Heavenly Genius - Chapter 100


Sitting on the stairs Yuan Fang jumped up and asked:

"Lord Dao, Lord Yuan, Chi Yu - what kind of person is This? Is he a rebel?"

Yuan Gan: "to tell you, you still won't understand."

"..."Yuan Fan only smiled.

Yuan Gang: "today you beat me, now you let out all your anger?"

Beating people up like that - is there any joy in it? Yuan Fang immediately waved his hand.

"I didn't hit him; I didn't hit him. I helped Lord Yuan train."

Yuan Gang said coldly: "You sound like you're talking about yourself differently?"

Yuan Fan immediately replied: "Not at all! »

This was how the next days passed. Every day, Yuan Fan beat Yuan Gang and noticed that it was quite a difficult matter…

A month passed in an instant. Niu Yu Dao only left the house in the morning to take a walk, and then mostly cultivated at home.

Over half a month, its channels gradually became more solid. He was again trying to process his amulets inside his body and re-temper his channels.

During this time, Shu Qing tried not to disturb him. She only came to him early in the morning to brush her hair and left.

The village has given a strict decree that no one should disturb this courtyard. And the children were forbidden to approach this courtyard so that they would not disturb Niu Yu Dao.

Yuan Fan, except for an hour of beating Yuan Gang, only cultivated the rest of the time.

Of the three people, only Yuan Gang found meditation uninteresting. Yuan Gang didn't think this was the right thing to do. If cultivation prolongs life, then why spend your life like this all the time? He went out and walked, and made sure that no one entered their yard...


It was as if an earthquake had broken the peace. The village immediately sounded the alarm.

Niu Yu Dao and Yuan Fan also ran out of the courtyard and noticed the villagers heading towards the direction of the crash.

"What happened? » Yuan Fang asked a villager.

The villager replied in surprise:" I don't know!"

Yuan Fan turned his head and saw that Niu Yu Dao was already flying towards the explosion.

Outside the village, there was one mountain gorge. Niu Yu Dao as soon as he got there, he immediately saw the ruined cliff. At this point, Yuan Gang was standing and looking at him.

Niu Yu Dao went down there and calmly watched him.

Very soon people from the village came running here. They also saw Yuan Gang near the ruined stones.

Lo An asked: "Brother Yuan, what just happened? Did you see it? »

Yuan Gang replied calmly: «Nothing. The mountain just collapsed."

"How could this mountain collapse? As if she'd been struck by lightning? » Yuan Fang, who was standing next to him, asked in surprise. He raised his head and looked up at the clear sky.

"Is it a bolt from the blue?"

And Niu Yu Dao looked calmly at Yuan Gang…


Again, early in the morning, Niu Yu Dao sat in front of the mirror while Shu Qing combed his hair. After settling everything, she said," Lord Dao, everything is fine."

Niu Yu Dao got up and went to see her off. Only when he left the courtyard, he did not stop but went on with her.

Shu Qing leaned over and said with a smile," you Don't need to go so far."

Niu Yu Dao motioned for her to go. And as the two men walked side by side, he asked: "Is something bothering the Princess?"

Normally, Shu Qing would always say something when she was brushing Niu Yu Dao's hair, but lately, she had been rather silent.

Niu Yu Dao looked around: "Everything seems to be in order here. Something must have happened in Tsang Wu?"

Shu Qing: "I'm afraid that this might affect the cultivation of the Dao master."

Niu Yu Dao: "Nothing will happen if I find out something. »

Shu Qing: "the Plan to capture Qing Shan County was canceled. Brother is now looking for other methods to give himself importance to the Heavenly jade sect.»

Niu Yu Dao: "Hai Ru Yue broke her word. Will, it does not help the Prince?"

Shu Qing sighed heavily: "My brother just mentioned it. I sent the message again and only realized. It can be said that Hai Ru Yue will not keep his word, but it can't be said that this is completely true. They just set one condition."

Niu Yu Dao: "So they don't refuse, but they also put you in a difficult position? Hinder you?"

Shu Qing: "the Situation is specific. You can say that they hinder, but they can also be understood."

Niu Yu Dao asked curiously: "What is it? »

Shu Qing: "It's about her son. Xiao Tian Cheng's father was also ill during his lifetime when he was the ruler of the Qingzhou region. And the son of Hai Ru Yue took over not only his father's post but also his illness. And he is even more ill than his father. He is very weak. Therefore, the person who came back from her said that her son Xiao Tian Cheng would not live to adulthood. He may not even live this year."

