Heavenly Genius - Chapter 104


Undercover of night, one palanquin appeared at the Governor's Palace. They were stopped by guards.

Fang Jae went out and spoke to the guards, and sitting inside the palanquin, Niu Yu Dao closed his eyes and looked calm…

Lanterns burned inside the Palace. Everything seemed beautiful and beautiful.

Although the weather was already warm, the house was still heated with coal.

At the table, where there were many Goodies, sat a young man who was dressed in thick clothes. He had pale skin and blue eye sockets. He didn't seem to have an appetite for food.

The woman sitting next to him looked very different. She was wearing a light mesh garment and you could see the sweat that stood out and trickled down her white skin.

There's nothing you can do about it, this time of year, and you can't burn a stove without sweating.

Her movements were graceful, her face beautiful, and her eyebrows and eyes as if drawn. Her slightly plump body had its coquettishness.

This young man was his father's successor, Xiao Tian Cheng.

A woman was the eldest Princess of the Zhao Kingdom, the Emperor's sister, Xiao Tian Cheng's mother-Hai Ru Yue. Although she is already 40 years old, time spared her and did not leave any wrinkles on her face.

- I know you don't have an appetite, but you still need to eat! "Hai Ru Yue fed her son herself.

Outside, the steward of the house, Zhu shun, was standing by the door with a white hairpin. He did not enter but nodded to Hai Ru Yue.

Hai Ru Yue turned her head, put down her chopsticks, and reminded her son:

"You don't want to eat, but you need to. It's better for you, it's only good for you!

Before leaving, the servants standing at the door immediately threw a Cape over her. Still, it wasn't as warm outside as it was inside the house.

The servants immediately left and Zhu Shun reported:

"Lady, Fang Jae is here again.

Hai Ru Yue looked at him askance.

"What else does he have?"

She's already made it clear. What else should she say? Especially since it's already evening, and the widow is not fit to receive visitors at this time. However, if they came at such a time, then they must have a reason for it.

Zhu Shun: He brought a man with him this time. Says the Prince of the Yan Kingdom specially sent an experienced doctor. He can help.

"An experienced doctor?" Hai Ru Yue furrowed her brows:

"We already know about Tian Cheng's illness. What else can I say?

Zhu Shun: the Servant thought so too. However, something is unusual here. The Prince is no fool, either, and would not simply trouble you. So I decided to ask the lady if I could see him.

Hai Ru Yue thought for a while but also agreed with Zhu Shun. Chiao Zong wouldn't joke with her like that:

"Bring it!"

"Yes," he said. Zhu shun bowed and quickly left.

It wasn't long before he brought Niu Yu Dao and Fang Zhe. Niu Yu Dao's sword was temporarily taken away and its wonderful meridians were sealed by the local cultivators. (unpaired meridians in eight veins (receiving excess blood); "wonderful" meridians)

On the other hand, Hai Ru Yue is an old friend of Ning Wang. And they will talk about secret matters. If the meridians are not sealed, then outsiders will be here, and this is undesirable for secret negotiations.

Near the gazebo on the water stood in a beautiful dress Hai Ru Yue and looked at the reflection of the moon in the water.

Fang Zhe and Niu Yu Dao stopped near the gazebo and bowed to her:

- Welcome to the Princess!

Zhu shun walked over to her, whispered something, and then Hai Ru Yue turned around. Under the moonlight, Niu Yu Dao noticed that this was indeed a beauty!

"Are You Niu Yu Dao?" Aren't you in the Kingdom of Yan left the sect Higher Chistoty? Hai Ru Yue spoke indifferently.

Niu Yu Dao didn't think they already knew about this. But he could understand. After all, they are located on the border zone between the two States and therefore should know the situation of the neighboring territory. Moreover, the Prince already communicated well with her. Therefore, this should not be surprising.

He nodded: All right.

Hai Ru Yue: Long ago in the Yan Kingdom, I had a good relationship with Ning Wang and also shared company with Dong Guo Hao Ran. We were old friends, you might say. However, how did Dong Guo's disciple Hao Rang become an experienced doctor?

Niu Yu Dao noticed that Dong Guo Hao Ran's connections were quite large.

He replied: The lady Princess sees everything clearly, as if through the water. I am not an experienced doctor, I only accompanied the doctor. Only in the regional center, there was an unexpected event. The doctor was kidnapped.

Hai Ru Yue narrowed her eyes and furrowed her brows: What happened?

Niu Yu Dao: Lady Princess doesn't know everything. I have a deep hatred with the song family in the Yan Kingdom. And today in the city, we accidentally met with the second son of sun Ju Ming. They chased me to kill me. I, fortunately, got off well, but an experienced doctor was not so lucky. It seems to have fallen into their hands. I don't know where they took him now, or if he's still alive. I hope the Princess will help me find it. Still, this is your territory.

Niu Yu Dao had no acquaintances here, so he could only hope for the Princess.

Standing next to him, Fang Jae understood what was happening. He realized that the doctor was Yuan Fan, and understood why Niu Yu Dao had told them to leave the Fuling court.

