Heaven Awakening Path - Chapter 95(Complete)

Awakeners. Existences born beyond our imaginations.

The Six Paths Awakeners were the strongest six people on the continent.

Yun Chong and Lu Ping did not go into the details, but Yun Chong still deduced that a Soul Constrain existed. But he would have never guessed just what kind of monsters they were used on.

“Can the Soul Constrain control the Six Paths?” Yun Chong asked.

Chu Min shook her head. 

While she did not know the answer, she doubted anyone who did would dare to answer such a question. Besides the six existences, there was no news about a seventh Six Path Awakener in this world. As such, no one besides the six people and those who crossed paths with them knew just how powerful they were.

Everyone knew that each path was limited to a maximum of six ranks, but most could not even fathom the power of a Five Paths Awakener. To them, Six Paths Awakeners already surpassed their imaginations.

“All the skills in this world are limited to Level 6, but can this Soul Constrain seal those above that cap?”

No one had the answer to that. Yun Chong and Chu Min were merely Three Paths Awakeners. Although they were considered strong, they were still far from the peak of cultivation. So how could they find answers known only to the realm beyond that peak?

Maybe only the heavens knew the answers…

The two of them stared blankly at the sky.

Underneath the sky, a few students left the abandoned courthouse and headed for the city center.

Lu Ping and Su Tang set out first, but Xiu Zhi Ping and Shi Ao soon caught up.

The two groups greeted each other, but both sides did not know how to continue the conversation, which created an awkward silence. After a while, Xiu Zhi Ping opened his mouth while maintaining his speed.

“I’m afraid, with that attitude of his, it’ll be hard during the enrolment,” he said.

“Who?” Lu Ping asked.

“Mo Lin,” Although Xiu Zhi Ping had not fought them, he remembered each of their names accurately.

“Oh? You’re talking about the state he’s currently in?” Xi Fan asked.

“That’s right,” Xiu Zhi Ping nodded. “His Soul Splitting state is obvious. Although there lies a possibility that he was injured by an enemy, if the officer looks into the situation and exposes our training methods, aren’t we gonna be screwed?”

“This…” Lu Ping and Xi Fan looked at one another. They had forgotten about this. Xi Fan, as the Wind Plucking’s Disciplinary Head, was particularly sensitive to illegal actions. However, even he did not find such a training method a crime. It might be due to their previous teachers’ incompetence that did not allow them to realize this technique, and thus, such a rule to constrict its usage did not exist.

“Do you have any other methods?” Lu Ping asked Xiu Zhi Ping.

“If he can walk up the stage naturally, there shouldn’t be a problem,” the other boy replied.

Soul Splitting and Soul Sealing may seem similar, but they were worlds apart. Soul Sealing signalled the complete destruction of one’s Soul Power. Soul Splitting, on the other hand, separated the connection between the victim’s Soul Power with their senses without destroying the Soul Power. A victim of such a skill was not caught easily, but it did come with its demerits.

They’d be exposed due to their loss of senses. 

But as long as Mo Ling pretended like he had no problems, no one would figure out what his problem was.

“So… what should we do?” Lu Ping and the others were deep in thought. If it was Su Tang instead of Mo Ling, the situation would not have been so grave. After unlocking her Path of Strength, her senses became exceedingly sharp, and she could easily operate like an average human.

But Mo Ling only unlocked the Path of Pivot.

The Path of Pivot…

“Food,” Lu Ping said. “As long as someone walks with food in front of him, he should be able to trace that source and follow that person.”

The Path of Pivot improved one’s senses, so it made sense to use food as a guide. It was also why no one raised any objection. After all, this was not an impossible task.

“While it may work, the challenge is to make it as natural as possible. Why not let him push me then?”

“That’s good. With those actions, you can easily manipulate the actions while hiding the unnatural movements. Plus, you can guide him in the right direction.” Xiu Zhi Ping realized his intentions.

“But there’s still another problem,” Lu Ping said.

“And what’s that?” Xi Fan and Xiu Zhi Ping asked simultaneously. 

“How are we gonna tell him that?” Lu Ping replied.

“Urgh…” Xi Fan and Xiu Zhi Ping were stunned. Mo Ling was currently in the Soul Splitting state and could not hear nor see. He only had his sense of smell left, so there was no way he would know their plans.

“Let’s write the plans down and have him feel it with his hands,” Shi Ao came up with an idea.

“Won’t that be too difficult for him?” Xi An rebuked.

“Will he know if we’re writing in his palms?” Su Tang grabbed Mo Ling’s right palm and wrote a letter. Mo Ling furrowed his brows and looked serious like he was analyzing the message he was receiving. Meanwhile, his hands began to creep back into the pockets of his clothes.

“Haah…” Lu Ping was speechless. Although Mo Ling could not decrypt the message, his sense of self-defense was really high. So whenever Mo Ling encountered a situation that he could not resolve, he would try to save himself by releasing toxins.

