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GDK 955: You sure are treacherous!

The Seventeen Flying Swords then proceeded to weave around the mountain, mercilessly slaughtering the few remaining godhunters. Soon they were all turned into chunks of flesh.

The strands of greyish smoke which then emerged from their bodies were sucked into the Cauldron of Myriad Demon hovering high in the sky. The sinister, dark radiance on it glistened brighter and brighter.

Then, with a wave of his hand, the Cauldron and the Seventeen Flying Swords whooshed back towards Han Shuo and vanished into his body.

Wasir flew to Han Shuo's side and gazed at the region where iridescent radiances erupted and vanished. With a puzzled look, he asked Han Shuo, “Where are Dennis and the others? What exactly had happened?” Wasir could tell that Han Shuo must have done something to Dennis’ spatial fissure. Otherwise, Dennis wouldn’t have tried to crawl out from it and make that blood-curdling screech.

Han Shuo put on a bright smile and explained, “I knew that Dennis wanted to escape with his followers using a spatial fissure and so I allowed it to happen. Then I secretly altered several key fulcrums of the spatial structure, effectively sabotaging his spacetime-tunnel.”

Han Shuo had been racking his head on how to prevent Dennis from constructing a spacetime tunnel and escape while the battle was in a stalemate. He had thought hard about it but it seemed impossible. But then, it finally hit him. Rather than preventing Dennis from constructing a spatial fissure, he might as well let him deploy it and use the spatial fissure against him.

He deliberately slowed down his flying swords by fractions of a second to make Dennis mistakenly think that he was distracted and to allow Dennis to construct his spatial fissure.

The instant that Dennis tore the fabric of spacetime and constructed a spatial fissure, several demon generals made from highgod souls stealthily moved into it and altered several points in the spacetime structure.

Under normal circumstances, Dennis might be able to detect the minute alterations to his spacetime tunnel. However, with the great threats of Han Shuo and Wasir hurrying towards him and especially when the Seventeen Flying Swords and Cauldron of Myriad Demon went soaring at him, Dennis wasn’t in the state of mind to notice the changes. He went into the spatial fissure without thinking.

But as soon as he entered the tunnel, he discovered that his destination wasn’t where he had intended but an unstable temporal void. It was a desolate space billions of light-years away without any elemental energies. Exotic matter sparkled and gave off strange radiances while consuming everything in its path like a black hole.

Dennis immediately realized that he had fallen for Han Shuo’s malicious scheme. But unfortunately for him, before he could crawl out from the spatial fissure, the Seventeen Flying Swords and the Cauldron of Myriad Demon struck the fissure and caused it to collapse, cutting away his hope of ever escaping.

After hearing the smiling Han Shuo explain what he had done, Wasir looked at him with terror in his eyes and asked, “So you have been scheming against him right from the start?”

Han Shuo nodded and replied, “Well, he wanted to escape using a spatial tunnel, so I granted him his wish. Hehe, not only did make him dig his own grave, I’ve even made him jump into it happily! Isn’t this wonderful?”

Wasir was astounded. It took him a moment to regain his senses and he remarked, “You sure are treacherous!” Then, after taking a short pause, he put on a curious look as he asked, “And what will happen to Dennis and the others now?”

“The temporal void will collapse. The implosion will be powerful enough to annihilate them instantly. Other than Dennis who is in the overgod realm, it should be impossible for any of them to survive that kind of power.” Han Shuo put on an even bigger smile and continued, “But Dennis should be heavily injured by the implosion and sucked into a corner of the universe. By my estimates, he would need tens of thousands of years to return to Elysium, minimum.”

A shiver traveled down Wasir’s spine. He took a moment to digest it before remarking, “Ruthless even!”

Han Shuo gladly accepted Wasir’s praise and said nothing about it. He turned around and took a look at Wasir’s followers who were approaching them respectfully. He noticed that Wasir had suffered a considerable amount of losses with hundreds of his followers perished. Some of his most loyal and valiant highgod experts were killed with their bodies completely destroyed.

“My apologies. I did not expect them to show up that soon,” said Han Shuo in a low voice.

Wasir immediately shook his head and replied, “It’s not your fault. Neither did I expect that the woman who cultivates the edict of destiny would be so miraculous that she could predict my every move and even read my thoughts. But fortunately, she couldn’t predict your arrival in time. Otherwise, I’m afraid that the Glacial Peak would have fallen by now.”

