Heavenly Genius - Chapter 112-


He understood that Hai Ruyue couldn't solve this case quickly by herself. She still needs to get The Vandong heavenly Palace behind her.

Hai Ru Yue didn't say anything, giving tacit consent.

Niu Yu Dao added:

"There is also a small matter that I ask the Princess to intervene on.

Hai Ru Yue: "What more do you need?" There was anger in her tone.

She had already realized that dealing with this man Shang Chao Zong was a simple torment.

The first time she saw him, he said that the experienced doctor was caught and she had to save the doctor. When the doctor was rescued, he said that the doctor was not in the mood now and should kill Sun Lung. Sun Lung was killed, so it turned out that the experienced doctor was Niu Yu Dao himself. That's okay. He started treating her son, but he couldn't cure him. And then Niu Yu Dao declares that he will solve the Princess's anxiety.

With his sharp and long tongue, it turned out that treating his son was not so important, but it was important to send people to help Shang Chao Zong as soon as possible. WHAT IS THIS???

And now he wants to ask for something again.

Niu Yu Dao smiled: "Among the people of sun Long, there is a disciple of the Highest purity sect. I'd like to have a one-on-one talk with him.

"Talk to Zhu Shun about it. Hai Ru Yue tossed it to him and immediately left. She didn't want to talk to this guy anymore. You could say she was running away from him.

Niu Yu Dao could only continue to discuss everything with Zhu Shun. Zhu Shun said that he would arrange everything.

On the way back, Zhu shun was silent all the time. He was a little uneasy.

Just now, he saw that Niu Yu Dao could be said to have convinced Hai Ru Yue. It only remains to get the consent of the heavenly Palace of Vandong. Fang Jae recalled how long he had been here asking Hai Ru Yue to help the Prince, he almost begged on his knees. And it was all useless. A Niu Yu Dao.? He just arrived today and has already done so many things in such a short time.

Fang Zhe had previously thought that he had done his best and already believed that there was no way to convince Hai Ru Yue. And now, he saw what the difference between people could be. And now he understood why the Prince had told him to meet Niu Yu Dao and help Him in everything. After all, Niu Yu Dao is an outstanding person!

Therefore, Fang Jae now hated himself. He had lost so much of the Prince's precious time here. And almost failed a great cause!

Now Fang Jae looked at Niu Yu Dao with respect. I didn't think that Niu Yu Dao was just here to make a fuss.

Next behind Niu Yu Dao, Yuan Fan sighed to himself. Just now, his heart sank. How could he treat a person? And now it turns out that the treatment is not so important. Now you will need to bring the red Yang fruit, right?

On the other hand, if things have taken such a turn, then even if they do not bear the fruit of red Yan, they will probably not be able to do anything.

He understood more and more how powerful the Lord of the Tao was. Today, the Lord of the Tao opened his eyes. He noticed that with the Lord of the Tao, he could learn a lot!

Now it is clear why Yuan Gang, this heartless, taciturn, arrogant, inflexible healthy man, so worships the Lord of the Tao!

It was deep night.

Hai Ru Yue stood alone in the courtyard and looked at the moon.

Zhu shun came up to her and said in a whisper:

"Mistress, everything is ready.

Hai Ru Yue asked: "What do you think?"

Zhu Shun: "Although he is only an intermediary, his words make sense.

Hai Ru Yue: "back Then, Ning Wang Shang Jian Bo also had brave warriors and good strategists around him. For example, Meng Shan Ming, Luo Shao Fu, and others. Therefore, he had selected troops. If he also had enough support from cultivators. Then now the Emperor of the Yan Kingdom would be different. And now his son Shang Chao Zong also surrounds himself with capable people. Initially, when I found out that he was released from the capital, I looked at him differently!

Zhu shun sighed:

"Exactly! He only had 500 people. The Imperial house also exerted all sorts of pressure on him. Everyone looked down on him. And they thought that he would find his grave on the land granted to him, or run away somewhere. However, on the way, he walked slowly and steadily and got up. First, he took Feng Li Bo's daughter as his wife. Then he brought order to Cang County. Now he wants to capture Qingshan County. Don't underestimate him!

Hai Ru Yue: - and this seems to be just the beginning. It won't end with one tiny Qingshan. I think his next step will be the southern region! As soon as the news gets out that the Prince has captured Qingshan County. The Imperial house will probably regret letting the tiger go to the mountains! One outstanding man can replace a hundred thousand troops. Is our Qingzhou inferior to Shang Chao Zong alone? Why don't I have outstanding people? Because I'm a woman? – She said she didn't have enough capable people.

Zhu shun was silent, he was embarrassed to say anything.

Hai Ru Yue suddenly asked: - I don't know who came up with this plan. Luo Shao Fu's disciple, LAN RUO ting, or this Niu Yu Dao?

