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GDK 913: Kabooom

Had any of the four overgods attacked Han Shuo just decades earlier, he would have died without a doubt. But Han Shuo at that moment was a force to be reckoned with. The Hegemons of the Death, Darkness, and Destruction Dominions as well as a former Sovereign, Salas, had to join forces just to get a shot at killing him.

“There’s no escape this time, Bryan!” shouted Salas.

As Han Shuo had deployed Demonic Blood Disassembly to escape from the City of Gorging Clouds just weeks earlier, he was not at his tip-top condition and could not fight at peak performance. While sensing the mighty auras the four overgods emanated, Han Shuo accepted that he would have to fight a battle lopsided against him.

Although Han Shuo could activate Demonic Blood Disassembly and escape from the Misty Sea, using this escape technique again when such little time had passed would come with serious repercussions.

If Han Shuo were to use the Demonic Blood Disassembly to escape from this ambush, his demonic body would suffer injuries that would take him a much, much longer time to recover from. This will mean that he wouldn’t be at his peak condition after returning to the Fringe, putting himself at a risk he could not accept given how treacherous Sovereigns like Tyre and Logue were.

Han Shuo wore a dark face as he sensed the four menacing auras while racking his brain for an escape plan.

“The four of us have prepared for this moment for a long time. Now that you are inside our trap, you can forget about leaving!” said the colossal figure as he stared down at Han Shuo with his green eyes. Using the energy of destruction, he formed an enormous energy field around him and used it to alter the properties of the seawater, preventing Han Shuo from escaping into the ocean.

“What a shame, he could have been an excellent servant,” remarked the masked overgod sitting in his white bone throne. He started approaching Han Shuo slowly and the white bones that made his throne start glowing with a milky white halo. The grayish aura of death from the environment started gathering towards him. The other three overgods immediately started moving with great rapport.

The four overgods slowly closed in on Han Shuo. The energies of death, darkness, destruction, and lightning slowly accumulated and flooded the Misty Sea. They unfolded their domains of divinity, causing the region to be devoid of all other elements. Four violent energies began compressing Han Shuo from the zenith, nadir, forward, and aft.

The four must have discussed in great detail how they should trap and kill Han Shuo. They might have even practiced it beforehand. The four energies were perfectly joined up at their intersections and had sealed off every inch of space that Han Shuo could leave from while slowly converging, shrinking the area that Han Shuo could move. 

Han Shuo’s mind sprang to work and he immediately knew that he could not allow himself to be so passive in the battle. If he was to allow those four energies to converge, there was no way he would be able to resist it. Though his consciousness may escape by splitting into millions of strands, his demonic body and the demonic infant would be destroyed.

Immediately after, Han Shuo realized that he needed to stake it all or he wouldn’t be leaving the Misty Sea in one piece.

Han Shuo cursed in his mind and he no longer hesitated. The energies from thousands and thousands of demon generals suddenly gushed into his demonic body, boosting the already immense power his body possessed. He was determined to give an all-out fight.

But this time, Han Shuo did not utilize the Myriad Demon Transformation and fought using the demonic infant even though it would grant him access to vast amounts of power. Although the situations were equally dire, what he was facing in the Misty Sea was different from what he had to face in the Broadhurst Residence. Not only did he have to leave the Misty Sea as soon as possible, but he also had to bring his physical body along.

Back in the City of Gorging Clouds, Han Shuo needed to face only two overgod forces. He knew that the black hole attack deployed by Yarus could not injure his demonic infant.

But now, in the Misty Sea, not only was Han Shuo faced with four overgod experts, but most significantly, he was fighting Salas, a cultivator of lightning energy. The energy of lightning was greatly damaging to lifeforms like demon generals and the demonic infant.

The energy of lightning had always been the bane of incorporeal lifeforms. Although Han Shuo was not afraid of the lightning energy from an ordinary god, Salas was no ordinary god. Han Shuo was worried that his demonic infant would be injured once struck by Salas’ overgod lightning energy.

Therefore, Han Shuo did not use the Myriad Demon Transformation but transferred the demon general energy to his physical body and temporarily boosted his strength.

When the seemingly infinite power gushed into every cell of Han Shuo’s body, his demeanor and even his attitude transformed. He suddenly raised his head at the sky and laughed like an unstoppable maniac. Meanwhile, the seventeen flying swords emerged from his body and orbited him in bizarre trajectories. A chilling, sinister, wicked aura surged as radiances burst from those swords that were dragging long trails of lights.