“The edict of destiny is miraculous indeed. If Mascy was in the realm of overgod, she would be even more terrifying than she already was. It seems that of the Twelve Fundamental Forces, the Edict of Destiny isn’t just the most mysterious but also the most formidable,” remarked Han Shuo. While he was on his way to the Glacial Peak, he had a vague feeling that someone was probing his soul.

Han Shuo was surprised by that feeling and he immediately split up his consciousness into millions of strands and altered the state of his soul. With that, Mascy was unable to predict his origin and arrival. Otherwise, Mascy and Dennis would surely have tried to finish Wasir as quickly as possible and wait for him to arrive. By then, perhaps even Han Shuo would be powerless against the duo.

“Greetings, Lord Bryan!” respectfully greeted Angelo who was fortunate enough to survive the slaughter. Many of Wasir’s followers also came to Han Shuo and bowed, thanking him for saving their lives.

Han Shuo took a good look at the faces of all these people, nodded, and said to Wasir, “These men of yours are admirable - they are loyal and devoted!”

“Speak nothing of what happened here today,” Perhaps touched by the loyalty of his subordinates, Wasir’s expression became unusually kind after scanning Angelo and the others. He warned, “And do not tell anyone that Bryan was here! The war has only just begun. You bunch better stay vigilant!”

“Yes, my Lord!” answered Angelo and the gang. They were pleasantly surprised that their Sovereign had secretly made an alliance with Han Shuo. Having witnessed Han Shuo’s might first-hand, they became hopeful for their future. They felt that with an ally as powerful as Han Shuo, their chances of surviving the war would be much greater.

“Wasir, come with me to the Pandemonium. I have been counting the days and Dhaka and the others should have started attacking my base by now. I’m worried that my people cannot hold them off for too long. However, as long as we can get there in time, we can finish off the three Hegemons just like we got rid of Dennis and Mascy,” proposed Han Shuo after seeing that Wasir was done giving his troops the relevant orders.

“Sure!” agreed Wasir straightforwardly. He took a short pause and added, “Wait one moment. I will bring my men along. The forces under Dhaka and the others are tremendous. I’m worried that you won’t have enough men to handle them.”

Han Shuo shook his head and smilingly replied, “That won’t be necessary. Just the two of us is more than enough. Hehe, Dhaka and the others lost half of their army to me while on their way to the Pandemonium. My Demon Guards not only possess greater combat strength but also outnumber their forces. If it wasn’t for the presence of Dhaka, Dagmar, and Asser, I wouldn’t even need to return to the Pandemonium. - my House of Han guards could crush them easily.”

Wasir was astounded. He cried, “What?! Half of their army killed before they entered Pandemonium?!”

Han Shuo had sealed off all information on his side while Dhaka and the others definitely wouldn’t go around and tell everyone about their pathetic losses. Therefore, nobody knew about it even till now.

“That is unbelievable!” exclaimed Wasir before asking, “How many casualties did you suffer?”

“Zero. Hehe, I lost just three mountains and some energy crystals. Erm, this will take a while to explain. Come, I’ll tell you everything in detail as we travel,” after dropping an even bigger bombshell on Wasir, Han Shuo departed and left the gaping Wasir.

“My Lord, Lord Bryan had left!“ reminded Angelo when he saw that Wasir was still staring blankly into the air.

It was only then that Wasir was roused from the shock. Desperate to know how Han Shuo accomplished it, Wasir hastily gave Angelo and the others the last few instructions before quickly flying in Han Shuo’s direction to catch up to him.

Destroying half of the opponent's army without losing a single man! Such an extraordinary loss exchange ratio was astounding even to a Sovereign like Wasir.


While Han Shuo was busy slaughtering godhunters all over the Glacial Peak, Dhaka, Dagmar, Asser, and their godhunter finally came to the Pandemonium. Han Hao, Stratholme, Andrina, and the others who were in an underground chamber could clearly see the godhunters stationed at the outer perimeter of the Pandemonium through an enormous spatial refraction mirror.

After having suffered a round of crushing defeat, Dhaka and the others learned to be much more prudent in their approach. When they reached the outer perimeter of the Pandemonium, no one dared move forward recklessly. They stopped and took their time to carefully scan their environment down to every piece of rock.

After losing half their men, Dhaka and the Hegemons were frightened and they no longer dared underestimate the House of Han’s power. They truly considered the Pandemonium a most dangerous place that it was. They would be cautious in each step they take. With that, they took an hour to complete a journey that would have been minutes otherwise.


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