Heavenly Genius - Chapter 1




To trick the emperor into crossing the sea.


A ray of light flickered in the grave crypt. One man, holding a powerful flashlight, lit the road leading to the cliff. There was darkness ahead.

He was a thin middle-aged man with sparse but well-styled hair. His jing, qi, and shen were full, spiritual light emanated from his eyes, and his expression was rather calm. (T.T "Three Treasures" of life - jing (seed-essence), qi (internal energy) and shen (spirit).)

He was elegant and wore black clothing from the Tang dynasty. He held a cane in his hand.

If other people saw him here, they would be shocked. A little knowledgeable person would consider such a situation absurd. However, those who know will take this situation for granted, because this person was * an underground archaeologist *. In the criminal world, he was also called the lord of embezzlement. Then over time, as soon as his reputation began to soar, he became signified by Lord Tao.

At present, Lord Tao, like a hermit-monk, shut himself off from the ordinary world and rarely appeared in person. Only when quite interesting places appeared, like this crypt, did Lord Tao come out of seclusion.

He, holding a cane, probed the ground in front of him, and when he heard a metallic sound * jing *, he stopped. However, he did not rush to examine what was below. Still, when lighting everything around him with a lantern, he studied something interesting. At that moment, a vast underground space appeared before him.

After he shone the lantern down, he studied what was under his feet and again hit the cane several times on the metal floor.

* Ching, ching, ching *.

 Dust and dirt flickered off the surface. Then having pierced and cleared the surface with his foot, the lord of the Tao noticed a bronze gleam on the ground. He hung a flashlight on his forearm and, with his free hand, raked the surface of the earth once more. He groped for a metal surface. True, it was dust-coated metal. Lord Tao stood up and struck other surfaces near him. He realized that everything more than ten meters away was made of metal and not only on the floor. If I clean everything here from dust, an exciting picture will probably appear in front of me. And this would be a rarity.

When the dust settled, Lord Tao again lit the lantern to illuminate the area all around him. This palace has several entrances. But where do the paths behind these entrances lead?

This is a secret...

"This design is rare. Very interesting..." - Lord Tao whispered and smiled to himself. He took a step, and there was a crunch as if one complex mechanism had set in motion.


On the road where he was walking, he has felt a powerful vibration.

Suddenly, Lord Tao’s face changed. He had a wealth of experience, and he realized that the road along which he came was blocked.

After that, he heard a buzzing sound from the entrances to other caves, as if something had opened.

Lord Tao began to step back a few steps and, using a flashlight, began to light everything around. He did not know which mechanism had triggered. But if this mechanism blocked the way to the exit, it was not right.

Lord Tao examined everything around, but a moment later, everything calmed down. Deathly silence was everywhere. Only from the entrance from which he entered did there be a roar. Why did the earth shake inside the underground palace?

Very quickly, Lord Tao heard that different echoes diverged from different places. Using a flashlight, he shone them on one pass. There, as if something was moving. And suddenly, from the passage, two bright green eyes appeared. And then the whole body. It was a man in rags.

And most likely, it was not a man, but a mummy. This creature was wholly covered with white hair. And from his mouth, sticking out fangs as sharp as a knife. The black claws on his limbs were like blades. And he roared toward Lord Tao.

Zombie!? One thought flashed in the head of Lord of the Tao. He didn't stop and took a sword from his cane. Immediately seeking a step forward, he dodged the zombies. Then the sword in his hands flashed once, and green blood poured from the zombies.

The head fell from the body of a zombie, which made him fall to the ground and twitched. He tried to get up several times, but he did not succeed.

Lord Tao did not stop waving his sword, and monsters attacked him one by one. He shone a flashlight forward.

Not only one zombie, but many zombies continuously jumped to him from the aisles, and they became EVERYTHING MORE AND MORE.

From all sides, the zombies attacked. He no longer had time to fight back. Lord Tao pierced one zombie's heart. But it was useless. The zombie still rushed at him. Lord Tao immediately kicked him hard, that that zombie could not resist and flew back, knocking down other zombies.  Lord Tao always waved his sword and stepped back, and sometimes kicked back.

After some time of such a battle, more than 20 zombies already lay around him, and none of them injured him.  An ordinary person would die long ago. But Lord Tao did not stop and crash them.  After all, these zombies were fearless. They were not afraid of death; on the contrary, they fiercely and brutally attacked him.

