GDK 976: Lord of All Things Demonic

Translator: Ryogawa  
TLC: Hedonist

Currently, Han Shuo was giving off a really terrifying vibe. Even Ossora, an earth overgod, was helpless to resist and had been killed in an instant. Han Shuo now seemed to be in the league of Quintessence Overgods.

After witnessing someone as powerful as Ossora being wiped out in basically a single moment, the others shuddered from the chill and immediately retreated. Even staying for a single second longer meant risking being taken out by Han Shuo.

The overlap of the six avatars of death, destruction, lightning, darkness, wind and water hovered in the air like a towering titan. Its divinity domain was a huge storm of six energies blending and melding together.

"Father, they're getting away!" Han Hao cried. But contrary to his expectations, Han Shuo didn't give chase at all. The gigantic figure in the air didn't move at all as it looked down on the single person that remained: Judas.

It wasn't that Han Shuo didn't want to pursue them. Instead, the six-energy avatar congregate had to be actively maneuvered by his consciousness and couldn't be willed to move around as he pleased. There were also lots of unknowns remaining about it, chief of which was why the lightning, darkness, wind and water avatars didn't have a telepathic link with him.

After barely being able to launch a strike to wipe Ossora out, the congregate avatar was about to break apart, especially when the aforementioned four energies spiraled out of control. He knew that if Dhaka and the rest didn't leave on their own accord, he might not have been able to take them out easily once these four energies completely de-harmonized.

Han Shuo was still rather unfamiliar with the powers of his avatars of death and destruction. He also barely had any knowledge about other eleven avatars coalesced from tens of thousands of demon generals.

What he had to do first was familiarize himself with the thirteen new avatars. Only after he figured out their strengths and quirks and integrated them into his consciousness could he bring out their full power. Before that, all he could do was overlay them in a brute-force manner without proper integration, which seemed to be rather dangerous.

Han Hao didn't seem to be aware of this, however. Seeing the new avatars wipe Ossora out in a single strike, he immediately believed that Han Shuo was now untouchable, so he shouldn't have let the rest go so easily.

"Bryan, you truly are breathtaking. I really didn't think you'd make another breakthrough so soon," said Judas, the only Hegemon remaining. He still had an amiable smile on his face.

Currently, Han Shuo's main body stopped bleeding. The expiring magical yuan energy seemed to have been renewed and slowly began to seep and creep through his body. As the weak magical yuan energy slowly gathered, it nourished him and slowly reconnected his severed meridians. The cells around his wounds recovered quickly while his fractured bones seemed to reform like liquid. It was a mystical transformation indeed.

At the same time, Han Shuo's consciousness zoned out as odd sights began to surface in his mind. He saw many fleeting ancient writing with all sorts of colors. It cleansed his mind and soul, putting his whole being into a serene state.

'I am the lord of all things demonic!'

This epiphany had suddenly occurred to him. Perhaps being the lord of the House of Han for so long or worrying about the Five Elite Zombies and Han Hao gradually made him responsible for leading them. Not only did he have to do everything for them, he also had to consider how to keep them safe.

'The demon reigns supreme, I reign supreme, I am the demon that reigns supreme!' These words rang out loud in his still and calm sea of consciousness, causing waves to rise within it. Instantly, the sea of consciousness seemed boundless like it would overflow and spill into the skies above with nothing being able to stop it.

'All is demonic, all is me. I am demonic, I am all...'

The arcane thoughts continued to surface in him, causing all sorts of changes in his sea of consciousness. The bright stars in the sky seemed to travel along their circular paths without ever changing. Now, his sea of consciousness seemed to have morphed into a micro universe. It was as if he had fused with the universe itself.

Judas watched Han Shuo with shock. Nobody knew what he was thinking as he stood there unmoving, not attacking Han Shuo nor in a hurry to leave. After some time, Han Shuo gradually reawakened.

Suddenly, he realized that his consciousness was now at the Diablo Realm. However, the power in his body still hadn't gathered enough to the point that his body would transform and achieve the Diablo Realm like his mind did.

Looking down, he saw that his injured body had recovered mostly. While he was not at his peak, he had recovered more than half of his demonic yuan. Being able to heal up to this extent in such a short time shocked even him.

He lifted his palm up and saw that his skin was smooth like jade and even had an eerie sheen on it. It looked even more beautiful than a woman's skin. The lines on his palm were clear and defined, but it seemed to morph as he gripped and relaxed his hand. It seemed oddly beautiful in a way.

"This... this..." Han Shuo mumbled with awe.

"Bryan." Judas was smiling at him, causing Han Shuo to put up his guard. However, all he did was laugh. "Hahahaha, congratulations!"

Now, Han Shuo was a little puzzled. The congregate avatar he had so desperately tried to sustain had split up. Now, all thirteen of those gigantic, ethereal figures rushed back into the hovering cauldron, which levitated back to Han Shou's chest and vanished. Slowly, Han Shuo stood up and gave Judas an odd look. "Why haven't you left yet?"

Han Shuo had always found Judas to be a little odd. Even though he was a Hegemon who had betrayed the God of Light, he wielded the Crucifix, a divine artifact the God of Light had personally crafted, and could even wield the fate of 100 million believers to manifest the Holy Aurum Armor. It really called into question whether he was truly a godhunter.

As he looked at Judas, he found his sight to be a little unusual. His divine consciousness was entirely focused on Judas, but he wasn't able to get a grasp of Judas's true strength. He felt that Judas was plotting something with him involved and was hiding an even greater power.

"Huh? Why should I leave?" Judas chuckled.

Not knowing what his intentions were, Han Shuo smirked and caused the Seventeen Flying Swords to come whooshing out. The Cauldron of Myriad Demons also charged out to ram towards Judas.

Even though Han Shuo had only recovered half of his power, his Diablo Realm realm-state caused the flying swords and cauldron to strike out with even more force. Infusing his attacks with his Diablo Realm consciousness caused them to be even harder to grasp than before.

Han Shuo believed that there was no way Judas would be able to take on those attacks based on the power he had demonstrated. He would still get badly hurt even with Holy Aurum Armor.

However, things turned out differently from what he had expected. All of a sudden, Judas shone like a bright sun as a wave of holy energy came descending from the sky into his body. Though mediocre before, Judas's Holy Aurum armor now had a different glow. The Crucifix in his hand lurched upwards as the sacred light energy came washing down upon it.

Both the flying swords and cauldron were unable to break through the Crucifix's defenses. Shocked, Han Shuo retrieved his weapons and asked, "Who in the world are you?"

"Nestor and the others are almost here. Hmph, you better watch out for Han Hao," Judas said smilingly as he stopped.

Han Shuo was even more flabbergasted now. There were few in the entirety of Elysium who dared to address Nestor by name. Who in the world was Judas?

Before Han Shuo could react, the Goddess of Destiny and God of Death simultaneously appeared out of thin air. Nestor’s gaze was immediately affixed on Han Hao. "I didn't think that even I would be tricked!"

The Goddess of Destiny's star-like eyes turned to Han Shuo, then Han Hao before they finally stopped on Judas. "What in the world are you doing?"

Seeing the goddess, Judas didn't prostrate himself like Han Shuo had expected. Instead, he fearlessly laughed and said, "I was just applying some pressure on him to help him grow faster. Haha, you also know that we don't have much time to spare. Look- there- Thanks to me, he has gotten stronger now!"

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