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GDK 965: Who Calls the Shots

Ossora was so shocked that he couldn't find the words. Even if he were to reveal to Asser that he was joining hands with Isaiah and the others, and even if Asser believed it, there was no guarantee that Asser might cease attacking. The Godhunter Alliance wasn't a united group; Isaiah definitely didn't get along with Dhaka too.

He was feeling a little troubled, not knowing how exactly he had accidentally fallen into the barrier that was keeping Asser trapped. No matter how he tried to recall it, he just couldn't figure it out.

Asser was cornering him, so he couldn't even try to escape from the demonic formation. All around them, every once in a while, the stone towers would shoot out beams which would numb their limbs. They would fail to properly dodge each others’ and suffer injuries. It only took a single false step for Ossora to fall into so much trouble.

All of Ossora's preparations had gone to waste. By the time Isaiah, Reggis, and Miller reached this place and noticed he was missing, there was no way they would be able to find him even with their senses.

"Let's head back!" Isaiah said, noticing that something was off. Regis and Miller locked eyes and nodded. Without a single word, the three of them who had planned to fight Han Shuo with Ossora hurriedly turned back to head towards the secret chamber with the colorful walls.

They knew that as long as they could defend that location, there were no tricks Han Shuo could use to get his family out. That way, they could be sure Han Shuo would do what they wished. Given the three of their powers combined, they were confident they would be able to capture Han Shuo even without Ossora's backstabbing. Soon, they returned to the secret chamber.

"Now we won't fear even if he comes!" Isaiah's mouth curved into a confident smirk. "We don't have to fight him outside. We've seen what kind of trouble Ossora got into just now. There must be some other hazards too. Let's just wait here instead until he comes."

Regis and Miller smiled without the slightest trace of nervousness. The way they saw it, everything was still under control.


"Father is here!" Han Hao said agitatedly from within the secret chamber. The chamber was defended by layer after layer of protective seals. The walls contained an odd energy that could not only deflect most attacks from gods as well as prevent any soul senses from seeping through.

As a result, the Five Elite Zombies whose mastery over the soul was inferior to Han Hao didn't sense Han Shuo's arrival at all. They were still anxiously waiting for the moment the defenses of the chamber were all drained to execute the Penta-elemental Undead Formation to continue protecting the rest. However, hearing Han Hao say that caused everyone in the chamber to relax and unwind.

"We'll be fine now," Han Hao said, standing up as he clutched the bone spear. He turned to Andrina, who was biting into a crystal shard, and said, "You can keep an overgod occupied for a short amount of time so he can't attack anyone, right?"

The fist-sized energy crystal was already bitten into by Andrina. She chewed the chunk in her mouth thoroughly before nodding repeatedly. "Of course!"

"Get ready. We'll go out together later," Han Hao said as he approached Han Jin and the rest. "Only with the five of you working together can you send the two of us out. Listen for my signal later and send Andrina and I out as quickly as you can. I will establish contact with Father."

"Okay!" Han Jin said, before turning to Andrina. "Be careful!"

"I'll be fine, don't worry." She rolled her eyes at Han Hao and giggled. "You should be more worried about him."

Han Jin smiled and said, "Big Brother will be fine!"


Resounding laughter filled the skies as a majestic figure descended. Han Shuo scanned Isaiah and the other two, who looked like they were in for a fight with a mighty foe, and smiled. "You all came all this way to Pandemonium to visit me. How touching. It's a shame I wasn't here to attend to you, so I hope you forgive the lack of hospitality."

Isaiah saluted Han Shuo with a smile. "You're too kind."

"Well, I am quite flattered that the three of you think so highly of me." Han Shuo didn't seem the least bit worried. He stood on a round platform with a diagram of the Cauldron of Myriad Demons and felt the flow of yuan energy in Pandemonium. Then, he laughed. "Well, what do the three of you want? As long as it's something I have here, I will gladly give it to you."

