GDK 943: Just kill me

Dagmar had recklessly intruded on the Omphalos even when four of the Sovereigns were present. His greed and obsession with the Quintessence Shard had consumed all his rationality, so much so that he was willing to sacrifice these elite experts of his and even putting himself at risk of being severely injured or killed.

It was obvious how angry and frustrated Dagmar must have felt after staking it all to only discover that the Quintessence Shard was not on Han Hao. His face turned from excited to flushed red with anger and exasperation. He grabbed Han Hao on his collar, shook him violently, and shouted, “Give it to me, give it to me!”

Han Hao wore an indifferent face as he stared at the Dagmar throwing a fit. There was not a trace of happiness, sadness, shock, or fear. It was as though the person Dagmar captured wasn’t Han Hao but a cold bystander.

“Hegemon, they are coming, hurry!” reminded one of Dagmar’s henchmen anxiously. From the loud screams coming from the distance, it was obvious that experts from all over the Omphalos were gathering towards them. They would be surrounded in just moments.

“Han Hao, hand it to me and I won’t kill you. I promise I won’t kill you!” Dagmar offered a bargain while grabbing Han Hao tightly. Desperation could be seen in his bloodshot eyes and heard in his voice.

“Just kill me,” replied Han Hao without any emotions.

“You really want to die?” roared Dagmar, his eyelids twitching. He was internally debating whether he should destroy Han Hao or forcing him to reveal the Shard’s location.

“Hegemon, we have no time!” shouted Dagmar’s henchman again. It almost sounded as though he was crying. They had stayed inside the Omphalos far longer than they had planned and Dagmar seemed to still be completely unaware of how much time had passed.

“Fine! As you wish!” bellowed Dagmar. He gritted his teeth and assembled his divine energy to deal the killing blow.

It was at this moment that suddenly a frigid aura flooded every inch of the region. Streams of frigid air came out of nowhere and entered Dagmar in an instant, covering him in a layer of snow-white frost. The frigid energy had immediately made Dagmar’s movements extremely sluggish and prevented him from fully activating the energy in his body.

Then, immediately after, those streams of frigid air spread from Dagmar and towards his henchmen, shattering the incorporeal chain that restrained Han Hao while leaving a trail of frozen objects.

Those frigid air streams seemed as though they were alive. They affected Dagmar, his henchmen, and even lifeless objects in the environment. However, for some reason, those frigid energies did not affect Han Hao just inches away from Dagmar.

Han Hao was ready to let Dagmar end the life of his surrogate. But the instant he sensed that Dagmar had been frozen and the energy restraining him removed, he escaped for his life at his top speed.

Although Dagmar had inserted a hand into Han Hao’s chest, it wasn’t damaging enough to kill Han Hao. Dagmar’s only objective was the Quintessence Shard. When he discovered that the Quintessence Shard was not on Han Hao, he immediately pulled out the hand instead of completely destroying Han Hao’s body.

But even if Dagmar were to shatter every organ in this surrogate body, the surrogate Han Hao could still survive. This unique body manufactured by Han Shuo, unlike an ordinary body, could continue to function without its organs.

“Dagmar! How dare you intrude the Omphalos! Meet your doom!” a chilling and cold shout sounded. Sovereign Wasir was the first to arrive at the scene and he freed Han Hao from Dagmar without delay.

Wasir had reached Dagmar as he spoke. His massive Domain of Divinity instantly enveloped the region, causing the environment to suddenly plunge below zero kelvins. Even the ground was immediately frozen and it made eerie cracking noises.

Wasir’s frigid energy couldn’t have entered Dagmar’s body if he had remained alert to his surroundings instead of being engrossed with getting Han Hao to surrender the Quintessence Shard. But fortunately for Dagmar, he was also an overgod who was famous among the Godhunter Alliance for his formidable strength. Although Wasir’s frigid energy had injured him, it had also woke him to the grim situation.

