Heavenly Genius - Chapter 103


It wasn't long before Yuan Fang turned around and saw Cheng Gui Shuo and the others following them.

He immediately said, " Lord Dao, this is bad. They're after us!

Niu Yu Dao turned his head and identified 4 people, he said softly:

"I'm their target. We need to split up, or if there's a fight, I won't be able to protect you.

Yuan Fang knew that Niu Yu Dao was not lying. After all, he has no enmity with the song family. The Lord of the Tao is their true goal. If two people split up, then the Lord of the Tao is more likely to leave. Together, Yuan Fang would only get in the way.

Yuan Fan: Lord of the Tao, what about you?

Niu Yu Dao: Don't worry about me. Hide yourself first. We may not be able to hide from them together. Remember, go to the ruler's Palace. We'll meet you there. If something goes wrong, then you immediately run into the ruler's Palace and say that you are from the Prince. They will then ask Fang Jae about you, and He will identify you.

Yuan Fang nodded and looked at Niu Yu Dao with complex feelings. The Lord of the Tao takes all the danger upon himself!

- Ahead! – Niu Yu Dao said.

There was a fork in the road ahead, and there was a huge stream of people going in different directions.

After they began to disperse, the Yuan Fang shouted: the Lord of the Tao, be careful.

Niu Yu Dao only remained silent. And the two men went their separate ways.

From behind, the next 4 people saw that they had split up. That JI Dan level cultivator told the two Zhu JI level cultivators to follow Yuan Fan, and he and Cheng GUI Shuo followed Niu Yu Dao.

On the way, Niu Yu Dao passed a pavilion. He dropped a few coppers and picked up some fruit, bit into it, and looked back. Then he discovered that only two people had followed him. And immediately his heart began to ache. Yuan Fang seems to have been hit. However, now Niu Yu Dao could only hope that the opponents would not dare to attack in the regional city. Otherwise, the yuan Fang did not run away.

Nibbling at the fruit, Niu Yu Dao continued walking. At heart he was no good.

On another street, Yuan Fang was privately complaining about his fate. He noticed that he was still being watched.

He, too, went to the shop and, dropping a few coppers, picked up a flatbread. On the way, he asked: Where is the ruler's Palace?

The shopkeeper waved his hand: Go ahead, then turn right. If you walk two streets, you'll see it right away.

Yuan Fan remembered and went on chewing the bread.

One cultivator Zhu JI went to that shop, picked up a flatbread, and tossed one silver coin. He asked me if I needed to change. Just the man who asked?

For one flatbread, after receiving one silver coin, that shopkeeper was immediately happy and immediately gave out Yuan Fan.

"Uh, nothing like that. He asked where the Governor's Palace was.

The two cultivators looked at each other and frowned. They realized that Nu Yu Dao had just tricked them. He is not the ruler's man. How can a ruler's man not know where the ruler's Palace is?

They immediately accelerated after Yuan Fan. If he's not their man, they can take him.

Turning his head, Yuan Fan noticed that those people had stopped at the place where he had just been. Yuan Fang saw that it was bad. He immediately began to scold himself. Who asked him to do that!

I screwed up myself. If it were Yuan gang, he wouldn't be so wrong.

Seeing that the pursuers were speeding up, Yuan Fang threw the cake and, ignoring the screams of passers-by, simply flew to the roofs of houses. He hoped that he would reach the Palace faster.

The two cultivators also shot up and also chased after him.

It wasn't long before they caught up with Yuan Fan. Yuan Fan then realized that the difference in cultivation with them was still huge.

He felt a blow in the small of his back and fell off the roof. He had just fallen into a deserted alley. Yuan Fang felt his head spin violently and the sharp blade pressed against his neck…

Hearing a cry from behind, Niu Yu Dao turned around and saw one person fall from the sky, followed by two people.

Niu Yu Dao identified one of the 4 cultivators who were chasing him. It looks like they followed Yuan Fan.

Niu Yu Dao immediately realized that the situation was bad.

Indeed, as soon as that person fell, the two cultivators who were chasing him were joined by another one. And they began to rapidly approach.

After looking around, Niu Yu Dao went into a brothel where it was noisy, crowded, and full of painted beauties.

- Gentlemen, there is a coin! "Niu Yu Dao threw a gold coin as soon as he entered. It immediately sparkled in the air.

A crowd of beautiful women immediately rushed out from behind her. Not only the courtesans but also the clients themselves rushed. It became noisy and chaotic.

