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GDK 967: An Insidious Strike After Another

"This is just wonderful!" Isaiah said. If Salas really was to join them, they would have a much better chance facing off against the Dhaka trio. After all, the formations in Pandemonium wouldn't keep the three trapped forever, so they had to make as many preparations as they could to face him.

Isaiah gestured to Regis and Miller secretly to get them to help Salas wipe Wasir out. Even though Wasir alone was hard pressed to interfere with their plans, they still felt a little uneasy about letting an enemy overgod roam free. Killing him would be much more preferable.

"Haha, Wasir, oh, Wasir... I asked you to leave early, yet you didn't listen. Don't you cry foul later!" Regis said as he suddenly charged towards Wasir like a bolt of rainbow lightning.

Regis and Salas both cultivated lightning energy. Being sandwiched between the two of them, Wasir was hard pressed to escape. Miller was watching carefully from the sidelines, completely unhurried about joining in. Instead, he turned his gaze to the only way Wasir could possibly escape to. His cunning wit caused him to already be thinking about locking down Wasir's escape route.

Wasir darted away in a panic. Being surrounded by the three, he was feeling a little anxious. The impressive frosty aura about him seemed to wane.

Regis smiled even more as he started to look down on Wasir, an overgod who wasn't willing to give everything he had in a fight. Someone with an attitude like that couldn't be that powerful. The instant Regis held that thought, he no longer treated Wasir like someone on equal footing. He shot out a bolt of blinding lightning from his palm, forcing Wasir to flee helplessly.

At that moment, Salas turned into a bolt of lightning and rammed into Wasir. Then, a lightning bolt wrapped around his hand pierced Wasir through the chest, causing him to spit out a torrent of blood.

"Haha, I didn't think that this would ever happen to you, Wasir," Salas said, before he delivered another punch to his face, sending Wasir flying towards Regis. "Regis, send him to the afterlife!"

Regis figured that Wasir was already injured. The lightning sparks that crackled from his body suggested that he was injured to the point that he could no longer resist. "Alright!" Regis heartily agreed, thinking that Wasir wasn't any bit impressive at all, for his defenses to have been breached that easily.

Isaiah observed the whole battle and found it to be weird. He didn't think that Wasir wouldn't be able to take a single strike at all and fall almost immediately from Salas and Regis's teamwork.

On the other hand, Miller was all smiles and had lowered his guard. Wasir no longer seemed to even be able to escape by now.

At that moment, everything changed. Bone-chilling frost came sweeping from the supposedly incapacitated Wasir, immediately freezing the unprepared Regis, who was just about to launch a fatal attack. Now, he was nothing but a giant statue of frost.

"Not good!" Isaiah no longer cared about Han Shuo, who was being absorbed by the soulsphere, and charged right in.

Miller's expression also changed as he charged towards Regis. "Salas, you're so dead!"

"Hehe!" Salas snickered.

All of a sudden, the bloody and battered Wasir turned around and moved out of Salas's way. A gigantic frost hammer appeared in his hand before he smashed it hard against the frozen Regis. Salas also sent a bolt of lightning striking down from the skies at the same time onto Regis's head.

Crisp sounds of Regis's bones breaking rang out as blood came spurting out of his arm and leg joints. When the ice fractured and shattered, Regis's eyes were glazed over. Two trails of blood came streaking out of his nose onto his chest. It only took one strike for him to completely be incapacitated.

"Salas, you're sick of life, aren't you?!" Isaiah roared as earth energy surged into his arms, making it tonnes heavier in the process. He seemed just like a mountain now.

"Sick of life? I think you're the one who is!" Salas snapped as he turned to Wasir, who was wiping the blood off his mouth. "Who do we get first?"

"Miller!" Wasir said.

Without the slightest hesitation, Wasir and Salas flew towards Miller. He was a wind cultivator, so his attack and evasion speed was far better than the two's. While he had reacted a little slower than Isaiah had, he was actually closing his distance with Regis faster than Isaiah.

"Shameless fool, you wouldn't be able to defeat anyone without relying on sneak attacks!" Miller said, before he slowed down. He decided he would let Isaiah take the brunt of their attacks first.

It was plain to see that Regis only lost because of the sneak attack, otherwise there was no way he would so easily be knocked out of commission. Miller knew from there that the two were incredibly sneaky and wouldn't fall for the same trick again.

However, something out of his expectations happened. Miller would never imagine that it was all part of a greater plan. Beneath Miller, a crack appeared on the colorful wall of the secret chamber. From it, an astrarium glowing with arcane energies shot towards Miller, immediately causing him to feel like he was standing at the very center of an infinitely wide void. It was as if his soul had lost control of his limbs.

Miller was faced with the threat of his sinking soul, on top of Wasir and Salas. Knowing how dire his situation was, he gathered all the wind divine energy he had accumulated over his long years of cultivation and speedily formed layer after layer of wind barriers around him.

A bone spear shot out from the secret chamber beneath and instantly gathered every element of death in Pandemonium. At that moment, even the weakest element of death seemed like it had been infused with life as it danced around the tip of the spear while it pierced through the barriers Miller set up like they were nothing, before finally exposing him abre to Salas.

"Get away!" Isaiah yelled as he charged towards Miller the fastest he could.

Suddenly, a terrifyingly insidious force came shooting out from behind Isaiah. Shocked, he hurriedly turned back before he could save Miller.

A red palm filled with killing intent came pressing down with explosive force that sent Isaiah flying. Blood gushed out of him and formed a light drizzle.

"How could it be?!" he cried in utter disbelief and terror. Han Shuo was snickering in front of him, but there was another Han Shuo down there, still petrified thanks to the soulsphere.

"Aaaagh..." Miller cried weakly as he plummeted from the skies like a deflated balloon.

A hole opened up once more on the wall of the secret chamber, out of which came three gigantic claws of blood that gripped Regis, Isaiah and Miller tightly. They were then stuffed into the hole in the colorful wall, mending it completely and leaving no trace of the damage that had been done to it.

"And we're done!" said the Han Shuo that surprise attacked Isaiah, before he shot out a beam towards the glowing soulsphere below.

Immediately, the soulsphere shattered, letting the weird light from within to escape. The other Han Shuo's eyes flashed as he opened his mouth and sucked the lights back in. Not a single bit of his memories that had been scraped from his soul was lost. After that, this body of his smiled and assimilated itself back into the main body.

"Isaiah, Miller, and Regis - three elites of the Godhunter Alliance..." Han Shuo laughed and looked at Han Hao, who was walking out of the secret chamber. "Since you want to take over the Godhunter Alliance, I'll keep them alive for now. After this battle is over, we'll have more than enough ways to make them submit."

"Thank you, Father!" Han Hao said, retrieving his bone spear.

The three bloody hands that stuffed the three Hegemons into the wall turned back into yuan energy and returned to the Sky Annihilation Formation. Much of the yuan energy from the wide secret chamber beneath also flowed back to various parts in Pandemonium, leaving only a small portion in the cells imprisoning Isaiah, Miller, and Regis.

"Thanks, you two. I didn't think that you guys are so talented in this aspect. Even I almost fell for the show myself!" Han Shuo praised as he turned to Wasir and Salas.

Wasir seemed a little embarrassed about the praise. He pointed at Ossora, who was still fighting Asser to the death, and asked, "What should we do about him?"

"He's the one who deserves to die the most," Han Shuo hissed.

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