.

Overgods with the Quintessence were the source of energy. They could create and destroy energy and possessed a complete understanding of their element or edict. An Overgod with a Quintessence was simply incomparable to one without.

In the infinitely vast universe, there would always and forever be one holder of the Quintessence of Darkness. Knowing that he was no match against such a being, Han Shuo promptly decided to activate the Demonic Blood Disassembly. He would injure himself just to quickly get far out of the city.

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