Heavenly Genius - Chapter 102


Fan Jae started to sweat a Little. Isn't this a human deception?

He reminded the Lord of the Dao, one should not think that Yue Zhu Hai - a simple woman. With a weak heir, it controls the entire area and there are special forces behind it. If we deceive her, we may not get out of here alive!

Niu Yu Dao said calmly: Just show me out." And there are already my concerns.

"This is..." Fang Zhe bitterly smiled: Lord Dao, I will not say that I am afraid of death, I am ready to die for the Prince. But it is better not to anger Hai Ru Yue, otherwise, it will reflect badly on the Prince!

Yuan Fan rolled his eyes: you are told to do what you do. Don't talk nonsense! – he did not notice how he began to imitate the Yuan Gana. Yuan Gang is not here, so he has imperceptibly taken his place.

Niu Yu Dao raised his hand to signal him not to be intimidated, and said in a calm tone:

"The Prince didn't send me here to make things worse. Otherwise, would he have told you to meet me? Fang Jae, do you think I want to make a joke about my life?

Fang Jae tensed because of it and folded his hands, saying: Good! I'll go and get a room for you first.

Nu Yu Tao waved his hand, that he was doing as he is told. They stayed in the room.

At first, the room was quiet, but then Yuan Fang suddenly asked:

- The Lord of the Tao, in fact, in the words of that Fan Zhe makes sense.

Niu Yu Dao turned to him:

"What?" Afraid? Didn't you just tell him to keep quiet?

"The Lord of the Tao misunderstood. I just wanted to remind you. Yuan Fan immediately smiled. He just spoke like Yuan Gang, and he liked it. Only then did he feel regret. After all, deceiving the ruler is dangerous. You can lose your life.

It wasn't long before Fang Jae found them a room and placed them next to Him on purpose.

Three people moved in next door, and there was nothing wrong with that.

It was late today, so Niu Yu Dao sent Fang Jae to check the ruler's house. And he and Yuan Fang went for a walk around the city. He wanted to find out.

The regional city was quite large, second only to the capital. It was an unrealistically luxurious city. And of course, not every city can be so rich. The wide streets were lined with shops and shops of all kinds. A huge non-stop stream of people was moving among them. Each person was dressed in precious things. Looking at all this, you could even forget that this is a restless age.

Yuan Fang, being a villager, walked around gawking. He was interested in everything.

Niu Yu Dao sometimes looked at him and sighed to himself. This werewolf is not like Yuan Gang. There is a big difference between them. If Yuan Gang was here, knowing the danger, he would constantly watch the route and remember the way just in case.

However, he couldn't blame Yuan Fan. After all, he never left the village. Yuan Fang had a small mind. He appeared to be a monk, but in reality, he was a mountain robber.

Therefore, Niu Yu Dao understood him.

To put it bluntly, Niu Yu Dao wanted to broaden his horizons. He needed to get used to such busy places.

Still, the world is small! What you will not meet on a narrow road.

On the way, looking at the shops, Niu Yu Dao noticed a shop with a sign: * Linglong Pavilion*. Looks like they were selling rare items. He was interested, too. And since they're passing through here, why don't you come in and take a look?

However, he paused before the door. Two men were standing near the door, looking around. Among them, one person froze when he saw Niu Yu Dao.

This was no stranger. Yuan Fang also recognized him. Niu Yu Dao once called him "Brother", and he also let him go from the South mountain. It was Cheng GUI Shuo!

Why did you come here Cheng GUI Shuo? Cheng GUI Shuo is now related to the song family. Sun JI Ming has three sons. The elder Sun Chuan is an official at the Imperial court. Another third son of sun Shu-he is in the house of the sun residence. Another second son of sun Lung. He is a diplomatic representative in the Kingdom of Zhao.

And the area of Qingzhou in the Kingdom of Zhao has its army and is also a tasty morsel for the enemies of the state. Of course, the Yan Kingdom would not mind pulling Hai Ru Yue over to their side. That's why he came to congratulate her on her 40th birthday. Also, she is the Emperor's sister, so there is nothing officially shameful about this mission.

When Cheng GUI Shuo left the High purity sect, he immediately went to the song family. He had long been a member of the song family. However, due to problems with the High purity sect, he could not be kept at home yet. So the song family sent him to the Zhao Kingdom to help Sun Long.

Cheng GUI Shuo was standing outside the Linglong pavilion. Song Lung was looking at something inside that he could give to Hai Ru Yue for his birthday.