When 3 cultivators entered the brothel, a silhouette flashed from the other side of the window of the brothel. Those cultivators, seeing the chaos in front of them, immediately split up. One went up the stairs, the other stayed on the ground floor to look for Niu Yu Dao. The third man went up to the roof and looked back at the Palace. Only Niu Yu Dao understood this and went in a different direction…

When he returned to the Inn, he immediately found Fan Jae: Take me to the ruler of Hai Ru Yue.

"Now?" Fang Zheng looked out the window as it was already getting dark.

"It's already dark. This is not a good time.

Niu Yu Dao spoke in a dark tone: Now! Faster! You can't stay here, you have to leave!

We must not delay. Judging by the situation, this place may have already been discovered. If you would place the Yuan Fang was a Yuan Gang, then he would not have issued them. Of this Niu Yu Dao was sure. But he still had doubts about Yuan Fan. In the face of danger, Yuan Fang might have given them away.

Another one. If he was discovered, the probability that Yuan Fang would be killed would increase. As long as they didn't find him, Yuan Fang might still be alive.

He should by all means to save the Yuan Fang.

Besides, the sooner the better. The more likely it is to find Yuan Fan alive. Moreover, we need to find him before Yuan Fang tells us anything.

Hearing this tone, Fang Jae immediately nodded: Good!

He immediately called two partners. They left the Inn quickly.

Several people took off their palanquin and went to the Governor's Palace…

At dusk, after searching the entire brothel, several cultivators returned to the Lucu Inn.

Liu Su In is a special courtyard for the dear guests of Qingzhou. There were many small and large courtyards. Sun Lung was in one of them.

"Escaped?" sun Long, who was standing with his hands clasped, turned and stared at Xie Chun, a JI Dan level cultivator.

"Isn't that Niu Yu Dao a Lian qi-level cultivator?" You are a few cultivators, how could you miss it? His Highness sent you for protection. I am very worried about such bodyguards!

He almost said: "Even a Lian qi cultivator can't be caught, how can you guard me?»

Xie Chun was embarrassed. He saw as a Nu Yu Tao went to the public house. He immediately followed him in, only to take control of the brothel. However, Niu Yu Dao seemed to have disappeared. No one saw him. He disappeared like a Ghost.

"That Niu Yu Dao is very cunning. He tossed a gold coin…

Xie Chun tried to explain, but sun Lung waved his hand:

"No need to explain.

Another cultivator of the level of JI a tribute to Juan Shu Sheng said:

"Dignitary sun, there is no point in talking about this now. Niu Yu Dao's partner is here, we just need to question him!

When Yuan Fang was brought in, Huang Xiu Sheng drew his sword and pointed it at Yuan Fang's eyes.

"Where Is Niu Yu Dao?" If you dare to deceive me, I will pierce your eyes!

Yuan Fang's heart sank. He immediately realized that Niu Yu Dao had escaped. Otherwise, they wouldn't have asked him that.

In his heart, he cursed himself. How could the Lord of the Dao escape, and he couldn't! What a difference between them.

He looked startled: At the Fulin Inn! On the street Tonfa, farmstead Fuling…

He even said the room.

The Lord of the Dao was a clever man, and Yuan Fang believed that the Lord of the Dao had already disappeared from that Inn. He also believed that Niu Yu Dao would quickly save him. So he immediately said, so as not to suffer in vain.

Yuan Fang knew that Niu Yu Dao would save Him quickly so that Yuan Fang would not betray the secrets.

He knew that he needed to say, and that is not necessary. He knew that he didn't need to be impenetrable right now. It is better to show that he is scared to death so that his opponents will believe in his sincere fear. He didn't have to pretend much, though. He was really afraid. However, Yuan Fang could not foresee what methods the Lord of the Dao would take to save Yuan Fang. And how quickly it would save him. After all, Yuan Fang didn't know how long he would be able to wait for answers.

Huang Xiu Sheng immediately turned around and said to Xie Chun:

"Brother, take the men and check the place. Don't make mistakes again!

Xie Chun didn't say anything. He immediately turned around but was displeased with Yuan Fan. Such a spineless partner. At the first threat, he immediately gave away Niu Yu Dao. How Niu Yu Dao would worry about him!

However, Huang Xiu Sheng looked at him expressively. It's better not to say anything in front of Sun Lung right now. So all he had to do was turn around and call a few people to check the Inn. Although he privately doubted that Niu Yu Dao would be waiting for him.

"Your family's business, why are you implicating us?»

However, the relationship between the Song's family and his teacher is good, so he can't show his displeasure.