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GDK 960: We're Not Leaving!

Han Tu was no doubt coming from the crack in the ground. However, Bollands, Gilbert and Sanguis merely gave it a passing glance without the slightest intention of leaving through it.

"You guys should go!" Bollands said, pointing at the warriors behind him. They had been trained most often by Bollands and would never hesitate to do as he ordered. Without hesitation, they jumped into the crack in the ground.

MIller's smile receded as a gentle breeze came blowing out of his palm. A barrier formed over the crack in the ground and the warriors that had entered were sent bouncing back out.

"If I say nobody's leaving, I mean it!" Miller approached Han Hao menacingly, his every step causing a small twister to form, eventually covering the whole area.

Han Hao squinted as the seven bone spurs shot out of his back towards the wind barrier over the crack. With a loud crash, a hole was torn on the barrier.

"Go, now!" Bollands yelled. The warriors quickly jumped into the crack, leaving not one of their own behind. This time around, there was nothing to stop them.

"You three too, go!" Han Hao said without even turning back. A red glow shone in his purple eyes as he glared at the approaching Miller. Specters came out of the bone spear in his hand and gathered around him.

"Han Hao, we're not leaving!" Gilbert stubbornly said, "We can't watch you die for our sake! If we're to die, let all of us do it together!"

"Hahaha, well said. You should all die together!" Miller smirked and lashed out without warning. Strong gusts of wind shot out like humongous torrents out of nowhere towards the three of them, completely enveloping them.

With a stretch of his hand, he made a sharp, saw-toothed blade with the cold winds and slashed with it. The blade spun at high speeds and covered the whole of Han Hao. The sudden surge of Miller's power put his abilities as an overgod of wind on full display. Only those on the same level as he was could stand a chance against it; those weaker than him would be trapped by the strong winds without question.

"How dare small fries like you act so arrogantly?" Miller mocked. He didn't consider Bollands and the rest his match at all. Even Sanguis, who had breached the barrier he made, only merited the slightest bit of caution. He didn't think Sanguis could really fight him on even footing.

Though he continued to mock them arrogantly, Miller was actually paying close attention to Han Hao, who was currently being entrapped by the saw-toothed wind blade. As far as he was concerned, Han Hao was the only troublesome one among them, though even then he was someone that Miller didn't have to use his full force to fight.

All of a sudden, Miller's expression suddenly shifted. "What?!"

Loud wails and cries of wraiths could be heard coming from Han Hao's direction as a gigantic silhouette formed. The figure clawed and bit at the surroundings, ravaging everything in its path.

The blade formed from Miller's wind energy was immediately shattered into countless fragments after the figure bit down onto it, causing the wind element that comprised it to disperse. They could never form together into the solid blade again.

At the same time, Han Hao's bone spear opened its wide, ghastly mouth, resembling a hellish dragon that had climbed out of its prison in the abyss for the first time in aeons. It emanated endless hatred and killing intent as it closed in for a bite.

Miller's expression was grave. Now, there was no longer the slightest hint of underestimation coming from him. He now knew that Han Hao was a match on his caliber.

All of a sudden, Miller's body began to turn rapidly, causing a large tornado to form with him in the center. The tornado stretched all the way to the sky and covered a ten-kilometer area. All the flora and rocks were crushed and absorbed into the tornado.

Miller was now at the eye of the storm, continuously supplying energy to his colossal creation that threatened to swallow all. Not only did it pull whatever it could into it, it even managed to pull Han Hao's bone spear towards it.

Sounds of crying and howling could be heard from within the tornado. The moment the bone spear entered it, the tornado began to slow down, as if it was diverting all its power to move a mountain.

"Go, now!" Han Hao cried as he sent out his bone spur to disperse the wind energy that bound them. Bollands and the rest were quite shocked at the development.

"I'm still not his match yet, so I can only hold him back for a bit. I can't defeat him!" Han Hao explained before he charged into the crack himself.

