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GDK 959: Who Could You Even Kill?

Without the support of the Dhaka trio, the godhunters were completely not the match of the soldiers of the House of Han. Their slaughter continued on without an end in sight.

Rose, Romon, Sanguis, Zovic, and Bollands, the elites of the House of Han, took part in the chaotic battle. Even Han Hao's subordinates, be they members of the Han household guard or his personal subordinates, using demonic combat formations, worked in tandem to fight the godhunters.

The invaders were completely outmatched. The moment Ossora arrived with his own men, it only served to accelerate the godhunters' demise. They had no choice but to escape rather than waiting for Dhaka and the rest to return to help them.

Back then, they had already suffered a huge loss from Han Hao at the three-mountain valley, with most of them have not yet recovered from the injuries they suffered on that day. Faced with the fearsome fighters, it was as if they had forgotten that their leaders were not with them as they fled the place.

As they ran, the warriors of the Han household gave chase. Using their familiarity with the terrain, they were able to ambush the fleeing godhunters at many corners before dealing them another heavy blow.

Yet, this should have been a flawless victory for them, had they suffered no incident along the way. The warriors repelling the invaders had thought themselves to far outpower their enemies and charged in recklessly without regard to the risks.

Soon, they found that the initially confused godhunters seemed to muster their courage to fight back. One after another, they lashed out like cornered mad dogs.

Bollands, Sanguis, and Gilbert were fighting at the very front and were shocked to see the change. They didn't understand why the desperately fleeing godhunters would suddenly counter with a renewed fervor without regard for their own losses. They were obviously not a match for the warriors of the Han household, yet they seemed to have gotten newfound confidence to fight back. What was the source of their renewed fighting spirit?

Bollands felt that something was off. Before the godhunters could approach, he ordered, "Head back!"

"Why? They've come to die and we're merely granting their wishes! Haha, I worry that we won't have enough of them to kill," Gilbert said as he gave Bollands a curious stare.

"Something's fishy!" he replied, "Everyone, head back, now!"

"Gilbert, go!" Sanguis yelled the moment he saw Gilbert about to talk back. "There's reinforcements. I can feel lots of killing intent approaching us!"

Gilbert, now genuinely startled, no longer wasted time talking and retreated as he cried out, "Everyone, head back! Stop pursuing, it's a darned trap!"

The moment the fighters heard Gilbert's warning, they immediately turned back to whence they came. At that moment, many experts suddenly appeared from behind the fleeing godhunters. It was plain to see from the color of their outfits that they weren't the subordinates of Dhaka, Dagmar, or Asser, though they seemed just as bloodthirsty. One thing was without question: they were also godhunters.

"They're the ones pursuing Ossora. Darn it, didn't he just say that he managed to lose them?" Sanguis snapped when he took a look behind him.

Thanks to their timely reaction, their subordinates might be spared. While the leaders might've survived the clash, the other normal warriors of the Han household would've perished from the sudden onslaught that would've happened.

The thought of the mere possibility of that happening caused Sanguis to feel like cursing Ossora for inadvertently leading those people to Pandemonium. The least he could do was make sure he wasn't being followed before coming to Pandemonium.

"Quick, run!" Bollands yelled even louder as he felt a huge presence from behind. There was definitely one Hegemon among the pursuers.

It only took them one look for them to tell that they were no match for the new invaders. All of a sudden, a gentle breeze caused a person to manifest.

With a gentle smile, the Hegemon Miller created a wind barrier in front of Sanguis, Gilbert, and Bollands.

Three men ahead of Sanguis couldn't stop in time and rammed into a barrier, only to be repelled. None of them managed to barge their way through.

All of a sudden, a ferocious tornado, made from the divine energy of an overgod, formed near them. The air itself became the sharpest of blades that flayed the skin and flesh of the warriors before tearing their bodies apart in an instant.

Sanguis's eyes turned bloodshot. he drew his blood-colored sword that let out a beam five meters long, making the air smell of blood. Fresh blood seemed to flow around the sword itself, making it seem even more sinister. Sanguis's body turned into a bloody glow before fusing with his sword and piercing towards Miller's barrier at full speed.

With the sound of tearing, a large hole was opened in the barrier that could let three people pass through at once. Sanguis was the first one to go through it, with Bollands and Gilbert following behind. Some of their subordinates were quick to notice the opening and went in after, escaping the wind barrier.

However, some dozens of others weren't so lucky. Before they were able to escape, they noticed the hole had closed up. This time around, the barrier was reinforced with even denser wind elements, completely sealing off their escape route.

"Hmph!" Miller's expression was one of surprise, having not anticipated Sanguis's piercing through his barrier. Though he had put together the barrier casually on the spot, it still wasn't something that could be easily damaged. Sanguis's ability to channel all the force of momentum into a sharp point to be unleashed with the shortest impact time for unparalleled destruction broadened Miller's horizons.

With an even thicker layer of wind element reinforcing the barrier, Miller continued his assault using wind blades on the warriors that were left within it, turning them into bloody paste. He then turned into a gust of wind to flow through the barrier he made effortlessly to catch up with Sanguis and the rest.

"What about the rest?" Gilbert roared the moment he left the barrier.

Bollands didn't say a word. His expression was deathly cold. He knew that there were some warriors that couldn't make it. Fighters of their caliber definitely wouldn't last a few seconds against Miller. Gilbert's worry was unwarranted; they were sure to have died by now.

Seeing Bollands remain silent, Gilbert could already guess what had happened to them. His eyes reddened as he decided to turn back and put up a desperate fight. All of a sudden, his body stopped in mid-air; it seemed like he was no longer going to retreat.

"Grab him!" Bollands told Sanguis before he immediately stretched his hand out as well. He and Sanguis each managed to grab one of his arms before they flew back towards Pandemonium, ignoring Gilbert's protests.

"Little fellow, you have a really unique power. Haha... stay and let us investigate what exactly it is!" Miller said from behind them. All of a sudden, he surrounded the three of them with another wind barrier that couldn't even be compared with the one from before.

The moment Sanguis saw the barrier, he immediately turned back to glare at Miller. He knew that this time around, he wouldn't be able to breach the barrier, so he didn't bother to waste any effort on it. It would be more productive to fight Miller. Even if he couldn't kill him, he could at least hurt him somewhat if he fought hard enough.

The moment Bollands and Gilbert saw Sanguis give up on trying to escape, they knew that they were in a crucial juncture. It was as if they left the panic they had from before behind as they focused their hateful glares on Miller.

The other warriors stood quietly behind the three of them. Not one of them showed the slightest hint of weakness or fear. They seemed completely calm, as if death was nothing but a discomforting inconvenience for them that they had already prepared for.

Miller wasn't in a rush to attack. He made sure to take in the looks on their faces before he praised, "As expected of elite troops like yours. It's no wonder Dhaka and the rest would crumble just like that. Well, now you have a choice to make. Either you surrender your souls immediately and swear allegiance to me or be killed by me right this instant!"

"Who could you even kill?" someone called from the depths of the area. A tear suddenly appeared beneath Bollands as a grim-looking Han Hao emerged with his bone spear. He glanced at Miller before turning to Bollands and the rest. "You have no business here. Go back to Pandemonium from beneath!"

"Haha, I've heard much of your reputation, Han Hao. You sure do seem like you live up to it!" Miller said as he clapped excitedly. "However, do you think you'll be able to protect them?"

"You're free to try!" Han Hao focused his full attention on Miller, pointing his bone spear at him as he would a great foe. The seven bone spurs on his back also began to shake heavily.

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