An instant later, the seventeen flying swords suddenly overlapped into one, transforming into an enormous sword five meters wide and a hundred meters long made of pure sword radiance.

Deicide Slash, the second form of the Avici Godslaying Sword Formation took shape in an instant. Immediately, it went slashing at Salas who was hovering high in the sky. 

The enormous sword made of pure power seemed unstoppable. It tore a hole in the field of lightning energy and viciously went after Salas.

Salas cursed in his mind, <i>There are four of us here, why must you aim it at me?!</i>

Salas had become afraid of Han Shuo after having fought him at the Pandemonium. The fact that Salas did not immediately look for Han Shuo after he had recovered from his injuries was a clear sign that Salas had no confidence fighting Han Shuo one on one. Therefore, when he saw the enormous sword coming at him, he instinctively withdrew.

Salas dared not withstand the ferocious Deicide Slash. He pulled back and tried to dodge the attack. With that, one of the four powers weighing down on Han Shuo was immediately weakened.

“Salas! What he fuck are you doing?! Take the attack!” shouted the being in the white bone throne angrily when he saw Salas retreating.

From his point of view, Han Shuo’s power was not enough to severely injure Salas in a single blow. He thought that as long as Salas would withstand Han Shuo’s attack for just a moment, the three of the Hegemons could then divert some of their power to help Salas counteract the power of the Deicide Slash, and Han Shuo would still be on course for complete annihilation.

But Salas obviously did not think the same. He grunted and continued to dodge the Deicide Slash.

When Salas retreated, Han Shuo started moving. The Demonic Blades burst out from his fingers and he flew upwards at the hole in Salas’ barrier.

“Oh no!” cried the mountainous dark figure hovering above. Orbs of Destruction suddenly emerged from him and shot at Han Shuo. It was as though pearly droplets were raining down on Han Shuo. They came in large numbers and in dense swarms, not allowing Han Shuo to dodge them.

Han Shuo’s avatar of destruction also knew how to create Orbs of Destruction and he understood that it was made by coagulating the divine energy of destruction. Those small Orbs, despite their size, were extremely powerful and deadly. Han Shuo froze and gasped when he saw those Orbs of Destruction pouring down on him like raindrops.

With one thought, he sent out the Pearls of Annihilation he produced and sent them colliding into those Orbs of Destruction. A strand of his consciousness then activated the blood essences within those Pearls, which caused the Orbs of Destruction to explode.

The first wave of explosions seemed to have triggered a chain reaction and the remaining Orbs of Destruction exploded. A series of long, world-shaking, eardrum-rupturing explosions sounded from the sky. 

While producing the Pearls of Annihilation, Han Shuo had an idea and added a strand of his destruction divine energy into those Pearls. The idea was to simultaneously ignite his Pearls of Annihilation with his Orbs of Destruction to create the maximum firepower.

Han Shuo had been wanting to test out the firepower but he did not expect that instead of doing so with his own Orbs of Destruction, he would first do so on the Godhunter Alliance Hegemon’s.

As the remaining Orbs exploded, it seemed to have destabilized the lightning energy barrier that Salas deployed. With that, the lightning energies also started exploding. The noise grew from eardrum-rupturing to lung-collapsing.

The explosions lasted for a long while. When it finally stopped, the thick, dense mist above the Misty Sea was dissipating and the garish sunlight managed to pierce through the atmosphere for the first time in eons.

“Salas’ barrier has been destroyed! Dhaka, what the hell is wrong with you?!” shouted the being in the white bone throne furiously.

“How the fuck would I know?!” cried the colossal figure.

“Dhaka, so your name is Dhaka!” said Han Shuo before he suddenly laughed out loud. After the mist dissipated, the blinding sunlight was allowed to fall onto the enormous hallucination, causing it to vanish and reveal an old man.

The old man had winter-white hair and a wizened, heavily lined face but his eyes were piercing and gleaming with life. 

After having a good laugh, under the gaudy sun, Han Shuo’s figure blurred and suddenly fissioned into a dozen Han Shuos. They simultaneously escaped in twelve directions.

After Salas’ barrier was destroyed, Han Shuo was no longer trapped. He quickly flew out and made an escape without hesitation.

The four overgods were confused when they discovered that the dozen Han Shuos were all indistinguishable from the real Han Shuo. As they could not tell which of them were hallucinations, they had no choice but to split up and randomly went after one of the escaping Han Shuos.

And after they pursued and killed the clones, they found that all the remaining Han Shuos had disappeared without a trace. He had vanished from the senses of their divine souls.

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