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GDK 953: Turning Tides

Dennis and Mascy felt like they had fallen from heaven into hell. Before they were able to completely crush Wasir, they ended up trapped for some reason beyond their knowledge. By the time they came to their senses, they had found themselves surrounded by razor-sharp swords orbiting threateningly around them, causing them to gulp in fear.

In their panic, their control over Wasir crumbled. Dennis's spatial blade no longer maintained its previous power and could no longer cut deeper into Wasir.

Mascy was worse off; having freaked out and with her soul in a chaotic state, the mysterious edict of destiny she deployed through her crystal ball was rendered useless.

Wasir felt the pressure on his body suddenly released as he regained control over his hands and legs. The power that bound him was no more. He was greeted with the sight of his subordinates being killed by Warp Vortexes. The moment the pressure on him lightened, the white fog gathered around him swiftly aggregate and collided against the spatial blade.

Dennis, now surrounded by the Seventeen Flying Swords, could no longer fuel the spatial blade with his divine energy of space, so the blade quickly disintegrated from Wasir's anger-fueled attack in a white flash.

The icy divine power circulated a few times though his body and purged the remnant traces of destiny edict divine energy within him. Then, he turned his cold gaze towards the duo who were surrounded by the swords.

"Who is it? Show yourself!" Dennis yelled. He could feel the danger lurking in the surroundings, yet he couldn't pinpoint the location of his enemy.

Mascy's expression was grave. The crystal ball's green glow was rather subdued, though the light it cast on her face made her seem dark and terrifying. Strands of light were shot from her fingers into her crystal ball. By now, she had completely given up on applying any more pressure on Wasir and chose instead to focus all her attention on their hidden adversary.

They both knew that their assailant was a really powerful expert who commanded powers they were not familiar with. It didn't help that they couldn't detect the location of this mysterious enemy who could be more powerful than Wasir.

For some reason, Mascy's crystal ball didn't seem to work well in pinpointing their foe's location no matter how many strands of destiny energy she cast into it. No figure appeared within the ball at all.

"Haven't you found him yet?" Dennis seemed a little panicked because now, the ice around Wasir had completely vanished. It was a sign he had almost regained all his fighting prowess.

If one single hidden assailant was enough to drive them to such dire straits, they would certainly fare much worse now that Wasir was going to join the fray.

"I can't locate him! This is baffling!" Mascy said with a hint of panic, unlike her previously confident self. "With all my power, I should be able to locate most demi-overgods, yet I'm not able to locate this person at all!"

"What does this mean?" Dennis leaned in against Mascy as the Seventeen Flying Swords was still weaving its web smaller and smaller. He felt a strong threat coming from the swords, so he had no choice but to retreat to the center of the web like Mascy.

"Apart from Overgods with Quintessence or Quintessence Shards, only an expert with supreme mastery of the soul could elude the binding power of the edict of destiny! It's obvious that he's not one of the Twelve Overgods, so either he has a Shard, or his mastery of the soul is advanced to the point where he can change destiny itself!"

The moment he heard it, Dennis felt rather taken aback. Someone who possessed a Quintessence Shard would definitely be worried of being pursued by one of the Twelve Overgods, so they would certainly be very careful about revealing their power. In fact, they wouldn't even show up on Elysium and would usually cultivate on remote material planes. People like this numbered far and few in between and wouldn't show up in centuries or even millennia.

On the other hand, those who had such high mastery in matters of the soul to be able to elude destiny was just as rare! In either case, their might would certainly be so powerful that even Dennis and Mascy would be really wary of it.

"We have to escape from this!" Dennis said, seeing the swords closing in on them.

"I'm afraid I'm not too proficient at matters like this…" Mascy was already far from a brute-force fighter, given that she cultivated in the edict of destiny in the first place. The web of swords obviously wouldn’t be affected by her edict, so she felt rather helpless.

Dennis fell silent for a moment as he generated an intense undulation of spatial energy around him. He intended to construct a spatial fissure through which they could leave.

However, the moment he unleashed his power, he suddenly noticed that the energy coming from the swords had affected the spatial makeup of the surroundings. The space he and Mascy occupied suddenly felt a little foreign, so foreign that he wasn't able to form a spatial fissure to leave through!

