Heavenly Genius - Chapter 107


Sitting next to Yuan Fang, you know the situation has more or less kept quiet. However, the newcomer, who knew nothing, did not know Anything at all.

*What is it? Kill Sun Lung? *

He wanted to bring Niu Yu Dao out and ask: "are You doing all this for the Prince? Why kills the Ambassador? Will it benefit the Prince or not?"

Behind Zhuge Xiong, several people looked at each other in confusion.

Zhuge Xiong choked on his tea, making his mouth water. He must have lost control.

He put down his Cup of tea and said smiling:

"Brother Nu, are you kidding?"

Niu Yu Dao: I'm Not Kidding. I'm serious.

Zhuge Xiong shook his head:

- Are you serious that's fine too? If you're kidding, fine. Let's not do it yet. Drink your tea! he waved a hand.

- Good. Cheers! Niu Yu Dao reached out and grabbed a Cup of tea with both hands. – so he was drinking with the owner.

Zhuge Xiong asked after a while:

- I don't know, brother Nu from where? And what position does it occupy?

Niu Yu Dao: I am from the Kingdom of Yan, now a mentor-protector of the simple Prince of Shang Chao Zong. The Princess is 40 years old, and the Prince is busy, so he sent me to congratulate my aunt for him.

* Shang Chao Zong? Zhuge Xiong became agitated.

He was overcome by complex feelings. The name was no stranger to him. When he was incarcerated, the Han Kingdom saw to it.

Ning Wang Shang Jian Bo then put a lot of pressure on the Han Kingdom. He with ten thousand troops broke through the hundred thousand troops of the Han Kingdom. In doing so, he dealt a huge moral blow to the martial spirit of the Han Kingdom. Only after Ning Wang died, only then did the Han Kingdom dare to bully the Yan Kingdom.

Zhuge Xiong tilted his head and winked at the people, signaling them to leave.

He sipped his tea slowly and then asked again:

- As well as the state of Yan, why brother Nude sun kill Moon?

Niu Yu Dao: I just arrived in Qingzhou today, and sun Lung already tried to kill me. I escaped it, but my brother was captured. If it wasn't for the ruler who saved his brother, he would already be dead. If sun Lung is trying to kill me, why don't I kill him?

Zhuge Xiong asked in surprise:

"Why would sun lung kill Niu's brother?"

Niu Yu Dao: I used to be a disciple of the Highest purity sect, and I had a brother who was a fellow student of sun Yang Qing. When I left the sect, sun Yang Qing didn't want to let me go. On the way, he tried to kill me. Only I killed him for my protection. Now the song family is taking revenge!

One cultivator flashed by and approached Zhuge Xiong, saying in a whisper:

"Speaking of the above, I heard that there was a disciple named Nu in the High purity sect. It looks like there was such a thing. The sect revealed to the world of cultivation that a disciple from the song family had tried to kill a fellow student. And recently we received news that the Highest purity sect has applied for protection to our Northern region, which is ruled by Shao Deng Yun!

Zhuge Xiong thought for a moment and then said with a sigh:

- Unsurprisingly. It Turns Out that Niu's brother and the song family have such scores. He, as an Ambassador of the Yan Kingdom, tied personal Affairs to state Affairs-really rashly.

- However, returning to our topic, the Ambassador of each state in the face of the state. And no matter what state, if there is no clear evidence, it will not be possible to attack it. Otherwise, it will raise a conflict between the two States. Brother Niu, your request is not possible right now.

- The kingdoms of Han and Yan is now a hostile Kingdom. However, the murder of an Ambassador is a rare case in States. Even warring kingdoms can't just kill an Ambassador.

Niu Yu Dao: I'm not asking brother Zhuge to attack, and I'm not asking him to take responsibility. I only ask you to arrange an occasion for me so that I can attack myself!

Zhuge Xiong's eyebrows jumped. If so… He held a Cup of tea and thought.

Not long after, a man came in from outside, approached Zhuge Xiong, and whispered to him:

"We found out from the guards at their house. Right. His name is Niu Yu Dao, and he is a subordinate of Shang Chao Zong and has come to congratulate Hai Ru Yue on his fortieth birthday.

Zhuge Xiong was waiting for this news. He couldn't just believe Niu Yu Dao's words.

After clearing up the situation he quickly lowered his Cup of tea and sighed:

"Brother Nu, it's not that I don't want to help you. I'm nice to you. Only you want to kill the state Ambassador, and these are serious things. Will the Yan Kingdom let you go so easily? I think as soon as you leave Qingzhou, you'll be in trouble!

- The song family has already tried to kill me 3 times. I suffer from their misfortunes every time. How long will this go on? The hare quickly runs away, but it can also bite! Niu Yu Dao raised three fingers and then lowered them.

He asked again:

"Does brother Zhuge think that if I don't kill sun Long, then he will just let me leave Qingzhou?" I think it's all settled here!