"Dadadaddad ..." - in the passage, suddenly came the turn of firing from a machine gun. One thin man shot zombies who attacked the lord of Tao.

After the firing line, the thin man discovered that the bullets did not have many benefits against the zombies. On the contrary, these zombies attacked that man. However, that man immediately adapted and realized that if you shoot at the extremities or the head of a zombie, it will still have an effect.

When they shot at their limbs, the zombies fell and could no longer get up. They just crawled on the ground.

And those to whom he got into the head completely fell dead to the floor.

This man continuously fired a line of bullets at the monsters, and one could see his calm and indifferent face.

He was not afraid of zombies. On the contrary, he walked towards them. When the clip was over, he calmly, not hastily, but not slowly pulled out the charge from behind and charged the automatic gun again. For a moment, the sounds of the shots ceased and immediately continued.

When he did all this, he managed, even without looking forward, to knock out the brains one zombie by his knee. Also, that man took out with one other hand a pistol on the side and now shot from both guns at the zombies, at times alternately changing clips. His actions were calm and quick, like a professional killer. And the zombies had no chance kill him.

Lord Tao dodged the blow of one zombie and, with a wave of his sword, cut off his head. It is was his last zombie.

"Dada" - the last zombie also fell in front of a man with a gun.

Lord Tao kicked up his cane with his foot on the ground, and the fly brought the sword back into the rod. His movements were lightning-fast and dexterous. He put the cane back on the floor and straightened his tousled hairstyle, combing his hair back.

And the thin man, bypassing Lord Tao, finished off all the zombies. Someone from a zombie with a half body or severed legs was still crawling on the ground, and a thin man shot a pistol in their head.

The underground palace became quiet. The thin man, having examined everything around, took out several tubes from behind and opened it. Pulling one of them by the cord, the man's face lit up with a bright scarlet color.  The tube caught fire like a firework, illuminating a particular area. The man lit the remaining pipes and threw them to the sides, which is why the whole palace became illuminated entirely in an instant, and there were many zombie corpses.

A man approached Lord Tao, straightening his clothes along the way: "lord of the Tao, everything has already been settled outside. The brothers secured the entrance. We managed to blow up the blocked entrance. And we can be evacuated at any time."

"M" - Lord Tao, using a lantern, began to inspect the troupes.

And the man with the machine gun turned out to be pretty young. He counts at least 100 zombies, then he asked in surprise:

"Where did so many come from?"

"God damn it. I used to see them a little. 1-2 no more. And here they are ... This place is exciting. It's so good that I arrived here!" - Lord Tao spoke and laughing.  He lit a lantern and began to inspect everything around him and saw one statue more than 10 meters high, similar to the goddess of mercy Guang-yin.


This palace was desolate, so one statue of Guang-yin could not help but attract attention.

Lord Tao again became, striking the floor with a cane, and began to walk towards the statue. After all, this palace was not comfortable. Dangers can be at every turn. And only after tapping with a cane, Lord Tao dared to move on.

Using the lantern and lighting the statue, Lord Tao noticed one pendant was hanging on the neck of the goddess Guang-yin. The figure itself turned out to be stone. Perhaps in this palace held any ceremony.

Lord Tao took the cane and struck the statue several times lightly. He noticed that nothing had happened so far, and only then he sighed in relief. Then Lord Tao abruptly jumped on the leg of the statue and began to climb to her shoulders. When he reached the neck, he noticed that there was a metal chain. Lord Tao blew off ash and dust from a chain. There he discovered that the pendant had an ancient bronze mirror.

Lord Tao had not seen such a bronze mirror before, but it was not as simple as a pendant. After all, the suspension is completely covered with rust and succumbed to corrosion. It seemed that this bronze mirror came from antiquity. In today's world, you will not see this.

Having scrutinized everything, Lord Tao decided to take this bronze mirror with him. As soon as he discovered, it seems someone soldered a bronze mirror with a chain. And the chain was surprisingly rusty too. Having freed his hands from unnecessary things, Lord Tao, gaining strength, pulled the chain. But nothing worked. The chain didn't give in. On the contrary, a golden thread appeared on it, which seemed to pull everything inside the statue.