Heavenly Genius - Chapter 109


- Already late. You need to be stingy and go to bed. This is not our business. I have to get up early tomorrow.

The Qi Kingdom's Ambassador, Zuo An Nian, yawned after several people gathered.

The Ambassador of the Wei Kingdom, Sui Pai, replied:

- We have been here. How to wash and sleep?

Zuo An Nian replied:

"It's late, whether you wash or not.

The Ambassador of the Chu Kingdom, Xiang Yu, raised his head and looked at the sky, and said in a whisper:

"Do you think that Zhuge Xiong and Tu Huai Yu have recently played a scene?"

The two men became alert, and Zuo An Nian asked:

"How do you explain it?"

Chu Xiang Yu clasped his hands and looking at them said:

"Dared to attack a person in such a situation, was this Niu Yu Dao not afraid of death?" And at the right time, sun Long's people couldn't block his path because they were busy with Zhuge Xiong's people and Tu Huai Yu. do you think it was a coincidence?

Both were lost in thought.

After a while of silence, Sui Pai said:

"According to you, the people of Qingzhou who suddenly appeared also blocked the path of sun Long's people?" Did the people of Qingzhou have something to do with it? Otherwise, Niu Yu Dao would have been doomed to death!

Zuo An Nian blinked his eyes:

"Did Zhuge Xiong, Tu Huai Yu, and the people of Qingzhou put on a show?" Song Long and Qingzhou didn't have any contradictions? If there were, sun Lung wouldn't dare come. Especially Sun Lung is a guest. And would they dare to kill those who came to congratulate them? No matter how you look at it, it's not profitable for the people of Qingzhou to kill Sun, Long. Also, would you think that Zhuge Xiong and Tu Huai Yu were playing a play? However, Tu Huai Yu had hit Zhuge Xiu quite cruelly!

Chu Xiang Yu and sun Pai shivered as they spoke. Still, Zhuge Xiong was rather severely hit. And it was hardly a scene.

A few people thought about it and shook their heads. It must have been a coincidence. During the chaos in the gazebo, Niu Yu Dao simply took advantage of the moment and did what he wanted.

And if it was a coincidence, then this is the fate of Wu Song Long!

"Ah, sleep, sleep. We'll see tomorrow. Zuo An Nian said with a wave of his hand and turned away.

The other few people didn't bother either. Still, they had a good relationship with the Zhao Kingdom. And it's pretty reasonable that we put them under house arrest. Nothing should happen to them.

In the prison, Niu Yu Dao, Yuan Fan, and Fan Zhe were taken out of the same cage. They looked like they were being interrogated.

Seeing Niu Yu Dao pass by, Huang Xiu Sheng suddenly ran to the cage and grabbed the bars with both hands. He shouted angrily:

- Niu Yu Dao!

Sun Long's death is a big problem for him. He is the head of the sun Moon guard. And sun Lung died before his eyes. And now he can't report it to the Yan Kingdom or the master.

Niu Yu Dao turned his head and looked at Cheng GUI Shuo. He clearly understood that sun Lung could not identify him. If it wasn't for Cheng GUI Shuo, he wouldn't have been identified in Qingzhou. And there wouldn't be such a fuss. Therefore, he was sorry that he had not killed Cheng GUI Shuo at the southern mountain.

Cheng GUI Shuo felt a chill in his heart. He understood that if the Qingzhou guards had not arrived in time, then Niu Yu Dao would have been killed.

The murder of sun Yang Qing on the mountain still flashed in his eyes. And now Ambassador sun Lung has been killed by Niu Yu Dao. Is he mad?

Niu Yu Dao also cut off sun Lung's head and threw it to Huang Xiu Sheng.

Cheng Gui Shuo knew that after that, he should kill Niu Yu Dao. The madman wouldn't let him go now.

Huang Xiu Sheng frowned. It doesn't look clean. Niu Yu Dao was too lucky to kill Sun Lung.

Interrogation? In Qingzhou, everyone seems to know for sure what happened. Why the interrogation?

And now Niu Yu Dao is being taken away...


The Niu Yu Dao case is complete, but the Qingzhou case is not yet. We need to cure the patient!

Inside the hall, seeing Niu Yu Dao, Hai Ru Yue was lamenting to herself. This man turns out to be a man of his word. No sooner said than done! He even dared to cut off his head in front of everyone!

Events court Lucu she of course already in detail received.

Niu Yu Dao as soon as he came in said politely:

- Thank you for your cooperation Princess!

"For what assistance?" I didn't do anything and I don't know anything! Hai Ru Yue said indifferently.

"You came. Now I want to ask you. Can the patient be cured now?

Yuan Fang looked calm on the surface, but his heart was far from restless.

Niu Yu Dao smiled slightly and said:

"Mr. Hua has calmed down and can see the patient.

Hai Ru Yue narrowed her eyes. Although she doubted them, however, what could not be done for the sake of a tiny hope. Still, the opposite side is pretty confident. After all, they put their lives in the guarantee. Especially for the events in the courtyard of Lucu, they did not take any responsibility.

