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GDK 911: Enemies joining forces

The scar on Scarlett’s face was so fierce and daunting that it could completely stop every ordinary man from having fancying thoughts of her.

But she had a curvaceous body and translucent, silky-smooth skin. She would be a flawless, extremely attractive woman if not for those scars.

Han Shuo inwardly approved of Scarlett, feeling that she would be a suitable partner for Han Hao. He was especially impressed that she would give up being the ruler of Ronson Canyon just for Han Hao. Han Shuo thought that it would be wonderful to have Scarlett as his daughter-in-law.

Scarlett walked to Han Shuo with her head lowered and she seemed rather fidgety and shy. She was a little worried about how Han Shuo would think of her as he was the father of the man she fancied.

“Don’t worry, the procedure is quite simple,” consoled Han Shuo smilingly after seeing that Scarlett was nervous.

As he spoke, he raised his left hand and placed it a few millimeters above her face. A warm grey gas emerged and gently flowed into her face. An energy guided by his consciousness started operating at the cellular level, removing unwanted cells and reconstructing some. 

“You might feel some heat as I remove the scar tissues. It’s nothing to be worried about,” said Han Shuo relaxedly as he guided the energy emanating from his palm around Scarlett’s cheeks.

Han Shuo had extremely precise and accurate control over demonic yuan energy and he could effortlessly alter the properties and metabolic rate of the cells on her face. Others might take centuries to treat such a scar but Han Shuo could fix it in just minutes.

Moments later, Han Shuo removed his hand, and smiled at Scarlett. “Alright, it’s done. Take a look in your mirror!”

Scarlett opened her eyes and gazed at Han Shuo for a moment before she rather embarrassedly replied, “I don’t have a mirror…”

Han Shuo stared blankly for a moment before immediately coming to his senses. <i>Of course! I’m such an idiot, I should have thought of that!</i>

Han Shuo smiled, took out a mirror from his space ring and handed it to Scarlett. “Have this. You should use it more often!”

After taking a short pause, Han Shuo took out a bottle of medicine and handed it to Scarlett as he instructed, “This is one of the medicines that I made for Carmelita of the City of Shadows long ago. It is suitable for you as well. Apply it on the scars twice a day. In one month, they will vanish without a trace.”

After taking the medicine bottle from Han Shuo, Scarlett took a deep breath and mustered the courage to look in the mirror. She exclaimed when she saw that the two, large horrifying scars were now two barely visible red lines. Scarlett could not be happier and she said to Han Shuo, holding back her tears, “Thank you, thank you so much!”

Han Shuo replied, “No, it is me who should thank you. Without your help, my House of Han would have been exterminated in this Canyon.”

Scarlett kept away the bottle of medicine and a brilliant smile blossomed on her face. She said to Han Shuo, “I will make the necessary arrangements in Ronson Canyon and head to the Fringe as soon as possible.”

Han Shuo nodded and said with a smile, “That’d be great. I believe that Han Hao will be shocked to see you again, haha.”

After the scar was almost completely gone from her face, Scarlett became more confident than ever before, especially when facing the man she loved. She was excited to meet Han Hao in her confident, flawless self. 

Seeing that Scarlett was in a good mood, Han Shuo finally asked the question, “Now tell me, how did you get those scars? I can tell that they were made by a sharp tool. Who did it to you?” 

Scarlett hesitated for a bit before she answered, “I did it to myself,” giving Han Shuo a shock.

Before Han Shuo could ask the reason, Scarlett explained, “A long time ago, my family clan was attacked and we suffered a crushing defeat. Every male member was killed or forced into slavery while female members were raped and then sold as sex slaves. To avoid being defiled, I cut my face.”

After learning of Scarlett’s tragic past, Han Shuo’s face turned dark and he asked, “Are your enemies still alive?”

“After becoming a godhunter, I did everything within my means to raise my strength. I got my revenge many years ago. But thank you for asking.” Scarlett immediately knew that Han Shuo intended to help her exact vengeance. She appreciated the kindness. She felt that although Han Shuo and Han Hao were ruthless to their enemies, they could not be more loyal to their friends.

Han Shuo nodded and said, “Well then, I should get going. Right, if you run into any trouble in the Fringe, just speak my name. No one should be foolish enough to harm you.”

In Ronson Canyon, Scarlett was among the strongest experts. But in the Fringe, an early-stage highgod like her was pretty ordinary. Those new to the Fringe were usually bullied or targeted, so it was likely that she would face trouble in the Chaotic Land herself.

“I’ll be careful,” replied Scarlett cheerfully with a beautiful smile.