Niu Yu Dao: "Does Hai Ru Yue want us to cure her son? »

Shu Qing: "the Lord of the Tao looks like water. Hai Ru Yue wants us to do so. And it makes sense. Now though it and at the power in the area. However, if her son dies, she will not have any power in the Qinzhou region. And then she won't be able to support her brother. So, she asks her brother to take the root of the red Yang fruit from the ice and snow Palace and save her son. Then she will help! »

Niu Yu Dao furrowed his brows. He had seen the name red Yang fruit root in the book *Notes of the highest purity*. He and the icy Jasper fruit confront each other. You can call them opposing each other. One with a negative pole grows in light, and the other with a positive pole grows in darkness.

"What disease did you need the root of the red Yan fruit for? » Niu Yu Dao asked with interest.

Shu Qing: "they say that it is a natural disease * Slow pulse of the cloudy sky*. It needs the root of the red Yang fruit, just to cure the disease with the root. »

Niu Yu Dao: "as far as I know, this tree can grow 9 fruits. One seed grows every year and one fruit Matures every 9 years. We can say that there is only one red Yang fruit every year. With the strength of the Xiao family, is it really difficult to ask the ice and snow Palace for this fruit? »

Shu Qing: "of Course they asked. Xiao Hua had requested this fruit from the ice and snow Palace during Xiao Be Shang's lifetime. He even asked the Emperor of the Zhao Kingdom to help. But it is useless. It is said that the mother Xue eats this fruit every year and then feels good. To ordinary people, the ruler of the Qingzhou region is a high-ranking person, but to mother Xue, he is no different from an ant. How can Xiao Tian Cheng be more important than her?"

Niu Yu Dao nodded his head in silence.

Shu Qing thought for a while and finally said, "I Don't know, does the Dao master know of any other methods to become important to the Heavenly jade sect? » – she's been wanting to ask him for help all these days.

Niu Yu Dao: "I haven't thought about it Yet. However, Mr Lang and the Prince came up with a good plan. After all, when they capture Qingshan County, they kill two birds with one stone. They also become important to the Heavenly jade sect and expand their powers. It is a pity to dismiss this possibility. And then it will be difficult to capture Qingshan County."

Shu Qing: "it's natural. Only Hai Ru Yue refuses. »

Niu Yu Dao said calmly: "Let me think about it." he held out his hand, indicating that she could walk.

Following her with his eyes, Niu Yu Dao put his hands behind his back and went for a walk in the field. When he was walking in the field, Yuan Fan found him. He came up and said nothing, but followed him constantly.

Looking at the children playing in the field, Niu Yu Dao stopped and said to Yuan Fan, who was standing behind him, " Bear. With your position, it will be difficult to establish a monastery. Why don't you give it up and come with me? »

"Huh?!" Yuan Fang froze. He didn't know why Niu Yu Dao suddenly asked him. He immediately shook his head and said: "How can this be? They came with me. They are the former Abbot's disciples. I promised him that I would not leave them and that I would keep an eye on them."

Niu Yu Dao stood silent for a long time…

On the second day, when Shu Qing was doing her hair for Niu Yu Dao, she noticed two yellow and black stones on the table.

After her hair was done, Niu Yu Dao escorted Her to the door as usual. Before leaving, Shu Qing looked at those stones once more and then hesitantly left.

Niu Yu Dao saw her off and went to the river. There he watched the youngsters train.

Half an hour later, Meng Shan Ming arrived. Shu Qing gave him a ride, and a large man with a yellow mustache was standing next to him.

"Master!" Meng Shan Ming said Hello.

Niu Yu Dao turned and greeted him with a smile.

Meng Shan Ming pointed to an old man standing nearby: "The mentor probably didn't see this person. This is the outstanding master blacksmith Gongsun Te Nu. He had been facing problems for a long time, but Ning Wang had helped him then. After that, he started living here. Since then, Mr. Gongsun has selected gifted people and taken them as disciples. He has established a factory on the Northside of the mountain and is making tools for the Prince for a rainy day..."

Niu Yu Dao listened to him with a smile, then they greeted Gongsun Te Niu.

Gongsun Te Nu didn't seem to be very patient. He said only a few words, then turned and, as if on important business, simply walked away.

"Mr. Gongsun is a good man, but he has a bad temper. Master, please don't take this personally." Meng Shan Ming asked for his forgiveness.

"Nothing, we still don't know each other." Niu Yu Dao calmly replied. He looked at Shu Qing: "Princess, I have prepared for the Prince to go to Qingzhou. I can try to solve problems with Hai Ru Yue there. Can you send a message to the Prince, so that he does not rush to think about another matter? »

Shu Qing froze and tried to dissuade him: "Lord Dao, maybe you shouldn't. The position of Qingzhou is already clear. Hai Ru Yue will not leave his side."

Niu Yu Dao: "it doesn't hurt to Try. I only ask the Princess to keep it a secret from the Monkey for the present! »