She is afraid that the opposite will again go to any trick, so immediately said:

- It's better to treat now than tomorrow. I hope you will be comfortable?

Niu Yu Dao nodded:

- You can, but you need to lift the ban from me.

Hai Ru Yue looked at Yuan Fang. Niu Yu Dao said again:

- I am an experienced doctor, and I am going to look after the patient. I had to deceive to you earlier. I hope the Princess will be generous and understand me! He folded his hands and bowed.

Hai Ru Yue was immediately angry, but she temporarily calmed down because of the experienced doctor. She signaled to Zhu Shun.

Zhu shun immediately called for a cultivator to lift the ban on Niu Yu Dao's magic power. Then the cultivator stood on the other side so that Niu Yu Dao wouldn't do anything.

After that, they left the hall and went to a house in the courtyard.

Many lamps were lit inside the house. The maid lit them for the sick man. Zhu Shun specifically told her to light them, for better treatment.

Inside the house, Xiao Tian Cheng could be seen in one room. Who was completely pale and had blue bags under his eyes. He was already asleep.

Looking at his son, Hai Ru Yue had a complex expression.

She was not yet of age when she was sent to the Yan Kingdom as a hostage. Then she only missed her family so much. And then, she was forcibly married to a sick man. Who could imagine her agony? It was with difficulty that she was able to carry her only son, and he was ill. She didn't know what she had done wrong in her previous life. If that was her lot.

She clearly remembered kneeling before the Empress and begging her not to betray her. Only the Empress hit her and said it was for her good. That this is the fate of the Imperial children. You can't run away from it, and you can't change it!

The Empress said that it doesn't matter what happens. Only motherhood can take care of her. Then she won't have to worry about anything. She will live in luxury and wealth. And whatever happens, Hai Ru Yue shouldn't blame the Empress!

Zhu shun walked up to Niu Yu Dao and asked in a whisper:

- Is it necessary to Wake him?

Niu Yu Dao shook his head and walked over to the sleeping man.

Zhu shun came over and helped him. He lightly opened the blanket and raised Xiao Tian Cheng's hand.

Niu Yu Dao took Xiao Tian Cheng's hand and felt for a pulse. When he touched his hand, he felt cold. Even though there was a brazier in the room and Xiao Tian Cheng was covered with a thick blanket?

After calming himself, Niu Yu Dao closed his eyes and immersed his true qi in it.

He began to analyze Xiao Tian Cheng's condition. Xiao Tian Cheng's channels were terrible. They looked like a child's, and they were quite fragile. That with any carelessness, they could simply not withstand the pressure and break. His circulation was also weak. It was as if his channels were tied to his heart. It was dangerous for Xiao Tian Chen to move too much, otherwise certain death.

There is little joy in such a life!

But that's okay. What was more surprising was that Xiao Tian Cheng's channels were cold from birth. This was the reason for his low temperature. He had a much lower temperature than a normal person.

Niu Yu Dao couldn't imagine how he had even managed to live up to this moment. It looks like Hai Ru Yue spent quite a bit of effort.

After determining the situation, Niu Yu Dao began injecting his qi Qian into Xiao Tian Cheng's body.

In his body, his true qi is not quite as ordinary as the others. It is divided into the qi of Yin and Yang or Qian and Kun. Perhaps this is a feature of the Qian and Kun technique.

Niu Yu Dao injected qi Qian into Xiao Tian Cheng's body and chased it all over Xiao Tian Cheng's body. He wanted to see if it would be possible to drive the cold out of these channels.

Xiao Tian Cheng suddenly moaned in his sleep, and his mouth twisted.

Nearby, people noticed that Xiao Tian Cheng's face turned red. Hai Ru Yue's eyes glittered. She noticed that her son was not so pale. But how? She wanted to ask, but Niu Yu Dao was still sitting with his eyes closed. So she didn't dare disturb him.

Zhu shun looked at Niu Yu Dao and there was also hope in His eyes.

The room fell silent.

However, the situation was not as optimistic as everyone thought. Only Niu Yu Dao saw the entire situation.

Xiao Tian Cheng's channels were quite specific. Niu Yu Dao has already banished all the cold from its channels. Immediately, however, the cold came again from somewhere. He didn't know-how.

Niu Yu Dao could only pour in his qi Qian again, and fill Xiao Tian Cheng's entire body for longer. After a while, its channels even got hotter.

Gradually, Xiao Tian Cheng's face turned red, and the eye sockets were no longer so blue.

In the end, he said as if in a dream:

"It's a hot...to drink ... water!"

Niu Yu Dao opened his eyes and looked at him.

His son was finally getting hot. Hai Ru Yue couldn't resist walking towards him. One cultivator wanted to block her way so that Niu Yu Dao couldn't do anything to her.

Hai Ru Yue waved him away, but still sat down next to her son. She looked at Niu Yu Dao, and seeing that Niu Yu Dao didn't mind, she held out her hand to her son's nose. She felt a hot sigh. Then she put her hand to her son's forehead and felt that his head was hot. Like boiling water!