“He can’t even do that.” Lu Ping pulled Mo Ling’s two hands out of his pockets.

“Seems like we can only rely on our teacher,” Xiu Zhi Ping spoke.

“Oh…” Lu Ping, Su Tang, Shi Ao, and Xi Ping nodded in realization.


As Yun Chong and Chu Min were trying to estimate just how scary Awakeners who unlocked all Six Paths were, the students appeared once more.

“Teacher,” Xiu Zhi Ping walked up first and explained the situation, while Shi Ao laughed in the corner.

Their teacher, Shining Skies’ headmaster, Yun Chong, could only glare at Xiu Zhi Ping when he ended his speech.

"My skill, Sound Chasing, is a Level 4 skill, and yet you just want to use me as a megaphone?" Yun Chong was hurt that his talents were wasted for such a trivial matter.

"Teacher, you’re the only person in my mind who’s fit for the task." Xiu Zhi Ping spoke respectfully, unlike Shi Ao, who was already laughing to the point of slamming his face against the wall.

“Seems like we have to rely on you this time," Chu Min spoke up.

"What do you need?" Yun Chong asked helplessly.

Xiu Zhi Ping explained in detail and even took his time to explain why Yun Chong was necessary for this plan.

Yun Chong's face sank. "Are you sure this is required?" 

He was even suspecting that his students were messing with him. After all, he had been the victim of countless pranks in the past.

"The examiner is cautious... Oh yeah, there’s something else that we have to explain to you." As Xiu Zhi Ping spoke, Mo Ling began to search for the poison in his pockets, forcing Zhi Ping to recount the event that happened on the way here.

Yun Chong’s temper dissolved instantly. It appeared that he had no choice but to take up the task.

Yun Chong opened his mouth, but not a word came out… No, it was more accurate to say that no one could hear him. The message was sent via the Path of Spirit and the Path of Sound directly to Mo Ling’s consciousness.

It was no difficult task, but there were large volumes of information being transferred. Yun Chong’s Sound Chasing skill only allowed him to speak each syllable slowly. As such, he was seen slowly opening his mouth and closing it rhythmically. It was this rhythm that aided him in manipulating his Soul Power.

Xiu Zhi Ping seemed calm while Shi Ao wantonly laughed in the corner. However, Lu Ping discovered something wrong in Yun Chong’s rhythms. He frowned lightly and began to activate his Soul Power to aid the teacher.

Lu Ping’s rhythm referenced Yun Chong's rhythm, except it was sped up several times, just like how an eight-second piece was supposed to be done within a second. And he had only one shot at this.




Lu Ping wasn't familiar with the rhythm and was attempting to master it. But he quickly replayed everything and practiced it countless times in the blink of an eye in his mind. Never once did he stop. Soon, he began to feel some sort of inspiration.

Due to Mo Ling’s strong sense of caution, the extreme length of the message, and his supernatural learning speed, Lu Ping could replay the spell many times in his head. After many attempts, he had lost count of how many times he had already performed it. But that did not matter since he had already familiarized himself with the rhythm and his perception of the Path of Sound improved… 

The Path of Sound was like musical notes in an ocean. And to accurately pick out the right notes was the essence of mastery.

Lu Ping was in no rush to experiment. It was a rare chance for him, and he wanted to use it to grasp the skill's fundamentals.

"Whew…” Yun Chong breathed a sigh of relief. He finally finished the long chants, and his mouth felt dry. During the chants, he noticed Lu Ping was circulating his mana at a high frequency and high-density manner. Vaguely speaking, he seemed to be referencing its own rhythm. But when he went ahead with his thoughts, he quickly gave up that idea.

This child… Just how is he able to circulate his Soul Power under the effects of the Soul Constrain? Oh yea, I forgot to ask Chu Min this.

Just as Yun Chong finished the process, he began to relax his body. As for Lu Ping, he was sweating profusely and seemed far more exhausted than Yun Chong.

Lu Ping went to one corner of the courtyard to pick up a fragment. It was a special sound transmission material that he had brought out of Shining Skies College. There was not a lot of it, and thus, there was nothing much that could be done with it too, except maybe as an examining device.


Lu Ping carefully reviewed it and pinched a few of the fragments.

Space! Rhythm! Bouncing notes! Let me reach them!

In a flash, Lu Ping was doing something beyond anyone’s expectations with his godspeed control over his own Soul Power.

I got it!

A handful of notes molded into the Soul Power that supplied the Path of Sound and flowed out of his fingers.

Lu Ping's heart trembled. This sound was not at all pleasant to him. However, there seemed to be something subtle about the sound?

Lu Ping looked down at the shard at his fingertips. It was not broken nor fractured. But anyone could vaguely see the tiny slit across the strip. Although he used two fingers to attempt to snap it, it remained sturdy.

He succeeded!

Lu Ping jumped like a madman knowing he succeeded. Although it was not perfect, he felt that he would have the Path of Sound within his grasp just by walking down this direction and perfecting the rhythm.