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GDK 952: Arrival

Dennis, the Hegemon of Space, seemed a little perplexed at Mascy's words, as if he still hadn't come to understand how dire the situation was. He shot her a confused look and said, "Mascy, didn't you say nothing that happens will be able to escape your detection?"

The crystal ball glowed dark green in her hands, causing her to furrow her brows in terror. "Enough nonsense, Dennis! Act now! I can feel Wasir's waiting for someone to come, and that someone is definitely not our friend!"

"Who in the world can help him?" Dennis still didn't seem hurried, unlike the panicked Mascy. "The five Sovereigns of the Fringe don't really interfere with one another's business. Apart from an overgod, nobody should be able to break my spatial lock. What are you worried about?"

"Wasir thinks that once that person arrives, the two of us might not escape Glacial Peak alive. That's what he truly believes! My insight definitely isn't off, there's a catch! Dennis, we've worked together for many years, yet you trust me so little?" Mascy glared at him angrily.

Wasir was quite taken aback. He didn't think that a highgod like Mascy would actually be able to divine his thoughts that clearly. What he didn't understand, however, was why she couldn't find out the identity of that mysterious fellow?

Seeing Mascy angry for real, the seriousness of the situation finally sank in for Dennis. He knew how accurate her predictions were, and she definitely wouldn't be messing with him in such a crucial moment. He had decided to act immediately.

But before he could, Wasir had deployed his subzero Domain of Divinity, immediately causing a white fog to emanate from the cavern behind him. The fog of cold enveloped him; he had cultivated in Frostcavern for years and long had become one with the frost energy within it. He allowed it to circle around him before letting the snake-like fog slither towards Dennis and Mascy.

Wherever the fog touched, space itself crackled nonstop. The region that Dennis had locked up was shattering like a mirror.

Those subordinates of Wasir that had been frozen in place suddenly felt that they could move again. They immediately broke free from their bindings and hastily charged into Frostcavern without their master asking. They were afraid of being captured by the spatial energy once more.

Dennis' expression shifted as he humphed, "Wasir, did you think you'd be able to survive this? I alone am enough to defeat you, let alone now that I have Mascy with me. You might not know this, but those who cultivate in the edict of destiny can make you tremble even if they're just highgods!"

Dennis yelled as powerful spatial waves reverberated from his body, affecting the structure of spacetime around him and morphing it into a sharp blade, which he sent cutting in Wasir's direction.

The moment that blade manifested, Wasir's white fog was affected by the spatial energy around it. not only could it not continue to spread, it was also pushed back towards Wasir. It looked just like a waterfall which flowed in reverse. The fog seemed to be sucked right back into Frostcavern.

At the same time, Mascy snickered and suddenly put all ten of her fingers into the crystal ball. A vague silhouette had formed in the ball and it seemed to resemble Wasir.

Mascy's fingers glowed within the crystal ball. The green glow stretched out like threads and slowly enveloped the little figure within the ball.

When the green tendrils surrounded the limbs of the figure, Mascy laughed and pulled with force. All of a sudden, Wasir, who had been trying to fill the surroundings with frozen boulders, felt his limbs tense up as if hundreds of formless threads had bound them. He couldn't move at all as he watched the spatial blade come his way.

"Wasir, nobody has managed to defeat Mascy and I when we work together! Haha, accept your destiny!" Dennis watched as the spatial blade continued to gather spatial energy as it rapidly shot towards the frozen Wasir.

At that moment, all the energy within Wasir's body was activated to their fullest potential; the fog that came back towards him didn't enter his body, but rather, freeze it. Now, he was one with the frost in the cavern and had turned into a block of unmelting ice right as the spatial blade fell!

A sharp, grating sound came from Wasir's body, though it didn't part immediately from the spatial blade. Instead, the blade cut in gradually inch by inch.

Wasir's expression was now completely pale. Some blood leaked from the corner of his mouth and turned into a crimson icicle.

"It's a shame all I can do is stop his body's movements. I can't do anything about his soul. Otherwise, he wouldn't have been able to form those protective ice around himself and would have been dead by now," Mascy's fingers twitched and caused the green tendrils to pierce deep into the little figure in the crystal ball.

"You'll be able to advance to the realm of overgod once you find the Quintessence Shard. After which you'll be able to bind souls as well as bodies. By then, the two of us will rule the entirety of Godhunter Alliance!" Dennis consoled with a smile.

As far as they were concerned, it was over for Wasir. It was only a matter of time before the spatial blade cut him into two halves. On top of that, Mascy's incorporeal tendrils were damaging his body as they burrowed deep into it.

This combination was truly terrifying. Mascy was able to see each and every move Wasir would take while Dennis could make extremely formidable attacks. The longer the fight went on, the lower the chances of Wasir’s survival until he would be finally driven into a wall of despair.

Dennis and Mascy chuckled and chatted without paying too much attention to Glacial Peak. They knew that the fortifications and barriers around the peak wouldn't be able to be used to their full potential once Wasir was dead. The highgods that would be left would have absolutely no chance against the two of them.

"Quick, Wasir is still holding onto hope for that someone to come. We'll kill him first and entrap the person he's waiting for!" Mascy said as she put more power into forming more tendrils to bind Wasir. The battle was soon reaching its end.

After Angelo managed to enter the cavern with much effort, he saw Wasir helpless against the spatial blade that was cutting into him. "Lord!" he cried desperately.

All the subordinates that managed to enter the cavern had only one thought in their minds: saving their lord. Even though Wasir didn't hold back when he punished them from time to time, his subordinates still remained loyal to him even in his time of crisis. They charged out from the cavern fearlessly and suicidally towards Dennis and Mascy.

"You've come to die?" Dennis laughed and spatial waves spread from his body once more. All of a sudden, a few fist-sized holes of light appeared on the bodies of Wasir's subordinates. They had such powerful suction that the subordinates' bodies were seemingly liquefied as they were pulled into the center of the hole. Not one trace of their bodies remained.

Wasir's eyes burned with anger. Even though he was captured, he could perceive his surroundings perfectly well. Only now did he find out that his subordinates were truly loyal to him despite how often he scolded them. He watched as they gave their lives for his sake in vain.

It was too bad Mascy stopped him from moving completely. He also had to constantly expend divine energy within his body to defend against Dennis's spatial blade. There was nothing he could do to help them.

Why aren't you coming? Why aren't you here yet? Have you used me the whole time? Why? Why?!

He glared towards the distance as hate festered in his mind. He felt like he had been betrayed. He was driven so close to desperation that he wanted to cast his body away and take out the enemy with him in his soul form.

As if someone had heard Wasir's desperate inner plea, a sharp sound could suddenly be heard from afar. It had come from countless terrifying lifeforms that sported rows and rows of razor-sharp teeth. The creatures were so dense together they looked like a thundercloud approaching at full speed.

A terrifying and insidious energy was being radiated from the body of those creatures. When they collided with Dennis's spatial-lock barrier, it crumbled almost instantly.

With the spatial barrier broken, the creatures flooded all over like bats as they charged towards godhunter subordinates of Dennis and Mascy. Glacial Peak was covered in darkness all of a sudden while the creatures landed on every inch of the peak.

Wasir's eyes flashed with delight and joy. The moment he saw those creatures, he knew he hadn't misplaced his trust. His chance to take revenge was finally here!

Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh! The Seventeen Flying Swords cut through the horizon and appeared above Glacial Peak. Before Mascy and Dennis could react, they had been surrounded by a net that was weaved from the light trails of the flying swords. Before long, the net began to close in on them!

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