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GDK 961: He Doesn't Want To

While there were many women in the House of Han, there were few who actually had a say in matters. Phoebe and Emily were among the few. Back then during Han Shuo's absences, the two of them held quite a lot of authority. Even old Stratholme and Ayermike had to respect their opinions.

But ever since Han Hao came about, things took a slightly different turn. Thanks to his amazing power as well as having the respect of Bollands, Sanguis, and Gilbert, he had quietly become another leader in the House of Han. Phoebe felt a little unhappy about her position being taken from her.

Stratholme, Bollands, and Gilbert remained quiet and watched as Zovic left, tacitly accepting Han Hao's instructions and his authority.

Feeling a little annoyed, Phoebe glanced at Han Hao and said, "Ossora probably just failed to notice because he was worried for his subordinates, or because he was worn out from all the fighting. He couldn't have intentionally caused us trouble, right?"

Emily and Fanny seemed to agree with the assessment. The women usually got along well with each other, so it was natural they took the same side.

"Your abilities aren't anywhere close to his level yet, so it's no surprise you aren't aware of how potent the sensing abilities of an overgod is. Even if Ossora had been greatly injured, his sense should've been able to pick up hidden dangers. There was no way he wouldn't have a single clue," Han Hao calmly said, not bothered by the woman's anger at all.

After some consideration, he decided they shouldn't dwell on the matter. He turned to Bollands, Sanguis, and Gilbert. "Gather the most core members of the household. We must remain together at times like this."

"Okay!" Bollands immediately left to carry out that order.

"Han Tu, the five of you should also get ready. The moment something happens, transport everyone as quickly as possible to the control center of the formations in Pandemonium. That's where the defenses are the strongest. You will be able to utilize the yuan energy in Pandemonium to block attacks from the outside. Even overgods will be unable to breach it as long as Pandemonium's energy reserves haven't run out yet," he continued without even so much as glancing at Phoebe.

The Five Elite Zombies did as they were told without any second-guessing. It was as if nobody cared about Phoebe's anger. They saw Han Hao as their leader instead and did whatever they were told, ignoring the women's opinions.

"I worry that Zovic won't be able to handle it properly. I'll go take a look myself," Han Hao said before he turned back to Phoebe. "You should also make some preparations. It's best you head to the control center immediately. While Pandemonium is huge, that is the most secure location." Han Hao immediately turned and left.

"I don't see the slightest hint of how he used to be back then!" Lisa remarked with a bitter smile.

Back during their time at Babylon Academy on the Profound Continent, Little Skeleton had been ordered by Han Shuo to enter Lisa's room during the night and give her a harsh beating.

A few years back, ever since Gilbert revealed Han Hao's identity as Little Skeleton, Lisa was often reminded of that night. She had always tried to identify if Han Hao was the same as he was before, but apart from the seven bone spurs on his back, she could no longer see anything resembling his previous self.

"He really transformed alright! I didn't think a necromancy creature would be able to grow to this point," Fanny said with a sigh. She had known him since he was Little Skeleton, but had never imagined things would come to pass like this.

"Hmph, he's arrogant and doesn't know his place. I really don't understand how Bryan brought him up this way!" Phoebe snapped.

"Ugh..." Stratholme, who hadn't left, felt a little awkward. "He saved us, you know, so you can trust his judgments on such matters. Phoebe, Bryan treats Han Hao like his own son. I don't think he'll like how you called him an undead creature."

"Bryan really sees him as his son!" Ayermike added. He suddenly seemed to have recalled something. "Umm... You all have been together with Bryan for such a long time... so why haven't you gotten pregnant yet?"

The moment he said that, the women's faces turned dark. They seemed a little uncomfortable. Stratholme shot Ayermike a glance as he thought, The women can't be jealous of Han Hao, right?

The more he thought about it, the more plausible it sounded. They hadn't been able to give birth to an heir for the House of Han for so many years, yet Bryan adopted a weirdo like Han Hao to be his son. They were sure to find this rather weird as women.

