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GDK 937: Fusing with the Quintessence Shard

Following Han Shuo’s orders, the Five Elite Zombies remained steadfast in arduously sustaining the gymnasium despite the gravestone threatening to destabilize spacetime.

Although the gravestone was pushing and cracking the roof of the gymnasium, the Five Elite Zombies did not apply any forces on the gravestone or stop it from expanding in any way for the fear that it would cause an adverse reaction on Han Hao. Han Shuo’s consciousness in the form of millions of strands, enhanced with demon general energy, continued to envelop the gymnasium and prevent the gravestone’s energy from leaking into the environment.

Both the Elite Zombies and Han Shuo were in grave danger. If the gravestone were to puncture the gymnasium roof, the energy field around the gymnasium would rapidly destabilize and spacetime would collapse. Even though Han Shuo’s main body was not there, his consciousness would suffer serious damage.

It could be said that Han Shuo and the Five Elite Zombies’ lives were now in Little Skeleton’s hand!

Little Skeleton, completely focused and occupied with fusing with the gravestone’s energy, however, didn’t seem to be aware of the grave danger they were in. Currently, his soul was intertwined with the gravestone and he could not sense Han Shuo’s nervousness. His eyes, flashing with inscriptions, continued to stare fixedly at the gravestone giving off dazzling white light.

Although not a trace of energy from the environment could enter the gymnasium, the gravestone just didn’t stop expanding. It continued to push at the gymnasium roof, threatening to destabilize the spacetime around it.

Crack… Crack…

Noises that made their hair stand on the back of their necks sounded from above their heads. Sweat poured profusely from the Elite Zombies’ foreheads as they tried not to be distracted and exerted their full strength to sustain the spacetime-field.

Han Shuo’s consciousness continued to split and recombine at the area that the gravestone was pushing. To ensure that not the slightest energy could leak from the gymnasium, Han Shuo had to fill the gaps with demon generals.

Pszz… Pszz…

Wisps of thin gray smoke were seen coming from the tip of the gravestone. Demon generals were being annihilated as their energy was used up on containing the gravestone’s energy.

Han Shuo and the Five Elite Zombies watched the gravestone with their hearts palpitating, dreading a sudden surge of energy from it that would destroy the gymnasium and blast them to Hell.

Then, while everyone could not be more anxious and worried, the power emanating from the gravestone suddenly transformed. There was a clear indication of Little Skeleton’s soul energy in it as if his soul and the gravestone were one.

Simultaneously, the power exuding from the gravestone gradually started to dwindle and it even started to shrink in size.

Han Shuo and the Five Elite Zombies all heaved a sigh of relief at the same time. From the moment the gravestone started shrinking, they understood that the most dangerous phase had passed and that the spacetime was no longer in danger of collapsing.

The inscriptions that could fill libraries revolved around Han Hao as the gravestone continued to shrink. Then, when it slimmed down to approximately his size, the gravestone suddenly shattered like glass. All of the fragments were around the size of a thumb and they flew towards Han Hao.

The shattered fragments of the gravestone carried some miraculous energy. They penetrated Han Hao’s skin and entered deep into his body. As if he was suddenly awakened from a deep sleep, sinister radiances flashed from his eyes and he sprung to his feet. He started a peculiar, eerie, energetic dance in the gymnasium.

Crack… Crunch… Krrrr… Tuck!

Crisp notes sounded from Han Hao’s body as if his skeleton was being crushed into pieces. In the next few moments, his body would become as flexible as if boneless, his limbs and body bent and twisted beyond his natural range of motion. Gravestone inscriptions would also appear on his skin. It was a peculiar scene, to say the least.

“Father, what is happening?” asked Metal Elite Zombie hastily to Han Shuo.

“The energy of the Shard was scattered and those pieces fissioned to fuse with his bones. I’m not sure if Han Hao is doing this voluntarily but I believe that this is beneficial to him. So, don’t worry,” explained Han Shuo’s avatar who continued to keep a close eye on Han Hao.

Han Shuo could sense that the pure energy inside the gravestone had fused with Han Hao, the inscriptions imprinted on his skin and flesh, while the fragments were fusing with his skeleton.

After performing the eerie dance for some time, Han Hao suddenly collapsed to the ground powerlessly. He lied silent and completely motionless.

The inscriptions on his skin stopped meandering just as Han Hao stopped moving. However, the crisp, frightening cracking noises continued to sound from his body.

Outside the gymnasium, Scarlett covered her lips in shock and sorrow. She gazed at Han Hao who had collapsed on the ground with her wet eyes. She felt as though a part of her heart had been torn away and pain greater than any she had felt before. As she was outside the gymnasium, she was unable to sense Han Hao’s aura and had no idea that the transformation was beneficial and not harmful to Han Hao.

