Heavenly Genius - Chapter 105


Zhu Shun: Did the Ambassador of the Kingdom of Yan can miss the person in our Kingdom of Zhao?

Sun Lung immediately replied: Zhu shun, why talk nonsense?!

Zhu Shun: Dignitary sun came as a guest. No need to make a fuss. Only that person must go with us! Give it to us. Then we'll pretend that nothing happened. Otherwise, we will search for everything and if we find something, then the Yan Kingdom will have to explain everything well to us! Dignitary sun, this is no time for idle talk. I repeat, hand over the man and let's pretend that nothing happened!

The captured man is here, the house is surrounded. There's nothing you can do. And the other side's thought is clear. Sun Lung began to think about the consequences.

The hair of the Golden bear king is precious, but it is not worth the consequences that will arise later. Especially the sun moon himself from this bear is not much use. Except for one gift.

The purpose of the sun the Moon is Nu Yu Dao!

His eyes glittered, and he tilted his head: Pull him.

Next to him, people immediately went to the house, and Niu Yu Dao whispered to Zhu Shun: a dead Man can't heal!

He was worried that Yuan Fan might be killed as a witness. After all, kidnapping is a big deal. They might kill him and then say they picked him up on the street and wanted to save him. And there is nothing to prove.

Zhu Shun's eyes flashed, and he gave a stern warning.

"I need someone alive!" If it is dead, no one will leave this place alive!

He spoke very sternly because he knew what would happen if they lost an experienced doctor. After all, he understood what Xiang Tian Cheng meant to them. He understood what the Xiao family meant to him, to the region.

Sun Lung chuckled coldly:

"How brave! I am the Ambassador of the Yan Kingdom! Even the Imperial court of the Zhao Kingdom doesn't dare to say that. It looks like Qingzhou wants to go beyond that!

Zhu Shun: The official sun did not understand. Qingzhou is not going to go beyond the realm of Zhao. It's just that Qingzhou isn't afraid of the Yan Kingdom, that's all. We will not allow the Yan Kingdom to cause a stir in their territory! Dignitary sun if you don't believe, you can bring us a dead person, then you will test our self-confidence. And the Yan Kingdom can logically understand our actions!

"..."Sun Lung was angry. Zhu shun spoke softly, but hinted: "Even if I kill you, the Yan Kingdom won't do anything!"

He, being an Ambassador, and listened to this - it's just humiliating! After all, the Yan Kingdom is weak now, compared to the Zhao Kingdom.

Although this is a personal matter for the song family, he is, after all, an Ambassador of the Kingdom! How can this be tolerated? Does the Yan Kingdom have to reckon with the local Prince of the Zhao Kingdom here?

He understood that the combined forces of the Yan Kingdom were no weaker than the Zhao Kingdom. Only the Yan realm is in chaos now. It is fragmented. A few years ago, when Ning Wang had all the valiant troops under his command, the Kingdom of Zhao seemed like a small child in front of Him. Only the Emperor thought that Ning Wang would have a more terrible power if he conspired with foreign princes. Some things are better not told to such Ministers.

As a result, a bloodied Yuan Fan was carried out. Sun Lung handed over the man in front of everyone.

Seeing Yuan Fang, Zhu shun asked Niu Yu Dao: Is that him?

Niu Yu Dao nodded his head: that's Right!

Seeing Niu Yu Dao again, and seeing that He had brought so many people to help, Yuan Fang almost burst into tears. He didn't leave it!

Only that when he was questioned, he understood about himself. It doesn't matter if he confesses or not, they'll kill him anyway. All the more reason to let him go? He already thought that he had signed up for death. Only who would have thought that within an hour after the interrogation, he was already saved! A lot was going on in his heart right now.

In some things, even if Niu Yu Dao had said it a thousand times, He still wouldn't have believed it. But now, having experienced it all in his skin, he realized something. When Yuan Fang appeared in front of Niu Yu Dao, He said excitedly:

"Lord Of The Tao!

Niu Yu Dao examined it and asked: How are the wounds?

Yuan Fan: The skin and body held up. It's okay! – it was more important to him that he came out alive.

Ah sun Lung immediately began to smile and folded his hands and said:

"Zhu shun, this is a misunderstanding! I hope you will understand! – he wanted to know what the other side would say now. Is there anything else in Qingzhou?

Zhu shun folded his hands and also replied:

"The official sung speaks correctly. This is a misunderstanding. This is already in the past. The old servant must go on business. Bowing out! – he made it clear that everything was all right now.

