Heavenly Genius - Chapter 113


Killed while trying to escape? Cheng GUI Shuo's pupils narrowed. He began to shout with all his might, and tried to break the iron chains:

"Save me!" Save me! Kill…

Niu Yu Dao tilted his head and looked at him a little strangely. Then he turned back to the fire and taking a soldering iron to supply the brand, put it well into the coals from the fire.

He did not interfere with Cheng GUI Shuo, and let him yell.

After shouting for a while, and noticing that no one was rushing to help him, Cheng GUI Shuo realized that no one was coming. There was a look of desperation in his eyes.

Sometimes it is not death itself that is terrible, but the process before death. More frightening is the realization that you will not understand what will come to mind when Niu Yu Dao torments you.

Seeing that Niu Yu Dao had not yet taken any action, Cheng GUI Shuo thought that He had some hope of clinging to life:

- Brother, brother – mentor. We're fellow students. Please let me go. Good?

Niu Yu Dao: - shut your Mouth! Who is your fellow student? Don't mess with me! You are not a disciple of the Highest purity sect, and neither am I.

Cheng GUI Shuo corrected himself:

Brother Nude, brother Nude. I was wrong, I was wrong. Always wrong. You are a man of high moral character who forgives people. Please let me go!

Niu Yu Dao said indifferently:

"Who allowed you to call me brother?" I am a simple tramp, and they call me the Lord of the Tao!

"What tramp?» Cheng GUI Shuo didn't know what he was talking about. But he said right away:

"Lord of the Dao, Lord of the Dao, I made a mistake, forgive me! Spare me!

Day, day, day!

Niu Yu Dao took the soldering iron and hit the stove several times with the soldering iron, dropping the coal.

"I'm the kind of person who doesn't like killing people the most!"

-...- Kuei Chen Shuo could not find words. "You don't like to kill? Then who killed sun Lung?"

However, Cheng GUI Shuo was silent.

Niu Yu Dao looked at the stove, where the soldering iron was gradually turning red. And said calmly:

"Even though we were disciples of The highest purity sect. But you and I are completely different. You have betrayed the highest purity sect. And I, the sect of the Highest purity betrayed.

"You ran off after sun Yang Qing and made plans for the future with him. I thought he could help you become someone in this world. But sun Yang Qing was already dead. Normally, you followed Sun Yang Qing. But I don't understand why you left the High purity sect and ran to the song family. Because of this influential family? Does the song family lack a single cultivator like you? You don't have high cultivation, no one is behind you, and you don't have anything to offer the song family. Except for the reputation of a disciple who betrayed his sect. How can the song family value you so much? You're just a pawn for the song family, nothing more. And what kind of future can you have?

He took a red-hot soldering iron and went to Cheng GUI Shuo.

Looking at the hot soldering iron, Cheng GUI Shuo's breath quickened. He began to move away, and along the way, he spoke tensely.:

- Lord of the Tao, Lord of the Tao…

However, Niu Yu Dao seemed to be thinking, and spoke slowly:

- Everyone has their plans for the future, and this is normal. This is understandable! However, for the sake of the future, for the sake of your future, you need to think carefully. The song family won't appreciate you. And in a short time, you will find out for yourself. You'll find that the song family doesn't treat you well. Why don't you think of other ways? You have other ways to choose from, don't you?

Cheng GUI Shuo seemed to understand something, and hurriedly said:

- The Lord of the Dao, I want to follow you!

"Well done! Well done! "Niu Yu Dao," he said encouragingly. And the soldering iron just stopped not far from Cheng GUI Shuo's face.

- I'm glad you're such a smart person! Calm down, I won't torment you with my life. After you return, continue to serve the song family. And after you feel safe, when you feel that it will be much better on my side, then you will come. It won't be too late.

- ... - Kuei Chen Shuo could not find words. He thought to himself, how could Niu Yu Dao be better?

Niu Yu Dao continued:

- Of course, you can't do anything! After that, you should be called back to the Yan realm for questioning. After that, you will find a way to stay in the song family's home. And don't go anywhere. Once there, I'll find someone to contact you.

Cheng GUI Shuo immediately nodded his head.

"Good. Yes, Lord of the Tao!

Niu Yu Dao looked at him with a cold gaze, " you Don't need to nod so joyfully. Do you even know how you can stay in the song family's house?

Cheng GUI Shuo: - I Know, I can! Sun Shu and his wife treat me well. They treat me well because of Sun Yang Qing. Sun Shu's wife is special. As soon as I give something alike a relic to sun Yang Qing, it will help me immediately, no matter what I ask for. It won't be difficult to stay in their house.

Niu Yu Dao smiled. Cheng GUI Shuo immediately replied, as if he had already thought about it for a long time.

