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GDK 954: Complete Annihilation

Dennis and Mascy had come with nothing but confidence. With Mascy being able to predict every action and Dennis locking down the whole of Glacial Peak, Wasir was essentially a shark in a jar; a toothless threat. Little did they expect things would turn out this way, however. Not only were they unable to wipe out Wasir and his subordinates, but they were also now in dire straits themselves.

Han Shuo came swooping down from the skies and used the killing intent wrapping his body to form a gigantic hand, swatting down at Dennis and Mascy to grab them.

Wasir stretched his hand out and took out a ten-meter-long icicle from within the cavern. It looked like a precious crystal that emanated white smoke as a result of the sheer frost energy it contained.

The frost energy contained within the lance-like icicle was so powerful that it seemed as if it was the crystallization of Frostcavern's power itself. The moment Wasir struck with it, it caused the temperature around Frostcavern to sink even lower.

The gigantic hand came pressing down. Coupled with the terrifying frost, crackling sounds could be heard as wafts of smoke began appearing.

Mascy had managed to force Han Shuo out after much difficulty, only to find that she was now his main target. She immediately tried to approach Dennis.

Dennis had sacrificed much to escape Han Shuo's sword formation. He grabbed Mascy and teleported once more to the top of Glacial Peak.

Mascy's fingers were moving about on the crystal ball as she seemed to be weaving something within it. One after another, the green tendrils that came out of her fingers formed a mysterious picture.

All of a sudden, Wasir's body stiffened. The icicle in his hand seemed to lose control as it came piercing towards Han Shuo.

The sudden change was so rapid that Wasir couldn't stop the attack in time. The icicle pierced towards Han Shuo's gigantic palm.

"Han Shuo, move!" he yelled.

"No worries!" Han Shuo said from behind his giant palm before he dematerialized it. The killing intent that the palm was formed of scattered immediately.

At the same time, a figure suddenly flew past Dennis with blinding speed.

With but a thought, the Seventeen Flying Swords appeared from out of nowhere once more to surround Dennis and Mascy. They were about to be trapped once again.

However, having had previous experience dealing with the swords, Dennis had his guard up. He didn't wait for the swords to descend upon him and immediately teleported without letting the swords successfully surround him.

Mascy's power alone was able to cause some minor distraction to Wasir at most. Without Dennis working with her, she was far from able to kill him.

When the icicle shot towards the sky, Wasir's divine energy raged within his body to counteract the mysterious energy that was nudging him from within. Now that he didn't have to worry about a spatial blade cutting towards him like before, it only took him three breaths' time to break free.

Mascy spat out a mouthful of blood from the blowback from having her destiny energy repelled by Wasir. The blood covered the crystal ball in her hands, making it look rather gruesome.

"Dennis, let's retreat," she said helplessly with a pale look.

Under pressure from the Seventeen Flying Swords, Dennis had no choice but to teleport short distances constantly. With Mascy not being able to hold Wasir down, they would lose sooner or later, so she had to warn him to retreat.

Dennis knew that the situation was now disadvantageous to them. Seeing Mascy hurt and unable to pose any threat to Wasir, it suddenly dawned on him that while their combination would work against someone on par with them, they would suffer when they were up against two foes.

Dennis also wanted to leave immediately, but the godhunters he and Mascy had brought with them were still engaged in combat at Glacial Peak. His subordinates were already on the losing side to begin with, and if he left with Mascy now, none of them would survive.

Those men were Mascy and Dennis's elite subordinates. If they were wiped out, they would definitely suffer a huge loss. Even if the Godhunter Alliance managed to defeat the Fringe in the end, the two would be hard-pressed to get any of the spoils with their subordinates all gone.

As such, Dennis hesitated as he tried his best to find an opportunity to open up another spatial fissure through which his subordinates could retreat.

