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GDK 935: Sealing the Pandemonium

Gilbert was stunned by what he heard from Han Hao. He too realized the gravity of the matter and solemnly pledged to Han Shuo, “I will not say a word about this to anyone!”

A Quintessence Shard was once a vessel that held an Overgod’s Quintessence. They were astounded to hear that Han Hao would possess such an invaluable artifact. They were also amazed and envious of Han Hao after learning about the miraculous abilities of the Shard.

This was the first time the party had heard about the existence of Quintessence Shards, even for Scarlett - someone who was born and raised on Elysium. Of the party, she was perhaps the most astounded by the bombshell. She looked at Han Hao with dazzling lights in her eyes while wondering how many more secrets Han Hao was keeping.

"It seems to me the reason that the Netherworld would attract soul energies from the various material planes near it and the high concentration of the element of death found in its environment has something to do with this Quintessence Shard,” Han Shuo put on a grave expression and remarked, “And that person you sense would no doubt be the Overgod of Death. It’s fortunate that he cannot sense you while you are not using the Quintessence Shard. Otherwise, he would have gotten you when you were in Ronson Canyon.”

The Quintessence Shard was just too special and powerful of an object. Han Shuo knew that if the Overgod of Death discovered that Han Hao had the piece of Quintessence Shard, he would spare no effort to find and kill Han Hao. He would either repossess the Shard or destroy it. In any case, he would definitely not allow anything to threaten his position and power.

“Before I grew to possess sufficient strength, I was unable to gather the element of death through the Shard. But still, through the inscriptions on the Shard, I began to gain profound knowledge and understanding of the element. It was after I attained highgodhood that I started sensing the Being’s presence, constantly. Other than lightly studying it, I have never used the Shard because I felt that it could threaten my life.

“But around last month, Dagmar suddenly showed up at a shared border of the Space Dominion and the Fringe. I had no choice but to activate the Shard, unleashing its power to defend against Dagmar. I immediately sensed the Being coming for me from the Death Dominion, and my suspicion was proven correct…” With his brows bunched, Han Hao explained what he understood about the Shard in detail.

“I will go double-check and make sure that all the formations in the Pandemonium are active before modifying the gymnasium. Once everything is set up, you may focus on learning the Quintessence Shard without any worry. If you can master the full power of the Shard and fuse it with the demonic arts you cultivate, I believe that one day, you can overthrow the Overgod of Death and become the next owner of the Quintessence!” said Han Shuo.

Han Shuo took a short pause before instructing Han Hao, “Gilbert’s cultivation path is quite similar to yours. He is also fusing demonic arts with an energy found in this world. But obviously, he’s not quite as talented as you are and he’s a little stuck. You should guide him and enlighten him while I’m away.”

Han Hao nodded, turned to the excited Gilbert, and said, “Whatever questions you have, shoot. I will answer it the best I can.”

Gilbert was overjoyed. He immediately went to Han Hao’s side and started explaining the obstacles he faced when fusing the darkness energy and demonic energy in his body, hoping that Han Hao could guide him to the solution.

Han Hao was indeed far superior to Gilbert in this aspect. The energy of death and the demonic yuan in Han Hao’s body had been fused together in a harmonious way, which required profound mastery and insight. Han Hao had faced hurdles similar to those that were perplexing Gilbert now. As fellow brethren of the Han Family, Han Hao unreservedly helped Gilbert and described how he solved it long ago.

Sanguis, Bollands, and even Scarlett gathered around the two and listened to their conversation. Although their cultivations were different from Gilbert’s, they hoped to learn a thing or two from Han Hao. Besides, some of Han Hao’s explanations included his understanding of demonic arts which could be relevant to Sanguis and Bollands. Therefore they listened to Han Hao’s lecture just as intently as Gilbert.

Seeing the few earnestly listening to Han Hao’s lecture left a smile on Han Shuo’s face. He left the gymnasium and ascended to the Pandemonium’s surface in an instant.

After standing on the round monolith that was engraved with the outline of the Cauldron of Myriad Demon, Han Shuo transmitted to the Cauldron Spirit, “Given its current defensive power, is the Pandemonium capable of shielding itself from the senses of an Overgod?”

“Yes, of course,” replied Cauldron Spirit immediately and most confidently.

Han Shuo stared blankly for a moment before he realized that he had not conveyed his meaning clearly. So he added, “I mean, an Overgod with the Quintessence.”

Cauldron Spirit kept silent for quite a while before he replied, “You mean, the kind of god who possesses the purest source of a Fundamental Force?”

“Yeah, that kind,” replied Han Shuo.

Cauldron Spirit hesitated for a moment before he answered, “With my power alone, I don’t think I can shield it. But with both our powers, it should be doable.”