"What's wrong?" Mascy asked when she saw him move and suddenly stop.

"He's terrifying!" Dennis took a deep breath as if he had steeled his resolve and grabbed onto Mascy. The two of them seemingly turned into smoke and wafted into a scroll.

The scroll fluttered around in the web of swords and let out powerful spatial pulses. A strong light shot out and the two of them suddenly vanished from within the web, only to reappear far above Glacial Peak.

"Dennis… Did you… just destroy the pocket dimension you spent a thousand years building?" Mascy cried out in shock.

Powerful spatial cultivators like Dennis could use their power and insights into the edict of space to make their own personal pocket dimension like the Space Overgod. Within that pocket dimension, they would be omnipotent and have control over everything.

The scroll that was just torn up was the basis Dennis used to construct the pocket dimension. There was a minor plane within that had mountains, rivers and lakes, much like the real world, apart from the lack of lifeforms. Dennis had spent a thousand years crafting it. The only reason he got so closely acquainted with Mascy was because he hoped she would be able to find a Quintessence Shard of Destiny so that she could imbue his pocket dimension with the power of destiny. He would then find another expert in the edict of life for the finishing touches of his plane.

Once there was life on his plane, with the Life and Destiny routine operating, they could leave the Elysium for the pocket dimension he created. There, they would be all powerful. Even Overgods with Quintessence wouldn't be able to defeat them within it. They would truly be able to reign freely and achieve everything they could ever desire.

Overgods with Quintessence may be invincible, but as long as they had the pocket dimension, they would be safe from the Overgods - provided that they could escape into it before being instantly annihilated.

It was a shame that his half-formed pocket dimension was ruined before it was truly realized.

Mascy, seeing the pocket dimension she had spent much effort forming with Dennis, seemed even more distraught than he was as she suddenly coughed out blood onto her crystal ball. At that moment, her soul and crystal ball seemed to fuse. Synapses and connections seemed to form in the crystal ball until they became two hemispheres of a brain.

Gradually, a human brain was clearly revealed in the crystal ball. There was a grey smoke with an erratic form floating within it that almost resembled a soul.

Gradually, a blurry figure formed within the ball alongside the clouds around him. He moved swiftly under the cover of the clouds.

Dennis glared closely at the figure within the crystal ball. A few seconds later, he seemed to have realized something and looked up at the sky.

A very vague shadow suddenly charged downwards from the clouds towards them. All of a sudden, they could feel strong killing intent gushing out like water from a broken dam.

"He's up there!" Dennis cried, before he grabbed Mascy and teleported away. He also gave her crystal ball a tap, causing her to snap out of it. Blood vessels streaked across her eyes and blood oozed out of both her nostrils.

She had used her soul as a medium to peek into matters that should not have been visible to her, and so she would have to pay a heavy price for it.

Beneath them, Wasir's men charged towards the invading godhunters with rabid fervor. Wasir didn't charge into the fight when he emerged from the ice after he saw Dennis and Mascy trapped by the Seventeen Flying Swords. He merely glared at them and mercilessly killed the other godhunters instead.

By the time they used the pocket dimension to escape, Wasir had already frozen up nine highgods from the Godhunter Alliance.

"Wasir, we'll kill the woman first!" Han Shuo's voice rang from above Glacial Peak.

With but a thought, nine beams of frost shot out from Wasir onto the nine highgod ice sculptures, instantly shattering them into hundreds of pieces of frozen flesh.

"I'm coming!" Wasir smirked malevolently and no longer cared about the fight taking place on Glacial Peak. He flew towards Mascy like a fierce demon.

Back then, he couldn't do anything but watch his subordinates killed by the godhunters. He had sworn that he would definitely do everything in his power to keep Dennis and Mascy on Glacial Peak forever if he ever managed to escape. Wasir had experienced the most painful moments of his life and overcome it. Having managed to escape his deathly predicament, he would have the two pay their debt in blood.

Now that Han Shuo had arrived, he no longer had to fight alone!

"I'll show you that the Glacial Peak doesn't take kindly to being invaded!" Wasir yelled as he closed in on the two from the bottom while Han Shuo did the same from the top, working together to execute a pincer maneuver.

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