GDK 972: Uncontrolled

Translator: Ryogawa
TLC: Hedonist

After Judas armored up, he still dared to give the cauldron another direct counter. It was a sign of his absolute confidence in his strength. The Crucifix shone even brighter now that he was clad in Holy Aurum Armor. The holy power was far more intense than before.

With the Crucifix and Holy Aurum Armor, Judas seemed like the embodiment of the God of Light himself. There was no way people would associate him with a Hegemon of the Godhunter Alliance.

Han Shuo felt greatly pressured from the holy power that was coming from Judas. He had no choice but to send a stream of energy into the cauldron to aid it in resisting all that holy power. The whole time, he had thought that Dhaka was the strongest fighter in the Godhunter Alliance. Now that he had seen Judas's holy power, he knew that Judas, the one who betrayed the God of Light, was even more terrifying. He was the true undisputed Hegemon among the godhunters.

The Seventeen Flying Swords took formation and used Deicide Slash once more, keeping Dhaka in check, forcing him to have to retaliate with full force. On the other hand, Han Shuo sent some demonic yuan energy to the cauldron, allowing it to squeeze out even more power before it slammed into the armoured Judas. The force of the blow left him stunned.

"Haha, it's got even better!" Judas exclaimed with excitement. He was clad entirely in the armor that was formed from the combined faith of 100 million God of Light believers. Even after being rammed by the cauldron twice, the armor didn't shatter. The condensed faith shone brightly with holy energy like the sun, seemingly able to resist any and all forms of corruption.

"Han Hao, you aren't my match!" Ossora smirked. Earth energy filled his body, making him feel like a magnificent mountain. Each strike he unleashed gave off an impressive domineering sensation.

While Han Hao alone would be quite hard pressed to face off against such raw power, he was now seated in the middle of Dagmar's white bone throne. His whole body seemed to have fused with the throne itself; the throne had become an extension of his body. The concentrated energy of death flowed unabated throughout the throne, turning it into a gigantic yet impossibly agile monster.

With but a thought, he could make the throne extend its fangs and talons to attack Ossora, as well as order it to shrivel up and defend him from Ossora's attacks. The throne was just as good at offense as well as defense, something which Han Hao exploited for his own benefit. From time to time, the bone spear in his hand would flash, causing Ossora to back away in fear every single time. Just because of the throne, Han Hao was able to drive Ossora away without allowing himself to be truly harmed or attacked.

But just as Ossora was unable to deal any real damage to him, Han Hao wasn't able to kill Ossora either. The latter wasn't a death cultivator, so the Quintessence Shard of Death wouldn't be able to do much. Earth cultivators also excelled at defense, and Ossora covered himself entirely with an armor of earth. There wasn't much Han Hao could do against it. If not for Ossora's defensive element, Han Hao would definitely be able to crush him.

"You can't kill me either!" Han Hao said coldly. He wouldn't let Ossora's words affect his emotional state.

Ossora was still somewhat injured and wasn't able to utilize earth energy to his full capabilities. Coupled with such an impressive defensive artifact like the white bone throne, there wasn't much Ossora could do to harm Han Hao.

Han Shuo, who was dealing with Judas and Dhaka alone, turned to look at Ossora and Han Hao. Much to his relief, it didn't seem like the latter would be in any trouble anytime soon. Smirking, he said, "So you still think you have everything under control, huh?"

Then, he whistled hard. All of a sudden, two identical Han Shuos flew out from the Cauldron of Myriad Demons, each one holding the cauldron's left and right side as death and destruction energy radiated from them before forming into a hybrid domain of divinity around them.

These two avatars were late-stage highgods and only a hair's breath away from reaching overgod status. Apart from having absorbed the souls and divine energy of many death and destruction highgods, they had also incorporated much of the memories contained within their souls. Now, they were stronger than ever before.

With a ping from the main body's divine consciousness, the two avatars were in sync with the main body. Suddenly, the death and destruction domains of divinity shifted into a new, never-before-seen domain of divinity with the cauldron in the very center, instantly spreading out and enveloping the whole area.

The cauldron in the center focused the death and destruction energies together, causing the combined domain to be able to repel other types of energies. Dhaka's expression immediately changed when he realized that he was no longer able to truly grasp the laws of destruction despite being an overgod of destruction.

The death energy gushed from all directions while Orbs of Destruction hung in the skies like fruits hanging on invisible branches, rolling nonstop as they unleashed terrifying destruction energy.

Dhaka looked up and found that the Orbs of Destruction above not only had death and destruction energy within, the orbits on which they spun also contained traces of the true essence of the laws of destruction. If a minor god that cultivated destruction energy looked at the orbs, they would be able to comprehend new ways to utilize destruction energy, becoming even more powerful in the process.

Inside the hybrid domain, Judas immediately noticed the light coming from his Holy Aurum Armor dimming. Even his evil-dispelling Crucifix didn't seem to be able to hold out against the combined domains.

The two avatars that were not even at the overgod level were far greater than the sum of their parts; the combined domain of death and destruction influenced everyone within its bounds and affected their power, with but a single exception: Han Hao, who bore the death Quintessence Shard. The death element of the combined domain was actually not affected by his shard's influence, much to his shock.

Suddenly, without any warning, Han Hao shone brightly, and it was completely out of his control. One rune after another surfaced from his body as a gigantic image of a tombstone manifested behind him. The moment the tombstone appeared, it seemed to affect the new hybrid divinity domain. The two forces de-harmonized and clashed and caused rampant energies to shoot all over the place.

The tombstone was not controlled by Han Hao, and the clash of the two forces was far out of his expectations. It had happened so fast that he wasn't able to respond to it.

Han Shuo was just as surprised. He didn't think his avatars' hybrid divinity domain would clash with Han Hao's Quintessence Shard just because it contained some death energy too. Eventually, the hybrid domain began to fracture, causing the death energy within to flow towards Han Hao. The remaining destruction energy was no longer able to support the hybrid divinity domain.

"Hahaha, truly interesting! To think the father and son would turn on each other!" Ossora had been blown away when the new domain just formed, but now, all he could do was laugh.

"It's the Quintessence Shard! It can't be anything else!" Judas cried when he turned to look at Han Hao. When Tuckamore and Ossora heard that, they looked at Han Hao disbelievingly too.

The chaotic battle had come to a halt the moment Han Shuo's hybrid divinity domain clashed with Han Hao's death energy, causing the other overgods who weren't aware of the Quintessence Shard to gape at him. Even Salas and Wasir were shocked as they realized the reason Nastor had gone to Omphalos to interrogate Logue.

It appeared that the Overgod of Death himself had indeed been looking for the Quintessence Shard. It was no wonder an exalted being like Him would come to the Fringe all the way from the Death Dominion.

"We have to end the battle quickly. It wouldn’t be long before the Overgod of Death returns. If we don't leave before he arrives, we might end up on his dinner table!" Dhaka said hastily.

Everyone knew that Nestor was extremely sensitive towards the Quintessence Shard of Death. It was a separate matter if he did not activate the Shard, but Han Hao had manifested it directly, out in the open. There was no doubt that Nestor would immediately sense the Shard’s power and come.

While the Hegemons normally liked to throw their weight around normal folks, they knew that they were far from Nestor’s match. The Overgod of Death could easily wipe out every overgod in the Fringe all by himself.

"Let's make haste!" Judas said, before he laughed out loud all of a sudden. "Haha, Regis, Isaiah, Miller, and the rest are here. The battle's as good as over!"

As he had stated, there were indeed five figures coming from the distance.

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