Bollands, Sanguis, and Gilbert were also isolated from the gymnasium and only their vision was not obstructed. From their point of view, the gravestone had suddenly shattered and shot into Han Hao’s body. Han Hao violently twitched in pain before he succumbed to the gravestone’s power and collapsed…

Unable to sense that the gravestone was fusing with Han Hao’s flesh and skeleton, they thought that the gravestone rejected and attacked Han Hao and that he was now on the verge of dying.

“N-no!…” Scarlett, who was overcome by anguish, tried barging into the gymnasium.

Bollands was alarmed and he hastily pulled Scarlett to stop her. Calmly yet sternly, he said, “What we see might not be the truth, do not act rashly! Barging in not only won’t help Han Hao, but you will also be injured by the barrier around the gymnasium!”

Gilbert and Sanguis hastily went to block Scarlett's path, preventing Scarlett from doing anything reckless. Other than worrying for Scarlett’s safety, they were afraid that she might destabilize the energy field around the gymnasium. Han Hao was in a critical phase now and even the slightest fluctuation could cause a cascade failure. They would not risk letting Scarlett indirectly injuring those in the gymnasium.

“He… Is he…?” Scarlett pointed a trembling finger at Han Hao who was in the gymnasium, sorrow filling her teary eyes.

Bollands was rather astounded and puzzled. He did not expect Scarlett to be so deeply in love with Han Hao. He thought that a lifeform as callous and emotionless as Han Hao would have no luck in getting a romantic partner.

Bollands shook his head and consoled, “He will be fine. Our senses cannot reach into the gymnasium and we have no clue if the true situation is as we saw. Besides, with my Senior Brother around, even if something bad were to happen to Han Hao, his life would not be in danger. You can be sure about that.”

Bollands was not lying nor boasting. He knew that Han Shuo had managed to resurrect Gilbert back then on Profound Continent. And given that Han Shuo had now grown thousands of times stronger, it would be effortless for him to resurrect Han Hao.

“That’s right. In fact, back on the Profound Continent, I was dead but my Master resurrected me using his power. So, you have nothing to worry about. Han Hao will be just fine!” shared Gilbert, in an attempt to comfort Scarlett.

“Yes, don’t worry. I have dueled that guy and I know that his soul is stronger beyond imagination. I believe that even if his body is shattered for whatever reason, his soul would remain intact. And as long as the soul remains, my Master would have ways of resurrecting him!” added Sanguis.

After hearing Bollands, Gilbert, and Sanguis’s consoling words, although not fully convinced, Scarlett had calmed down somewhat and was no longer desperate to barge into the gymnasium.

It was at this moment that a finger of Han Hao’s made a slight movement.

Like a chain reaction, his hands, arms, neck, and body seemed to suddenly regain their energy. Han Hao abruptly rose to his feet before exercising his neck and flexing his arms with a curious look on his face…

Just as he was struggling to find more comforting words to spew at Scarlett, Gilbert caught sight of the waltzing Little Skeleton, as good as new. “Holy fuck, he’s alive!” he exclaimed.

“I knew it, there’s no way that he would die so easily,” remarked Sanguis before he muttered to himself, “It seems that the Quintessence Shard has fused with him. His strength must have grown even greater. It appears that I have much catching up to do…”

Inside the gymnasium, the Five Elite Zombies simultaneously cheered. Although they still had to remain stationary, their lips had not stopped moving.

“Elder Brother, you alright? Haha, I know you will be alright!”

“Elder Brother, you really scared us good just now. We thought that the gravestone would keep on expanding. Honestly, I was really frightened. If the gravestone’s energy suddenly got out of control, we would be so dead!”

“Haha, Elder Brother, have you got full control over that thing? Is it good to use? How awesome…”

While gradually withdrawing their energies from the gymnasium, the Five Elite Zombies babbled to Han Hao excitedly and cheerfully.

Han Hao could tell from the genuine smiles on their faces that they sincerely cared for him. And after hearing their words, he came to realize that they had been in grave danger and his brothers had risked their lives for him. His heart was filled with warmth. He revealed a faint smile and answered, “I’m alright. I have fully merged with the Quintessence Shard. I can now use some of its powers without alerting that guy.”

“Behold, our future Overgod of Death!” Han Shuo guffawed before continuing, “In the coming war of the Fringe, you shall end Logue for me!”

Han Hao thought in silence for a moment before putting on a faint smirk and replied, “Okay!”

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