"What is this guy doing here?» Niu Yu Dao thought to himself. He never thought that he would see Cheng GUI Shuo here.

When he left, he told Yuan Gang that it was dangerous in Cang Wu County. People might be waiting for him there. So he went over the mountains to the Kingdom of Zhao. No one knows him there. Who would have thought that this was where he would meet Cheng GUI Shuo. Besides, the people of the song family are also here. And if Cheng GUI Shuo told them, then they would understand that the cultivators of the Heavenly jade sect were no longer guarding him and would send assassins to kill him.

Too bad he didn't kill him then. Niu Yu Dao immediately sensed a deadly danger. We can't let him give it away!

He walked slowly toward it.

Yuan Fang was also surprised. I didn't think Cheng GUI Shuo would be here. Only he didn't know how much Niu Yu Dao was hated by the song family.

Cheng GUI Shuo also didn't think that he would see Niu Yu Dao here. However, when he saw that Niu Yu Dao was calmly walking towards him, Cheng GUI Shuo immediately felt powerful killing intent. He was just scared. We must run!

He immediately slipped through and went inside. However, when he saw sun Long, he immediately calmed down. He's protected here. There are high-level cultivators near Sun Lung. Why should he be afraid of Niu Yu Dao?

He went to sun lung and whispered: Second master, Niu Yu Dao is outside.

Sun Lung, who was looking at something, did not immediately react.

Cheng GUI Shuo immediately recalled:

"Niu Yu Dao is the one who killed master Yang Qing. He's outside!

Sun Lung narrowed his eyes and waved his hand. And immediately from 4 cultivators, two went out with Cheng GUI Shuo to the street.

Niu Yu Dao, who was already on the stairs, stopped. He noticed Cheng GUI Shuo returning and smiling. Deadly danger began to fill the air. It came more precisely from the two people standing at the side of Cheng GUI Shuo.

He realized that Cheng GUI Shuo's confidence was not due to his strength. Even Yuan Fang understood this.

"Brother Nu, it seems we are destined to be together?" after Cheng GUI Shuo spoke, someone tapped his shoulder with a hand. He turned and immediately made way for the man, pointing at Niu Yu Dao.

Sun Lung, standing on the stairs, looked down at Niu Yu Dao: Are you Niu Yu Dao?

Niu Yu Dao calmly asked: who are You?

Sun Long calmly replied: sun Yang Qing's Second uncle!

Niu Yu Dao realized that such a person should have JI Dan cultivators on guard.

He was not mistaken. Song Long had two JI Dan level cultivators, two Zhu JI level cultivators, and two Lian qi level cultivators.

And how could he run into the song man here?

However, Niu Yu Dao did not give in to panic but calmly replied: So sun Yang Qing's second uncle. A certain Nu remembers well the people of the song family. If you have arrived in Qingzhou, you will need to receive guests.

Sun Lung: you Can do it now.

Niu Yu Dao: Still, I have the Affairs of the ruler of the region. The gentlemen will have to wait. As soon as I'm done with my business, I'll invite the gentlemen!

*Wait*. as he spoke, he turned around and calmly walked away with Yuan Fan. They were leaving rather slowly.

"When did this guy manage to become a person of the ruler of the region?» Cheng GUI Shuo was surprised. Sun Lung, who was standing on the stairs with an icy expression on his face, was also surprised. That's why he didn't tell his subordinates to attack. He didn't know what position Niu Yu Dao had here.

However, they soon came to their senses. The devil knows whether he is the ruler's man or not.

Sun Lung said coldly:

- Pursue him. If he does not go to the ruler's Palace, then immediately grab him. Remember, you don't need to make a fuss here!

Hai Ru Yue will celebrate its 40th anniversary. He can't do what he wants here. This is not the song family's territory.

As soon as he said it, Cheng GUI Shuo immediately added it to make it seem necessary:

"Master, there was a werewolf next to Niu Yu Dao. In the records of wild animals, it is written that he is the Golden king of bears. Its wool can be used to make precious clothing that can't be pierced with a dagger. This will be a great birthday gift!

Sun Lung immediately waved his hand.

4 silhouettes immediately went in pursuit. Among them was Cheng GUI Shuo.

As a result, one cultivator JI Dan, two Zhu JI, and one Lian qi.

The leading Yuan Fan, Niu Yu Dao, did not dare to quickly take flight. He was afraid that this would expose him. So he walked among the crowd.

Yuan Fang knew what was happening and was afraid. A cold sweat ran down his body. Fortunately, they seem to be out of trouble for now.