As Dennis contemplated how to do so, Han Shuo was faced with his own dilemma. Given his and Wasir's strength, he could easily wipe Dennis and Mascy out. However, Dennis, a space edict cultivator, was able to keep teleporting to avoid being surrounded by the Seventeen Flying Swords.

Glacial Peak was a rather large place and Dennis wouldn't remain at a fixed point for long, and short-distance teleportation didn't particularly drain his divine energy. As such, he wouldn't be able to capture him, let alone engage him in a proper fight.

Had they been fighting in Pandemonium, Han Shuo had at least seven tricks he could use to take advantage of the demonic formations within Pandemonium to alter the law of physics in the environment. That way, Dennis wouldn't easily be able to teleport around, making it much easier for Han Shuo to take him out.

It was too bad the battle took place at Glacial Peak instead. There was simply no formation he could use. The constant frost that gathered there wasn't enough to freeze space itself, so Dennis was easily able to slip around.

When Han Shuo noticed Dennis staring at the godhunters from time to time, he knew what he was worried about. As such, he had to continue applying pressure on Dennis with his Seventeen Flying Swords even if he couldn't trap him with it to prevent him from making a spatial fissure for his subordinates to escape.

Han Shuo and Wasir kept the pressure high, not giving Dennis any chance to open a spatial fissure at all. One moment, he was up in the skies, and the other, he was down in the mountains, and the next, he was amongst his fighting comrades. Yet, the two were unable to pin him down all the same.

The fight between the four fell into a stalemate.

One idea after another surfaced in Han Shuo's brain. His consciousness seemed like a vortex in the starry skies, spinning rapidly like a spiral.

The ideas were all shot down by him. He had to sift through the countless ideas for one that could kill Dennis and Mascy for certain to ensure they wouldn't be able to escape Glacial Peak.

Perhaps as a result of all his contemplating, the Seventeen Flying Swords slowed down slightly, giving Dennis and Mascy some time to take a breather.

Dennis, as a cultivator of the edict of space, noticed the subtle change. Each time he teleported, the swords seemed to slow down a second or two, so he tried to teleport faster and faster.

After tens of times of repetition, the swords now seemed much slower than before. It no longer seemed able to keep up with him.

This should be enough time! Dennis immediately tapped into spatial energy, causing the fabric of space around him to ripple as he tore open a spatial fissure behind his subordinates.

"Retreat now!" Dennis yelled to his subordinates who were constantly backing off. He teleported to where his subordinates gathered with precise calculation.

The godhunters that were being massacred by the subordinates of Wasir and HS’s demon generals saw the spatial fissure behind them and leaped for the chance to escape.

"No! Bryan, stop them!" Wasir cried as he charged towards them without regard for anything else.

As if he had been awakened by Wasir's cry, Han Shuo, who had been standing completely still while chasing Mascy and Dennis with his flying swords, suddenly seemed to notice something. He charged frantically towards Dennis and Mascy.

"Bryan, Wasir, we'll return when we meet up with the other Hegemons! By then, Pandemonium and Glacial Peak will be obliterated! Hahahaha!" Dennis snickered as he grabbed Mascy and fled towards the spatial fissure.

All of a sudden, the Seventeen Flying Swords came charging in with a few times more force than before. At the same time, the demon generals swarmed back towards the Myriad-demon Cauldron. Letting out a blinding, yet dark light, it came ramming towards Dennis and Mascy with overpowering force.

"Adios!" Dennis said as he sped up even more, passing through the spatial fissure. Right as the two entered it, the Seventeen Flying Swords and Myriad-demon Cauldron burst through the spatial fissure, causing it to emanate a kind of sparkling light.

"Nooo!" Dennis's cry of agony came from within the fissure. His hand stretched out of the fissure as if he wanted to climb out of it, yet he was dragged back inside by a strong force.

"Aaaaaaagh!" cried Mascy and Dennis before the spatial fissure disappeared with a flash of light. It was now gone from Glacial Peak, along with Dennis, Mascy, and hundreds of godhunters.

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