"Now that's more like it!" Isaiah laughed heartily and looked around, before pointing at the eerie formations all over. "As long as you tell us the secrets of Pandemonium, I promise I'll send you and your family out peacefully!"

"Oh?" Han Shuo seemed stunned and troubled. "Isn't it a little too harsh to chase the lord of the house away?"

"Bryan, you no longer call the shots here. The Fringe will be the Godhunter Alliance's sooner or later. Given your talent and intelligence, you should've known to leave this place long ago. Nobody would call you a coward for it, instead, they'll praise you for knowing how to read the signs!" Miller said in a shaky voice, before his body swerved. The next moment, he was some distance apart from Isaiah.

Electricity crackled in Regis's eyes as he took a few steps to the left before stopping at wherever he found appropriate. Isaiah, Miller and Regis now had Han Shuo surrounded. Though the three hadn't attacked yet, they already had him locked on. As long as Han Shuo refused, he would be bombarded to hell and back.

Naturally, Miller and Regis's change in position didn't escape Han Shuo's notice. Unlike what the three of them were expecting, however, Han Shuo retained his smile despite being surrounded. He didn't try to move away immediately or do anything to the effect of breaking out of their encirclement.

Miller and Regis found that a little odd. Upon deeper thought, they suddenly realized that Han Shuo's reaction was a sign that he had chosen submission instead to ensure that his family survived.

Isaiah looked quietly at Han Shuo. Seeing that he didn't attack them and even settle down in the middle of the three, he relaxed, thinking that Han Shuo had made the right choice.

But it was right at that moment that without any warning, Han Shuo suddenly fought back. Before the smile on Isaiah's face receded, a gigantic palm appeared over the heads of the three of them. The hill-sized palm was so huge that even the lines looked like deep crevices. The killing intent the palm radiated was so terrifying that it could make some people cower and prostrate themselves from the fear it induced.

A tearing sound over their heads could be heard as the palms came pressing down, encompassing the whole area.

"Darn!" Regis cursed as he retreated. Isaiah and Miller also noticed that Han Shuo was definitely hostile to them. Feeling the pressure coming from above, they didn't stay and stubbornly take the attack, choosing instead to evade like Regis had done. In but an instant, their encirclement of Han Shuo had broken apart.

"I'll show you who calls the shots here!" Han Shuo stood rooted to the ground like a mountain as he laughed and watched the three frantically retreat. All of a sudden, the gigantic palm split into three, chasing after each one of the three.

Shocked, they felt a strong danger coming from Han Shuo. Despite standing there without making a single move, he was controlling the three palms like they were his own appendages. The palms homed in on each one of them no matter how hard they tried to lose them.

If it were elsewhere, there was no way Han Shuo would be able to break out of the encirclement with a single move and drive them running into a corner. However, this was Pandemonium, a place where Han Shuo knew all about, including every single nook and cranny. He was at least three times as powerful here than he was anywhere else.

Soon after he reached the Skybreak Realm, he was able to force Salas into retreat. Now that he had stabilized his realm state and was fighting on home ground, his might wasn't something Isaiah and the others could even conceive of.

"Destroy it!" Isaiah yelled, causing Regis and Miller to zip to his side. The three of them attacked the gigantic palm above them together. A deep sound could be heard from within Pandemonium as Regis, Miller, and Isaiah gathered their power and slammed it into the palm. Powerful energy waves exploded outwards. Even those within the sealed barrier in the secret chamber could feel the shockwaves.

One of the palms disappeared, but it caused the other two to vanish as well. The three of them breathed a sigh of relief. If they couldn’t dispel the attack even when they joined forces, they would immediately give up on taking Pandemonium and run as far as they could.

Han Shuo snickered and thought that if he didn't still need to fuel the Sky Annihilation Formation with yuan energy to keep Dhaka held up, there was no way the three would be able to break the attack so easily.

"As expected of the three Hegemons of the godhunters. Impressive! Since that's the case, I know what to do now. Alright, let us begin. Tell me what you want to know and I'll tell you all about it."

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