Heaven Awakening Path - Chapter 97

“That ax might actually be a Divine Armament.” As if sensing Lu Ping and Su Tang’s thoughts, Xu Wei Feng gave his input on the matter while continuing to flip through his notes.

Xu Wei Feng had written down countless names within his notes. However, Lu Ping and Su Tang were wondering why he even did it. Xu Wei Feng had only recorded the cultivation levels of the participants, completely disregarding their abilities.

Abilities were very important.

At the higher stages of cultivation, abilities were an important factor to determine the stronger of two practitioners with similar cultivation levels, unless the difference was as significant as that between Single Path Awakening, Dual Path Awakening or Tri Path Awakening.

For example, some cultivators with Single Path Awakening possessed Grade 3 abilities, while others might only wield Grade 1 abilities.

The grading system of abilities does not prioritize an ability’s power or effects, instead it looks at the difficulty.

In an actual battle, Soul Splitting is obviously a stronger ability than Soul Constrain. Shearing away Soul Power and sealing away Soul Power was basically the same thing, but Soul Splitting could also take away the opponent’s senses, so it was definitely more useful in combat.

However, Soul Splitting is a Grade 5 ability, while Soul Constrain is a Grade 6 ability. This is purely because Soul Constrain is harder to execute. Someone who can solve difficult problems is definitely stronger than someone who can only solve easy problems. That is the logic behind this grading system. However, this aforementioned ‘strength’ only applies when looking at a person’s Soul Strength and their control over their Soul Power. In a battle, it is important to analyze the different types of abilities and their effects, as well as the number of abilities that can be used.

This is why abilities are an important measure of fighting prowess, especially in a battle between cultivators at similar levels.

However, Xu Wei Feng had completely neglected to note down any of the participant’s abilities.

This was no fault of his. Amongst all the sensory abilities, none had the capability to detect a person’s abilities without having said person perform their abilities. Even with Wen Gecheng’s Microscopic Sight, one can only see through the opponent’s bloodline, then predict the type of bloodline ability by analyzing his opponent’s unique bloodline. Microscopic Sight will not be able to detect abilities that are not related to a person’s bloodline.

“There’s this guy, and this person too…” Xu Wei Feng continued to show off his catalogue of names. Lu Ping and Su Tang quickly lost interest. From Xu Wei Feng’s notes, everyone seemed to be around the same cultivation level.

“The experts here are as numerous as the clouds in the sky!” Xu Wei Feng yelled out in glee. He had only been sitting there for half a day and he already felt this way. If he observed the registering cultivators for the next three days, he would have to change his saying to ‘as numerous as the clouds on a rainy day’.

At that moment, Xu Wei Feng’s eyes lit up.

“The main show is finally here!” he said while opening his catalogue once more.

Xi He Plaza was located in the western part of 志灵城. The registration was facing the east, thus students seeking to register would line up towards the east. No one from the north or south was looking to register either.

But at that moment, there were two groups approaching the registration from the north and the south respectively. The members of each group were wearing the same uniform. Neither groups were walking in an orderly fashion, yet one could sense their presence grow as they walked along the streets. The combined presence of both groups managed to quiet down the rowdy atmosphere of Xi He Street.

“It’s Shining Skies College and Dual Peak College!” said Xu Wei Feng.

Everyone who was planning to participate in the Grand Soul Tournament knew about the two most famous academies in Zhi Ling District. And the two groups walking along the northern and southern streets were the shining stars of these two academies.

Coming from the north was Shining Skies College. Spearheading the group was Xiu Zhi Ping, who had just left Lu Ping’s group not too long ago, with his fellow outstanding schoolmates following behind him.

Closer to Lu Ping and his group were the students of Dual Peak College approaching from the south. Just like their rivals, they were being lead by a person, but this person was a female who wasn’t even wearing the uniform of Dual Peak College.

Qin Sang.

Qin Sang of the Qin family, one of the Four Noble Families.

