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GDK 912: Misty Sea

One was certain to step into the Misty Sea while traveling to the Fringe from the Death Dominion. After traversing the Misty Sea and crossing two towering mountains, one would officially step out of the Death Dominion.

The sea was called the Misty Sea because every inch of it was constantly shrouded by a thick mist connecting the surface of the sea to the sky. The mist was so thick and dense that even the most intense sunlight could not reach the sea.

The vast ocean was home to innumerable bizarre and odd sea creatures. There were a number of non-human races that lived at the depths of the sea all year. They would never step ashore or interact with beings that lived on land.

It was very easy to lose one's way in the Misty Sea. There was no monument or landmark for reference, but endless stretches of confusing whiteness. Gods traveling alone in the sea, without adequate strength, would most likely become prey to the godhunters and lose their lives in the Misty Sea.

One day, while journeying home from the Death Dominion, Han Shuo finally came to the Misty Sea. He gazed at the endless whiteness that veiled the sea and noticed that the mist was much more intense than the last time he was there.

He also noticed that the elements of death and darkness were somewhat more intense than in the past. He was also surprised to discover that no godhunters were wandering aimlessly around the sea looking for prey. 

Months ago, while entering the Death Dominion, Han Shuo discovered many godhunters lurking in the Misty Sea. A few of them were even foolish enough to provoke him. After Han Shuo slaughtered those fools, he simply cast their bodies into the sea and gave the massive sea creatures a feast.

Many godhunters would patrol the Misty Sea in groups. Thanks to the natural visual obstacle, no one could see them coming or avoid them. Anytime they ran into prey, they attacked in a group. If their prey turned out to be stronger, they could easily use the mist to escape.

It was as though the ocean was made for godhunters!

Soon after entering the Misty Sea, Han Shuo started going around and scanned the sea with his consciousness. He detected no life forms other than sea creatures. He thought that it was rather regrettable and he found it a little strange.

Along his journey home, Han Shuo had wiped out dozens of big and small godhunter factions. Following the information provided by Scarlett, he went to the regions that godhunters usually gathered and used his extraordinarily powerful soul sensing power to find and hunt them.

From Ronson Canyon to the Misty Sea, Han Shuo had killed more than five hundred godhunters. With their divine souls, Cauldron of Myriad Demon had gained more than five hundred demon generals.

Han Shuo wasn’t alarmed by the strange changes to the Misty Sea and continued on his journey. As there were no godhunters to hunt, Han Shuo decided not to stay too long in the Misty Sea for there was nothing for him to gain. He flew across the ocean at high speed.

Halfway into the ocean, his consciousness suddenly jolted. A sense of danger suddenly filled his heart.

Han Shuo bunched his brows and suddenly halted. He first cleared his mind of random thoughts and focused his consciousness on the sensation that suddenly swarmed into his heart.

After attaining the Skybreak Realm in demonic arts, Han Shuo's consciousness had become extremely sensitive to impending dangers. Whenever there was a real danger looming, he could always sense it in advance and take the necessary precautions to avert a disaster.

After taking a moment to think, he immediately connected the dots. He realized that it wasn’t a coincidence that brought so many usual changes to the Misty Sea.

Han Shuo transformed his consciousness into hundreds of thousands of strands and spread them all around him while sending several dozens of demon generals from his body. They spread out to look for the source of danger.

"Who is it?" shouted Han Shuo, but to no reply.

After the latest advancement in his strength, Han Shuo possessed absolute confidence against any opponent, save for an Overgod with the Quintessence. Han Shuo ruled out the possibility that it was an Overgod as they were proud characters and their pride would never allow them to attack without warning against anyone.

Han Shuo’s consciousness and demon general had extended to every corner of the Misty Sea but had discovered nothing. However, not only was the sense of danger not disappearing, it was growing more and more intense. Han Shuo understood that his enemy had to be somewhere in the Misty Sea.

With one thought, Han Shuo drew his consciousness and demon generals back into his body. He let out a cold groan and continued to fly away from the Misty Sea at an even greater speed.

Han Shuo reasoned that if his enemy was hiding in the Misty Sea, then they must have been planning to use the special features of the Sea against him. They wouldn’t want Han Shuo to leave the Sea and would do everything they could to intercept him, thus they would be forced to come out from hiding, revealing themselves.