Bollands and the rest no longer hesitated and followed behind. If Miller was someone even Han Hao admitted to not being able to defeat, the three of them wouldn't even stand a chance. There was nothing else they could do but run.

The moment they entered the ground, the crack above them closed back up. There wasn't a single trace of it remaining.

At the same time, the bone spear Han Hao tossed into the tornado suddenly weighed much more than before and sank into the ground. One after another, earth spikes as large as hills filled the tornado, spreading out the force it channeled to the point the tornado could no longer sustain the spinning.

The bone spear fell straight onto one of the hills before disappearing beneath it like a drop of water in the ocean. At the same time, the horrifying energy that had filled the tornado before was now nowhere to be felt.

With the bone spear gone, it took away the power of the earth with it. The hills that had sprouted lost their support immediately and crumbled into soil. Miller's body could be seen once more. He looked at the ground pensively and praised, "It seems that this is thanks to that fellow called Han Tu. Those from the House of Han truly dabble in some interesting cultivation techniques. Thankfully, they used some rather interesting contraptions this time. Otherwise, my trip would've been wasted."


Back underground, Gilbert said, "Han Hao, where's your weapon? Did you discard it?" He knew how important the bone spear was to him. Seeing how it was left above ground, he felt rather worried.

Han Hao turned back and said, "It's coming."

Before Gilbert could react, the bone spear suddenly burst out of the muddy wall beside them and landed in Han Hao's hand.

"Han Hao, how many did we lose?" Bollands's expression was cold and grim. The ones that followed them weren't the only ones to leave Pandemonium on the offence. There were surely more of them who didn't manage to escape Miller's slaughter, considering that even they only barely just made it.

"More than fifty were killed, but most of them were mine. Most of you lot's are fine, so don't worry," he replied calmly after some thought.

Bollands was shocked and wondered why most of the casualties were Han Hao's, though something seemed to occur to him later. After some hesitation, he said, "Thank you!"

Han Hao nodded without saying much as he sped up his pace to head towards the underground palace Pandemonium.

After some time, they soon arrived at a large stone room within the palace. The Five Elite Zombies, Stratholme, Zovic, and Rose had gathered there. All of them seemed to be in a rather foul mood.

When Hao Hao arrived, he asked, "Where's Ossora and the others?"

"They are over at the guest room not far away from here," Stratholme said. After some hesitation, he said, "What the heck is wrong with that Ossora? Why didn't he make sure that he wasn't being followed and led the pursuers here? We lost quite a lot of people. Rose and Zovic only just barely made it back alive, thanks to all the digging Han Tu did."

"Guest room, huh? It's within the underground palace, right?"

"Yeah." Stratholme found Han Hao to be reacting a little oddly. Back then, Ossora had saved Pandemonium from being destroyed by Salas. And this time around, he had come with reinforcements to help them in a time of need. They should be welcomed inside, if anything.

"Who was the one who brought Ossora in here?" Han Hao coldly asked, "Didn't I instruct them to be left above ground before I left to seek out Gilbert and the rest?"

"Ossora was the one who said he wanted to come in for a look. He saved Pandemonium back then and has a good relationship with Bryan, so there isn't anything inappropriate about it, right?" Phoebe said with a furrowed brow. She also found Han Hao's attitude to be a little off.

"The underground palace is the home base of the House of Han! Father had said not to let outsiders inside! Let me ask you this: do you think Ossora's an outsider?" Han Hao said, glaring at Phoebe coldly. He then turned to Zovic and instructed, "Go take Ossora out. Either he stays somewhere above ground or the mountains where Goron and the rest are."

"Isn't that really impolite to our guest?" Phoebe snapped.

"There's something fishy about Ossora! Given his power, there's no way he wouldn't have noticed the pursuers that were tailing him! The fact that he didn't bring it up when he met up with us shows that he's planning something!" He paused to take a deep breath. "Zovic, what are you waiting for?!"

Zovic sneaked Phoebe a glance. Seeing how she was seriously contemplating Han Hao's allegations, he hesitated. He decided he would rather offend Phoebe than Han Hao and left immediately.

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