Zhu Shun: "it doesn't look like it was LAN RUO ting or Shang Chao Zong. Lady think, if it was they who came up with the plan, why didn't they say so before?

Hai Ru Yue: - Really. If they would come up with, then why do they have to send another Niu Yu Dao here. Fang Jae could have told them himself. Especially this unexpected incident with sun lung. It is unlikely that Shang Chao Tsung could have predicted this. And how Niu Yu Dao got out of it already speaks about his abilities. Although he is young, every step is calculated specifically. He's even changed my mind!

Looking at the sky, she turned and looked at Zhu Shun and said:

"I have better conditions than Shang Chao Tsung. Do you think we can leave it here? To work for Qingzhou?

Zhu Shun hesitated for a moment, then shook his head and said:

"My lady, this is not a good time. He killed sun Long, so we can't leave him now.

Hai Ru Yue: - first you need to prepare yourself. You prepare everything well. Send a man to the Yan realm. Find out what Niu Yu Dao is holding. Resources for cultivation, wealth, or beauty. Everything he wants I can give him. I do not believe that my terms will yield to Shang Chao Tsung.

"Yes," he said. Zhu shun nodded his head. Only to himself did he sigh. Many people came to work for them. Only a few of the hallways were capable.

Zhu shun initially appointed them as small employees, but they could not cope with small jobs. Therefore, he tactfully refused them. And those, in turn, believing themselves to be right, were constantly offended by him.

And then Niu Yu Dao appeared and showed his abilities. He was like a Firefly in the middle of the night…


Niu Yu Dao and the others could not return to the Liusu courtyard. Who knows what the song of the Loon is still left there. It's not safe to go back there. Therefore, they should stay with the ruler in the courtyard.

So they stayed in the room, under the security guard. At this time, fan Jae was already working tirelessly.

There was a creak. Niu Yu Dao entered the door. Fang Jae immediately stood up and folded his hands and said:

- The Lord of the Tao, what are your orders?

Niu Yu Dao looked at the letter and narrowed his eyes:

"Are you writing a report to the Prince?"

Fang Jae nodded awkwardly. After all, today's main character was Niu Yu Dao. And many things Fan Jae wrote in it. And some things, Niu Yu Dao might not like.

- Yes!

"Oh, I see. You sit down, sit down. Continue your work.

Niu Yu Dao said with a smile. Then add:

"Add another message to the Prince.

Fan Jae quickly replied:

- Speak.

Niu Yu Dao: 'Tell the Prince that he started the rumor. Let him say that I am no longer under his command. Now I have nothing in common with him.

Fang Jae was startled: - That…

Niu Yu Dao waved his hand and sighed:

- You don't understand. I didn't think it would work out like this. I didn't think I would meet the song family. After that, the pressure in the Yan Kingdom on the Prince will only increase. Therefore, I should get out of control. It won't affect our business. And the Prince must understand me.


A lot of people couldn't sleep last night.

And the prisoners, Huang Xiu Sheng, and others, constantly went out one by one for questioning. So that the guards would know the situation better.

Cheng GUI Shuo was no exception. As soon as Huang Xiu Sheng came out of the interrogation, he immediately warned everyone what to say and what not to say. Yet they were subjects of another state. Therefore, they were not tortured.

After the interrogation, Cheng GUI Shuo already thought that he would be returned. Who knew that one person would suddenly come to the torture chamber, whisper something to the interrogators, and they would leave, leaving Cheng GUI Shuo alone.

The door creaked again, and a man entered the room. At first, it was not visible. However, as soon as the torchlight fell on his smiling face, Cheng GUI Shuo immediately turned pale. After all, the caller was none other than Nu Yu Dao.

Cheng GUI Shuo did not understand. After all, Niu Yu Dao was also captured. Why does he go anywhere?

He is not stupid and immediately realized that Niu Yu Dao is connected with the government people.

- The situation is not bad! Niu Yu Dao looked around and walked around the room. Then he went to one of the torture beds. He took the branding iron and put it in the stove. Flames immediately rose from the stove, causing Niu Yu Dao to wave them away. And then he said indifferently:

"Brother Cheng, since we parted at the monastery on the South mountain. I didn't think we'd meet here again. Yet we are predestined by fate.

Cheng GUI Shuo said tensely:

"What are you going to do?" I am a man of the Embassy of the Yan Kingdom. If anything happens to me in prison…

However, when he didn't wait for him, Niu Yu Dao immediately interrupted him:

- Brother Cheng. Why do you keep getting dumber? I dared to kill Sun Lung. Do you think you're going to scare me? A man from the Embassy was killed while trying to escape from prison. How do you like that? In this troubled age, who cares about the little man? Who can help you here?