Heavenly Genius - Chapter 110


Meanwhile, Xiao Tian Cheng, who had awakened from a deep sleep, moved his hand. He felt a hand on his arm. He opened his eyes and looked at his mother, then shifted his gaze to Niu Yu Dao:

"How long do I have to live?"

Niu Yu Dao smiled slightly:

"Well, until you die!"

He was telling this grown-up child. He's not going to say that you might be dead soon.

- Really? Xiao Tian Cheng asked.

Niu Yu Dao waved his hand in a relaxed manner. And Hai Ru Yue looked at him hopefully.

Niu Yu Dao nodded to Xiao Tian Cheng with a smile. I removed my finger from his hand.

He was smiling, but inwardly puzzled. He only smiled out of sympathy for the boy. After all, he had already been ill with this since childhood. What had the boy done to be so punished?

Although, Niu Yu Dao came here because of Shang Chao Zun to take over Qingshan County. Not to cure the boy. He knew quite well Chinese folk medicine, and some knowledge of Western medicine. He could even say that he knew some things much more deeply than a simple doctor of Chinese folk medicine. After all, when you dig up antiquities, you will find a lot of things. However, Niu Yu Dao did not know everything about medicine, his knowledge was limited.

Of course, he hoped to save Xiao Tian Cheng. After all, a healthy Xiao Tian Cheng is much better. Only Niu Yu Dao didn't know how to cure it yet. Moreover, he did not know what the cause of his illness was.

When Niu Yu Dao returned qi Qian, he felt that he had eliminated the cold in Xiao Tian Cheng's channels. Only temporarily. Niu Yu Dao didn't know where the cold was coming from. So he filled it with hot qi. However, Niu Yu Dao knew that such a hot qi would not last long anyway. And the cold will return and continue to eat away at Xiao Tian Cheng's body.

A very surprising disease! Niu Yu Dao does not know the logical sequence, of course, will not find a cure.

He put Xiao Tian Cheng's hand under the blanket, then got up and headed outside.

Hai Ru Yue stood up and also followed him, while Zhu Shun ordered Xiao Tian Cheng to be taken care of here.

A group of people came out of the house, and Zhu shun asked:

"Did the master learn the technique of the Yang nature method?"

Niu Yu Dao asked calmly:

"Why do you ask that question?"

Zhu shun: "we used to call one person to save the young master. This cultivator was training the Yang nature techniques, and the reaction was similar as now.

Niu Yu Dao chuckled, but did not reply.

When the group returned to the hall, Hai Ru Yue finally broke down and asked:

- Mentor. What did you learn?

Niu Yu Dao shook his head:

- The disease is quite interesting. It's a sickness I won't be able to cure.

As soon as he said this, Yuan Fan's stomach started to pound. He said to himself: "Lord of the Tao, Lord of the Tao. Why did you say that? You want to ruin us!"

Indeed, Zhu shun immediately turned somber, and stared at Niu Yu Dao.

Hai Ru Yue's face also changed.

"Niu Yu Dao, you dare to play with me?"

Niu Yu Dao replied smiling:

"Princess, please don't worry. I just said I can't fix it yet. That doesn't mean I can't cure him at all. There's only one thing I want to know right now. Can the red Yang fruit really cure it?

Hai Ru Yue paused for a moment. She stared at Niu Yu Dao. This man is always annoying people.

Standing next to Zhu shun said:

"There must be no mistake. Received a lot of educated people. And everyone said that only the red Yang fruit could cure the young master of the slow pulse of the cloudy sky. Even the head of the heavenly Palace sect, Vandong, personally came. There can be no mistake about it!

The so-called heavenly Palace of Wandong, this is just the school that stands behind Qingzhou. And in the Kingdom of Zhao, it is considered one of several powerful schools.

Niu Yu Dao: - you Can say that I only need to get the red Yang fruit and give it to the Princess. Then it will be considered that I kept my word? Will it cure me, or will it no longer concern me?

Hearing his words, many people had hope!

Hai Ru Yue said decisively:

"True, but you need to get it. And then you can say you kept your word. Nothing else matters. I will immediately send troops to support Shang Chao Zun!

- It's not a matter of two words, should we sit down and talk it over? Niu Yu Dao suddenly suggested.

Hai Ru Yue almost spat in his face from such fun. But she wondered what else he was up to!

She knew that because he had killed the Ambassador of the Yan Kingdom, she could now kill him. She won't get anything for it.

However, she forcibly suppressed her anger, and held out her hand to invite him to sit down at the table.

Zhu Shun waved to the street for tea.

Everyone immediately turned their gaze to Niu Yu Dao. Yuan Fang and Fang zhe were scared. However, Niu Yu Dao looked quite relaxed. When the tea arrived, he took the Cup and slowly sipped some tea, and then said:

"Princess, I don't know. Have you thought about the consequences if the red Yang fruit doesn't cure your son?