He saw that his target was unharmed, and he didn't want to make a fuss and cause a dispute between the Zhao and Yan kingdoms. And the other observers, whether they liked it or not, just left.

Sun Lung sighed with relief and added with a smile:

"Zhu shun, take care of yourself. I won't see you off!

- And you, officer sun! Zhu shun said politely. Then he waved his hand and left the courtyard with the men.

Before leaving, Niu Yu Dao and sun Long looked at each other. They looked at each other calmly, but there was an evil intent in their eyes.

They just met and immediately crossed weapons. Niu Yu Dao tasted the bitterness, and the song of the Loon lost face. Who won and who lost…

People were leaving the Liusu courtyard, with Niu Yu Dao supporting the limping Yuan Fan.

Many of the ambassadors looked at Niu Yu Dao and Yuan Fan. They didn't know who they were. As a result, they began to ask about them from people who more or less knew the situation in Qingzhou. But they all shook their heads and said they didn't know them. Niu Yu Dao and Yuan Fang became the subject of many people's curiosity.

Who could have caused Zhu Shun himself to surround the house of the Ambassador of the Yan Kingdom? Everyone was wondering what had happened between the Ambassador of the Yan Kingdom and Qingzhou. Could this escalate into an even bigger conflict? Can this change the attitude of the Yan and Zhao kingdoms?

After the collapse of the Kingdom of Wu, hundreds of independent principalities appeared. Since then, the structure of States has been constantly changing, and as a result, 7 States have gradually appeared. Only the smell of blood from the recently broken Qin Kingdom has not yet dissipated. Therefore, after Zhu Shun left, the ambassadors of the Jin, Han, Song, Wei, and Qi kingdoms immediately went to the Yan Kingdom's house and expressed their concern.

"Brother sun, why would Zhu Shun put you at such a disadvantage?" "the Han envoy was one of the first to ask. He looked rather surprised.

It was a young man in white clothes. He spoke rather contemptuously. He was the youngest of all the ambassadors, so he looked the best of all the ambassadors.

Everyone understood him. After all, the Han Kingdom recently took away one area from the Yan Kingdom. And now relations between the two kingdoms were strained. It would be strange if he treated the Ambassador of the Yan Kingdom well.

Sun Lung replied indifferently: You're still a kid. I'm old enough to be your father. How can the Han Kingdom send such ambassadors? You must call me uncle.

Zhuge Xiong laughed and replied:

- It turns out that everything is measured based on age among ambassadors? Then, if the Han Kingdom sends a hundred-year-old man, will you have to call him grandfather? Then I'm sorry.

Standing next to him, the Ambassador of the song Kingdom, an elderly man, stroking his mustache and beard, said:

- How can a neophyte be an Ambassador?

He's not exactly helped the sun the moon. It was just that the song Kingdom bordered on the Han Kingdom, and they also had a bad relationship. So he was also annoyed by this young man.

The ambassadors of the kingdoms of Jin, Wei, Qi, Qi Xiang Yu, Sui Pai, and Zuo An Nian simply smiled and watched.

It can't be helped. The Yan, Zhao, Han, and song kingdoms border each other and often argue among themselves. Only the kingdoms of Jin, Wei, and Qi are relatively far from the others.

In General, all of these ambassadors didn't just come to congratulate Hai Ru Yue on her birthday. And to sow discord between her and her brother - Emperor Hai Wu JI.

Sun Long didn't want to argue with them, so with a wave of his hand, he turned around and left.

When he returned to his room, he immediately frowned and gave instructions:

"Go and find out what connection Niu Yu Dao has with Qingzhou!"

And in the Palace of the ruler, Zhu shun had already brought the people back. He sent Yuan Fan to wash and heal his wounds. Now, due to recent events, it is not the best time to contact Xiao Tian Cheng, much less visit Hai Ru Xue.

When there were no strangers left in the room, Yuan Fang said in a whisper:

"Lord Dao, I didn't tell you anything other than that you were staying at the Fuling Inn.

Niu Yu Dao smiled: No need to explain. I believe you!

"..."Yuan Fang froze. He was touched again inwardly.

No clue what Niu Yu Dao has already understood the fact that the Yuan Fang did not say anything. After all, if Yuan Fang had let it slip, sun Lung would not have given him away.

"Things just got out of hand. I had to act based on the situation to save you... " Niu Yu Dao told me everything that happened when he was saving Yuan Fan.

- Aah! "Yuan Fang was afraid: Lord Dao, how can I do this?

Nu Yu Dao replied calmly:

"You don't need to be treated. You just do what you have to do and don't open your mouth. I'll take care of the rest”