The soldering iron was already dark. Niu Yu Dao returned and put it back in the oven. Then he took back the soldering iron and went back to Cheng GUI Shuo.

"I'll let you go." But if you betray me, what should I do? Or if you run away, what should I do?

Cheng GUI Shuo: "I completely obey the Lord of the Tao. The Lord of the Tao will do what he says!

"Good! Very good! I love such adaptable people. Niu Yu Dao picked up the soldering iron and shoved it deeper into the coal again.

"I told you I don't like to kill or beat people. I don't like doing this. I prefer to resolve issues peacefully with everyone. So let's do it, I won't force you. Take a look for yourself. Give me proof. Yes, such that I was satisfied with your loyalty and could safely let go. All you have to do is hand over the hard evidence, and you can go back to your place…

Half an hour later, Cheng GUI Shuo returned to the cell.

When he returned, Huang Xiu Sheng, who was in the next cell, immediately went to the bars. He asked grimly:

"What took you so long?" Everyone went for questioning, but no one was questioned for so long. Why were you the only one being questioned for so long?

Cheng GUI Shuo replied helplessly:

- Senior Juan. They must know that Niu Yu Dao and I were fellow students. That's why they questioned him about it. Cheng GUI Shuo said, shaking his head.

Huang Xiu Sheng nodded his head. So that's how it is. Nu Yu Tao sun killed the Moon. And Cheng GUI Shuo could tell the reasons for the hatred between Niu Yu Dao and the song family. It's pretty logical. Cheng GUI Shuo returned to one corner of the cell and sat down with his feet under him. He looked outwardly quite calm, but inwardly he was glad to be back alive…


Simple, comfortable, and elegant room. Like the time I was at Hai Zhu Yue.

Usually, at this time, there shouldn't be a man in Hai Ru Yue's room. How could a widow have a man in her room so late?

And just at this time, there was a middle-aged man with a black mustache and gray hair. This man was simple in appearance, with soulful eyes.

It was the representative of the heavenly Palace Vandana. He was in charge of the business in Qingzhou, and his name was Li Wu Hua. The head of the heavenly Palace, Vandong, was his brother-disciple.

The decorous beauty of Hai Ru Yue let down her hair and began to look more attractive. She sat on the other side of the tea-table and personally poured him tea.

After she put a Cup of tea on the table, the man suddenly grabbed her wrist and said with a smile:

- Already late.

Hai Ru Yue started to struggle, a complex look appeared in her eyes. She spoke:

"That's the beginning of it.

Li Wu Hua pulled his hand towards him, and Hai Ru Yue lost her balance and fell into his arms. Li Wu Hua began to stretch her collar with one hand and then walked along the well-trodden road to her chest.

– Aren't these cases already resolved?"

Hai Ru Yue wriggled excitedly, " Does my decision mean anything?"


Li Wu Hua stood up, grabbing her in his arms and throwing her onto the bed. He immediately stripped off her clothes, revealing her delicate, delicate white skin. From this kind, anyone's heart will start to beat faster. What a beautiful figure! Very soon both men were completely naked.

And outside the window, through a crack, two eyes watched them. Xiao Tian Cheng was standing there in light clothing, even without a Cape. He heard what was going on inside and saw * * * scenes. You could see the anger in his eyes. He clenched his fists and was completely shaking. It was not known whether he was shivering from the cold or anger.

He knew the man had seen him. Earlier, when he went to the window, the man seemed to sense it, and immediately started taking Hai Ru Yue. The man had seen his eyes, and they had even met. The man seemed to take even more pleasure in the knowledge that Xiao Tian Cheng was spying on them.

This was not the first time. That man acted as if Xiao Tian Cheng didn't exist at all.

"You keep your voice down… First, about the case. You haven't answered me yet.

- Not to worry. Then I'll send an email to the teachers. It's not a big deal…

The sounds of the man and woman in the room continued.

One hand grabbed Xiao Tian Cheng's arm and pulled him along. It was the steward of the house of Zhu shun.

When they returned to Xiao Tian Cheng's room, Zhu shun said:

"Young master, you are frozen to the bone. No need to go outside.

After he laid Xiao Tian Cheng down, Xiao Tian Cheng said through his teeth:

- Abominations!

After covering Xiao Tian Cheng with a blanket, Zhu Shun continued:

"Young master, some things are not what you think they are. Married life is not easy. Then, somehow, you will understand. Zhu shun sighed to himself.

One frail, sick child, can't hold all of Qingzhou? How can a widow with a sick child rule all of Qingzhou without power? Especially to manage such a large Qingzhou, for such an incomparable beauty of Hai Ru Yue! Some things, it is better not to explain to the young master now…