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GDK 915: Forcing a confession

As soon as Han Shuo and Donna were away, Dolores went to Felder and whispered, “Patriarch, you should use the Divine Brand that the Overgod has bestowed upon you and inform His Lordship that Bryan is here. Perhaps the Dark Lord could descend here and finish Bryan!”

Dolores kept his voice very low as though he was afraid that Han Shuo who had disappeared into a forest with Donna could hear him.

Those members of the Lavers Family who had previously begged Han Shuo to spare their lives immediately had their eyes lit up after hearing Dolores’ proposal and voiced their agreement, hoping that Felder would immediately summon the Overgod of Darkness to kill Han Shuo.

Felder bunched his brows at Dolores and angrily said, “You want us Lavers exterminated?”

Dolores was taken aback. He was surprised by Felder’s reaction to his proposal and he hastily replied, “No, Patriarch! I do not understand. Why would that be such a bad idea?”

Felder looked at other members of the Lavers who were also puzzled before he groaned and answered in a deep voice, “If the Dark Lord wanted Bryan dead, you think he could have walked out from the Darkness Dominion alive?”

Dolores became even more astonished. “Patriarch, you mean to say that the Overgod of Darkness had meant to let him escape? How is that possible? Hofs and Wallace were City Lords of the Darkness Dominion. Why would the Darkness Overgod spare Bryan’s life after he killed two of the most important characters in His Dominion?”

Felder put on a disdained look and replied, “You have never been in the presence of the Overgod and you will never understand His might. Although I do not know why the Dark Lord did not kill him, I’m certain that if His Lordship wanted, Bryan would already be dead long before he could step out from His Dominion.”

Dolores was overwhelmed with shock and was rendered speechless momentarily by that bombshell.

Felder then let out another cold groan and said, “You better give up on even touching him as soon as possible. And speaking of Bryan, we might even have to thank him for our return to the Darkness Dominion. Given our family’s condition and strength, I’m far from  qualified to be the City Lord of Hushveil City. I suspect that the Overgod’s decision might have something to do with Bryan…”

Dolores was overwhelmed with shock and it seemed as though that was too much of a revelation for him to digest. He mumbled in disbelief, “Impossible, this is impossible! Why would an Overgod, one of the most powerful beings in the universe, give thought to such a puny character?”

“How would we know?” Felder suddenly looked at the ground, shook his head, and sighed. He lamented, “If I knew that Bryan possessed such great powers, I would have personally welcomed him the day he first stepped into the Lavers Residence. Sigh, indeed, Donna’s foresight is lightyears ahead of ours. If I had listened to her advice, perhaps our Lavers Family wouldn’t have declined but soared meteorically.”

“Pa.. patriarch, have you… have you given up on…  avenging Uncle Avery’s death?” stammered Dolores after hesitating for a while.

“Avenge?” Felder took a glance at the thick forest that Han Shuo and Donna retreated to before he yet again sighed. He turned back to Dolores and replied, “Yarus, Darkwater, Darkstone, Hofs, and Wallace - almost every City Lord of the Darkness Dominion and a bunch of highgods joined forces and tried to kill him. But in the end, they failed and it cost Hofs, Wallace, and Larikson their lives. So, tell me, how would we get our revenge? Who among our House of Lavers is capable of that?”

“But… but…” Dolores had words to say but was choked by the brutal reality. 

Felder interrupted and sternly instructed, “You all better give up on the idea as soon as possible. When we are in Hushveil City, focus on performing your duties. Don’t even fantasize about attacking Bryan, or you will bring calamity upon our House of Lavers. Remember that by heart!” 

Dolores and other members of the House of Lavers found the instruction hard to accept but their patriarch was not giving them any room for objection. They nodded and promised to obey

***Inside a thick jungle with verdant and lush vegetation where the ground was covered with beautiful flowers emanating faint fragrances.

Among those flowers stood a most outstanding, captivating, lovely beauty, wearing a light purple dress that not in the least concealed the beautiful curves of her body and her long, slender legs. There was a tinge of sorrow on her rosy white cheeks that would invite sympathy from anyone. 

When standing before Donna, Han Shuo felt as though he had a million words to say but no words could come out of his mouth. In the end, he let out a long sigh and said, “It’s been a while, Donna.”

Donna turned her bright eyes to Han Shuo and stared foolishly at him for a moment. This youngster who used to hide his light under a bushel and came to Elysium with nothing had become one of the most outstanding characters in the world and possessed great influence. 

