Heavenly Genius - Chapter 111


Fang Re narrowed his eyes, he didn't know what Niu Yu Dao was up to.

Yuan Fang's eyes widened, and he could not imagine what the Lord of the Tao was thinking.

Zhu Shun frowned at Niu Yu Dao.

As if she had heard the stupidest joke Hai Ru Yue said sarcastically:

"Will you help me remain the ruler of Qingzhou?" If you listen to me, I would think that you have more influence over the Vandong heavenly Palace than I do. I, however, want to hear what you have in mind!

- No, no, no, no! Niu Yu Dao waved his hand: "the Princess misunderstood. I don't have any connection to the Vandong sky Palace at all. The people of the Vandong sky Palace don't even know me.

Hai Ru Yue chuckled:

"You don't even know where the gates of the capital of the Zhao Kingdom are located, and you don't know the heavenly Palace of Wandong. And how are you going to solve the situation in Qingzhou?

Niu Yu Dao sipped his tea slowly and said:

"The position of Qingzhou is hardly solely dependent on the capital of the Zhao Kingdom and the heavenly Palace of Wandong. My Prince can help too!

Hai Ru Yue was surprised: Do you want him to leave Feng Lin Bo and join me?

Niu Yu Dao finished his tea and looking at Zhu Shun said:

- I need a map of the entire Middle Kingdom!

Zhu shun looked at Hai Ru Yue, waiting for her reaction. And when he saw that she did not mind, he immediately left.

Zhu shun clearly understood that Niu Yu Dao would not be joking about this. The Princess, though sarcastic, tolerates him. So she also takes Niu Yu Dao's words seriously. It's just that the Princess's position is high. She can't let anyone manipulate her.

Yes, and he wanted to find out what Niu Yu Dao had come up with to solve the Princess's anxiety.

It wasn't long before Zhu Shun brought the map himself.

Niu Yu Dao stood up and waved his hand at Fan Zhe and Yuan Fang:

"Open it!"

Two people walked up to Zhu Shun and laid him on the floor, half-unwrapping him. The territory of the Yan and Zhao kingdoms appeared. Then Niu Yu Dao gave them a sign to stop.

Niu Yu Dao looked at the map for a while, and then turned around and stuck out his hand inviting Hai Ru Yue.

"Please come here!"

Hai Ru Yue sighed and walked over to look at the map with a stately posture. Although she already knew the map very well. However, an ordinary socialite will understand little about maps of the area. But she had nowhere to go. Her position forced her to understand such masculine concepts.

Niu Yu Dao pointed towards the Kingdom of Zhao, in a South-easterly direction to the area of * Qingzhou*. Then he pointed to the Yan Kingdom, Qingshan County. And pointing to the district he said:

"The Prince will be there!" He then turned his head again and looked at Hai Ru Yue:

"Princess, what do you think?"

"What's the big deal?» Hai Zhu Yue wanted to leave the words but restrained me: - Qingzhou huge, and Hesed Qingshan small.

Niu Yu Dao understood what she was driving at. However, she understood that Qingshan was very small. If you compare the previous life, then Qingshan as a County, and Qingzhou as a province.

However, he pointed again at Qingshan County:

"If my Prince takes over this area, how would you like it?" Isn't there a border area between Qingshan County and Qingzhou?

Zhu shun replied: - There is a common border. So what? – He didn't want the Princess to answer such a stupid question."

Niu Yu Dao: - very simple. When the Prince takes over Qingshan County, then he and the Princess will lean on each other. You will mutually help each other!

Hai Ru Yue laughed. And then she said smiling:

"Will tiny Qingshan be the mainstay of Qingzhou?"

Niu Yu Tao pointed to the County Kangai:

- And if we add the County Kangai? In Quanhai there are a lot of people. They have a hundred thousand troops. In Qingshan, when the Prince takes over this place, he will also have people. Don't forget that Feng Lin Bo and the Prince are supported by the heavenly jade sect. The two sides will help each other. What do you think?

Hai Ru Yue said disdainfully:

"What do I get out of it?" Small support and only!

Nu Yu Dao: - Princess does not forget who was the father of my Prince? The centipede may be dying, but it is still standing. The makings of Ning Wang remained in the son! If the Prince again creates a select ten-thousand - a strong army of Uli and Inyan? Will the Princess still think that this is not enough support for her?

- Wasn't it said that Ning Wang's 10,000-strong army broke through the hundred-thousand-strong encirclement of the Han Kingdom? I've seen Uli's guard and Inyan fight. The Imperial House of the Yan Kingdom sent several thousand soldiers to attack the Prince. There were more than 1,000 riders among them. So the detachment of Uli and Inyan in 500 horsemen completely defeated the enemy's cavalry. Also, if you add up the County of Kuangai and Qingshan, the Kingdom of Zhao if it starts to advance, it will not be so easy for it! If the Yan Kingdom threatens Qingzhou, it will begin to advance through the southern region of the Yan Kingdom. However, with the support of the Princess, the Yan Kingdom will not dare to attack my Prince.