After several cycles of circulating the energy of death in his body, Dagmar managed to purge Wasir’s frigid aura from his body. With a wave of his hand, the element of death in the Omphalos rapidly converged in the region. A thin grey mist appeared and neutralized the frigid aura, causing the temperatures to rise somewhat.

“Hegemon, run!” shouted one of Dagmar’s henchmen at the top of his lungs.

It was obvious that Dagmar had now woken up and understood the grave situation they were in. He could sense that Ossora was rushing to the scene. He also vaguely registered Tyre and Logue’s auras, indicating that they were not far away.

If Dagmar could not escape before the four Sovereigns assembled, he would most likely have to stay in the Omphalos for good. Dagmar gritted his teeth and took out a green crystal ball, shouting, “Abandon your body! Get your soul inside!”

Those followers of Dagmar were elated. Without any hesitation, they abandoned their divine bodies and flew their divine souls into the green crystal ball in Dagmar’s hand. Immediately after, Dagmar waved his unoccupied hand and released strands of his energy of death into the now soulless bodies of his followers.

Suddenly, those divine bodies started rapidly inflating like balloons as dreadful energy brewed inside them. Their shapes slowly turned round as their faces became distorted and unrecognizable.

Wasir, who was planning to do everything within his means to obstruct Dagmar, jolted when he saw the inflating divine bodies that were rising to the sky. He suddenly retreated and shouted, “Get cover!”

Han Hao who was located not too far from Dagmar had immediately sought cover when he saw those bodies bizarrely rising to the sky. As a cultivator of the death energy, Han Hao could immediately recognize that Dagmar was deploying Corpse Explosion on those highgod divine bodies. He ran faster than everyone.

And soon after Wasir’s warning sounded, those divine bodies of Dagmar’s followers violently exploded, releasing an immense burst of the energy of death and tore an opening on the domed barrier covering the Omphalos.

Dagmar, with the green crystal ball in his hand, immediately flew through the small opening and escaped.

“After him!” shouted Wasir after raising his head and looked at the sky.

Along with Wasir, three trails simultaneously soared to the sky. The barrier covering the Omphalos seemed to pose no obstruction to them. They flew through the barrier and vanished in a flash.

Han Hao looked at the sky and memorized the other three Sovereigns’ flight paths. After Wasir, Ossora was the closest to the crime scene at several kilometers. Tyre and Logue, meanwhile, were about fifty kilometers away. Han Hao computed in his mind for a moment and deduced that Tyre and Logue should have been the closest to him instead of Wasir and Ossora.

Why would Wasir rush here so quickly? Why did he help me? Han Hao felt somewhat perplexed. He could tell that Wasir had gone out of his way to protect him. If Wasir had not reached there in time, froze Dagmar, and unshackled him, this surrogate body of Han Hao’s would have been shattered by Dagmar.

Wasir could have attacked Dagmar indiscriminately without giving any thought to Han Hao’s presence instead of selectively freezing Dagmar without affecting Han Hao who was just inches away. Even if Han Hao was injured or killed, the fault would be on Dagmar and not Wasir. Han Hao was not aware of any friendly relations between Wasir and the House of Han. If anything, Wasir should be antagonistic to him as Wasir was once defeated by Han Shuo at the volcanic crater.

While Han Hao bunched his brows and pondered, Polo broke free from Dagmar’s bone prison. With his own body still drenched in his own blood, he anxiously asked, “Chief, are you alright?”

Han Hao temporarily paused his speculating and calmly replied, “I’m fine. What about you guys?”

“Dagmar was quickly distracted and had stopped applying their energy on us early in the attack. We suffered only minor injuries,” replied Polo in a relaxed manner. He did not seem to be in pain. Having lived in the Fringe for such a long time and being a godhunter, those injuries were too artificial to bother Polo.

“Good to hear that. Let’s rest,” said Han Hao after nodding. He then sat cross-legged right where he was even though the Sovereigns were still pursuing Dagmar.

Polo and the gang followed the action of their leader. They too sat cross-legged as though the rubbled zone was a gymnasium, stopped their wounds from bleeding and began recovering the energy they had just exhausted. They were making the most of their time to stabilize their injuries and recover their strengths.

