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GDK 909: Mysterious God

Yarus, Darkwater, and Darkstone had long stopped fighting. They kowtowed on the ground as a familiar aura of divinity emanating from the sky filled their humbled hearts.

A death-like trance seized upon every living being in the City of Gorging Clouds. Every god in the city stopped whatever they were doing and instinctively kowtowed with respect and fear.

The city had sunken into absolute darkness and silence as though all the world was dead and cold; as though there was no night or day, but only darkness. The concentration of the darkness element in the environment became a few hundred times more intense than usual and all other elements had been displaced.

The elements of darkness had been converging above the Broadhurst Residence and grew more and more intense at a frightful velocity. And soon, a massive figure with an indistinct outline was formed. A divine aura of pure austerity, dignity, and magnificence erupted and it caused many to awe and tremble.

“Yarus, Darkwater, Darkstone. Let go of your grievances. You are all City Lords of My Dominion. Do not fight among yourselves over a matter so small, “ a deep, reprimanding voice sounded from the sky. It was not advice but a command that was to be obeyed.

The three who were fighting each other to death immediately replied affirmatively in respectful manners.

Yarus then raised his head and gazed at the colossal figure made of pure darkness energy. He respectfully requested, “My Overlord, Hofs and Wallace have just been killed. The one they call Bryan is a great menace to Your Dominion. Even I could not defeat him. My Overgod, please put an end to his existence!”

“I’m aware. He will not return to My Dominion. But if he does, I will end him,” replied the colossal figure in the sky. Then, It instructed Yarus, “Relay My commands: Andre of the Sainte House will be the City Lord of the City of Shadows; Felder of the Lavers House will be the City Lord of Hushveil City.”

Yarus was stunned and puzzled. He did not understand why the Darkness Overgod did not kill Han Shuo. From Yarus' point of view, even though Han Shuo had disappeared from the city using a miraculous method, if the Darkness Overgod wanted to, Han Shuo would have no chance of leaving the Darkness Dominion alive.

“Is there a problem?” the imposing voice sounded when Yarus did not immediately reply to His command. Although His voice was just very slightly lower in pitch, all those who heard it would feel an overwhelming dread.

Yarus was frightened and he hastily answered, “My Overlord, I will do as You bid. But, My Lord, I do not know where Felder or his Lavers Family is.”

It was true that Yarus had no clue where Felder was. The Lavers Family used to live in the City of Gorging Clouds. But after Larikson’s son was murdered by Han Shuo, Felder had evacuated the city with his family clan. Larikson had been hunting for the Lavers Family but he could find nothing.

“That, you need not know. Just disseminate My commands and Felder and his Lavers House will come to Hushveil City,” replied the Darkness Overgod.

Yarus immediately knew that the Darkness Overgod must have His plans. Felder and his House of Lavers had been driven away from the City of Shadows by Wallace to the City of Gorging Clouds for refuge, and forced to flee and hide after the murder of Larikson’s son. Yarus could see that although the Lavers House was still alive, they were as good as dead. But this command of the Darkness Overgod would soon turn everything around for the Lavers.

Although Yarus could not understand why the Overgod would do so, he respectfully nodded and acknowledged His instructions.

“Good,” the Overgod was pleased. Then, suddenly, the boundless darkness that flooded the city started vanishing like a receding tide. An arrow of sunlight struck the land as the darkness melted into the returning brilliance. The city came back to life again. 

Yarus got back to his feet and heaved a sigh of relief. He turned to Darkwater and Darkstone, put on a hateful face, and said, “If it wasn’t for the Overgod, know that I would never have spared your lives!”

Darkwater rolled his eyes and replied, “Pfft. Yarus, we answered your call and traveled thousands of miles just to help you. And now you want to blame us for what happened? Your brother’s death is ultimately caused by Bryan. Even if we had done nothing, your brother would still have ended up dead. You should have gone for him, not us.”

“That’s right. Had the Dark Lord not shown up on time, we might have died here. Yarus, it’s you who owes us a favor, not the other way around!” said Darkstone disdainfully.

“Hmph, if Wallace and Hofs had not offered you two a fresh crystal mine, would you have come?” scoffed Yarus before he said, “But let’s forget about it. They are dead and we get nothing. Sigh, I don’t understand why didn’t the Dark Lord kill him. If His Lordship wanted, there is no way that Bryan could escape.”

Darkwater and Darkstone put on puzzled looks. Darkwater hesitated for a moment and looked around the sky before he quietly suggested, “Wallace has mentioned that the kid is close to the daughter of the Destiny Goddess. Could this be the reason?”

Yarus’ eyes twinkled after hearing those words and he nodded slowly and lightly. He replied, “Maybe, but I suspect there’s more to it. But well, it’s none of our business. You guys should relay The Lord’s commands as well. How unexpected and how fortunate of Felder to join our ranks.” 