Stratholme suddenly awkwardly laughed when this occurred to him. The women were acting like that because of their personal issues.

"Don't tell me Bryan is... having some problems..." Ayermike carefully asked. If the women weren't to blame for not getting pregnant, then the man surely was... The question caused Phoebe and the rest to blush. They didn't know what to say.

"Ahem..." Stratholme said, "In terms of age, I believe Ayermike and I can be your grandfathers. You can be straightforward about it. If the problem is with Bryan, perhaps we can find a way to rectify it. This is no small matter as it is paramount for the House of Han's future! We have to regard it seriously!"

"Where is your imagination taking you?!" Emily snapped. She stole a glance at Stratholme and Ayermike as she stuttered, "It's... it's just... Bryan doesn't want it... He said... he said he'll only impregnate us after he deals with all the dangers and threats!"

The moment she said that, the two men understood the situation. Given Han Shuo's power, he could easily control every single part of his body. It would certainly be child's play for him to not give any of the women a child.

"I see... Then I guess we'll be waiting for quite some time. When everything is over and we are safe, it should work out," Stratholme said. He felt like this matter was easier to solve than he had imagined.

"We... We've been waiting a long time. It's been near a century since we came to Elysium. I wonder how long it will take to make sure all possible threats are neutralized?" Phoebe complained. She seemed to be rather annoyed about that matter.

"Umm... We'll talk to Bryan about this when he gets back. It might just work out, you know," Ayermike said, seeing how yearningly the women looked at him.

Surprised and delighted, the three women said, "Really?"

"We'll do our best... Promise..." Stratholme hurriedly shot Ayermike a sly smile.

"Thank you so much!" the women said in unison. Ayermike and Stratholme were their seniors, after all. If they talked to Han Shou about it, they might really change his mind.

Han Shuo had been fighting through thick and thin over the years while they stayed in their rooms lonesomely, desperately wanting a child of their own to put their hopes in. Yet, they couldn't bring themselves to talk to Han Shuo about it, thinking he would be aware of what they wanted. They didn't expect he would leave their wish hanging for so long.

"We'll give it our best effort!" Ayermike suddenly found Phoebe and the rest to be rather pitiful. They had left their families in the Profound Continent to come to Elysium, yet they weren't able to spend much time with him here.

All of a sudden, a sharp, hissing whistle came through the holes in the walls. The women who were shyly discussing matters of procreation with the two seniors were jolted and they put on grave faces. "This whistle only sounds when the strongest of foes is approaching the underground palace. We only heard it once during a drill when the palace was first built. What's going on?" Phoebe asked.

"Go! Head for the control center!" Startholme said urgently. He knew they were facing crucial times. Nobody would dare to sound the whistle as a joke. Some kind of emergency definitely occurred in the palace.

"Could Han Hao have gotten it right?" Lisa wondered with worry.

"Now’s not the time to think. Protect yourselves first!" Ayermike yelled. He pushed a button near the whistle, causing a stone door to open. One after another, they stepped through the door quickly.


"Zovic, retreat!" Han Hao said as he stood in front of a cavern entrance with his bone spear in hand. He looked at the lightning-covered Hegemon, Regis, and yelled, "Ossora led you here, didn’t he? Where is he?!"

Regis snickered without answering his question. He shot out a bolt of lightning that filled the whole cavern, leaving no room for Han Hao to evade.

"Han Tu, take everyone away!" he yelled before he pierced the bone spear into the cavern walls, causing the earth to fall and block the way between him and Regis. At the same time, his bone spear let out a savage glow that formed into a white bone shield in front of him.

"Let's go!" Han Hao said as he dragged Zovic with him.

With Regis around, Isaiah, the Hegemon of Earth, would definitely be near if not inside the underground palace as well. Han Hao knew that a dire battle awaited them, so it wasn't the best time to be messing around with Regis.

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