Hai Ru Yue said in a cold tone:

"It's none of your business. You only need to get the red Yang fruit!

Niu Yu Dao replied calmly:

"If the red Yang fruit doesn't heal?"

Hai Ru Yue said angrily:

- Do you want the death of my son?

Niu Yu Dao: - Princess why do you say that? I have no animosity with your son. Besides, I'm not that unscrupulous. I'm just using common sense.

Hai Ru Yue: "I don't care about your common sense. Don't you think you can cheat again and get rid of the red Yan fruit? I'm warning you, I've already compromised with you, but I won't do it again. If you don't keep your promise, even the song family won't have to lay hands on you!

Niu Yu Dao said seriously:

- I once made a promise to the Princess that I will not break it. I told you that if I can't cure your son, I will get the red Yang fruit. And I will keep my promise. Only I said earlier that I would eliminate the Princess's anxiety. I'll keep my word, too! These two things, I'm going to solve for the Princess!

Hai Ru Yue froze. She remembered that Niu Yu Dao had said that earlier. He said that he would remove the Princess's anxiety. But wasn't he referring to his son's illness? And just now, Niu Yu Dao seemed to have two different things in mind. But what is the second case?

She looked suspiciously at Niu Yu Dao. Zhu Shun also didn't understand what Niu Yu Dao was trying to say.

The Princess asked: "My anxiety is my son's illness. Once you cure him, everything will be solved!

Niu Yu Dao asked: "So the Princess thinks it's all about the red Yang fruit?"

Hai Ru Yue: - Isn't that right?

Niu Yu Dao: - is the Princess sure that the red Yang fruit can cure your son? What if the unexpected happens and he doesn't recover? He suddenly stood up and walked over to Zhu Shun. I asked him:

"It looks like the Vandong heavenly Palace has already chosen a person to rule Qingzhou?" If the Princess didn't cure her son, wouldn't they have a backup plan?

He turned and walked towards Hai Ru Yue. He went to her and said:

- As I understand it, Xiao Huang after he died, left a weak son Xiao Be Shana. But he could not control the troops. And the vending sky Palace doesn't need unstable Qingzhou. Therefore, they had already prepared a man to rule Qingzhou. Only the Princess showed her abilities, plus the good attitude of the heavenly Wandong Palace towards the Xiao family played to the Princess's advantage. Thanks to what so many years, the ruler of the region has not changed.

He stood in front of Hai Ru Yue and looked at her gloomy face.

"Xiao Be Shang left an even weaker son after he died. The heavenly Palace of Vandong once again began to prepare to change its ruler, and when Xiao Tian Cheng was gone. The Heavenly Palace will get rid of the Princess and install a new ruler.

"If the red fruit doesn't save Xiao Tian Cheng, without his name and the Xiao family's long-standing friendship with the heavenly Palace, how long will the Princess be able to keep the people of Qingzhou calm?"? Would Qingzhou be held in the Princess's iron grip for so long? If the vending heavenly Palace resolutely severs all ties, what will the Princess do? Doesn't that worry the Princess?

After saying this, Niu Yu Dao returned to his former seat and sat down.

Niu Yu Dao found out about all this as soon as he arrived in Qingzhou. Fang Jae told Him everything.

After these words, Hai Ru Yue fell into silence, but then she chuckled and said:

"You worry a lot. I, the Princess, am the Emperor's daughter, and the current Emperor is my brother. The Dowager Empress is my mother. If I don't want to be in Qingzhou, I will immediately return to the capital and live surrounded by benefits.

"Then why doesn't the Princess go back to the capital and give up all this trouble?" Why give up these benefits?

Niu Yu Dao immediately added laughing:

"Moreover, would the heavenly Palace of Vandong allow a Princess to leave Qingzhou with so many secrets?" Yes, even if you return to the capital, you will live surrounded by luxury. But you once stood up to the Imperial house, and for many years. Do you think you will return and everything will be like in the old days? And the Emperor will be able to look at it calmly?

The Princess knows better than most how matters of state are handled. And wouldn't the Emperor want to get all the answers from the Princess? Even the Empress can't protect you then. The Princess is a high-ranking person, and knows the true faces of such people, knows what they are capable of. Will the Princess return to the capital? Is it much better to live in the wind and rain than in the capital?

Hai Ru Yue lost her temper and asked angrily: "What do you care?"

Niu Yu Dao said calmly:

"I told you I was here to solve the Princess's alarm!"

Hai Ru Yue said sarcastically:

"You can't even handle sun lung, and you're asking me to help you." And you think you can handle the capital of the Kingdom of Zhao?

Niu Yu Dao replied with a smile:

"I don't even know where the gate of the capital of the Zhao Kingdom is located. I don't know what to do with it. However, to help the Princess remain calmly in power in Qingzhou? No problem!