Heaven Awakening Path - Chapter 96

Lu Ping only meant to deliver a message to Mo Ling, but he managed to chance upon a method for him to breakthrough in his cultivation. From what he had seen, he was sure that this method would definitely be effective. As long as he continued using this cultivation method, soon he would be able to master the Path of Sound.

“Thank you!” Lu Ping said.

Yun Cong waved away the gesture nonchalantly. It was not his original intention, but being able to help Lu Ping had managed to placate him. Yun Cong had been frustrated that his Sound Chaser was only being used as a messenger, but he was feeling much better now.

“What’s going on?” Xiu Zhi Ping and Shi Ao were still in the dark. Both of them did not understand Lu Ping’s condition like Su Tang and Xi Fan did, neither did they possess the sharp senses of Chu Min and Yun Cong, thus they had no idea that Lu Ping had just completed his arduous cultivation.

“I managed to figure out a pattern in the headmaster’s abilities!” Lu Ping yelled out gleefully.

Xiu Zhi Ping and Shi Ao nodded in understanding. They were Yun Cong’s disciples after all. Even if they could not grasp that technique, they still had some basic knowledge of how their master’s ability worked.

“What you were looking for is the rhythm, right?” asked Yun Cong. He could detect it for a sliver of a moment, but the suddenness left him unsure.

“Indeed,” replied Lu Ping.

Yun Cong nodded his head. As a senior cultivator of the academy, he was never stingy with his techniques as long as his student had the right requirements. Since all Lu Ping needed was the manual, Yun Cong decided to help him all the way. “I’ll hand you a complete copy of the rhythm then.”

“Was the previous one incomplete?” Lu Ping asked.

“That one? Of course, it was.” Without the help of the manual, it was impossible to control the Path of Sound and activate the Sound Chaser. Thus, the complete rhythm is needed to use the Sound Chaser.

“Oh, I’ve already memorized it.”

“You… memorized it?” Yun Cong’s mouth was gaping. The activation period of Sound Chaser was slightly longer than usual, but to be able to memorize the entire rhythm in such a short amount of time was unheard of. How is this possible? Could it be that he’s an Awakener?

While Yun Cong was processing Lu Ping’s words, Chu Min was laughing by the side. She knew why Yun Cong was shocked, but she knew that he had misunderstood Lu Ping’s true method. Lu Ping could grasp the technique so quickly due to his speed. In that period of time which Yun Cong thought was rather short, Lu Ping had already experimented with the rhythm many times over, allowing him to attain the ability through countless repetitions. However, the time consumed was still relatively short, so bystanders will definitely be amazed at Lu Ping’s efficiency.

To be able to cultivate at such a speed definitely required talent, but the origin of this talent was completely unrelated to what Yun Cong was thinking.

“Mo Ling, are you clear with everything?” asked Chu Min. Yun Cong had been so preoccupied with Lu Ping that he had already forgotten his original intention.

“Nod your head if you’ve understood,” Yun Cong said to Mo Ling after snapping himself out of his daze.

Mo Ling nodded.

“Finally, remember to come up with some signals for communication. This way, Mo Ling will be able to understand what is happening as well,” Xiu Zhi Ping said suddenly.

“You should’ve done this before.” Yun Cong glared at Chu Min. This type of matter should have been properly discussed before using the Soul Splitting technique to cultivate. Don’t be like Chu Min who managed it by carelessly cutting off the Soul Power of several people.

“It’s not like you mind, right?” Chu Min signaled for him to begin.

After the students had left the crumbling academy, Yun Cong fell back onto his rocking chair, a tired look on his face. Whatever. I can’t be bothered with Chu Min anymore.

Lu Ping and his band began their journey back to the city. They were all getting along very well, but it was soon time for them to split up. Xiu Zhi Ping and Shi Ao were going to meet up with students from Shining Skies College and travel with them, while the rest had to help Xi Fan and Mo Ling register.

“Well, see you at the Grand Soul Tournament,” said Xiu Zhi Ping.

“Bye!” Lu Ping replied while the rest nodded their heads. Xiu Zhi Ping was not a man of many words, but his kindness shone in place of his voice. After all, he had helped them a lot today.

“We’ll be opponents by then. Try not to kill me, would you?” joked Shi Ao.

“I definitely won’t,” replied Lu Ping.

“Getting ahead of yourself, aren’t you?” Shi Ao retorted, a tinge of annoyance in his voice.

Lu Ping gave a smile as his reply. And so they parted ways. As Lu Ping arrived at Xi He Plaza, the first thing he noticed was the sheer number of people present. Su Tang and Lu Ping were surprised to see that Xu Wei Feng had not left yet. He was sitting by the registration, the exact spot where Zhao Gang’s punch had landed him, looking at the students from various academies who were signing up.

“You guys sure came back quick.” Xu Wei Feng was genuinely surprised to have met these two so quickly. He noticed the two newcomers who were Mo Ling and Xi Fan.

“You are…?” Xi Fan had no idea who the youth in front of him was.

“Martial Sky Academy, Xu Wei Feng.” Xu Wei Feng introduced himself.

