Heavenly Genius - Chapter 108


The fact that Zhuge Xiong met Niu Yu Dao on the way was just an excuse. He originally wanted to say that the High purity sect had turned to the Han Kingdom for protection. A Niu Yu Dao, as a disciple of the highest purity sect, can count on his protection. This was the whole point of his plan.

Only Niu Yu Dao immediately rejected this idea. He said emphatically that there was no longer any connection between him and the high purity sect. He demanded to say that he was kicked out of the sect and now he has nothing to do with the sect!

Sun Lung glanced at Zhuge Xiong:

"Zhuge Xiong, why are you paying attention to this?" Isn't that too generous of you?

Zhuge Xiong quickly waved his hand:

"Don't get it wrong. We can only talk. It won't hurt anyone. It is better to solve everything in peace. The past is in the past, why now keep all the hatred in yourself?

Sun LUN expelling a 'Hmph' said:

"I don't know what you're talking about." Talk to the point! You don't need to attract people who don't care!

Zhuge Xiong bitterly smiled and waved his hands at Niu Yu Dao as if to say, " I am helpless here. »

Sitting next to him, the Ambassador of the song Kingdom, Tu Huai Yu calmly said:

"This is a guest invited by the host. Where has it been seen that a guest is turned away by a guest? Is that how everyone is trained in the Yan Kingdom?

Song of the Loon stares at him.:

"Old Chu, don't look for trouble!

These people are always reserved in their domestic Affairs. However, when it comes to other States, they are happy to argue and raise a fuss. And it's business as usual.

However, they may quarrel, then sit down to drink wine, and after drinking they may quarrel again.

They may call each other brothers, but the state's interests are above all else. It will be necessary for the States - they will fight among themselves. It will be necessary for the state - so they will immediately be best friends.

Tu Huai Yu did not pay attention to him. He looked at Niu Yu Dao and asked:

"Brother, old Chu is wondering what happened to the song family?"

The others looked at him curiously. Earlier, Zhu Shun Tak had aroused their interest in Niu Yu Dao.

Ambassador Qi also said joyfully:

- Say. Nothing bad will happen.

The others nodded approvingly, and Sun Lung's face darkened. He wanted to leave immediately, but he was wondering what Zhuge Xiong wanted to do next.

"I was originally a disciple of the Highest purity sect. Only then was I expelled from the sect and on the way I wanted to kill a fellow student of sun Yang Qing... - Niu Yu Dao immediately told me everything. And after he said, staring at the sun, the Moon, said:

"Near the South mountain temple, you tried to kill me the first time. In Cang Wu County, you tried to kill me a second time. Then I killed the son of your steward of the house. And today, when you encountered me in Qingzhou, you tried to kill me again. If it wasn't for the Princess, I don't know what would be happening now. Dignitary sun, I didn't want to become an enemy of the sun family, and I don't want to hurt the Sun family.

Today, before all the lords, I sincerely apologize and ask the song family to let me go!

Sun Lung chuckled to himself: "Who are you to negotiate with the song family?" he calmly replied:

- It's ridiculous. I don't know what you're talking about. This is no place for you to talk nonsense. Where is the proof of your words? Where did we try to kill you?

As if at the same time, Huang Xiu Sheng and Xie Chun could be heard flashing and stopping inside the room, in case Niu Yu Dao wanted to escape.

Niu Yu Dao stood up and folded his hands:

"Dignitary sun, I sincerely ask you to let me go. If you have conditions, then speak!

He was really honest about it. The Song family is strong, and if there is a way to solve everything in peace, then it is better to solve it.

Sun Lung leaned on a chair and replied calmly:

"Nothing happened. What to talk about?

Niu Yu Dao did not reply to this. He understood the other side's intent.

Yes, and everyone understood perfectly. However, no one was particularly sympathetic to Niu Yu Dao.

Song of the Loon looked at the Zhuge Xiong:

"Zhuge, you don't need to make a fuss. Take the extra people away and talk business!

Zhuge Xiong stood up and waved his hand saying Niu Yu Dao:

"Brother Niu, I'm sorry. See what happens. Why don't you go back and get some rest?

Sun Long didn't even look at Niu Yu Dao, and a cold smile could be seen on His face.

Suddenly, Tu Huai Yu, who was sitting next to Him, said:

Some people don't know what they're thinking! They agreed to help and can't do anything at all. Useless things!

The originally smiling Zhuge Xiong turned his head and angrily looked at Tu Huai Yu: old Man, who are you talking to like that?

Tu Huai Yu also stood up and looking at him replied:

"Son, who are you yelling at?"

Zhuge Xiong: Whoever yells at me, I yell at them!

"You ill-bred scoundrel! I will raise you from your father! Tu Huai Yu said angrily and slapped Zhuge Xiong across the face.

"Pshh!" came a resounding slap, and the slap remained on Zhuge Xiong's face.

Everyone was stunned. It's not the first time they've seen the two of them fighting, but it's the first time they've seen someone raise a hand against the other.

Sun Lung was also surprised and almost laughed. Why are these two fightings over his Affairs? He was curious to see it.