“Alright. Then let’s start by activating all the demonic formations in the Pandemonium. Then we will reinforce those formations for blocking soul probing with our energy. I will also divert a portion of my consciousness and energy to assist you. We need to obstruct all possible soul-sensing,” instructed Han Shuo after thinking for a moment.

Upon receiving Han Shuo’s command, the Cauldron of Myriad Demon flew out from his body and slowly sank into the crux of the Pandemonium - the monolith engraved with its outline.

Han Shuo then sat cross-legged, diverted a portion of his consciousness to the Cauldron Spirit, and began injecting the demonic yuan in his body into the monolith underneath him.

Simultaneously, Han Shuo’s avatar of destruction flew out from his main body. He took a moment to observe the fog around the Pandemonium that was growing thicker and the energy field growing stronger. Happy with what he saw, the avatar nodded and returned to the underground palace, back to the gymnasium where Han Hao and the others were.

Han Hao at this moment was carefully explaining his experience in fusing two energies from different universes. Other than Gilbert, whose questions were being answered, Bollands, Sanguis, and Scarlett were listening to his explanation with their complete attention. They were all wearing pensive looks, as though they had learned something from Han Hao’s lecture.

Seeing that they were learning earnestly, the avatar Han Shuo decided not to disrupt the class. He stood at the entrance silently and listened to Little Skeleton’s comprehension of those energies.

The cultivation path Little Skeleton had taken was different from Han Shuo’s. As Little Skeleton had inherited only a portion of Han Shuo’s memories about demonic arts and being a non-human lifeform, he could not cultivate the orthodox school of demonic arts in the same way that Han Shuo did.

But being a non-human lifeform had its advantages. As Little Skeleton was an undead creature of the Netherworld, he was gifted in the cultivation of the energy of death and had been improving at an extraordinary rate. At the same time, Little Skeleton did not give up on cultivating demonic arts. As his life force was different from that of a human being, even if he cultivated the same demonic arts as Han Shuo, he could only unleash a portion of the full power of demonic arts.

If Little Skeleton were to stick to that cultivation path, it would only limit his potential. But fortunately, Little Skeleton was unusually talented and somehow managed to fuse the energy of death with demonic arts, paving his own unique cultivating path and continuing to soar in strength. Currently, he was the strongest member of the House of Han after Han Shuo.

Gilbert seemed delighted as though he had found the solutions to many of his cultivation hurdles from Han Hao. After a long while, Gilbert suddenly interrupted, “Pause! Please pause.” Under Han Hao’s puzzled gaze, Gilbert put on a rather embarrassed look and said, “You have said enough to clear not just my current hurdles, but many more to come. That’s plenty of information and I’m afraid that my brain doesn’t have enough space left for more. Besides, without reaching the higher realm state, I wouldn’t understand anything you say. I might as well stop listening and come back to you for more when I’m ready.”

Han Hao obliged.

Han Shuo who had been watching at the entrance nodded proudly. Despite the temptation, Gilbert remained aware of his capacity and did not want to bite off more than what he could chew. It was one of those things harder to accomplish than it sounded. This showed that he had grown much more mature than he was back on Profound Continent.

“Sanguis, Bollands, Gilbert, and, erm, Miss Scarlett, please exit the gymnasium and keep out,” instructed Han Shuo as he summoned the Five Elite Zombies over with his consciousness. Han Shuo explained, “Things might get a little out of hand when Han Hao delves into the Quintessence Shard. Having your auras and life force in this region could produce undesirable effects.”

“Understood.” Bollands nodded and was the first to leave. He knew that staying in the gymnasium could indirectly affect Han Hao.

“Good luck!” Sanguis and Gilbert also did not hesitate and they gladly followed behind Bollands.

Scarlett, however, was feeling rather worried. She had been uneasy after being informed about what the object in Han Hao’s chest really was and that the Overgod of Death could be hunting for him. It was common knowledge to Elysians that Overgods with the Quintessence were invincible beings. She was genuinely concerned that Han Hao would be harmed.

Han Hao bunched his brows when he saw that Scarlett was reluctant to leave. Abruptly, a strange, indescribable feeling once again rose from his heart. He took a moment to feel and digest the emotion before he soothed Scarlett with a tender voice, “My Father is here, I will be fine. Wait for me outside.”

Scarlett’s heart would melt whenever Han Hao speaks to her in that manner. She complied and said, “Be careful,” before quietly leaving.

Soon after, the Five Elite Zombies arrived at the gymnasium and cheerfully greeted Little Skeleton.

“Stand around the gymnasium in a pentagon. Deploy the Penta-elemental Undead Formation and isolate this region!” instructed Han Shuo. Then, when they were in position, he said to Little Skeleton, “Alright, let’s begin.”

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