Heavenly Genius - Chapter 101


In the secret of the Yuan Gana? Shu Qing didn't understand.

Niu Yu Dao had already turned around, making it clear to her that he would not explain.

After watching him go, Meng Shan Ming asked: Do you think he showed you those two stones?

Shu Qing watched him go and said with a bitter smile, " I couldn't say for sure Before, but now it's obvious.

Meng Shan Ming asked: Why do you think so?

Shu Qing: Right now, he didn't talk about his plans until Mr. Gongsun showed up. After showing Mr. Gongsun, we revealed our secrets to him. And he immediately said that he would go to Qingzhou. I do not believe that these two things are not related to each other. I don't believe he made that decision after we showed him Mr. Gongsun.

Meng Shan Ming thought for a moment and then said:

- Understood. He seemed to be looking at our sincerity. If we hadn't told him, he wouldn't have asked and wouldn't have gone to the city of Qingzhou.

Shu Qing: Since he put up two stones, he must have known about it a long time ago. Maybe he was waiting for us to tell him. Then he decided to give us one last chance by placing stones in front of me. And if he didn't, who knows? Maybe he took Yuan Gang with him and left instead of going to Qingzhou! (p. p. That's why he asked the bear if he wanted to leave after leaving the monks!)

Meng Shan Ming smiled bitterly. He also seems to have decided that this trip to Qingzhou would be dangerous!

Shu Qing was agitated. She also understood that Feng Lin Bo and the Heavenly jade sect would not always protect them. And now they have the opportunity to capture Qingshan. Therefore, she can only hope for Niu Yu Dao now. She was hoping that he would be able to help them. But she was ashamed and uneasy that she could not go with him. He's taking risks for them…

"Where are you going?"

In the courtyard, after training, Yuan Gang was immediately surprised to hear NiuYu Dao.

Niu Yu Dao replied calmly: I'll go look for things to cultivate.

Yuan Gang nodded his head. "he thought of packing right away.

Niu Yu Dao: Tomorrow we will go. Only you will stay. I'll take the bear.

"I won't go?" Yuan Gang froze. He didn't think that Niu Yu Dao would leave without him.

Niu Yu Dao explained: Nothing like that. Here you don't have to worry about someone following you. And if we use a secret passage, then there we can start watching the enemies. So we'll go straight from here through the mountains to look for resources, and you'll have problems with the mountains along the way.

Yuan Gang was silent, he thought for a moment and asked: How long will you be gone? When will you be back?"

Niu Yu Dao: Outside, I don't know the situation well, and I can't say for sure. It shouldn't belong.

Yuan Gang: Should I wait here?

Niu Yu Dao: you can wait here, you can go back to Cang Wu County. See how Shu Qing will act. As soon as I finish, I will secretly go to Tsang Wu County. If you are there, look after the monks. Keep an eye on this Lu Sheng Zhong. If the Prince's plan works, then use Lu Sheng Zhong as a pawn.

Yuan Gang nodded his head and turned to Yuan Fang and said: Follow the Lord of the Tao. If you are lazy, don't blame me for your monks.

Yuan Fang was convulsed. He immediately smiled and said: Lord Yuan, do not worry.

On the second day, Shu Qing was very carefully arranging Niu Yu Dao's hair, while Niu Yu Dao sat with his eyes closed.

When the two men came out, Yuan Fang was already waiting for them with a bundle on his back. Yuan Gang held The Niu Yu Dao sword in his hands.

Niu Yu Dao took the sword and strode out of the courtyard. Yuan Fang followed him.

Shu Qing and Yuan Gang came out of the courtyard with them and watched them go. And Meng Shan Ming, sitting in a wheelchair, looked at them from one corner.

After calmly leaving the village, Niu Yu Dao and Yuan Fan suddenly accelerated and quickly disappeared behind the mountains.

Two people stopped at the peak of the mountain. Yuan Fang, who was following Niu Yu Dao, looked towards the village that was hidden behind the mountains and took out a single emerald-colored leaf. He threw this leaf into his mouth. This leaf was initially nameless, only then people from the village called it the leaf of pure thoughts. This leaf eliminates toxic perspiration.

"Come on!" Niu Yu Dao said, and after accumulating the qi circulation, he flew down the mountain like an arrow. They seemed to have wings, and they flew through the air.

Yuan Fang followed him.

They were flying to the next mountain. One in the front, one in the back. Thus, two cultivators, like two large birds, flew from mountain to mountain.

The headwind was howling in his ears.

Yuan Fang was inferior to Niu Yu Dao's cultivation. He often flapped his wings of qi. His qi was getting a lot of friction with the oncoming air. Niu Yu Dao rarely flapped his wings and even occasionally stopped to wait for Yuan Fan. Otherwise, it will just get lost.

Two men went down to the plains, then flew over the low mountains. And if they came across high mountains, they went down on their rocks and climbed to the peak. And after that, they took off from them, soaring like birds…

Less than half a day later, after crossing the high and low mountains, Niu Yu Dao noticed that the inter-mountain poisonous perspiration had already ended. They must have crossed that area.

