GDK 944: Han Hao vs Andrina

After examining Han Hao for several dozen seconds, the mysterious and handsome man shook his head disappointedly, let out a soft sigh, and murmured to himself, “Not this one either…” He turned around and vanished in the cloud of dust.

Soon, Tyre, Wasir, Logue, and Ossora returned to the Omphalos. Just as Han Hao expected, they failed to capture Dagmar.

After Dagmar flew out of the Omphalos, there were no longer any boundary or energy towers stopping him from using a Portal Scroll. By the time that the four Sovereigns found Dagmar, he had already crossed the spacetime tunnel and the spacetime fissure was gradually fusing back together.

The four were a tad late and could only watch as Dagmar escaped. But nonetheless, Dagmar had paid a hefty price for his reckless intrusion of the Omphalos. The divine bodies of nearly all his most elite highgods were annihilated and he had suffered injuries after Wasir’s frigid aura entered his body.

After this incident, Dagmar’s power and forces had sharply declined. It could even be said that Dagmar would no longer be much of a threat to the Sovereigns in the coming war for the Fringe. Dagmar suffered the consequences he deserved for his irrational and foolish actions.

By the time that the four Sovereigns returned to Han Hao, Nestor, the Overgod of Death, had left the area disappointedly. They did not know that Nestor had visited Han Hao while they were away.

No matter the grudges between them, as the Sovereigns, it was only proper that they visit the Fringedweller victim of an attack carried out by an outsider inside the Omphalos.

“Han Hao, are you alright?” asked Ossora. He appeared as though he was very worried.

“I’m fine. Did you guys get Dagmar?” Although it was obvious from the dejected looks on their faces that they had failed, Han Hao knew enough of societal norms to ask the obvious.

Ossora shook his head in a grimace before he sighed and said, “Dagmar is so ruthless that he would sacrifice the bodies of his followers. The Corpse Explosion deployed on multiple highgod divine bodies was powerful enough to cause a crack on the barrier around Omphalos, allowing him to escape. Otherwise, we would have surrounded him and he definitely wouldn’t still be alive now!”

“Oh, what a shame. If only some of you had come to the scene sooner…” said Han Hao as he glanced at Tyre and Logue. He then said to Ossora, “But, anyway, a really strange guy came to me just now. He examined me thoroughly with his soul before leaving and shaking his head. I wonder who he is…”

Tyre and Logue’s face simultaneously jolted and the two exchanged looks. Logue then put on a mischievous smirk and asked Han Hao, “A guy probes you with his soul but leaves without a scratch? That is very strange indeed! I’m very surprised to learn that. Since when have you turned into a pacifist?”

Wasir and Ossora turned their attention to Han Hao. They too were very interested in the matter.

“Well, I have no clue who that guy is, but I can be certain that his command of the death energy surpasses even yours,” Han Hao looked at Logue with an emotionless face as he calmly said, “I know that I have no way of resisting such a mighty existence, and thus silent cooperation is my only option. Hmm, I’ve heard that Lord Logue was also visited by a very powerful stranger. I could not be sure of the merits of rumors, but it sounded as though Lord Logue was much more… cooperative than I was?”

Logue’s face turned rather dark after hearing Han Hao’s comeback. He let out a cold groan but did not reply. Logue knew from Han Hao’s words that the mysterious visitor was the Overgod of Death. As he had not learned from Tyre that Han Hao possessed the Quintessence Shard, he wasn’t all that surprised that Han Hao survived the visit.

Wasir and Ossora also did not suspect anything. They were just rather surprised that the Overgod of Death was so mighty that He could learn about Han Hao’s appearing at the Omphalos so quickly.

Only Tyre had a pensive look. He looked deeply at Han Hao, as though wanting to see everything in Han Hao’s body and soul.

Why? Why didn’t He kill Han Hao? Could it be that Elder Brother got it wrong? How is that possible? Tyre was very shocked and confused. He thought that Han Hao would be slaughtered when the Overgod of Death visited him and found the Quintessence Shard on him.

