GDK 950: Love at first sight

When Han Shuo returned to the Pandemonium, he was surprised to find Andrina there waiting for him. It was obvious from the aura emanating from her that she had now become much stronger than when they were back in the Darkness Dominion.

Andrina was acquainted with the House of Han members, especially Fanny, since the time she traveled to the Profound Continent with Han Shuo to bring them to Elysium. She was invited into the Pandemonium when the House of Han members noticed her outside. Otherwise, even with her current strength, there was no way that she could intrude into the valley and remain unscathed.

Han Shuo had deployed a ton of terrifying formations around the Pandemonium in anticipation of the Godhunter Alliance’s invasion. She would undoubtedly be injured if she had tried intruding into the valley.

Andrina had been waiting in the Pandemonium for a few days and she had been exploring every aspect of the valley. The defenses of the Pandemonium was primarily made up of demonic formations deployed by Han Shuo and the Five Elite Zombie and supplemented by defensive formations powered by energy crystals.

She was most interested in the demonic formations deployed by Han Shuo and the Five Elite Zombies. The unique energies on those formations had piqued her curiosity. Although she had a ton of questions, no one could explain how those formations worked as the Five Elite Zombies were all still cultivating underground.

Perhaps she had been too bored in the Destiny Dominion, she became hyperactive after entering the Pandemonium. It was as though there was nothing that won’t make her excited. From time to time, she would even deliberately step into formations and traps to discover their power and find out how they worked. She seemed to be having lots of fun as though those dangerous traps were rides in a theme park.

Andrina was even more excited when Han Shuo returned to the Pandemonium. She cheerfully said, “Bryan! So you’ve relocated here! Why didn’t you look for me all these while when the Destiny Dominion is just nearby? That’s outrageous! Do you not consider me as your friend anymore or have you forgotten about me?”

Andrina was always cold and unfriendly towards strangers but not to her friends like Han Shuo.

“I have been very busy with work and managing my family clan. How would I have time to visit you? Besides, I have absolutely no idea where the Destiny Shrine is, other than that it’s somewhere in the Destiny Dominion,” replied Han Shuo smilingly. He had absolutely no thought of going to the Destiny Dominion to visit Andrina.

For some reason, Han Shuo felt that he needed to be wary of the Destiny Goddess. Sometimes he even suspected that the Destiny Goddess knew about his origins. Over the past many years, as Han Shuo had to face stronger and stronger experts, he had no choice but to stop concealing the demonic energy he cultivates. If the Destiny Goddess knew about the Exalted Demonlord’s appearance in this universe and discovers that Han Shuo cultivates the same energy as the Exalted Demonlord, then she could easily deduce Han Shuo’s origins and secrets.

After all, how could the Goddess who mastered Destiny be unaware of such a significant incident?

“You? Busy?” Andrina lightly pouted and snorted before she said, “Don’t think that I have been clueless about what you did in the Fringe. In fact, I knew every move you made ever since you stepped into the Fringe!”

Han Shuo stared blankly for a moment and asked, “Huh? You have been staying in the Destiny Shrine the whole time. How would you know my every move?”

“My mother told me, “ Andrina grinned and explained, “She knew every move you made and would often tell me what you have been doing. She also told me that you carry a ton of secrets with you!”

Han Shuo’s heart sank a little as his suspicion seemed likely to be true. However, he did not think much further on this issue. With the same calm and collected smile, he asked Andrina, “Why did not come here? Did your mother know about it?”

“Nope. She went to meet Nestor the Overgod of Death for some business so I sneaked out while she was away. Hehe!” answered Andrina in a big cheeky smile as though she wasn’t worried that the Goddess would punish her.

Han Shuo grimaced and said nothing for he was speechless.

“Hehe, I heard that the Godhunter Alliance is going to invade the Fringe, so I’ve come to provide you aid. Don’t tell me that I’m not welcomed?” asked Andrina and she faked a frown.

“Of course you are welcomed here! How would I dare say otherwise?” replied Han Shuo after putting on a happy face. He continued, “There happen to be some energy towers and batteries that are not quite up to my satisfaction. You could take a look at them!”