Darkwater and Darkstone scratched their heads as they could not understand the reasoning behind the Darkness Overgod’s decisions. They then started leaving the City of Gorging Clouds.

*** Atop a bald mountain Northwest of the City of Gorging Clouds, Han Shuo was drenched with blood and was heavily gasping for breath.

The Omen Invincible Body was automatically activated and the demonic yuan rapidly circulated around his body. A few seconds later, the blood stopped flowing out from his body and started flowing backward instead. His torn flesh, bones, blood vessels, and meridians wriggled back into their normal positions. The wounds on his body started healing at an unnaturally fast rate.

After attaining the Skybreak Realm in demonic arts, Han Shuo’s body repairing speed had grown to the point where the damages that Demonic Blood Disassembly would cause to his body was no longer all that troubling. He sent demonic yuan around his body and easily repaired the damages.

Han Shuo needed a relatively brief time to completely heal himself from injuries of such severity. But he had no time to waste. After stabilizing his condition, Han Shuo started leaving the Darkness Dominion. Han Shuo felt a great sense of threat when the Darkness Overgod suddenly made an appearance. He knew that he was no match against the Overgod for now and therefore he needed to leave the Darkness Dominion as soon as possible.

The power of the Darkness Overgod was just too frightening. There wasn’t a moment when he felt safe inside the Darkness Dominion!

Han Shuo activated his energy to the fullest and tried to leave the Dominion as quickly as he could. After seven days of marathoning, Han Shuo heaved a breath of relief for he had finally stepped out of the Darkness Dominion and came to the shared border with the Death Dominion.

In his trip to the Darkness Dominion, Han Shuo had accomplished his objectives by killing Wallace, Hofs, Larikson, and Ralph. However, by murdering those people, Han Shuo had offended Yarus, Darkwater, and Darkstone. He might have even provoked the Darkness Overgod. But Han Shuo believed that once he returned to the Fringe and settled the House of Han in the Pandemonium, they would have no fear of these threats.

<i>I have killed two of his City Lords. Why didn’t he attack me?</i> thought Han Shuo.

The only matter that still rather bothered Han Shuo was the Darkness Overgod. He did not understand why the Overgod had not tried to kill him when he had caused such a great disturbance in the Darkness Dominion. Based on the strength that the Darkness Overgod revealed in the City of Gorging Clouds, Han Shuo knew that he wouldn’t have been able to escape so easily if the Overgod had tried to stop him in any manner.

Han Shuo had been stuck on the question for a long time. But even after he entered the Ronson Canyon, he was still nowhere close to unraveling the puzzle. 

Han Shuo decided to ease his mind of the thought momentarily and go about with his business. He expanded his consciousness and quickly found a godhunter who had concealed himself.

Han Shuo’s body vanished and reappeared before the godhunter in a snap. Before the godhunter could react, Han Shuo buckled his neck, immobilized him, and asked, “Where is Scarlett?”

“Who are you? What do you look for our Chief for?!” shouted the panicking godhunter.

“Oops.” Han Shuo put on a smile, let go of the godhunter, and replied, “I’m from the House of Han. Scarlett has assisted us and I want to personally thank her for her help.”

The godhunter heaved a sigh of relief after hearing Han Shuo’s reply but he remained very cautious. He asked, “But, how can I know if you are actually from the House of Han?”

Han Shuo bunched his brows slightly and asked, “Han Hao used to be in charge of everything here, right?”

The godhunter showed revering emotions when he heard the name ‘Han Hao’. He asked, “Yes, back when he was still in Ronson Canyon, every godhunter here had to obey his words. Do you know Han Hao?”

Han Shuo smiled and replied, “Take a good look at me. Don’t you think that I look a lot like Han Hao?”

It seemed as though the godhunter was only aware of it after hearing Han Shuo’s words. He squinted and looked carefully at Han Shuo before his eyes widened and he immediately replied, “Alright, I shall lead you to my Chief!”

Han Shuo traveled deeper into the Ronson Canyon with the godhunter leading him the way. Along his journey, Han Shuo discovered many well-concealed godhunters as though they were on a major operation. Out of curiosity, Han Shuo asked, “What are you all hiding all around for?”

“We are scouting for movements and activities. There have recently been quite a number of people traveling from the Death Dominion to the Destruction Dominion. They originated from various family clans of the Destruction Dominion. We Ronson Canyon godhunters are planning and preparing to attack the smaller ones, ” answered the godhunter truthfully.

With one thought, Han Shuo realized why there were suddenly so many family clans leaving the Death Dominion.

These people from the Destruction Dominion had probably traveled to Witherbone City for matters relating to the House of Han. They must have realized that the Witherbone City was now Deadbone City and therefore left the Death Dominion.

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