Han Shuo said farewell to Scarlett and left.

Han Shuo had always been one to reciprocate both kindness and malice. He took his revenge against Hofs, Wallace and the others, but he did not forget to repay Scarlett’s kindness. Seeing that he had accomplished his objectives, Han Shuo decided to return to the Fringe.

*** On a murky, gloomy, and desolate graveyard where bones were littered all over the ground. Faint, ghostly green lights flashed randomly in the thick mist.

A tomb that was buried deep under the ground suddenly erupted with bright lightning flashes. A majestic figure emerged from the tomb and he took a deep breath.

A peal of sinister laughter then sounded from an even bigger grave. It asked, “Hehe, Salas, you have fully recovered from your injuries, haven’t you now?”

The bright electrical sparks on his body forced the mist to dissipate. He stomped on a massive skeletal frame and it was wrapped with lightning bolts before immediately being pulverized. Salas’ sparkling eyes turned to the grave and replied, “Thanks a lot. Without the assistance of your Godhunter Alliance, I wouldn’t have recovered so soon.”

“You’re welcome, you’re most welcome! Hehe, but don’t forget about the things you promised you’d do for us in return!” The person inside that grave sounded extremely cunning. “Tyre, Logue, and the others have ruled the Fringe for too long. It’s about time someone else takes their places. The Godhunter Alliance has drooled over that wonderful place for a long time!”

“Tyre, Logue, and the others sharing a piece of the Omphalos with the kid would have meant that they have recognized his position. Hmph, in any case, I no longer have a place in the Fringe and I can’t return. Whatever you do to them or that place, I no longer care!” remarked Salas angrily. He seemed very discontented with the Sovereigns’ actions.

“Good, good. Ey Salas, I heard that that nemesis of yours has left the Fringe. He’s been in the limelight around the Darkness and Death Dominions. How about we join forces and stop him from returning to the Fringe?” suggested the person in the grave almost cheerily.

Salas stared blankly for a moment before he sneered and said, “That kid is as elusive as a ghost, but you somehow know his whereabouts?”

“I received intel three days ago that the Ronson Canyon had been purged of godhunters. That guy is currently heading back to the Fringe from the Death Dominion. Hehe, this is my territory. I have the most extensive intelligence network after the Death Overgod. As long as he’s in the Death Dominion, it’s not that hard to locate him,” replied the person in the grave in a confident voice.

It was obvious from Salas’ expression that he was interested in the idea. After hesitating for a moment, Salas said, “I have fought that guy twice. He is extremely vicious and treacherous. It’s easier to defeat old foxes like Tyre and Logue than to defeat him. Not to mention, that kid is gifted in the art of escaping. He’s extremely vengeful and his strength improves at lightning speed. If we do not have overwhelming power against him, then just forget about assaulting him.”

“Salas, don’t tell me that you are afraid of that kid?” the person in the grave laughed out loud before continuing, “You have dominated the Fringe for countless years. Even we Hegemons of the Godhunter Alliance find you admirable, so much so that we dare not invade the Fringe. It is obvious that the kid took advantage of you while you were weak. Why would you be afraid of him? Are you still the Salas that we know?”

Others may have thought that Han Shuo managed to defeat Salas because the latter was in a disadvantaged situation, but Salas knew that his defeat was not out of bad circumstances, and he knew better than anyone else just how terrifying Han Shuo’s power was. Therefore, no matter how the person in the grave instigated him, Salas rejected the offer. He coldly replied, “Unless you can somehow guarantee that we have no chance of failure, I will not step up and fight him!”

The person in the grave went silent for a while as though he could not understand why Salas would be so wary of that kid. Moments later, after thinking about it carefully, he laughed mischievously and said, “Me, the Hegemons of Destruction and Darkness, and you - four overgods altogether. Are you in?” 

Salas jolted. He stared at the grave puzzlingly and asked, “What grudges does the Godhunter Alliance have with him that the three of you would join forces to kill him?”

“One of my chiefs that I’m most impressed with, called Han Hao, betrayed me for this guy after he moved to the Fringe. And back when he was in the Darkness Dominion, he led people into destroying one of our branches. And just days ago, he had wiped out our people in Ronson Canyon. His existence is severely threatening the interests of our Godhunter Alliance. As you say, his strength improves rapidly. We need to get rid of him as soon as possible,” replied the person in the grave in a sinister voice.

He took a short pause before he continued, “With the four of us, even Tyre will be dead without a doubt. So, are you in or not?”

Salas hesitated for a moment. He recalled the destruction of his Empyrean Peak and hardened his heart. He shouted, “Fuck it! Fine, I’ll do it!”

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