Then they immediately saw the government tavern. Two people stopped. Yuan Fang was as tired as a dog at Bay.

Ugh! he spat out that leaf.

Holding on to the tree, he knelt and caught his breath. Moving like this for almost half a day is a tedious thing.

Niu Yu Dao didn't look his best either. He had used up his magic. If it wasn't for this road, he wouldn't have exhausted himself. In this situation, if they encounter problems, then they really will not be well.

They disappeared into the mountain forest near the Inn and after eating began to recover immediately.

Niu Yu Dao recovered faster. First of all, he didn't spend his magic powers as much as Yuan Fang. Second, he had the charms inside the body, which he was able to handle.

Yuan Fang recovered more slowly. It only recovered in the late afternoon. And there's nothing you can do. The two people didn't have any spiritual pills with them that would allow them to recover quickly.

Originally, Niu Yu Dao had pills. He took them from sun Yang Qing and his company. Only he didn't know how to use them, so he ruined them. They also searched Lu Sheng Zhong, and then Niu Yu Dao gave those pills to Yuan Fang. Only Yuan Fang also had no experience and also spent it for nothing.

It could be said that these two were now poor cultivators. And it is very poor.

On the road near the Inn, they stopped the cart and for one gold coin asked the driver to change his route a little and take them to the nearest County town.

Very quickly the driver took them to the city. They managed to get inside. After all, the city gates are closed at night.

In the city, they found a tavern where Niu Yu Dao ordered a lavish dinner. He wanted to reward Yuan Fan.

At the table, yuan Fang, looking at Niu Yu Dao, who was looking thoughtfully out of the window, asked:

- The Lord of the Tao, where are we going?

Niu Yu Dao replied calmly: To the regional city of Qingzhou.

Yuan Fang whispered: it Looks like it's still a long way off.

Niu Yu Dao: Hurry up and eat, we have something else to do.

Yuan Fang quickly began to eat.

When Niu Yu Dao paid off, He tossed a silver coin to the innkeeper. He bowed and took it. Only Nu Yu Dao didn't leave her for free.

"Employee, I need to know something.

The store employee immediately said: Ask, ask.

Niu Yu Dao: Where is the County chief located here?

The employee thought for a moment and then pointed in one direction:

"There's a County hall not far from here, and there's an alley to the left of it. That's where Li Cheng Yi lives. You can find out everything from him. Dear guest, why do you need Mr. Li?

Niu Yu Dao smiled: Nothing like that. A friend asked me to give him a letter.

He answered immediately and took Yuan Fang with him. They went straight to the house of that Li Cheng Yi

He didn't have any letters. It was just that Niu Yu Dao needed a position to take on post-horses. Buy a horse to ride all the way - quite slowly. So he just gave a gold coin to Li Cheng Yi to give him a position so they could change horses.

Li Cheng Yi readily agreed. After all, it's easy for him. They agreed to meet the next day in the woods outside the city.

The next day, Li Cheng Yi brought them two horses and clothes. Li Cheng Yi gave Niu Yu Dao the letter to deliver to the regional office. They could use the state-owned delivery service, both for government needs and their own under the guise of government. Niu Yu Dao tossed him a second gold coin.

Niu Yu Dao and Yuan Fan changed their clothes and quickly set off.

Two days after the dusty road, our travelers finally reached the regional city of Qingzhou.

They immediately arrived at the Outpost, where Niu Yu Dao delivered the letter and left the horses there. He won't need them now.

When they arrived at an Inn, a man approached them at the door because Yuan Fang was holding a flower.

He whispered, " Fan Jae."

Niu Yu Dao looked at it and replied: Niu Yu Dao.

The man immediately breathed a sigh of relief and immediately invited him with his hand:

"Lord of the Tao, please!" Two people immediately went to that person's room.

It was all thanks to Shu Qing. She immediately sent a letter to the Prince to send a person to the regional city to meet Niu Yu Dao.

When they entered his room, Fang Zheng closed all the doors and windows, turned around, and said:

The Prince gave me a message to meet the Lord of the Tao. I don't know what instructions the Lord of the Tao will have.

- Situation! – Niu Yu Dao immediately said: Tell me everything you know about the situation with Hai Ru Yue.

"Good! Fang Jae immediately began to explain everything in detail.

Niu Yu Dao occasionally interjected questions, and so they talked for a long time.

After Niu Yu Dao roughly understood the situation, He stood up and said:

"It's late today. You can get us a room at the Inn in the meantime, and tomorrow take us to the residence of the ruler of the region.

Fang Zheng stood up:

- The Lord of the Tao, tomorrow is likely to be the wrong time. Tomorrow, Hai Zhu Yue will already be 40 years old. A lot of people will come to her, and she doesn't like me very much anymore… I don't think she'll want to see me again.

Niu Yu Dao: Nothing. You tell her that the Prince has sent an experienced doctor for her son. It's not like her 40th birthday, even if she has a second wedding, she will still find time for me.