Heavenly Genius - Chapter 11




Sacrifice a plum to save a peach. (palming off substitute for the real thing)

If the situation does not allow you to do without losses, you need to sacrifice a weak position To strengthen a strong one further.


Song Yang Qing goggled and said

 "What is the meaning of the truth? If there is, it means there is, no - it means not."

Niu Yu Tao nodded, indicating that he knew for sure.

Song Yang Qing immediately said excitedly:

"Brother, then you need to write down everything faster on the sheet and give it to me. Anyway, while you have a lot of free time."

Nu Yu Tao nodded his head: "The teacher before death told me to start cultivating, and not writing anything."

- Song Yang Qing froze. He said irritably:

"Cultivation takes a lot of time, and writing poetry will take a little time.

Niu Yu Tao sincerely replied: "Only I can't remember right away."

 Song Yang Qing did not find words, and in the end, said helplessly:

"Then you rest and remember. And as you recall, immediately write on the sheet, then let me see."

 Saying this, Song Yang Qing carefully folded the sheet of the paper that was in his hand.

Niu Yu Tao answered in surprise:

"Brother Song, only my teacher, did not tell me to become a scientist. What is the use of such writing?"

Song Yang Qing lifted his eyelids in frustration and, clutching his shoulders, spoke:

Brother, I will not stay in debt. You write, and then I'll treat you even better. By the way, don't tell anyone about it. Got it?"

Niu Yu Tao got up as if he was not at all interested, and as if by chance asked:

 Brother, I want to cultivate the methods of the sect of the Highest purity. And I hope one day I will also fly like the brothers.

Song Yang Qing said displeasedly: "First, write poetry to me, and then talk again!"

Niu Yu Tao, already with youthful mischief, said: "Brother, I like to chat a lot. I can accidentally let out."

Song Yang Qing's eyes widened and grinned, asked: "Are you threatening me?"

Niu Yu Tao calmly replied: "Simply, if I fulfill the teacher's last will, I will already feel calm and can better recall the verses."

Song Yang Qing laughed. He stared at Niu Yu Tao and was silent for a long time. He noticed that this young man is not simple and is already ahead of his age, once he presents the conditions. Returning to the topic of conversation, if the verses of this youth help him achieve the heart of Tan Yi, then assisting this cultivator in with this cultivation will do nothing wrong. It is unlikely that this child will be able to rebel. However, will the sect be against, if you teach the cultivation of this youth?


 Song Yang Qing slapped Niu Yu Tao on the shoulder and, seizing him, said:

 "Good. On this and agreed. I will help you with the cultivation. But you have to write good poems so that I am satisfied. Otherwise, you will be sorry."

In principle, he did not throw words into the wind. Nevertheless, the influence of the Song family in the sect of the Highest purity is quite huge, and the cultivation issue for Niu Yu Tao is small.

In the end, he pushed Niu Yu Tao so that he fell to the ground face.

And when Niu Yu Tao rose, Song Yang Qing left this place with great leaps. Gritting his teeth in pain, Niu Yu Tao straightened his collar and looked at his shoulders. There were fingerprints of Song Yang Qing. If Song Yang Qing would have pressed a little harder, then most likely, he could have crushed the shoulder of Niu Yu Tao. He made it clear to Niu Yu Tao that jokes with him are a terrible idea.

Niu Yu Tao himself was not going to offend Song Yang Qing. Not that Song Yang Qing himself, but most likely, the people who are behind Song Yang Qing. It is very dangerous. But Niu Yu Tao was not going to miss the opportunity. It was not for nothing that he went through so many trials until he reached the sect of the Highest purity.

Earlier in the sect of the Highest purity, there were more than 10 thousand students, but now only a few hundred remains. Therefore, there were no problems with palaces.

 When Song Yang Qing returned to his home, he immediately went to his library. Taking out the mascara and other supplies, he began to rewrite the verses of Niu Yu Tao. Only he forgot to ask Niu Yu Tao what this verse is called? As a result, he had to name the verse himself.

By evening, Song Yang Qing climbed one quiet gorge, and as soon as he looked at the foot of that gorge, a smile appeared on his face. Indeed, in front of him from two sides was a grave crypt, and just before two graves stood one gentle and graceful silhouette. It was none other than Tan Yi.

In front of her were the graves of Tan Mu and Dong Guo Hao Ran, two students. The sect of higher purity, however, did not clearly understand what had happened. Yet, as Tan Mu ordered, mourning was not declared, and even tombstones were not written.

Song Yang Qing knew that Tang Yi would be here, and quickly went up here. He shouted * sister * and then bowed toward the two graves.

After this, Tan Yi frowned and said: "Brother Song, why do you come here?"