Zhuge Xiong, who was holding his cheek, was also startled. He didn't think the old man would hit him. Even though they had secretly agreed to play a play, I didn't think the old man would take the opportunity to hit him!

Niu Yu Dao also froze. They are still fighting? These two fit the role well!

Zhuge Xiong immediately pointed his palm at the offender and wanted to slap him back, but Tu Huai Yu had already taken the precaution of blocking his palm. Only Zhuge Xiong immediately pulled the offender's mustache with his other hand.

Security outside both men went inside and pulled them apart.

At this moment, many cultivators also entered and started guarding their masters just in case.

"Who?" a loud voice suddenly rang out. One of Zhuge Xiong's cultivators turned and grabbed Huang Xiu Sheng, who was protecting sun Long, by the shoulder.

He said angrily: Why did you hit me?

"It's not me! Huang Xiu Sheng waved his hand, and the table behind him overturned.

This action confused inside. Zhuge Xiong's men immediately ran in, and sun long's men also ran up and didn't show any slack.

Already separated Tu Huai Yu shouted:

"Stop them! No need for bloodshed, everyone calms down!

His men ran up to Zhuge Xiong's men. Now two of their men were each directed at one of sun Long's men. And sun Lung was now alone.

"Stop it!" Everyone stop! Song of the Loon cried.

Standing in front of the overturned table, Niu Yu Dao stared at sun Lung, who had been pushed out of the gazebo. He raised his hand and the Yuan Fan holding the sword outside immediately passed it to him.

Grabbing his sword, Niu Yu Yuan flashed out of the crowd. Huang Xiu Sheng and the others raised their heads and looked at the opponents, who were currently staring intently at them.

"What do you want to do?" sun Long's frightened voice rang out.

All the people looked and saw sun Long being brought to his knees by Niu Yu Dao. And a sword was attached to his neck.

"A dignitary?" "the cultivators asked Ambassador Jin.

Did they think to detain him or not?

Chu Xiang Yu waved his hand and said:

"The disorder in the Yan realm is not bad for us!"

"What are you doing?"

In the middle of the night, a furious scream was heard and several dozen people descended from the night sky. They were immediately surrounded by Niu Yu Dao. The people of the Qingzhou court have arrived.

Zhuge Xiong and Tu Huai Yu exchanged glances. They didn't understand why Niu Yu Dao was so slow? Now, will he be able to kill him?

In such a situation, you had to wash your hands of it. They just hinted to his men that they freed the people of sun Moon.

Huang Xiu Sheng and the others immediately freed themselves and went to sun lung, only to be stopped by the court people:


Huang Xiu Sheng could only shout to the surrounded Niu Yu Dao:

"Niu Yu Dao, quickly let go of sun's dignitary!"

Niu Yu Dao looked around and finally looked at sun Long who was trembling and kneeling:

"Sun Yang Qing tried to kill me. I killed him! Liu Zi Yu tried to kill me. I killed him! You tried to kill me. I'll kill you! The song family will send as many as they want, and I will kill as many! Any time!

"Pshk!" flashed a cold gleam and fresh blood poured on the ground, and the girl musicians screamed.

How could they not be shocked by such a terrible and brutal murder!

Before sun Lung could even cry out, Niu Yu Dao cut off his head and kicked the trembling body.

Huang Xiu Sheng and the others froze. What is this? How will they return to the Yan realm? How they will report this to their teachers!


Every Ambassador felt the cold. Even Zhuge Xiong and Tu Huai Yu were psychologically prepared, but now they were also surprised.

- ... - Fan Zhe could not find words. Why did the Prince send this man?

Yuan Fang whispered to himself, " the Lord of the Dao is so cruel!»

Cheng GUI Shuo's eyes widened. In this situation and still killed? Not afraid of death? He had never thought that the young man who was under house arrest in peach spring would turn out to have such an evil heart!

Niu Yu Dao threw the head of sun Lung to Huang Xiu Sheng, and then took the sword and handed it to the people of the court. He calmly surrendered himself to custody.

"You'll pay with your life!" Huang Xiu Sheng shouted angrily.

Only the man who blocked his path immediately put a sword to his neck:

"We'll figure it out." You don't need to teach us. Qingzhou is not a place where you can run amok! Listen to the order: Don't move, or we'll kill you without mercy!

Swords flashed at once, warning everyone.

Soon a lot of people arrived here and all were arrested.

No one dared to resist. Government people are not to be trifled with!

Someone took sun Lung's body.

And in the gazebo on the floor lay uneaten viands…

Everyone was put in the same courtyard, and the cultivators were sealed off to prevent them from using magic power.

Zhuge Xiong opened the door and, still holding his face where the slap mark was visible, angrily shouted at the drinker Tu Huai Yu:

"Old bastard, who asked you to hit me?"

Tu Huai Yu replied cheerfully:

"You didn't ask me to play that scene." And besides, you pulled my mustache, too!

Outside, the other ambassadors were wandering around, still reeling from the murder. Did they think about what the consequences would be after today? They were also considering how they could now communicate with the outside world.