Not only was he a Sovereign on the most hazardous land of Elysium, but he had also fought against the most powerful City Lords of the Darkness Dominion and escaped from their trap. In just a short few decades, from a nobody, he had become one of the most outstanding beings on Elysium. His strength was so valiant that many City Lords of the Divine Dominions were intimidated by his name.

Even though Donna knew from day one that Han Shuo would eventually rise to great success, the heights he had achieved that day were still far beyond her imagination.

“Bryan, I truly did not expect that you would accomplish what you have today,” said Donna in a somewhat forced smile. It wasn’t as bright and charming as Han Shuo remembered.

Han Shuo stared awkwardly for a moment, thinking for something to talk about before he asked, “Donna, where are you all going?”

“We are returning to the Darkness Dominion. The Darkness Overgod has bestowed a Divine Brand upon my father and ordered him to Hushveil City to be the City Lord,” replied Donna straightforwardly.

“I see. It’s great that you are all benefiting from Hofs’ death. And what about the City of Shadows? Who will be the new City Lord?” Han Shuo did not expect that the Darkness Overgod would bestow the position upon Felder.

“Andre of the House of Sainte,” replied Donna.

“That is wonderful. He is absolutely suited for the position. Although Wallace was a capable City Lord, he was too intolerant of competition and would drive talents out from the city, hindering its growth. I’m sure that under Andre’s management, the City of Shadows will prosper!” remarked Han Shuo.

Donna bunched her thin, long brows slightly and stared at Han Shuo intensely without saying a word. It made Han Shuo really uncomfortable.

For some reason, Han Shuo felt rather flustered under Donna’s gaze. It had nothing to do with strength. It was a mixed emotion of guilt, a shred of excitement, and anxiousness. 

After keeping silent for a while, Donna took a deep breath, lifting her buxom breasts and the tight clothing seemed as though it was going to rip up. She stared at Han Shuo with her bright eyes without blinking. As though having garnered enough courage, she finally asked, “Why did you kill him?”

Although Donna did not speak the name, Han Shuo instantly knew exactly who she was referring to.

Han Shuo somehow panicked and his heart seemed to be beating uncontrollably. He rather frantically said, “He was a degenerate and had not done a single good deed in his life. He is not worthy of you. As your friend, I cannot stand by and watch your future be destroyed!”

As he spoke, as though he found an excuse for himself, his tone turned from flustered to righteous. 

But Donna kept staring at him with her piercing eyes. She just stared intently without saying a word.

For some reason, Han Shuo felt as though Donna could see through him. He did not dare to look Donna in the eye and avoided her gaze. 

After a long, long while, a tip of Donna’s lip curved to make a half-smile and she somewhat mockingly said, “How righteous of you, Bryan! Really? You did not kill him for any personal reasons? None at all?”

Han Shuo’s mind was frozen. He suddenly recalled how he felt after killing Larikson’s son. It felt liberating and satisfying, as though knowing that he had re-secured something that belonged to him, preventing it from falling into others’ hands. In his subconscious mind, he had done it all for himself.

“I have read your mind, haven’t I?" Donna sneered, “Bryan, you are the most selfish person and everything you do - it is for yourself. You knew the dire consequences for me and my Lavers Family if he was murdered, and yet, you carried on! You did not do it for me, but for yourself!”

“For… for myself…?” Han Shuo mumbled and asked, “Why? What would I get?”

“Because in your heart, I’m your property! Even when you’re not occupying it, you wouldn’t let anyone have it!” Donna suddenly stepped forward, grabbed Han Shuo’s lapel, and forced Han Shuo to look her in the eye. With a ferocious look, she angrily said, “Speak! Is this true?”

“I… I don’t know…” It was the first time that Han Shuo was treated by a woman in this way. He was somewhat at a loss and he felt as though he was caught with his pants down. 

All of a sudden, Han Shuo sensed that his demonic infant was kicking and punching erratically, his Skybreak realm state destabilizing, and even the demonic yuan in his body becoming disordered.

Han Shuo was astounded and he realized that the whole shebang with Donna had unwittingly evolved into a mental barrier for he had not been truthful to himself. A series of thoughts rapidly went through his mind before Han Shuo suddenly clenched his teeth, embraced Donna, and confessed, “Yes! Those are exactly my thoughts! You are mine and I will not let anyone other than myself lay a finger on my woman! I’m selfish and possessive! What are you gonna do?”

Tears suddenly filled her eyes. Donna returned the embrace with all her strength, buried her face in Han Shuo’s chest, and started crying. She had been waiting to hear those words for ages.

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