"Last time, my sister did not like my poetry, so I gave all my strength to write new poetry."

 Song Yang Qing joyfully handed her the bundle.

Tang Yi was unpleasant courtship Song Yang Qing. Didn't she understand what he wanted? She knew that Song Yang Qing got verses from the capital. Only now, the sect of the Highest purity needs the support of the Song family. Tan Su Su continually tells her that she should treat the Song family well and not raise a scandal, at least just communicate well with them. However, Dong Guo Hao Ran previously had a good relationship with Uncle Shan Jian. But now, both of them are dead.  It can say that the threat to the sect of the Highest purity has disappeared. If only they will not be guilty in front of the Song family.

At first, without giving much attention, she opened the verse of Song Yang Qing and began to read. However, as she read, her eyes changed, and puffy lips silently whispered to themselves:

 *The golden wind with jade dew can inflate the beauty of the many connections of human relations ... Will loving hearts be able to spend days and nights together again ... *

Tan, YI began to re-read several times.

Nearby, standing Song Yang Qing noticed the expression of Tang Yi and could not get enough. For the first time, at such close range, he dared to examine her so brazenly. After all, before she was not so much absorbed in reading the verses. And while he had time, he was content with aesthetic pleasure. This graceful swan neck, these exciting, alluring breasts, this elegant waist, this bewitching and enchanting figure. Exceptionally, pure, gentle, and at the same time, cold temperament. Tan Yi was like a revealed pure lotus wandering in this troubled world. This is a celestial woman who descended into the world of people. If not for this beauty, Song Yang Qing could have stayed in this outback. He would have long gone to the capital.

As soon as Tan Yi was recover, she began to sift through the handwriting. She asked: "Did you write that?"

Song Yang Qing has embarrassed. He thought to himself: * Niu Yu Tao said that this is the work of that scientist. It is unlikely that that poor scientist would dare to go against him *:

 "A clumsy verse made her sister laugh?"

Tan Yi looked at him a little in surprise. She knew who Song Yang Qing was, but it was strange that he could write such a verse. Therefore, in order not to offend him, she simply nodded her head.

And two people left the graves together. Only Tan Yi did not allow Song Yang Qing to accompany herself.

Tan Yi as soon as she returned, she found out whether Song Yang Qing received any letters. In the end, she was told that he did not receive the letter, but only went to the palace of the Peach Spring today and after that wrote a poem. Tan Yi doubted whether this aristocrat had written this verse?

Floating clouds obscured the moon.

Inside the peach spring, Niu Yu Tao sat with his legs crossed on his bed. His eyelids were always trembling, his heart was restless, and chaos reigned inside his body.

Inside his body, qi was frantic that he could not control anything inside himself. A base was already laid in his body and limbs, now the qi in him was seething like clouds.


 As a result, a thunderclap was heard inside his body, which caused Niu Yu Tao to tremble completely. The energy from the explosion began to spread and spread like clouds. That was true, qi

This process could be called a chemical reaction, and an excited expression appeared on the face of Niu Yu Tao.

He did not think that cultivating the same Tai Yi method as in a previous life would otherwise processing in this world. He only spent no more than 2 months here, and already reached the first true qi, when he spent 3 years in a past life. Spiritual qi in this world far exceeds his imagination.

This true qi seems so weak, but absorbs the clouds, like a dragon smoking a fog. In an instant, his method strengthened his body, and his true qi dispersed all the shadows inside the body.

Having absorbed so much energy, the true weak qi seemed to increase slightly, and more vitality appeared in his body. Powerful qi filled the blood and flesh of his body. The energy was almost in full swing through the pores of Niu Yu Tao. One could feel that his strength had increased.

Previously, Niu Yu Tao could only practice the breathing technique and feel the flow of qi moving around. As soon as true qi appeared, he now felt much more substances with his whole body. This can be said and is the power of true qi.

Only by reaching such a flair can energy be regulated. Otherwise, you will be without hands.

After everything began to calm down inside his body, Niu Yu Tao, having calmed down, began to control true qi and drive it through all the channels. This process is quite familiar to Niu Yu Tao. He has already achieved mastery in driving true qi through channels.

The environment can affect the development of a person, the internal state, and can also change his channels. It also can contaminate and clog them. But the Taoist breathing technique just passes qi through the channels, purifying it. Niu Yu Tao passed true qi through all the channels and only changed his body to make it more suitable for cultivation. After all, this was an essential aspect of cultivation.

This process is quite painful. And much time passed when suddenly it was possible to see red spots emerging from the pores of Niu Yu Tao. Under the pressure of true qi, all harmful substances began to come out of the channels. And now there was blood and stink in the room.