Zhuge Xiong smiled mysteriously and was thinking about something…


In the house of the Ambassador of the Yan Kingdom, sun Long also sat under a lamp and looked at documents. The news came from the capital of the Kingdom of Zhao. He, as an Ambassador to the Kingdom of Zhao, must of course pay daily attention to the news of the Kingdom and send the news to the capital of the Yan Kingdom with the help of the king of birds.

One subordinate came in and reported:

"Dignitary, news has already come from the Governor's Palace. There, a man reported that Niu Yu Dao had no connection with the Palace. He just came from Shang Chao Zong to congratulate his aunt on her fortieth birthday.

Sun Lung leaned back in his chair, a sly look on his face:

"Ask Huang Xiu Sheng to come."

"Yes," he said. "the subordinate left.

It wasn't long before Huang Xiu Sheng came in:

"Dignitary, any business?"

Sun Lung said slowly:

"Niu Yu Dao just arrived to congratulate Hai Ru Yue from Shang Chao Zong. Hai Ru Yue being the hostess can't let anything happen to her guests who came to congratulate her. So she stood up for them. Now we have proved ourselves.

Huang Xiu Sheng was silent, only thinking to himself, " With your position, you shouldn't do anything about this right now."

At the same time, he just kept silent and knew that this one sentence would not end everything. Otherwise, they wouldn't have called him here.

Sun Lung raised his head and sighed:

"I know I can't do anything about my position. Only this is an opportunity, and I can't refuse it. When I get home, I'm going to look into the eyes of the third brother. He only has one son, and I couldn't avenge him when I had the chance? Brother Huang, follow Niu Yu Dao. Find a way to kill him!

He stood up and bowed to Huang Xiu Sheng with folded hands:

"Please help!"

Huang Xiu Sheng furrowed his brows and finally nodded:

"I'll do my best!"

Sun Lung smiled:

"Brother Juan, don't worry. After this case, the song's family will thank you!

Just then an attache came in. He put the invitation on the table and announced:

"The Ambassador of the Han Kingdom invites a dignitary to a Banquet!"

Sun Lung took out the invitation card, opened it, and frowned at it:

- It's late, what Banquet? What's the little devil up to? Did they say anything else?

Attache: Nothing else. All he said was that the scenery was beautiful at night. Therefore, they invite ambassadors from all the kingdoms.

"All of them?" Song of the Loon was immediately surprised and began to act. If they had invited him alone, he would have thought about it. And now that everyone has been invited, he definitely can't let all the ambassadors behind his back talk about anything!

When he saw that the time for the Banquet would soon come, he immediately instructed everyone to come.


Palace of 100 flowers. It is located in the middle of the Lucu courtyard. This is Central Park, which was lit up by many lights. It was quite beautiful here; the Park had its own small lake and many small pavilions.

The guests had not yet arrived, but the host was the first to arrive. Zhuge Xiong stood with his hands behind his back at the edge of the gazebo on the water. The musicians were nearby, and the sounds of zither and flute filled the night sky.

It was not long before the ambassadors began to come one after the other. Sun Lung was one of them. Everyone asked what was wrong, but Zhuge Xiong asked everyone to wait.

When all the ambassadors arrived in full force, Zhuge Xiong invited them to sit down at a table with all sorts of viands.

It was only after all the people were seated that they noticed that one seat was empty. The Ambassador of the Wei Kingdom, sun Pai, asked:

"Zhuge, is there another person invited?"

Pop, pop, pop! Zhuge Xiong clapped his hands.

The zither music on the stairs stopped and Niu Yu Dao came out of a door that adjoined another pavilion. Behind him stood Fang Zhe and a limping Yuan Fan. Yuan Fang was holding a sword.

Someone doubted, someone did not understand, sun Long narrowed his eyes and looked coldly at Niu Yu Dao.

Yuan Fang and Fang Zhe remained outside, and the others did not enter. Only Niu Yu Dao came in and attracted everyone's attention.

However, no one was worried that Niu Yu Dao would do anything. After all, there are many high masters around.

Niu Yu Dao entered and immediately, folding his hands, said to all the ambassadors:

"Niu Yu Dao, by order of a simple Prince, has come to congratulate the Princess. Because the Prince is busy himself, he sent me to congratulate my aunt for him. It is a rare piece of luck for me to see gentlemen here!

Everyone was surprised, but no one said anything. Zhuge Xiong made a sign with his hand, and Niu Yu Dao sat down in the middle of the ambassadors of the Jin Kingdom, Chu Xiao Yu, and the Wei Kingdom, Sui Pai.

When they sat down, sun Lung gave a cold smile:

"All the ambassadors are here, and who are you to sit here?"

Niu Yu Dao sat quietly and did not react at all.

The others all looked at Zhuge Xiong.

Zhuge Xiong waved his hand to calm everyone down. He said smiling:

"We need to clarify something that happened recently. In fact, on one road in Qingzhou, I ran into brother Niu. It's a pity I didn't get to know him sooner. Earlier, Niu's brother told me about his feud with the song family. He said that he did not want or dare to face the song family. Only the case had already taken a turn, so he asked what he should do? He asked me to meditate in this case, so that I could help dispel their enmity. And since everyone is here, we could witness this case. What does this account of brother sun?