This was something they had learned from Han Hao after becoming his followers. It became their standard to always maintain their strengths at peak conditions no matter where or when.

Han Hao thought that the surrogate body of his could not be of any help and therefore did not join the Sovereigns in pursuing Dagmar. And from the fact that Dagmar had decisively deployed Corpse Explosion on the divine bodies of his top-notch experts, Han Hao could tell that Dagmar must have more tricks up his sleeves.

Tyre and Logue did not rush to the scene immediately because they wanted Han Hao to be killed by Dagmar. Therefore, the Sovereigns were unable to surround and trap Dagmar. Han Hao thought it likely that Dagmar could shake off the Sovereigns’ pursuit.

The surrogate Han Hao continued to analyze what had happened instead of healing his injuries as the body was made to be disposed of and that the injuries were not life-threatening. Besides, after the ordeal is over, Han Hao’s secondary soul will abandon this surrogate body and rejoin his main soul. Therefore Han Hao wasn’t going to waste his effort in repairing this body.

Why would Wasir help me? Why is it that Ossora was slower than Wasir? A series of questions popped up in Han Hao’s mind as he pondered with his brows bunched.

Time went by quickly and quietly. After arriving at the scene, the Fringedwellers in the Omphalos discovered that Dagmar had vanished and that Han Hao was sitting on the ground with rubbles all around him. When they saw that blood seemed to be flowing out from his chest, they started having certain ideas. Some of them had sinister lights in their eyes when they looked at Han Hao.

Having grown and expanded his forces and territories in the Fringe for such a long time, Han Hao lost count of how many Fringedwellers he had offended. On usual days, afraid of his formidable power, his enemies wouldn’t dare touch him. But it was obvious that Han Hao was now severely injured. Even his henchmen were drenched in their own blood. It was a once in a blue moon opportunity to strike.

Those leaders of big and small factions were unaware of Han Hao and Han Shuo’s relationship. They stayed around and quietly gazed at Han Hao and his follower with ferocious eyes.

“The Omphalos has its rules and I couldn’t recall any Fringedwellers breaking those rules. Hehe, do you bunch want to be the first?” challenged Polo in a scornful smirk after sweeping his eyes at those watching them ferociously.

Han Hao, meanwhile, spoke not a word. He shut his eyes as though they were too insignificant to pose him any threat.

After hearing Polo’s remark, the crowd started to quietly disperse. They clearly realized that attacking someone in the Omphalos wasn’t a good idea. It would mean making enemies with all Five Sovereigns and it wouldn’t end up well for themselves, especially during such a sensitive period.

It did not take long before all the stalkers and onlookers dispersed, leaving Han Hao and his gang alone in the rubble field scattered with body parts of merchants.

But at this moment, a figure gradually appeared in the settling clouds of dust, walking towards Han Hao unhurriedly.

Polo smirked coldly and suddenly stood up. In a malevolent voice, he said, “It seems that some people just aren’t afraid of death!” Polo had only suffered minor injuries and he was a late-stage highgod. Other than the Five Sovereigns and Han Hao, there was no expert in the Omphalos he was afraid of.

Besides, many of his comrades had suffered just minor injuries. Polo was confident in winning even if those dispersed stalkers had attacked. To Polo, this solo attacker stood no chance.

A tall, handsome man gradually emerged. The comer looked calmly at Han Hao who had now suddenly opened his eyes. He had a complete disregard for Polo and the others glaring at him as he smilingly asked, “Are you Han Hao?”

“Who are you?” shouted Polo who was ready to strike.

“Polo, stand down!” instructed Han Hao suddenly. After making sure that Polo and the others understood his command, he looked at the comer with an emotionless face, nodded, and replied, “I am Han Hao.”

“Well, well, it appears that you already know who I am. Excellent, I get to save some effort,” remarked the handsome man smilingly. Then, an immense soul undulation suddenly spread from his body and enveloped Han Hao in an instant.

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