“Wind Plucking Academy, Xi Fan,” replied Xi Fan.

Since neither of them was from famous academies, they had no reason to look down on each other, sparing themselves from a pointless argument.

“Why are you still here?” asked Lu Ping.

“I’m scouting out my potential opponents,” Xu Wei Feng replied.

If anyone from before were to hear his statement, they would definitely burst out in laughter. A kid who was sent flying with just a single punch is scouting out his opponents? What a joke.

However, neither Lu Ping nor Su Tang let out the slightest chuckle. Xi Fan, who had no idea of what happened before, did not laugh either.

“You keep on observing your opponents, we’ll be queueing up,” said Lu Ping.

“Why are you lining up again?” Xu Wei Feng asked.

“The two of them need to register also.” Lu Ping pointed towards Xi Fan and Mo Ling.

“Why don’t you and Su Tang stay here? I’ll go register with Mo Ling, to familiarize ourselves,” said Xi Fan.

Xi Fan did not mention what they were going to familiarize themselves with, but Lu Ping and Su Tang knew it was to let Mo Ling get used to masquerading as a normal person. It would be easier to register that way.

“Ok.” Lu Ping let Mo Ling down from his back while lightly hitting Mo Ling’s arm to signal him about what was happening. Mo Ling pushed Xi Fan’s wheelchair towards the queue. At first, his movements were still uncertain, but soon he managed to find his composure. No one would be able to tell that anything was wrong with him.

Lu Ping and Su Tang breathed out a sigh of relief. Xu Wei Feng asked, “Is he blind?”

Lu Ping and Su Tang nodded their heads. To be mistaken as a blind person was better than being outed that Mo Ling was using the Soul Splitting technique to cultivate. Both of them were relieved that Xu Wei Feng had come to that conclusion himself and they hoped that this matter would not be brought up anymore.

“Any new findings?” Su Tang took the opportunity to change the subject.

“Of course! Would you like to take a look?” Xu Wei Feng said excitedly as he flipped through his thick stack of notes. Lu Ping and Su Tang forged ahead to take a look.


“Look at this person. He Awakened in the Path of Charge, as well as Rank 6 in two other Paths. He’s pretty good, isn’t he?” Xu Wei Feng said.

Lu Ping and Su Tang nodded in agreement. Based on his cultivation level, this ‘Tao Neng’ person was much more impressive than Su Tang, Xi Fan, and Mo Ling. He had Awakened of one Path, with two other Paths at Sixth Rank. At this pace, he should be able to Awaken two Paths, perhaps even three. Lu Ping Awakened in all six Paths, however, the repercussions of Soul Sealing made him unable to use his full power, thus his strength could not be measured solely by looking at his cultivation level.

“There’s another one!” Xu Wei Feng flipped to another page.


“This guy is really strong too! His skills are outstanding! I saw him fight just now, and he annihilated his opponent within seconds,” Xu Wei Feng described.

“Wow.” Lu Ping and Su Tang nodded their heads once more. It was another person with mastery over one Path, with two other Paths at Sixth Rank. The combination of Awakened Path of Strength and Rank 6 in both Path of Charge and Path of Sound means that this ‘Guan Yue’ person must have good reflexes. He would definitely be a tough opponent.

“There’s this guy too!” Xu Wei Feng continued to flip through his notes.


Giant axe?

The last statement piqued Lu Ping and Su Tang’s interest.

“Oh, it’s this guy. His cultivation level is slightly weaker than the previous two participants, but the giant axe he carries around sure is intimidating,” Xu Wei Feng said.

A frightening weapon? Could it be a Divine Armament? These thoughts flashed in Lu Ping and Su Tang’s minds. If it were a weapon produced by a normal blacksmith, no matter how sturdy or sharp, it can never compare to a Divine Armament. In order to be considered as a Divine Armament, the weapon must either be able to resonate with one’s Soul Power, increase the force of Soul Power, or be able to produce other special effects.

There exist many types of Divine Armaments which can be categorized by the Path of Soul Power used to activate it. A Divine Armament that can only be activated by one Path of Soul Power will not react to other Paths of Soul Power. As for Divine Armaments that can resonate with more than one Path of Soul Power, it possesses more power and will be classified as a higher grade, but it will be harder to use as well.

Cultivators often rely on Divine Armaments to increase their powers, but searching for a suitable Divine Armament is not easy. Students in the academies are still fledglings at cultivation. One would normally wait until they have Awakened Cultivation, when their abilities have manifested, before deciding on a Divine Armament.

This means that even famous academies such as Shining Skies College and Dual Peak College did not have many students with Divine Armaments. Most of them claim that they have no need for these weapons, while the rest do not have the proper affinities. The ones who already have Divine Armaments are mostly those whose families are considerably well-off. One example would be Qin Sang of Dual Peak College, a member of the Four Noble Families. She has been wielding the Grade 5 Divine Armament ‘Kui Ying Sword’ since she was young, however, it is unknown how much of its true power can be wielded by its owner. Without the proper cultivation level, no matter how powerful a Grade 5 Divine Armament may be, it can only exert the strength of a Grade 1 or Grade 2 Divine Armament.