GDK 985: Condition

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"What's going on?" Han Shuo asked when Han Jin startled him.

Han Jin nervously said, "There's a lot of energy crystals hidden beneath Omphalos. I didn't notice it the last time I was here. They are used for energy cannons and are highly explosive."

"What does this mean..." Han Shuo began to ponder the gravity of the situation.

"If they explode, the whole of Omphalos will be vaporized instantly! Oh heavens... If all those energy crystals go off, there's no saying whether we'd escape alive or not! Big Brother is still inside. I fear he'll be in danger if he stays!"

"Can that kind of explosion threaten an overgod?" Han Shuo immediately wondered if this could be someone's plot against the Hegemons.

"I think even overgods will die from the explosion!" Han Jin exclaimed.

Han Shuo's expression immediately changed. He informed Han Hao about it telepathically and asked him to leave through the underground path immediately.

"Han Jin, is there a way to stop the explosion?" Han Shou asked anxiously. Omphalos wasn't like Pandemonium; it was the hub of the Fringe with all sorts of shops and many gods still there. It was important that it survived. He didn't want it to be reduced to rubble.

"Not only are there energy crystals underground, there are also stashes of black crystal coins all around Omphalos. Those crystals, given their high purity and energy-density, will only exacerbate the explosion. All life in Omphalos will be wiped out instantly." Andrina added after some thought. But the next moment, something flashed across her eyes as she smiled.

"Bryan, don't you think we should just let the godhunters be vaporized in an instant? How wonderful it is for all of them to be killed right here and now!" She hated the godhunters with a passion thanks to her grudge. Not to mention, she couldn't really care less about whether Omphalos survived; it was but a small price to pay for the deaths of all the godhunters.

Naturally, Han Shuo wouldn't opt for that. Not only would the Omphalos serve an important function in his future plan for the Fringe, he also wanted to go after the water, fire and life Hegemons for Han Shui, Han Huo and Han Mu. He wouldn’t let their precious souls be obliterated.

Not to mention, a sizable number of the godhunters might end up serving Han Hao in the future. Killing them all would be the same as handicapping Han Hao after his eventual takeover of the Godhunter Alliance.

"There are methods," Han Jin said, eyeing Andrina. "We can stop it if she agrees to help us."

Andrina was a unique lifeform with a special ability to control energy crystals. She could definitely work something out, especially while working in tandem with Han Jin.

"Jin! Why are you not on my side?" she snapped.

Han Jin laughed nervously and rubbed his hands in fear. After some hesitation, his eyes brightened. "It is a massive lot of energy crystals down there, you know. It is more than enough to raise your power to the next realm!”

Andrina seemed charmed by the idea and giggled. "Hehe, Bryan, if you agree to let me have all of the energy crystals, I'll agree to help."

"Deal. Take it all." He couldn't afford to hesitate now. Han Shuo's priorities were elsewhere. While it didn't sit too well to give her all those crystals as snacks, he didn't have much of a choice, especially when the crystals were good as gone if they were detonated.

"Alright. Jin, let's isolate all the external energy waves!" she said as she pulled Han Jin towards Omphalos with glee.


Outside of Omphalos, Tyre and Logue watched the whole thing sinisterly. Their preparations were complete.

"Logue, let us move closer! Hahaha, don't worry. All it takes is for a pulse of my soul to flatten the whole of Omphalos. This place is still a little far from Omphalos, so we should get moving for the best results," Tyre said. He couldn't stop himself from laughing with excitement at the thought of seeing the ruins of Omphalos. No matter how powerful he was, that didn't stop him from letting his imminent success get to his head.

Logue seemed even more excited than Tyre. "It's ready, right? Let's go! Omphalos will be ours!"

They left the barrier they were hiding in with their subordinates for Omphalos.


Currently, chaos was breaking out in Omphalos. Apart from Dhaka who came in earlier, the other Hegemons also charged inside and killed anyone they saw as they spread out. The shops of the Sovereigns became their main targets. Each one of them went looking for their own shops to ransack.

Most of the gods within had fallen to the cruel godhunters without being able to resist one bit, most of them were killed in their shops or hidden rooms they took refuge in.

Seeing that all the Hegemons had fallen for it, Dhaka waited in anticipation. Nobody paid attention to what he was doing now.

"All of you, spread out and leave Omphalos from different entrances. Make sure to hurry up!" he said sternly.

"Why? Sir, we should be plundering as much as we can like the rest. If we're slow, they'll take it all!" one of his men questioned.

Dhaka snapped coldly, "It's pointless if you're dead!" He swept his gaze across the rest and said, "Order your men to leave Omphalos right away, no questions asked!"

After seeing him snap with anger, they didn't dare say any more and hurriedly left according to his instructions. Even then, they didn't alert the rest around them who were too busy looting. They no longer cared about what was happening around them.

Back at Celestial Pearl Pharmacy, Han Hao immediately went underground after receiving Han Shuo's message. He didn't doubt the possibility of the explosion at all and left as quickly as he could.

He soon caught up to Polo and the rest. Seeing how relaxed they were, he chided, "Hurry up! As fast as you can!"

The rest immediately knew something was up and dragged the toxin brewers along as quickly as they could without asking questions.

All of a sudden, something occurred to Han Hao. He quickly contacted Han Shuo. "It must be Tyre and Logue's doing! Nobody other than Sovereigns are able to sneak that amount of energy crystals discreetly underground! Father, I've detected where they are. It's--"

"I know where they are!" he interrupted as his senses detected a group of incoming people. His broadened senses allowed him to recognize Logue and Tyre's aura from afar.

By now, Han Jin and Andrina were heading towards Omphalos. Being unique lifeforms, they should be fine even if the explosion occurred, especially considering that they were formed from crystalline structures like the energy crystals. In fact, they might benefit from the explosion of energy if anything, so Han Shuo wasn't too worried.

He charged towards the two approaching Sovereigns as he continued to converse with Han Hao. "Jin and Andrina are approaching Omphalos to stop the explosion, but you still have to leave immediately. Go as far as you can. I don't know when they'll trigger the explosion."

"Father, those two are trying to take the Hegemons out. Once Andrina and Jin take care of the situation, send me a notice. I will take my men to block off the exits and make them pay for destroying Pandemonium!"

"Alright. I'm heading to deal with Logue and Tyre." In the next instant, he reached where they were, but he didn't show himself. He was worried his presence would cause them to detonate the crystals in a panic.

After he sensed that Han Hao and the rest had left and Han Jin and Andrina reached the depths of Omphalos, he appeared before Logue, Tyre and their men.

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