Heavenly Genius - Chapter 106

After listening to Niu Yu Dao, Yuan Fan understood what was required of Him. Although he nodded in agreement, he was afraid in his heart. Isn't this a game with your own life!? Yuan Fang wanted to ask Niu Yu Dao - *didn't you say that we would go for cultivation resources?* He had lived a detached life in the mountains for several years, and now he was in the ordinary world and so much had happened. Yes, so quickly that he did not have time to react properly. As soon as they had settled everything between them, they notified the servant. Immediately a man came and took two people with him. Along the way, Yuan Fang walked and looked at the beautiful scenery. He had never seen such luxurious homes. Thinking about ordinary and poor people, he immediately understood why many people want to be rich and influential. After all, the temptation is great. Yuan Fang walked and said to himself: "Buddha Amitabha!" As soon as they reached the hall, they met the lady of the Palace. Yuan Fang immediately assumed a stony look, and Niu Yu Dao looked quite polite. Hai Ru Yue in a beautiful dress asked while looking at Yuan Fan: "Is this an experienced doctor?" Niu Yu Dao: Exactly. Hai Ru Yue: I Don't know the name of an experienced doctor? Where did he come from? Yuan Fang replied indifferently: Hua To. A simple villager. (Hua To (145? - 208) (famous Eastern Han physician)) Hai Ru Yue: - M, it turns out to be Mr. Hua. Mr. Hua doesn't seem very happy? Have I offended you in any way? Niu Yu Dao: to Tell you a secret, Princess, we came here to say goodbye. Zhu shun stared at the two of them. Hai Ru Yue narrowed her eyes and said: "You must be joking." I just messed up the Ambassador's place for you and took a man away. And you haven't fulfilled your promise yet, so you want to leave? Do you think that I, a widow, can be easily fooled? Niu Yu Dao: the Princess misunderstood. Mr. Hua came from far away and almost lost his life. That's why he doesn't want to stay. He is afraid that he may be in danger here! Hai Ru Yue: Nonsense. Mr. Hua can be calm. Here I guarantee that no one will touch it! Niu Yu Dao: the Princess doesn't know everything. Mr. Hua has his own rules. When he is not in the mood, it is better not to treat him! When someone touches it, it spoils the mood and goes bad energy! Hai Ru Yue chuckled: I Don't know how to fix this situation. Niu Yu Dao only replied: - A good man is answered with kindness, an enemy with revenge! The room fell silent. Hai Ru Yue stared at both of them and said slowly: "I don't know how you want revenge." Niu Yu Dao: there is no hatred without a reason. Just give sun Lung to master Hua and that's it! "Hehe..." Hai Ru Yue chuckled and stared at Niu Yu Dao: "Why do I think that this is not Mr. Hua's intention, and you just want to take advantage of the opportunity to settle a score?" "This is my intention and that of Mr. Hua. I won't hide it, Princess, my intentions are what you might call Mr. Hua's intentions. Niu Yu Dao said frankly and added: "Our quarrel with the song family really can't be resolved. The song's family will not leave me. If so, I must fight to the death. The Princess saw for herself the relationship of the song family. I had just arrived in Qingzhou when they started attacking. So I can also respond. That's why I want the Princess to help! Hai Ru Yue said in a cold tone, " what use is this to me? Niu Yu Dao: This is just a refund! Hai Ru Yue: it Looks like Shang Chao Zong doesn't want to cooperate? Niu Yu Dao: If I lose my life, what does your connection with the Prince have to do with me? Hai Ru Yue: Your lives are in my hands, and you are still trying to bargain with me!? Niu Yu Dao: your son's Life is also in our hands. This is no place for a Princess to trade, either! Hai Ru Yue chuckled: a Joke. It looks like you don't value life! Niu Yu Dao: If I have it? There are two scenarios. You can kill us, which means you can't cure anyone. Would the Princess dare to expect her son to die? Or you will grant the doctor's wish, and then we will cure your son. Of course, everything is in your hands. I don't know what choice the Princess will make. I will remind you once again that except for us and the Palace of ice and snow in the middle Kingdom, no one can eliminate the Princess's concerns! Hai Ru Yue was angry. She noticed that this guy was rather arrogant. He is directly trading on his opportunities. However, his words make sense. She said irritably: "Do you think I can believe you?" Niu Yu Dao: the Prince, knowing about your son's illness, sent us. The reason why he sent us, you can understand for yourself. And we are here in front of you now if we can't solve your problem and calm you down, will we leave here alive? Sun Long's life is precious, but I will not change my life for them! The room fell silent. Hai Ru Yue and Zhu Shun exchanged glances. In the end, Zhu shun said: "A Princess can't just kill an