Our combined forces can reach further into the depths. Both realms will be afraid to throw a stone at a rat, so as not to break the dishes!

Niu Yu Dao turned and pointed to the area around Qingzhou and said:

"In the West of Pingzhou, in the North of Guangzhou, which the Emperor of the Zhou Kingdom controls. This creates a danger for Qingzhou. This is why the vending heavenly Palace doesn't want to worry in Qingzhou. They are afraid that the two areas will attack them. And in the South of Qingzhou in the southern region of the Yan Kingdom. There's no going back here.

"Once the Princess has the Prince's support, it will be a different matter." Inside, the Emperor of the Zhao Kingdom, outside, the Yan Kingdom will not dare to attack rashly. Isn't the calmness of Qingzhou needed by the heavenly Palace of Vandong? Isn't that what he wants?

"At the same time, the heavenly Palace of Vandong will not dare to change the ruler of Qingzhou, because my Prince will not agree to it. If they replace the ruler, there will be trouble. Then the Imperial house can seize the moment and capture Qingzhou! Would the heavenly Palace of Vandong dare to do this? Isn't this the solution to the Princess's anxiety?

Hai Ru Yue and Zhu shun looked at each other.

After a moment of silence, Hai Ru Yue coldly smiled:

- Strange. Initially asked for help for the Prince. Now, if you listen to me, I should be the one asking for Shang Chao Zun's help?

Niu Yu Dao pointed at the map again and said honestly:

- Initially, it was a mutually beneficial business! Of course, for a start, the Prince asked that you support him.

With one passing word, everything changed. He also changed the subject:

"On the other hand, it not only benefits the Princess but also the Vandong heavenly Palace itself. As soon as you submit the plan to the Vandong heavenly Palace, the heavenly Palace will have no reason to refuse. Also, the sect of the celestial jade will not be a reason to refuse the absorption of Cinchona.

Hai Ru Yue looked at the map. Her eyes sparkled. However, she looked askance at Cang Wu County and said:

"Shang Chao Zong has a small piece of land. He doesn't even have a few thousand soldiers. Most of it is borrowed troops. What ten thousand troops of Uli and Inyan can we talk about? It's just that you've given me a dim future!

Niu Yu Dao said respectfully:

"The Princess is right. For my Prince, all that is needed now is an opportunity. If he only captured Qing-Shan, then his possessions would increase. And human resources will appear. Only there would be enough food and supplies. And there it is already quite real that the Uli and Inyan guards will be recreated! Even 5,000 riders should not be underestimated. This can be a huge force that will inspire fear in the enemy! Once you achieve success, it doesn't matter whether you are a Princess or a Prince, it will be difficult to sweep everyone away!

Hai Ru Yue turned around and slowly returned to her seat. When she sat down, she said slowly:

"Listening to you, I got the impression. That all you need is support. Is the fruit of red Yan not important?

Niu Yu Dao waved his hand and walked over to her:

- Your son's illness is of course important. Support is one thing, treatment is another. Just so you don't doubt, I will find a way to get the red Yang fruit! Don't worry about that. Only I will have one condition.

- Condition? Hai Ru Yue furrowed her brows: - Speak.

Niu Yu Dao: - the Princess can't pull. We need to send people to help the Prince as quickly as possible so that he can capture Qingshan!

Therefore, he came here to quickly beg for troops. After all, the Prince has been putting things in order in Tsang Wu County for a long time. And it can't last long. And according to the 100 thousand Raven army, the heavenly jade sect won't belong in coming.

Hai Ru Yue spoke calmly:

"What's the hurry?" You first get the red Yan fruit, then I'll send troops!

Nu Yu Dao: - the Imperial house of the Yan Kingdom is putting pressure on the Prince. You probably know about it. Therefore, the Heavenly jade sect is already thinking of giving up the Prince. The Prince won't last that long! Secondly, I will say something that the Princess will not like. Red Yan fruit is not a quick thing to get. Just getting there and back is already worth a lot. What if something happens to Xiao Tian Cheng? I'm afraid then the Princess will not have time to deal with the Prince. And it is not a fact that you will have the power to send help to the Prince. Does the Princess want to return to the capital?

"I'll tell the Princess in confidence that the Prince is under a lot of pressure. He will soon break down, and if the Princess does not help, he will be forced to go across the sea. Then the Princess will not have a chance to cooperate with the Prince!

"Will it disappear over the sea?" Would Shang Jian Bo's son do that! Hai Ru Yue cursed in a cold tone. However, she added:

"I need to think about this case!"

"Good! Niu Yu Dao folded his hands:

"As soon as the Princess makes this decision, I will immediately go after the red Yang fruit!"