And Hai Ru Yue also knew the situation of the Prince and also heard that Niu Yu Dao was feuding with the song family. Beside her Zhu shun whispered to her:

"Sun Ju Ming's second son, sun Long, has arrived in the city. He stopped at the Inn of Lucu.

Hai Ru Yue gave no sign, looking at Niu Yu Dao, and asked:

"Are you sure that your doctor can save my son?"

Niu Yu Dao: Even if he is not a legendary doctor, he can still bear the fruit of red Yang. Princess, the Prince understands your son's situation very well, and that's why he sent me. If there is an opportunity, then you need to grab it! Princess, he's been captured, and the longer we delay, the less chance he's still alive!

Right now, Niu Yu Dao didn't care about anything. First, we need to pick up Yuan Fan. For him, Chao Zong's Affairs were now secondary. After all, Chao Zong can be said to be an outsider.

Hai Ru Yue slowly turned her head and said calmly:

"Take the men and go to sun lung. Let him give up the man!

She was interested in the doctor.

"Yes," he said. Zhu shun immediately replied, and when he turned around, he said to Niu Yu Dao:

"You follow me."

Niu Yu Dao can identify Yuan Fan. And in such a situation, you need Niu Yu Dao to act as a witness. Otherwise, how can sun Lung give up a person?

Niu Yu Dao immediately bowed to Hai Ru Yue and followed Zhu Shun.

Zhu shun immediately called 10 high-class masters. As for Fan Jae, he was still in the Palace as a hostage…

Sciez Chung recently returned to the yard Lucu. He was standing in front of a grim-faced sun lung, who was holding his hands behind his back.

Xie Chun of course returned without Niu Yu Dao, but he confirmed Yuan Fan's words. Niu Yu Dao stayed in the Fuling courtyard. This was confirmed by both the owner and the employees.

They said that the guests had recently left and disappeared.

Xie Chun was not at all surprised about this. It would be amazing if Niu Yu Dao on the other hand stayed there.

They failed to capture Niu Yu Dao, so they had to interrogate Yuan Fan again. They asked-where did Niu Yu Dao go, why did they come to the city?

Yuan Fang was playing the role of a coward. What was asked of him, he answered. The only thing he said was not true.

And when they failed to catch Niu Yu Dao, He had to taste the bitterness of the hostage.

Just then, there was a commotion outside. A lot of people broke the peace of the court of Lucu, people in armor appeared.

A minor official ran in and hastily reported:

"The dignitary, the Governor of the Palace area, Zhu shun, brought a lot of people. They surrounded the house.

"What is it?" Sun Lung didn't understand what was happening. He also looked at the others, but they could only look at each other. In the end, the song of the Loon went down.

When he went down, he saw a group of people standing behind Zhu Shun. He immediately understood when he saw Niu Yu Dao standing behind Zhu Shun.

Sun Long felt a shiver in his heart at this scene. Did Niu Yu Dao not lie, and is He the person of the ruler of the region?

He was more surprised by the fact that Zhu Shun personally went with him!

He couldn't stand it and immediately turned to look at Xie Chun.

He seemed to speak with his eyes: "Where were you looking!?"

They were surprised themselves. Cheng GUI Shuo shivered. Where does Niu Yu Dao get the power here?

Such a commotion attracted the attention of the other guests of the court of Lucu. After all, most of the envoys from other countries arrived here, and here the Zhao Kingdom's troops surrounded the house of the Yan Kingdom's Ambassador. What is happening? Many of them moved closer to get a clearer view. Can there be any collision?

Qingzhou is an important area for the Yan Kingdom. After all, it is located on the border, and if something happens, it will be a big problem for the Yan Kingdom.

"Is that him?" Zhu shun, pointing to the sun, the Moon, asked.

Nu Yu Tao nodded: Right, it has to be.

Song of the Loon felt the chill. Is Zhu shun going to cause a stir at the Yan Kingdom's envoy because of Niu Yu Dao?

Although his mind was in chaos, he was a messenger from the Yan Kingdom. And he is the face of the Yan Kingdom. He must not show weakness.

Therefore, he said in a dissatisfied tone: Zhu shun, what do you want to say? Is that what they do to your guests in Qingzhou?

Zhu shun looked at him intently and said:

"We treat decent guests well, and we treat dishonest guests well. Dignitary sun, don't beat around the Bush. Give us the man!

When he arrived, he immediately asked the guards and found out that they had recently brought a man to the yard. And the timing of this coincided with the story of Niu Yu Dao. Therefore, Zhu shun was sure that sun Lung was holding a hostage.

Only sun Lung, as an emissary, can admit that he is in another country kidnapping people? So he asked:

- What kind of man? A certain sung doesn't know what you're talking about!

Zhu Shun: Dignitary sun, you had better cooperate with us. Otherwise, you don't have to blame us later!

Sun Lung puffed out his chest and said confidently: I am the Ambassador of the Yan Kingdom! I'll see what you dare do!