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GDK 926: Partying

After half a month of traveling, the House of Han had finally arrived at the Pandemonium.

With the nourishment of the intense elemental energies and Wood Elite Zombie’s green fingers, the Pandemonium was filled with verdant green plants, beautiful, fragrant flowers, and towering trees. The air was fresh and rejuvenating.

Other than the houses erected on ground, there was also an immense underground palace in the Pandemonium. Every hallway and chamber was fitted with magical lamps and relevant furnitures in place. There was more than enough space to accommodate every member of the House of Han.

The House of Han members fell in love with the Pandemonium almost immediately. Phoebe, Emily, and the others cried out in awe when they saw the serene, springtimey landscape.

“There are layers upon layers of defenses around the valley. Even a so-called overgod like Tyre would have trouble sneaking into the Pandemonium while an ordinary highgod will die if they try to intrude. This is the true foothold for our House of Han. All those who are in the Pandemonium are insiders. You can assimilate those souls without worrying that the public might discover it!” explained Han Shuo smilingly. He felt glad that his family members were now truly safe.

“I truly am impressed with this location. We can gain deeper insight into the elemental energies by cultivating here. Bryan, you are remarkable to have concentrated the elements in this area! It’s extraordinary!” remarked Ayermike.

“Wonderful! We will definitely progress faster in our cultivation!” In her lovable smile, Emily turned to Han Shuo and said, “After the countless hardships we have gone through, we finally have a place we can truly call home! Gone are the days of living under another person’s shadows!”

“This calls for a celebration - to say goodbye to our arduous past and hello to a bright future for our House of Han!” suggested Phoebe who was in high spirits.

Everyone became more excited after hearing Phoebe words. They voiced their agreement that they should drink and feast.

Naturally, Han Shuo agreed. With one thought, one of his demon generals flew into a round platform at the center of the Pandemonium and fiddled with one of the matrices.

Suddenly, the thick, menacing mist that shrouded the Pandemonium began flowing into the towering stone pillars surrounding them. In just moments, the thick mist was reduced to just a soft, thin veil of whiteness. The bright moonlight was allowed into the valley, illuminating its heavenly scenery.

Beautiful moonlight, elegant buildings, luxuriant, colourful plants, fragrant flowers, and charming angels… At this moment, the Pandemonium had lost all trace of menace and turned into a paradise.

Following Han Shuo’s command, the crates of fine wines were taken out from the underground warehouse and served. The most delicious fruits from all over Elysium were plated on crystal dishes. Under the moonlight, the company drank to their heart’s content.

Goron, Romon, the Five Elite Zombies, and others who happened to be in the Pandemonium exited the underground palace and joined the merrymaking. Han Shuo relaxed and enjoyed himself to the fullest in this hard-to-come-by peacefulness. He took turns drinking with his harem.

Although everyone in the party possessed great strength and could easily neutralize the alcohol with their divine energy, they deliberately allowed the alcohol to mess with their systems and intoxicate them. They chugged down strong alcohol like it was water. As for Han Shuo, after drinking non-stop and actively boosting the effects of alcohol in his body for two days, he finally felt a slight tingling in his finger.

On the second night of the party, Han Shuo carried Emily and Fanny whose faces were flushed and slightly drunk, one on each arm, into his underground palace with a great chuckle. Phoebe, Jasper, and those who were usually rather reserved had not received Han Shuo’s nourishment for a long time and were craving for it. With alcohol removing their shyness, they automatically followed behind Han Shuo to his underground suite.

Han Shuo’s underground suite was more than three thousand square feet in size, containing six big and small rooms and a great living room of more than a thousand square feet. The floor was covered with the soft fur of a certain beast. This suite decorated by Rose could not be more cozy.

Han Shuo did not bother taking them into one of his bedrooms but immediately mounted Emily and Fanny on the soft carpet in his living room. Before long, Phoebe, Jasper, and the other ladies entered his suite without being asked. Han Shuo went on one conquest after another.

*** After a long night of attacking pink fortresses, Han Shuo smiled with gladness as he gazed at the field of mesmerizing, naked bodies laid across his living room.