And Han Shuo was correct.

When he tried to leave the Misty Sea at an even greater speed, the elements of death and darkness in the Misty Sea started gathering. In an instant, the white mist transformed into black smoke.

The aura of death started ravaging on the surface of the sea. It was mixed with the chilling sea breeze and spread to the entire sea within a short time.

In an instant, Han Shuo detected that many layers of barriers were deployed around the Misty Sea and they were converging towards him.

After carefully sensing the gathering rate of the elements of death and darkness, Han Shuo’s face jolted and he was rather surprised.

With his acute senses, judging from the gathering rate of the elements of death and darkness, Han Shuo was able to determine the number and strengths of his enemy. He knew that there were at least two overgods who cultivated the energy of death and darkness. Although they did not possess the Quintessence, two overgods was still a very formidable power.

Before Han Shuo could say anything, he suddenly discovered that the seawater below him was boiling. The dark seawater was filled with the energy of destruction. They were turning the seawater into solid, growing columns. It was an overgod of destruction!

Han Shuo was astonished. He did not expect that there would be three overgods hiding in ambush.

In the next instance, a stream of lightning bolts shot through the mist. It then split up into thousands of lightning bolts and weaved a giant net on the sky.

Han Shuo was not familiar with the death, destruction, or the darkness auras. But Han Shuo was familiar with the aura of the lightning bolts and immediately figured out who deployed the lighting energy barrier. He raised his head, looked to the sky, and shouted, “So it’s you, Salas! I must admit, I’m quite surprised that you could recover so quickly and even find three powerful assistants to assault me. You must have schemed long and hard for this.”

The majestic figure of Salas gradually appeared in the mist. He stared down at Han Shuo from high in the sky and put on a smirk, “Well, you got it wrong, kid. It’s not me who planned the assault - it’s the other three. I’m just tagging along!”

Han Shuo stared blankly for a moment and with one thought, he immediately understood the situation. He suddenly burst into laughter and said, “I see! It seems that my butchering of the godhunters has finally provoked a counterattack from the high-ups. Haha, it’s just that I did not expect the counterattack to be so fierce!”

Soon, a colossal figure gradually appeared from the dark. He had a pair of cold green eyes like crescent moons, staring down at Han Shuo. His terrifying aura of destruction seemed to be stirring the seawater, causing them to move around erratically.

Next, the boundless darkness grew more and more intense. A massive dark figure enveloped by the most intense element of darkness gradually appeared. Only his vague outline could be seen.

Shortly after, a throne of bones appeared out of nowhere. A figure wearing a white mask whose body was wrapped by an intense aura of death sat on it. The aura of death was constantly moving around, giving the person an indefinite outline.

The three overgods showed up one after another. They either wore a mask or hid under the darkness, not revealing their true appearances. It seemed the Hegemons were very cautious about revealing their identities.

After the three Hegemon showed up, Han Shuo turned to the colossal figure and yelled, “Hey, it’s you! I’ve seen you before!”  

During his time  in the City of Shadows, Han Shuo discovered a Godhunter Alliance base and he brought Erebus, Aobashi, and the others to flatten it. The colossal figure showed up in the underground palace in the base and nearly killed them all.

And when Han Shuo was still a mortal, when he was still on Profound Continent, this massive figure had also appeared in the Cemetery of Death. It tried to make Han Shuo surrender his soul as a slave.

Han Shuo did not expect that after so many years, he would meet this overgod of destruction face to face in the Misty Sea.

By now, Han Shuo could tell that the colossal figure was just a hallucination created to mask his real appearance. But as his strength was extremely terrifying, most experts could not tell that it was a hallucination and thought that he was actually that massive.

When facing such a colossal figure with such mighty energy, those with weak minds would easily be intimidated and surrender their souls to serve him. Even Han Shuo back then was terrified of the colossal figure that seemed to wield infinite power.

“Indeed, we have met before. How unexpected, a character as insignificant as an ant could soar in strength in such little time, even to the point of threatening our Alliance,” a slow, aged voice sounded from the colossal figure. He sounded rather impressed. 

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