Ambassador from the Yan Kingdom. However, this will affect the relationship between the two kingdoms. And the Yan Kingdom, in turn, can kill the Zhao Kingdom's Ambassador. Although the Zhao Kingdom is not afraid of the Yan Kingdom, only the consequences of a quarrel… The people who are behind the Qingzhou region will not accept it! What he meant was that the sector school behind Qingzhou would not agree to this. Niu Yu Dao: If it's personal hatred? This does not apply to the Kingdom of Yan and Qingzhou. I just want the Princess to create an environment for me, an opportunity. Then there will be no problems. The Princess will not take any responsibility and will not receive a loss, but will even benefit from it. Is that a bad thing? Hai Ru Yue didn't want to get involved in other people's Affairs. She turned and walked away, showing her attitude. Niu Yu Dao shouted, " stop. We need a position so that the Princess and the Prince are not suspected of having an affair. Hai Ru Yue stopped and stood with her back to him, saying: "I can spread the word that you are my lover." "Lover? Your lover?" - Niu Yu Dao immediately felt sweat on his forehead when he came to his senses. He immediately refused: "I can't, I can't. This position is not appropriate. Beside him, Yuan Fang shuddered. He was surprised. Ah Hai Ru Yue tilted her head and asked: "What?" Do you think a widow will pollute your reputation? Niu Yu Dao hastily waved his hand: "No, no," I said. I'm the one who's afraid of offending the Princess's reputation. Hai Ru Yue slowly turned around and asked: "What's a Princess like to you?" Niu Yu Dao didn't know what she meant by that: "The Princess is an incomparable beauty. Hai Zhu Yue: You think I'm sitting here worrying about my reputation? Don't worry, I don't care what they say about me. Niu Yu Dao froze and refused again: I came by order of the Prince. Perhaps it is better to say that the Prince sent me to congratulate my aunt on her birthday. Both sides are close. And the Prince, being in a weak position, it is logical to look for good connections. In principle, Hai Ru Yue Chao Zong was an aunt. Niu Yu Dao noticed that the Princess was a rather handsome descendant of the Shang family. And they have similarities to Chao Zong. Only Shu Qing was an exception. "You should consult Zhu Shun. Hai Ru Yue said one last word and left playing with her dress. Following her with his eyes, Niu Yu Dao then said: "It's better to say that I've come to congratulate my aunt." He didn't want to be so famous. How he would then look into the eyes of Chao Zong and Shu Qing. How could he do this to their aunt? "Good! Zhu Shun nodded. Niu Yu Dao immediately folded his hands and tried to deviate, but Zhu Shun stopped him. He recalled: in the case of the sun, the Moon. It doesn't matter whether it's just soldiers or cultivators, you can't ask without the knowledge of the people behind us. And they will not agree to it, because it is troublesome. It won't do to kill in secret, either. If something happens to the Ambassador here, it won't benefit us. We can't be responsible for this. So no matter how the Princess should not be involved in this. Otherwise, everyone is not an idiot and everyone will understand who helped you. Hearing this, Niu Yu Dao immediately spoke slowly: "Zhu shun, what do you mean?" Zhu shun waved his hand and said again: "I'll set you up at Lucu's Inn." That's where you decide your business! Niu Yu Dao frowned: "He has so many strong cultivators, how can I attack him?" Zhu Shun: We can't help you. However, there is a person in the courtyard of Lucu who can help you. Whether it helps or not is up to you… It wasn't long before Niu Yu Dao and Yuan Fan were escorted out of the Palace. Fan Jae was also released. After they were left in the courtyard of Liusu, Niu Yu Dao immediately came to visit an important guest. The House Of Han. Inside the library, Zhuge Xiong was looking at official documents under a lamp. One of the servants came up with quick steps and announced: - Dignitary. There is a man outside named Niu Yu Dao. He wants to see you. "Niu Yu Dao?" Zhuge Xiong raised his head but hesitated. The servant explained at once: A dignitary, this is a person who came out from the Ambassador of the Yan Kingdom. You also asked to know his position. Zhuge Xiong was immediately overjoyed. A diplomatic Ambassador will always have an interest in the affairs of other States. He put down the official documents and said: "Start it up quickly." Very quickly, the guest and host sat down in the main hall. After the greetings, Zhuge Xiong invited Niu Yu Dao to have tea. He said laughing: "I don't know what brought brother Nu to me." Niu Yu Dao, without beating around the Bush, immediately asked the main question: "I want to kill the Ambassador of the Yan Kingdom, sun Lung. I hope brother Zhuge will help me! Zhuge Xiong was speechless. "I just saw you, and you immediately ask me to do this???»