“If there’s nothing else, I shall take my leave,” Han Hao did not continue feigning civility with the Sovereigns after obtaining the information he wanted from Tyre and Logue. He stood up and instructed Polo, “Let’s move.”

Han Hao then left the scene. Before he left, he stealthily took a glance at the ice-cold Wasir.

“Let’s disperse. If Dagmar dared intrude the Omphalos all by himself, then it must mean that the Godhunter Alliance will attack very soon. Time to go back to our bases and standby to face the invasion!” said Tyre before also taking his leave.


As soon as Han Hao left the region, he went to the House of Han Sovereign Shop with his gang under the pretense that he wanted to purchase Celestial Pearl’s medicines but using Han Shuo’s secret chamber in actuality.

Han Shuo and Han Hao had kept their relationship so secretive that even ordinary House of Han servants had no clue about it. The manager of this Celestial Pearl branch, however, was aware of the secret. After politely leading Han Hao to the secret chamber, he dismissed himself and instructed their private security to watch out for intruders.

Han Hao had selected this secret chamber where Han Shuo usually used for cultivating when in the Omphalos because it was protected by unique formations and matrices. When inside, he won’t have to worry about being spied on or disturbed.

After sitting crossed leg on the mat, Han Hao gradually opened up his soul while concealing the aura on his body.

At this moment, his main body, located far in the Destiny Dominion, was also sitting cross-legged. His eyes suddenly opened and shone with strings of tiny inscriptions flashing through his pupils. A bizarre energy began emanating from his body, affecting the element of death in the environment…

Nestor the Overod of Death had yet to leave the Omphalos. His head was lowered as he racked his brain, wondering if he had missed something. Then, suddenly, his eyes lit up and he stared in the direction of the Destiny Dominion.

Han Hao was the last person on his list. When Nestor discovered no Quintessence Shard on Han Hao, he was incomparably disappointed. He even started doubting his investigative skills. He couldn’t understand why he yielded nothing even though he had examined every energy of death experts in the Fringe.

The sudden activation of the Quintessence Shard in the Destiny Dominion had jolted Nestor. His eyes glistened as he mumbled to himself, “So it turns out that the fella had left the Fringe… Yes, of course it would… How would he have the guts to stay here when he sensed that I’m nearby?”

Nestor immediately started leaving. With one thought, he soared to the sky and vanished. The domed-boundary above the Omphalos had not the slightest effect on him.

“Finally!” Tyre and Logue looked at the sky and simultaneously let out a sigh.

The domed boundary above the Omphalos was jointly deployed by the two Sovereigns. The ground boundary was deployed by Ossora while Wasir applied his frigid energy on the city walls. When the Overgod of Death pierced through domed-boundary, Tyre and Logue who had deployed it would sense something. They could tell that Nestor had left even without seeing it.

To characters like Tyre and Logue who were used to controlling others’ lives, it was very uncomfortable to have an even mightier being who could end their lives in a snap anywhere nearby. They desperately hoped that the Overgod of Death would leave the Land of Chaos and never return.

Tyre took a deep breath and calmed himself down. He then left the Omphalos and returned to the same volcano, dialed his brother Dhaka, and informed him of what just happened.

“Got it. Dagmar has just returned. He too said that he found no aura of the Quintessence Shard on Han Hao. This is very strange. I wonder what he had done to the Shard,” remarked Dhaka who was also surprised and confused. He couldn’t figure out what was going on as logically speaking, anyone who obtained a Quintessence Shard should keep it firmly in their hands and would never part with it.

“Forget about it, let’s stop concerning ourselves about Han Hao,” Dhaka asked with his brows bunched, “Are you sure that the Overgod has left?”

“He should have. He had examined every expert in the Fringe and I don’t think that He had any more reasons to stay in the Fringe. And based on my senses, I can vaguely tell that He went in the direction of the Destiny Dominion. Perhaps He is going to seek the Destiny Goddess’ advice,” replied Tyre after thinking for a moment.