Dual Peak College was a name to behold in Zhi Ling District, but as a member of the Qin family, her name carried much more weight in the entire Xuan Empire and continent. Qin Sang did not don the uniform of Dual Peak College, as if she was reminding everyone that she was a member of the Qin family before a student of Dual Peak College who had come to participate in the Grand Soul Tournament.

“Wow, they look really strong!” Xu Wei Feng yelled excitedly. These two academies had always been the main characters in Zhi Ling District’s Grand Soul Tournaments. At the end of every tournament, the students of these two academies would always take up more than half of the leaderboard. Xu Wei Feng waited by the registration eagerly with his catalog in his hands.

However, the line along Xi He Street was still quite long. Both groups of students greeted each other from opposite sides of the line.

“Pretty early huh, Dual Peak!”

“Shining Skies, you’re just as early!”

Both academies had already met each other along the way to the city. Both parties knew that they were going to register for the tournament, which was the only thing stopping them from duking out with each other. Despite this, both parties were constantly hurling insults at each other, until they eventually split up before entering the city. Both sides bore grudges against the other, so they were eager to teach the other a lesson during the tournament. However, they came across each other once more at the registration.

At the counter, examiner Mu Yong was still sitting calmly. After being an examiner of the Grand Soul Tournament for 17 years, he had already gotten used to the rivalry between the two academies. The animosity between both parties was threatening to burst through their facade of civility, causing the people who were lining up to feel extremely pressured. However, Mu Yong knew that nothing would happen as the tournament had special rules aiming at these two academies. If any personal grudges between their students disrupted the tournament, then the entire academy’s rights to participate would be revoked.

Registering was a compulsory process for the tournament, thus Mu Yong believed that both parties would not dare to cause a scene.

“Your academy and your name?” Mu Yong continued with his job, knowing that he would not need to bother with students from those two academies.

Two more examiners appeared and sat down beside Mu Yong. Only then did the students on Xi He Street understand why such a long table was used even though Mu Yong was the only one working. It was to provide for the students of the two famous academies.

The examiner sitting on Mu Yong’s left was in charge of the registration of Shining Skies College, approaching from the north; conversely, the one on Mu Yong’s right was helping Dual Peak College whose students were coming from the south. The two examiners sat in their respective seats, as expressionless as Mu Yong. But soon after, the one on the south broke into a smile, exuding an aura of joy.

This was because the student he was facing was not the same as other regular students. As one of the twelve examiners of the Grand Soul Tournament, he had the power to disregard any other student, but he absolutely could not offend this student.

Because the student in front of him was, first and foremost, a member of the Qin family.

The examiner at the south cleared his throat, thinking of what to say to not offend the missus of the Qin family while not appearing to be sucking up to her. He did not expect Qin Sang to turn around and walk towards the end of the line. From the group of Dual Peak Academy students, a lady holding a sword squeezed her way out of the crowd to follow after Qin Sang.

The examiner was shocked. He wondered if he had somehow offended her despite having yet opened his mouth.

The students of Dual Peak Academy did not seem surprised at this occurrence. As Qin Sang left the line, the man behind her had already stepped forward to take her place in the line. At the same time, at the northern side of the table, Xiu Zhi Ping was already standing in front of the examiner.

“Shining Skies College, Xiu Zhi Ping,” he said.

Muttering ensued throughout the entire plaza. It appeared that many of the participants had heard of his name before.

“Dual Peak College, Ning Shu.” A clear voice rang out from the southern side.

Another wave of whispers rustled amongst the participants. This was another name that many had heard of.

“Wow, these two look like they are really strong! I have to record this down,” claimed Xu Wei Feng. On the other hand, Lu Ping and Su Tang were not paying attention to the two at the counter. Instead, their eyes were looking at someone who was lining up with Dual Peak College. This person met their stares with an unwavering gaze.

Wei Qi Tian, Wei Ming, Wei Yang… and one more. This person was extremely fat, the uniform on his body seemed to be stretched to the limit. This was the person who was engaging Lu Ping and Su Tang in a stare-off.

And his glare was not a friendly one.