Back when Han Shuo was still on earth, not even in his wildest dreams could he imagine having a girlfriend. But today, he had just been gang banged by a group of beauties, and not just any beauties - every one of them had looks that would make Aphrodite jealous.

Han Shuo reflected on his past life on Earth and how different things were now. He was proud of his achievements in this world.

The goddesses in the living room had fallen deep asleep after being satisfied to their limits. Han Shuo the satisfier, however, did not feel the slightest wear. After scanning their bodies for a while, Han Shuo’s mind suddenly jolted and he quietly walked out of his suite.

Upon exiting, he saw a lonely figure with calm, cold eyes and long, silvery hair standing quietly. It was Rose!

Rose seemed somewhat flustered when he saw Han Shuo suddenly appearing as though she did not expect that Han Shuo could still be awake after banging so many women consecutively. She said, “I happen to walk past here, so I thought I might as well tidy up your suite.”

Han Shuo smiled and replied, “There’s no need for that anymore. Haha, I’m sure that at least one of them will help me with cleaning the place.”

Rose took a peek into the living room scattered with silky, flower-embroidered undergarments and the voluptuous bodies lying everywhere. For some reason, a sour taste suddenly flooded her heart. <i>He already has so many of them. Of course he wouldn’t need my help.</i> Rose nodded quietly and turned on her heels with her head lowered.

“Wait!” cried Han Shuo suddenly.

Rose immediately turned around and a hint of excitement and anticipation glistening from her eyes. She softly asked, “Yes?”

“It’s time to nullify our master-slave contract,” Han Shuo smiled and continued, “I promised you that I wouldn’t bind you under slavery for too long and it’s about time for me to fulfill my promise!”

Rose’s head was once again lowered and she pouted her lips slightly in disappointment. She mumbled, “Of course… You now have countless powerful experts. To you, my strength is now insignificant and I’m no longer useful… You would do just fine without me…”

Han Shuo was startled after seeing that Rose was hurt by his words. He forced a smile and said, “What are you talking about? I’m nullifying the slave contract because I do not feel the need to bind you anymore; because I now trust you without any reservation. Don’t overthink it!”

Rose raised her head, looked deeply into Han Shuo’s eyes, and asked, “Do you want me to leave?”

“Of course not. Even with the contract nullified, there wouldn’t be much changes in our relationship! The Pandemonium will still be your home and you will still be a member of the House of Han. You have nothing to worry about,” reassured Han Shuo.

“A member of the House of Han…” Rose put on a strange look on her face and mumbled to herself for a moment before she softly asked, “As what? What will I be in the House of Han? What will our relationship be?”

Han Shuo stared blankly for a moment before he smilingly replied, “As my friend! You will be my friend and no longer my slave! I will still treat you like before. Nothing will change!”

It seemed as though this was not the answer that Rose was looking for. However, she did not object, adding, “I’m not nullifying the contract. It’s not time yet.”

Han Shuo laughed out of bafflement. He looked at Rose with a confused look and replied, “You sure are a strange one. Back then, you urged me to emancipate you every day. But now that I’m nullifying our contract, you refuse. Why?”

“I don’t care! I won’t nullify the contract before the agreed time!" Rose did not answer Han Shuo’s question. She softly groaned and put on a stubborn look.

After having lived with Rose for decades, Han Shuo knew that she could be stubborn at times and there was no way to change her mind. He shook his head smilingly and replied, “Alright, fine. If you are so insistent on being my slave, there’s nothing that I can do. But you can come back to me anytime to nullify the contract. I will never eat my words.”

“I’m just abiding by the agreement. Hmph, you shouldn’t overthink either!” said Rose with a cold face. She took yet another glance at the living room and remarked, “If you do not exercise any restraint, sooner or later, it will be overused and become dysfunctional!”

Upon finishing those words, Rose turned around and quickly left.

Han Shuo grimaced, shook his head helplessly, and sighed.

“Dum Dum, she’s attracted to you!” a soft cry suddenly sounded from behind Han Shuo. Emily, wrapped in soft textile, slowly walked to him.

“I know,” replied Han Shuo with a slight grin.

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