The energy that Andrina cultivated was related to energy crystals. She had extraordinary profound insights and expertise in the manipulation and use of energy crystals. With her assistance, Han Shuo believed that the Pandemonium’s defenses could be brought to an even greater height.

“No problem at all! In fact, I’ve already inspected every one of them. I’m just waiting for you to return before modifying any lest your people think that I’m sabotaging the base,” agreed Andrina immediately. She had been strolling around the Pandemonium for a long time. She had been itching to demonstrate her skills and power.

After a short pause, Andrina continued, “However, in order to alter and enhance your energy towers, I will need at least three times the energy crystals in those towers. Do you have that much energy crystals?”

“No problem!” Han Shuo laughed heartily while telepathically instructing Han Jin who was meditating in the underground gymnasium to bring over the energy crystals in his reserves.

As the owner of Goldstone Enterprise, Han Jin always had an abundance of energy crystals. As most of the defenses of the Pandemonium were composed of demonic formations, many of the energy crystals were not utilized. On top of that, Han Hao had previously plundered a ton of goods from the Omphalos merchants with some of those goods being energy crystals. Therefore, the number of energy crystals stored in the underground warehouse of the Pandemonium was almost immeasurable.

Han Jin who was practicing the Penta-elemental Undead Formation in the underground gymnasium immediately paused his activity and headed to the energy crystal warehouse. He loaded up an entire space ring with energy crystals of the highest grade and went to Han Shuo.

“Wow!” exclaimed Han Jin before his jaw dropped to the floor. He gaped at Andrina as though he had been frozen. He was completely stupefied.

Bright, white halos radiated from Andrina as though water ripples. She stared back at Han Jin with her pupils glowing with blinding light.

Han Jin and Andrina stared fixedly at each other as though time had stopped. Bizarre soul undulations emanated from their bodies as they communicated in a manner that even Han Shuo could not understand.

The two continued to communicate without moving a muscle and stared each other in the eye for hours. Han Shuo felt as though he had been forgotten.

At first, Han Shuo found their behavior rather baffling but he soon realized what was happening. Han Jin was made from the Yuan Energy of Metal and he possessed the Golden Cudgel, the Supreme Treasure of Metal. Not only was he born with the knowledge of all metals and stones, but he could also even manipulate stones and walk through rocks.

Andrina was also not an ordinary life form who could eat energy crystals to replenish and increase her energy. Both her soul and her energy had the characteristics of energy crystals. Even her body was filled with the purest power of energy crystals.

She was basically the most unique energy crystal which is alive!

The more unique a stone is, the more attractive it was to Han Jin. Meanwhile, the Metal Yuan Energy on Han Jin should also be irresistible to Andrina. Therefore, it was only natural that chemistry would happen when these two unique lifeforms with the most complementing properties met each other.

Han Jin and Andrina communicated in a manner that no other beings in the universe could understand. They were completely motionless and as still as stone. If it wasn’t for the intense soul undulations emanating from them, Han Shuo might even mistake them for sculptures.

Han Shuo continued to observe the duo curiously. He was pleasantly surprised by their chemistry and felt glad. Han Shuo had always hoped that Little Skeleton and the Five Elite Zombies would not just have formidable strength, but also to develop holistically like a normal human being - to actually live their lives instead of being cold and emotionless undead.

Perhaps because of his womanizing ways, deep in his heart, Han Shuo wished that his children would also have romantic partners of their own, and maybe even their own children…

After half-a-day, Zovic suddenly hurried over to Han Shuo to inform him of important news. Perhaps his voice was not soft enough, Andrina and Han Jin who were still staring at each other were roused.

Clarity slowly returned to their eyes and the two of them smiled. They walked to each other and held hands without the slightest awkwardness.

It was so natural and smooth as though Han Jin and Andrina had known each other for hundreds of years. Their smiles turned even brighter and they seemed like the most matching couple that was deeply in love.

Han Shuo was flabbergasted. He had considered the possibility of Han Jin and Andrina becoming a couple but never imagined that they would become lovebirds just hours after meeting each other!

“Father, I finally understand how you feel towards Phoebe and the others! It feels so strange yet so wonderful!” said Han Jin as though he knew the answer to the ultimate question.

“Good, good!” Han Shuo laughed heartily. He could not be more delighted.

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