“Very well,” Dhaka nodded before he put on a cold smirk and said, “Then we can begin our operation. You should get prepared. Tomorrow shall be the day that we Godhunter Alliance officially invade the Fringe. You will be facing the Hegemons of Wind and Lightning. They are the weakest of us all, so you don’t need to be too worried. As to Bryan, hehe, he will be facing me, Dagmar, Asser, and Salas. I will raze his Pandemonium to the ground!”

“Haha, after this war, we brother will become the most influential and powerful existences after the Twelve Overgods!” said Tyre in a maniacal laugh.


Over at the Destiny Dominion, Han Hao who had deliberately released the Shard’s energy sensed that Nestor was rushing towards him from the Fringe. He smirked and thought, heh, so what if you’re the Overgod? You still get fooled the same! From now on, I just need to stay cautious and you will never know that I have the Shard. And when I have fused the Shard’s energy with demonic arts, I will take the Quintessence from you!

After sensing that Nestor was on his way, Han Hao again concealed his aura. He slowly got up to his feet and ready to take a detour back to the Fringe.

It was at this moment that a petite figure suddenly appeared before Han Hao. She stared at Han Hao with an astonished face and asked, “Is it you who released that energy just then?”

Han Hao was startled and his face quickly turned cold. He looked all around in caution before he asked, “Who are you?”

Han Hao had sensed a very unique soul-undulation coming from the little girl. Her soul was much mightier than even late-stage highgods like Polo. Han Hao also sensed that she was no ordinary lifeform. It made Han Hao felt threatened.

“I’m Andrina. This is the Destiny Dominion - my home!” Andrina bunched her brows slightly as she sized up Han Hao. It suddenly turned to a frown and she asked in a cold voice, “I sense godhunter’s aura on you. You are a godhunter, aren’t you?”

“Indeed I am. What are you gonna do about it?” Han Hao took out his bone spear and held it in his hand. He took an alerted stance.

“That is all that I need to know,” said Andrina in an ice-cold face. Her hand suddenly glowed with the splendid radiance of crystals and she punched at Han Hao.

Han Hao was rather surprised that he couldn’t sense any of the Twelve Fundamental Forces on Andrina. The gaudy radiance in her fist contained just the purest power of energy crystals, as though her fist was an energy blast that came from a super-sized energy crystal cannon. It was not just terrifying but also very agile.

Han Hao did not know who Andrina was and had no idea that she and his father were close friends. Andrina, meanwhile, didn’t even know that Han Shuo had children. Han Hao immediately considered Andrina as a mighty opponent as soon as she launched an attack.

With a wave of his bone spear, the elements of death that were drawn to the area by the Quintessence Shard were energized. The Boundaries of Weakness, Fear, and Aging enveloping the entire region were instantly formed.

Simultaneously, a thin, greyish film took shape at the front of Han Hao. There were tiny streams of the energy of death gently circulating on it.

“Oh?” cried Andrina in surprise. She did not expect Han Hao’s strength to be so powerful. He was much mightier than nearly all the godhunter experts she had met.

With that, Andrina immediately unleashed her full power. The gaudy radiances on her hand transformed into matter. A big energy crystal was formed with a glowing spheroid embedded in the center. It emanated scorching rays as though it was the core of a star that contained nearly infinite energy.

The Goddess of Destiny had been taking good care of Andrine. Her strength had soared substantially ever since she was brought home from the Darkness Dominion.

The shield that Han Hao formed using the energy of death was defeated by Andrina’s all-out attack. It made a large hole in Han Hao’s shield. The energy crystal consolidated from radiances was propelled by its core. Carrying formidable power, it spun and rolled towards Han Hao.

The Boundaries of Weakness, Fear, and Aging had not the slightest effect on a lifeform as unique as Andrina!

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